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Thursday, September 21, 2023


 Tremenduously thrilling Thursday greetings!


Today is freestlye and the Boxing ring day cos i am seeing too many Brouhaha spreading so its time to clip it again and move on until the next one springs up...

We are all one here and we fight to make up and make up to fight...It is not that serious that after a small yawa in the comment section that you begin to troll each other have have a 'face off' anytime you meet in any comment section.

I get pissed off here all the time but once i say it, i move on oh,, There is no time to waste hating someone i dont know when i can spend it loving someone i do know...

Two days back someone called me a stupid person because of my red pen in the chronicles, i was quite taken aback by that comment, like seriously? Even if you disagree with me you had to call me stupid? I wanted to do a reply inside the In house news telling that person that they are cursed forever and that they would be haunted by their comment but the next day i had a second thought and decided not to cos this might be an already cursed person or a depressed one that is lost......And I send that person my prayers to get well soon.

And this is me finally asking you people to stop trolling Teejay here, i dont agree with all what he posts but i dont go cussing him, I think its too much now...Walk away from his comments if you cant read and look away..Me and him have had face offs on some of his comments but we do it privately and settle...

This memo is for all Teejays trolls here, tag anyone you have seen trolling him...We need to let him be and pray for him to be blessed so that he can be a blessing........Teejay send me your acct details for an undisclosed amount....I also need to know whether you are truly still single, engaged or married....

All warring people should please settle and learn to disagree peacefully.

Dante, a lot of babes here like you but they dont like that you have stigmatized their gender with everything negative, if youhate women so much, will you marry one? please learn to handle them with love here and correct them lovingly.....

Today we are holding a prayer session for MM, we pray that God delivers him from emotionally and financial scamming and that God causes his Bank App to stop turning in Jesus name...We pray that if and when he tries to scam anyone he will be caught and beaten to stupor in Jesus name...Mark Morgan Akachi, hoiudini Njoku I COME TO TELL YOU; be healed of scamming in Jesus name......... 







    Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.
    2 Timothy 1:6

    READ: Mark 4:35 -41

    35 And the same day, when the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side.

    36 And when they had sent away the multitude, they took him even as he was in the ship. And there were also with him other little ships.

    37 And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.

    38 And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?

    39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

    40 And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?

    41 And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

    In our Bible reading, Jesus was in the boat, yet there was a storm. This implies that Jesus can be in a person's life, and a storm will still rage. Many think that once they are born again, they will become a no-go-area for storms. That is not true, if anything, the devil will try harder to test your strength in Christ. Jesus Christ said it clearly in John 15:19, "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because yea re not of the world, but l have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you".

    The mere fact that you are a child of God is enough to attract storms, but don't worry; as long as Jesus is n your life, all you have to

    Do is stir up His gift in you, and the storm will cease. If you are a child I'd God, Jesus is already in you, and the Bible says in John 4:4 that greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

    There can be a giant in you, but the giant can be sleeping until you wake Him up. 2 Timothy 1:6 says that there is a gift of God in you, and you have to stir it up. Psalm 50:14-15 says that if you come into the presence of God with thanksgiving, you can then call upon Him in the day of trouble and He will deliver you. Call on Him until He arises for you, because it,is written in Psalm 68:1 that when God arises, His enemies scatter.

    You can get the Almighty God to arise for you by prayer. In Acts 12:1-10, when Herod took James, the Church did not pray and so James was killed. By the time Peter was arrested, the Church had learnt their lesson and thus prayed, getting the Lord to arise for them to still that storm. If you refused to,pray, the storm can overwhelm you,,but if you pray then you will win against the storm no matter how much it rages.

    You can also cause Him to arise for you through praise. In Mark 10:46-52, when Bartimaeus was calling on Jesus, the Lord kept hearing, "Jesus, thou son of David..." So He stopped to attend to him. When you praise Him, He will arise for you. If you know how to call God His names in line with who He really is, He will pay attention to your situation and still any storm that rise against you.

    Stir up the gift of God in you and no storm will ever overwhelm you again.

  2. Who has watched 'BEEF'? See how one little driving issue led to so many wahala. If you have anger issues and feel you can't control it, please watch this movie, you go calm down by force.

    1. Candy I started using Nkiri after netnaija do me strong thing.

      Paris I think everything was Danny's fault, he should have just let go instead he started acting like a child seeking revenge. That his crazy cousin Isaac 🀦

  3. Stella, πŸ˜„. Let all the sick people be healed in Jesus name. Let those that need deliverance from scamming, trolling, hating and other negativities be delivered in Jesus name.

