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Friday, December 01, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Good day Stella, God bless
you for putting smiles on people’s faces with your platform.
Pls post for me I’m confused.

I’m married for 2 years plus, I and hubby are staying in different state because of the work I was doing before we got married which pays 58k. I go to work from my parents house.

We have a daughter and I’m currently 3 months pregnant. He gave me 850k (to bal 150k making 1m) for business to quit the job I’m doing by ending of this Dec in order to join him. We have been searching for shop for a while now we have not seen.
Bvs I’m just confused if I should continue my job January next year till when we get the shop or resign this December.

Why not just make it a wrap this December? Besides getting a shop to start a business when you are pregnant might not be a good idea, why not wait until you birth your baby and then you can plan well....I am saying this cause pregnancy changes thinking, nah when you born your eyes go clear..
Put the money in a fixed account for one year, by then you should have birthed and be ready for the challenges of a new biz...
So i suggest that you resign this month...abi are you not excited to join your husband?


  1. Don’t resign until you’re almost due. You need all the money you can now Things are expensive now. Then put to bed and join your husband from there u can continue looking for the shop


    1. Sound advice @15:34
      In addition, if you have decided on the type of business, buy all necessary movable hardware and Keep them to hedge against inflation. In 9 - 16 months time, N1m will be like e like N500k

    2. @Zendaya, what kind of advice is this? Are you for real? So poster shouldn't put her family 1st? Will you be there when the marriage hits rock? Sometimes let us try to weight what we tell others. The man has even given her a start up.

      Poster please follow Stella's advice, there lies wisdom.

    3. She should work and buy baby food diapers and household food etc that can last at least a year then resign.

    4. Pls convert your naira to dollars or pounds poster, you will thank me later for this advice.

    5. You people will be shocked the day your almighty dollar will fall.

    6. Dante,
      Agreements between spouses can be reviewed based on new facts. Since she has not found a shop yet, it is not wise to resign. Most families need the double income of husband and wife in today's Nigeria. But she must to discuss with her husband. If he says no, and she insists on keeping her job despite his deposit on the business, that is when it can be said there is disrespect.

      The real problem is the depreciating value of the seed capital. The way prices are rising in Nigeria is fearsome. A workman submitted a "price quotation" and categorically stated it was for 24 hours only. That is why it advisable she should finds a way to hedge the value of the money. Banks pay an average of 6% interest on deposits. Prices are rising at almost 40%.

    7. Zendaya, I truly support this ooo. From experience, you advised her well

    8. Please wait until the year runs