  4. God is the greatest. I pick Good health and Great wealth. People of SDK, I dey UBTH in Benin and what my eyes πŸ‘€ have seen, my mouth πŸ‘„ can't talk.

    Have a great day πŸ™πŸ™

  5. Good afternoon everyone
    IHNs freestyle
    Let love leads❤️❤️❤️πŸ’–πŸ’ƒπŸ’•πŸ₯°

  6. Good afternoon beautiful people πŸ’‹

    Who are the girls that like Dante? E be like say una never see me when I dey fight before abi? πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸƒπŸƒ

    1. Dante is for you alone. no body is dragging him with you.

    2. Hehehehe.

      No one will take your place dear. Them no fit try am when I'm the Best man to be.

    3. Lol πŸ˜…πŸ€£ nobody is dragging him o.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      DANOVA is signed and sealed.

    5. Super, Dante is for you alone and alone.

      Donovan 2024 πŸ₯‚

    6. Lol..
      Baby girl πŸ’š
      We get small fight sha..
      Throughout when I went on social media break, you no check on me..😌😌

    7. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 you go fit fight?

    8. I skipped the comment. Hian.

      Happy birthday Kelvin.
      May lines fall in pleasant places for you. mind his naughty naughty profile here o. Na code.
      Wait make I ask Syl bestie.
      E get one baby naming ceremony wey...wait.
      Anam abia.

    9. I apologize my love. Me and you no fit fight. I truly am sorry and it's coming from the depths of my heart. It's not something I would start explaining here sha but just know it wasn't on purpose.

  7. I was touched by your last paragraph Stella, Amen all the same.

    Good afternoon everyone

    1. Wetin touch u with the last paragraph? Fear God ohπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
      Amen to Stella's prayers

    2. Amen and Amen πŸ™ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘

  8. Good afternoon, lovelies.
    No be only small prayer session for MM

  9. Good afternoon everyone 🀩🀩🀩

    With so many things coming back in style, I cannot wait till loyalty and morals become a trend again. The moral decadence in our society is appalling. Gosh!!!

    I pray the Lord guide and lead us right in his path.

    Y'all enjoy the rest of the day 😘

    1. Amen my dear. The immoralities is in another level.

    2. Unfortunately, loyalty and morals will not come back again. They flew from the cage and gone forever.

  10. Reno Omokri slaps you-know-who

    Peter Obi now claims he won the #NigerianElections2023 by 8.7 million votes? Is this not the same man who claimed that the loss-making brewery he brought employs 60% of Anambra people? And that 100 out of 150 NBA in America are of Nigerian origin? And that his investment in SABMIller for Anambra is now worth $100 million (actually, the Obi government’s investment of $12.24 million is now worth only $5.38 million. A severe loss)?

    Stop taking advice from madmen at upper Iweka, you will not hear. Now, see your life!

    Reno Omokri shares his two coins on you-know-what

    In less than 24 hours, Chicago State University must turn over Bola Tinubu's academic records. When they do, and if those records confirm that a male Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is now the President of Nigeria, was actually admitted, attended and graduated from @ChicagoState University, then we must ask those who claim to be investigative journalists and TV journalists why they are not asking the same questions about Peter Obi, who claimed to have a Bachelor degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, yet only tendered a WAEC certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission. If you don't raise that, then you must admit your bias.


  11. It’s official! Another 365, the Stars have aligned, Virgo Day, Happy Birthday to this Guy! God’s blessings always to me... celebrate me y’all!

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Happy birthday Kelvin, continue to age with grace.

    2. happy birthday to you once again.

    3. Happy birthday Kelvin

    4. Happy birthday,I pray you really do grow up especially in your way of thinking and reasoning. Have a fabulous birthday

    5. Happy birthday to my daughter's birthday mate. Dat Edo boy, Stella's cousin.

    6. Once again happy birthday to you and God bless ur new age.

    7. Happy birthday to you.
      God bless your new age. Amen

    8. Happy birthday Kel πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ₯³ God bless and prosper your new age

    9. Happy birthday and cheers to a new age

    10. Happy birthday, Kelvin. God bless you always.

    11. Happy birthday to you bro
      Cheers to the good life πŸ₯‚

    12. Nne na wa oh. Today is Kevin's birthday. Happy Birthday long life and prosperity

    13. Happy birthday dear
      Live and prosper 🍾πŸ₯‚

    14. Happy birthday Kel. Enjoy your new age.

    15. Happy Birthday Kevin

      Cheers 🍻 to a beautiful year

    16. Happy birthday KelvinπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

    17. Happy birthday old man Lol..
      You don marry and you dey hide am bah? ABI you be single pringles celibate like us😁😁

      Blessings bro.. Big Blessings..

      No dey bully my Gee again if you no want make I change your name to Sam Larry weh even SEC dey deny am hehehe God abeg oh

    18. Happy birthday kelvin. Wishing you God's blessings

    19. Happy birthday Kel... πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸ₯³

    20. Happy birthday Kev.


    21. I hope you will start acting your age in this your new year

    22. Thanks a lot my fellow BV’s I appreciate y’all! I had a Fab one!
      Yo Dantay!! I Dey my G! Thanks a lot lol
      Anons, will the two both of you getat eeeeee! I choptas not! Ikwakwakwakwakwa 😝

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    If I have offended anyone knowingly or unknowingly please for the love of God, please I'm very sorry. Find it in your heart to forgive. I don't bear grudges.
    Pls let there be love among us and let's love lead.
    May God bless us all in Jesus name πŸ™

  13. Awwwwww......

    Stella, you're kind and Nice. I truly appreciate you from the heart. You're indeed a blessing to people.

    God bless you.

    Thanks for the hashtag #letteejaybreeet# It's about time and I welcome it.

    I have gotten mails inbox of people appreciating my comments on the blog and encouraging me never to give in on bullies. Also there are the ones who think I should take a walk from the blog seeing the attacks and insults constantly fired on me here.

    In all, I appreciate everyone and their concern towards me. No one is going to drive me away from the blog. The only person who has that power is the owner of the blog and if she's to do so, I believe she will probably give a reason for that.

    I have always welcome advice and I'm open for improvements here. If there's a thing about me here you don't like, please share them with me right away and I will work on it. I'm not perfect and will like to do better.

    Good Afternoon Guys!!!

    1. I like how each time u are bullied, drag or insulted, it's always comes back to favor u..

    2. Congratulations CEO!

    3. Those people advising you to leave might be the ones bullying u under anonymous.....

    4. Ezege be mindful of the kinds of discussion you entertain in your inbox,. Na this same people go still later cast you with "dem say dem say"..
      Some are only out to knock heads together, see that one on Sunday that was saying I'm not a good person just cos I said you shouldn't disclose confidential discussion in public.. especially all those anonymous.. anything one is hiding to say shouldn't carry much weight..

      Blessings Alpha Male..
      I'm not Alpha tho.. I'm more of a lone wolf πŸ˜‰

    5. Teejay
      What I don't like about you is?
      You are too emotional and you constantly want to please everyone. You let things and people get to you. Don't. You need to work on that. Remember you are enough. You are not perfect but you are enough. The people who will like you will do, the ones that won't like you will be there.

      As seasons and times change, so shall likes and dislikes change.


    6. Thanks Boss Man,

      I don't discuss blog issues with anyone privately anymore after the last incidence here. I will only tell you thanks for the message and that's all.

      I learnt bvs share private and confidential discussions to their friends and others. So e reach for one to be careful.

      People snitches and that's life.

    7. Thanks XOXO,

      I appreciate those words from you. They means a lot to me and I will work on that aspect of me.

  14. When you see the size of the blessing coming to your life…you’ll understand why you were fought....

  15. Hello everybody πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹. Hope your day is going on well? It's been a very busy week for me. My hustle must pay whether the devil likes it or not . Enjoy the rest of the day fam πŸ’™

  16. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What a funny memo from Stella...I don laugh tire..Chineke Nna **faints out of post**

    Na wa call someone Stupid because she has a differing opinion than yours...Death to decorum na him cause this one...It is well...

    Good afternoon, everyone...It's a sunny day in Lagos...Vicky Posh our Mid-term break is over! When are we starting our classes again....I hope you are doing good and okay.

    Candy how are you today? Hope you were finally attended to yesterday. Fidel Darling, my Assistant class captain May God continue to strengthen you always. Regards to Baby Andre...

    1. Really wish they're good@fidel and Vicky
      Greetings omo

    2. Yes, I was. Follow up is next week. Thanks babes. 😘

  17. Stella on Mark Morgan 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  18. The day one decides to be more mature and not reply trolls is the day you sure will be at rest from bitter people who have chosen to be hate-filled for no just cause
    I am doing me and owe nobody not even the minutest of apologies
    Do you!

    1. Look who’s typing aren’t you guilty ? Don’t you troll Teejay you even go as far as going anonymous , didn’t you troll the blog owner at some point .
      Change your ways .

    2. 14:35, he has changed. Remaining you, when will you change for the better?

  19. Stella Teejay's comment is his opinion. Read or pass.
    Teejay how to deal with 'trolls' ,keep it updates,your comment. To make their bitterness pressure go high .

  20. I say a big AMEN πŸ™ to the last paragraph. Be healed of scamming MM aka Akachi.

    I don't have any ish with anyone here. It's all love from me to all here.

  21. We join you in praying for MM Stella.... good afternoon everyone

  22. Good afternoon all, I will brb to read all the fight and settlement. lol

  23. please if i have stepped on your leg or said too much to you without knowing, please forgive me. I don't have a strong mind biko. I no get strength for fight oh, make una take life easy.

    1. Same here πŸ€—.I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly please find a way to forgive me and let everything be gone.

  24. Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  25. Abeg! As a visitor, how do you tell the house owner for this regime say; "I no belle full"πŸ™„
    Abeg! Help me, I dey person house now! πŸ™‡πŸ€£πŸ€£

  26. #justice for teejay πŸ₯²
    Welcome ihn


  27. Our Heavenly Father spoke worlds into existence. He flung stars into space. He fearfully and wonderfully made you. He said you’re a masterpiece. He’s equipped you, empowered you, and anointed you. He put seeds of greatness in you. He calls you a history maker, a giant killer, a world changer. Whether your natural father was great or not so great, whether you have fond memories or not so fond memories, recognize who your Heavenly Father is. He’s the giver of all good gifts.

    Joel Osteen

  28. It's all love and light
    Good afternoon bvs

  29. Reduce the volume of your fake life make your helper no come Dey call you mentor
    Good afternoon everyone
    Sign out meme 😘

  30. Good afternoon SDK and BVs. Thrilling Thursday 😘

    1. Yes o. God of the greatest I'm grateful

  31. Peace loving woman,no time for trolls abi blog fight.
    Jeje lomo eko nlo.❤️❤️❤️

  32. Good afternoon bvs

  33. Hello house.

    Please incase there's anyone I've offended here, please I'm here to tell you that, I no send you oo, but I'm not sure I've ever offended anyone sha, jeje ni omo osun mi n nlo

  34. It's a sunny afternoon. I am tired of the rain, not good for my health. I need some warmth in my life (physical warmth too πŸ˜‰). Stella, your prayer for MM sha🀣. May God help him. Y'all stay safe, and warm out there. Much ❤️❤️❤️

    1. So sorry Candy. May your healings be permanent Amen πŸ™πŸ™Œ

    2. Amen. Thanks dear. πŸ€—πŸ€—

  35. For that last paragraph enh imagined a pastor put his palms on someone's forehead and slightly pushed it back saying "be healed of scamming in Jesus's name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Those of you that like abusing and trolling people here, he healed of trolling in Jesus's name, Amen. 🀣🀣🀣

  36. Stella I laugh. You said Teejay should settle with his 'trolls'. On a faceless blog? Starve them that attention. Teejaay is not the cause of frustration in the country. Do like I said, keep commenting. Let them read and 'choke' or repent.

  37. News just dey fly upandan.
    Nigerians too like drama

  38. I honestly think people should be mature about your responses to people's opinion online.waka pass if you don't agree, whether or not you share same opinion on something or not, it's not going to affect your life or increase your bank balance,so keep moving.. it's wrong to insult people based on different ideas/views.

  39. Good afternoon everyone
    It's a throw back Thursday
    We shall make it in this life in Jesus name Amen

  40. I have no clash with anyone here. I dey mind my business.

  41. A pleasant you all
    Good afternoon πŸ’•

  42. This to me is not worth calling a boxing ring with Paris but to correct her as a blind and biased Man U supporter. I make posts when Man U loses a match and she takes it upon herself to show her lack of understanding of how football works other than watching football on match days.

    Google is supposed to be everyone's friend but when you peddle false info that you hear from viewing centers or group chats/forums without substantiating or checking how correct/validity of what you confidently say everyday, it makes you appear un serious.

    Man U has spent the most money buying players than any other Premiership club in the last decade. Man U has spent the biggest money than any other Premiership club in the last five years. How many coaches has Man U hired in the last 10 years compared to Man City?

    Like some retired Man U players eg Rio Ferdinand that wished Man City ill luck in CL, they preferred a small club in eastern Europe winning CL than City. What Paris and her likes don't know is that no champion lasts for ever. She quickly talks about history and the question is; does Man U have more history than Liverpool? I suspect she does not know this than be shouting "oil money". Oil money, so?

    Like majority Man U fans that are in self denial, your club lacks dept and coach. This is no insult but reality. This is ten years you won EPL last and Man U will not win it in the next 20 years remaining in the form they are. But like majority of Man U fans, reality is far from them. Since Man U beat Bayern to win CL, Bayern has made quarter finals 10 times and Man U, only once.

    Yesterday's CL with Bayern Munich, Bayern won but their fans were calling for sack of their coach for the kind of football the club plays since he came but Man U fans were hyping their team and making excuses for losing. Smfh.

    PSG has oil money too, how far with them? Newcastle has oil money too. We shall see where they will end up.

    Some Man U fans/supporters that understand football other than entertainment know the baton has left Man U and are dealing with it but Paris and her likes that are envious and jealous of Man City don't want to face reality.

    Epistle this might be but Paris, do your homework before repeating your recycled lines.

    As Arsenal is flying high, no amount of envy or trolling will clip their wings. No option than to appreciate the hard work they're putting in and move on.

    Man U will struggle to make top 4 finish this season and that's no lie.

    Cheers πŸ₯‚ to all Man U fans facing reality.

  43. I find it puzzling how selective our outrage can be. Is it only now that we're collectively realizing that Naira Marley has a detrimental impact on society? His lyrics predominantly revolve around drugs, sex, and other vices.
    He even established an "association" called Marlians, and people proudly identified themselves as members.

    Being a Marlian seemed to involve sagging trousers, using drugs, sporting a disheveled appearance, and engaging in promiscuity, all while partaking in peculiar dances. Society, at the time, celebrated him, and he was appointed as an ambassador by NDLEA. So, why should we be surprised?

    The same scenario is unfolding with Portable now. We all witness the negative behavior he embodies, yet we continue to cheer him on. He was even invited to perform by the Nigerian Bar Association, an association that, regrettably, I belong to. Young lawyers were echoing “I am a baboon, I live in the Zoo, zazuu” I was super shocked!

    It's as if we're waiting for Portable's actions to blow up in our faces tomorrow before acknowledging that he's not a positive influence.

    Nigerians endorse detrimental behavior and then lament when its consequences catch up with them.

    1. Gbam! When you call it out. It's ''Why the hate'', ''at least he is rich, he can feed your generation'' ''Mr/Mrs Perfect are you also good yourself'' ''So long he did not kill anybody''...Let me throwing our morals to the wind. No problem

    2. Noc Turnal you too, you are a lawyer? I hope confamed, legit one o, na 2k 2k blog laiyawr, ehen me I think Portable is the best guest artiste for una. I find know why lawyers are complaining. Was it not lawyers that resulted to fists during one sports match a few weeks ago throwing blows.
      A few months, lawyers were the fighting for goody bags, so what are we saying. Cassava and garri, na the sane mama born una two.🚢‍♀️

    3. Hello Noc,

      I learnt that Portable was not extended an invitation by the NBA. He holds the position of Brand Ambassador for Odogwu Bitters, which is owned by Obi Cubana, a sponsor of the NBA conference.


    4. I agree with you.

      Anon- By the way, lawyers are lawyers.
      What do you mean by 2k lawyers?


  44. Good day lovelies.

    Today's boxing ring?
    Chai. There was no notice to that, didn't come with any armoury but anywaysssπŸ˜‚ all ye trolls have one thing in common "COWARDICE".
    Use your ID if e sure for you, I'll tie my shovel behind my back and come at you, by the time I'm done you'll jump down from your couch and be searching for me under it. In fact everywhere in your house,you gonna search.
    Aunty "we are consultant surgeon, investment banker bla bla bla...." This is for you and your miserable cohorts, I double dare you.
    If you don't agree to a comment ask for expatiation,stop trying to make another look like a liar. Nobody in the category you're claiming will log in here to troll. Impossible!

    USE YOUR ID, I'm repeating it.
    Maybe some of you need list of about 10 former trolls here and what they've been through.
    Life don show dem shege jagwa.
    If you don't like a fellow Bv move on, you hate Ipob move on, you hate the English move the heck on.
    Everybody's not Stella o, me no dey for leave dem na swear you go chop.

    BTW...They're in 2 categories;
    1...Agbadorians with corn in their pockets.
    2...Your so-called friends.

    Forget all the cover-up,e still dey leak troway.
    When they gossip finish "our mole" will upload the whole gist.
    For the fact that you use 2 phones or with a computer desk top, one to sound oh sooooo nice and another to troll, I assure you one thing today that me seh is rattlesnake-like, I count and warn you 3 times then I strike because e get where your pants dey show.
    Don't think you'll go scot-free throwing sandy plants on me when I turn eh, I uproot the whole damn pot of plant and gbimmmmm it'll be on your face.

    Silence is golden until mkpuru ayolor finish for pocket then you go receive your punishment. Don't say it's only a blog.
    People and units are downloading the lies you're selling.about another.
    Dey your dey!


    1. Taa!
      Agbadorians don't insult Stella , it's obidients that insult her for her seeming support for APC. They don't want her to blog about the president, they hate her for accepting APC advert back then, the obidients are the culprits. We agbadorians love SDK.

    2. your head dey work well anon1639.

    3. Ste... everything's GWAN o.

      Warn these blog cockroaches.
      You be butty cum softie,you will leave them or erase their curse,me no dey for your kind soft heart,na swear pere.
      Even your sweetie up there πŸ‘† that's always crying for them,he no get liver,e too soft na to swear follow dem,man no dey cry na.

      Secondly,let them find out how e dey hot for all these bvs who were proud trolls before ,one was singing Aunty Gwegwegwe to single ladies because of one bus corner boy she married and had a babygirl, her "prouding" don end na her sister house she land. Stay your lane,dem say no.
      I don dey talk am now.
      Warn them o.

    4. Anony 17:07 haha.

      Which head dey work well? your colleague is lying na.
      Obidients speak the truth not curse.
      Read all old posts well.
      We YARN REALITY like Mr. Hundeyin.

      Why come on someone's office premises and be abusing the person? Because Ste is soft abi?

    5. Yeeeeee! E get one comment wey Ste no post oπŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

      Afraid catch you abi?
      Warn your friend o, since 7 years I dey ignore her wahala as Γ³gΓ³m yet she go dey find my trouble.


    6. XP rest abeg. I was a certified troll and my life did not go bad. I'm still doing fine , just got more mature and decided to stop trolling. Got another id and comment normally. My life got better, I now have all the necessary things I could wish for at my age. Marriage , kids, great job, vacations, etc.
      You and some people here think it is only bad times that make people to stop commenting here? E go shock you say some of those trolls relocated out of Nigeria and decided to remain anonymous or got a new blog ID.
      See you talking about curses , like seriously? Even babalawo 's curses cannot work on the internet. If not, I would be dead by now from all the curses back then.

    7. You can't trace anyone that doesn't want to be traced. The line I use for browsing was gifted me by someone of the opposite gender, even if you trace me, you won't know who I am except you hack my phone , how can you even hack the phone when I don't use the line for any other thing asides browsing? If you hack the line, it will be useless to you as it is not on any social media or platform. I won't even miss it
      Your vertu device can only do so little.

  45. Material things matter to me as much as my loved ones so it's balanced

  46. A callout for XP, I believe you are well read and quite intelligent(as you make us believe), but please tone down your insults especially when someone has a contrary opinion or calls you out on misinformation, instead of 'cussing' especially in your mother-tongue,why don't you engage in a mature conversation so we can benefit from your wealth of knowledge.You really dont want to sound hollow when you 'know' so much...

    1. Lollll, she done leave epistle for you for yonder o. Buahahahahahahaaaa 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Any comment in anonymous mode is invalid.

      Scroll up ,read my comment 3times then give your reply.
      Being sneaky with another lady's name pays you no dividends.

      The title of this post is BOXING RING.
      You don't wear masks to box.
      Grow some balls.
      Your ID please.

    3. She said hideous** is hedious** Asake post

    4. I know you'll soon come with your "not everyone have an ID bla bla bla".. cowards..

      Same thing with my comment, engage it and point to where I'm wrong,. NO!.. na to go anonymous dey throw insults.. Una no get shame

    5. Bia ooo, Dante and XP what difference does it make if they use their IDs or not? Or are you going to way lay them on the internet traffic. XP you should know since you are a 'woman in tech' that your trolls maybe bots, or you dont think neurosurgeons and CISOs visit Stella's blog?? Use ID, use ID, wetin una fit do? Dey play.. yimu!

    6. Ebelebe!
      Bots ko,boys ni.

      As a woman in tech, let me give you an assignment, what's the job of ";"?
      Have you heard of;
      "things you have in common"
      "Blogger id near you"
      "People you may know"?
      Some of you actually think you're anonymous.

      One info for you.
      80% of them trolling my comments have been in my inbox.
      Iwotago? πŸ˜‚

    7. I might not be a fan of XP but she never curses out people, she might be pompous arrogant and brag a lot but she does not curse. you probably does not understand Igbo to make that conclusion

    8. Mmmmh 17: 41, subtle shade on XP, arrogant, pompous,, last time she called someone itibo, do you know what that means when translated, it means stupid, dumb...make una dey lick arse of people who don't....give a ...dogs arse about your arse licking..kmt.

    9. Anony 17:41
      Maybe I start including the name of the timepiece on my wrist as I type or the car I rode in to this waiting cubicle or the perfume I'm wearing so you'll see what full blown bragging is.
      You'll go to bed crying, trust me.

      What will it do for me? I'll have less value in the Eyes of the Lord.
      You copy that?

      My regards to your fellow envious mofos.
      Next time "they" send you to school,stay in the lecture hall.


  47. Good afternoon lovelies 😘
    Stella Ma'am, your memo today got me emotional honestly.

    Anonymous 31 August 2023 at 00:22 called him or herself a "PROUD THING" because of giveaway.
    Initially, I never knew it was a business giveaway probably because of the way Stella asked the question and I answered that with 50k, I can buy fuel that will last me for production for sometime. The first Anonymous that engaged me mistook "sometime" for "something" asking me if the person investing in my business is a "Mumu", I was confused at this point, gave my reply and the second anonymous decided to embarrass him or herself.

    I have every reason to be proud at this point in my life because GOD'S blessings abound in my life, despite all life has thrown at me, I'm still pushing.

    Most of my age mates are not married, some are dead, some are frustrated, but I'm here with 4 beautiful kids ( 3 Undergraduates, 1 loading).

    Before 50, I will be a Grandma, GOD willing. The people I represent are UNIQUE PEOPLE because they have it all but HUMILITY is our watchword.

    I have never trolled anyone on this blog, I'm always on my lane. it is a faceless blog but it is not faceless too.
    If there should be council of elders here, I think I should be there.

    "Go and sin no more" PEACE ✌️

    1. "Most of my age mates are not married, some are dead, some are frustrated, but I'm here with 4 beautiful kids ( 3 Undergraduates, 1 loading)."

      How old did you say you were again? I'm not the person allegedly trolling you but if you need to count your the calamities of your 'age mates' to feel good about whatever or whatever you think you are or have, it simply shows you have a very low, extremely primitive level of reasoning which to be honest is the hallmark of the average Nigerian.

    2. They asked you to mention what you are producing, you refused, still came here to yap what I don't know.

    3. answer the question first then we can listen to u

    4. Nnukwu Nwanyi, are you saying you are better than women like Oprah Winfrey, who is unmarried and without children, but Wines and dines with Presidents and the movers and shakers of the business & entertainment world?
      Seek completion in yourself. Be self reliant, and self sufficient.
      It's people like you that see children as insurance for age and when they fall below your expectations you start ranting about how ungrateful they are after all "you sacrificed for them.

    5. All the anonymous above, make una no vex okay, Stella say make una 'iron out' issues, make una no start anoda one, e pele se gbo, make una free my NN.

    6. 🀣 Na real boxing ring be dis!

  48. In house has landed this very hot and sunny afternoon,Every spirit of scamming,fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.We all cannot have the same opinion over any matter,however,we can disagree respectfully. Enjoy the rest of the day fam.

  49. Mark Morgan may your deliverance remain permanent.

    Amen and Amen πŸ™ πŸ™Œ πŸ‘ to all the prayers Stella Jewelchi prayed.

  50. I say a huuuuuuuge ameeeeen to your prayer for MM, Stella. I have been a victim of scam back to back and I'm still struggling to recover.

    May all scammers be healed of scamming in Jesus name. Amen!

    Good afternoon beautiful peopl of SDKville.

  51. Amen oooooooooooooooooiioo

    I just pray the wahala of this country won't get out of hand..Our leaders dey do us good thing🀣🀣🀣🀣

  52. Good afternoon everyone.

  53. A resounding Amen to your prayer for MM Stella...
    Good afternoon Sdkers

  54. Married women are now having more abortions than single women, health
    studies reveals.

  55. Wow... Been so busy all day, just seeing this..

    See ehn, Big Stellz, I don't hate women.. I actually love women that you can even tag me an 'ahewo'.. I no dey hide am.. I hate when I see that women hating tag, which is the narrative these girls who don't like correction are trying to push.. I hate it but I refuse to engage it cos it's a blackmail, they want me not to say things the way it is, they want me to support rubbish, they want me to join them in insulting men, that's when they'll now say I don't hate women.. I'm not going to fall for such blackmail.. these same people that all they do is insult men here every day, don't they hate men too.. abegi.. I know they ones I like and respect here, and those ones that truth dey pepper, I don't like them too.. look at the chronicle of yesterday or so nah.. should I have joined to call an innocent man a scammer just because I don't want to be tagged a woman hater by men haters.. mtcheeww..

    If them like make them no like me, their likeness no dey add anything to my life..

    You know say me sef need hashtag like EzegeπŸ€”πŸ€”

    #Dante Hates rubbish in General
    #Dante Hates Ahewo the Same He Hates Yahoo
    #Dante Would Keep Condemning All Rubbish, He won't condemn Yahoo and refuse to condemn Ahewo just becos Women are the Majority in One
    #Stop The unnecessary Insult on Men, this is why Dante fight back
    #Let DanteBreetheAbegπŸ™

    1. The hashtags hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Why are you like this Dante?

      I swore you were a member of the "MAGTAW".
      Forgive me o but initially you were piping acidic,na Superbaby come make you mellow.😁

    2. You hate women jor.


    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…
      XOXO suffer for my hand that time wey she dey do 2 naira feminist insulting men up and down..

      Now she's a sweet soul..
      You guy's should appreciate me more oh.. imagine the wildness this place would have been without me.. I tamed a lot of amotekuns 😌🚢

    4. Dante...πŸ˜­πŸ™†
      I put quotation marks to disguise it,you now clarified it. Noooo.

      Many wouldn't have been able to find the meaning. Haha.
      It was intentional na.

      Biko leave Pinky,he's a responsible man. I take God beg you.
      You fit use those ones wey get fura de nunu for shest wey dey shake.

  56. Mmmmh,a pound is ₦1200 πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

    1. They're set to bring it down.
      Please calm down inugo.

    2. wishful thinking @XP you don see anything wey go up, come down again in Nigeria

    3. I don't like Tinubu but on this one? Screenshot this thread,I'll bring it up in no distant time.

      There's work in progress.

  57. @ TTC lady of yesterday, I pray for you today that you will carry your own buddle of blessings by this time next year, in they might name of Jesus Christ. Amen.πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ’™

  58. We pray that God will touch MM and remove the spirit of scamming from his heart, provide a meaningful job for him (I assume he's not a lazy dude) so he'll be able to earn a honest living, and the BVs will say, amen.

    To the trolls #letTeejaybreef.
    To Dante #lettheladiesbreef.
    To everyone here #letloveleads.

    1. Lol..
      I won't let ladies that support rubbish and insult men breefft
      Unless you're telling me all ladies support rubbish, then you're welcome to generalising them as one✌️

  59. IHN today and boxing ring.

    Fortunately for me, I am not fighting with anyone. Can you believe this? I am beginning to mature or I am turning to a new leaf. Chai.

    Anyway, I have some few call out.
    Superficial stories: Some of you should stop posting tales by moonlight stories that never ever happened, everyday mama nkechi, mama iyabo this and that, the woman selling things bla bla. It is so Nollywood ish. I can't wait for the dislike button.

    People that come from a rich family have a way of expressing themselves that if you have not tasted exposure, class and money, you will think they are bragging but they are not. When you get to that bridge, you will understand. Some come from a family of intellectuals, some are constantly travelling, studying and improving themselves,do you expect them to reason like you? Live and let's live is the key.

    Teejay: Funny enough, I have been following Teejay's chronicle in Umuahia and I find it mildly entertaining. I like how industrious he seems. Does that make him a husband material? I guess not. Then again, I am not in the world nor in the things of the world.

    Dante: I loved the banter between Dante and Amethyst the lawyer. It was very hilarious. I don't really care about Amethyst but Amethyst 1000, Dante = 0. Dante, you need to make peace with Amethyst. She floored you.

    Stella: You can be a sweetheart most times and annoying some times. By the way you have the best blog in Africa. I give you your flowers.

    Congratulations to all mothers with undergraduate children, you are all the best.

    Dear Stella,
    Include the following
    Diaspora column
    Christian talks
    Sex therapist
    Dressing 101
    You can diversify this blog if you want to but i think It is time.

    Stella, when are you going to say thank you to all the oldies on this blog that have stuck by you through thick and thin. We went through all the phases.

    My favourite post is FAQ, IHN and Chronicle.

    Enjoy the rest of your day folks.


  60. Anyone you hate does not like you. (Fact).
    Most people that hate/troll you wish and pray to be like you. Eg. BBN Mercy and Venita (proven)
    Henceforth any troll on annonmous mood is irrelevant..... Deal

    1. Now you're talking.🀝

      Any mouse who drags your thread down to say you're an asslicker, drop more motivational comments the following day.

      I so love to watch them burn πŸ”₯

  61. I am here for MC Pinky, for always keeping me in suspense with his gist. I have been refreshing since 1pm to read his story

  62. IHN on Fireeeeeee todayπŸ”₯

    I don laugh tire, 🀣🀣
    Sometimes it's good Jewelu. We Punch and laugh it away.
    See the wahala wey I carry for head laidis eeehn, this laughter don relieve me small.
    Eka b any hope you're settling fine. 😘 to you and family.
    Fidel dear, We love you And praying for you. Remember Joy Comes In the Morning!!

    What again πŸ€”?
    Cheeeeeers ❣️


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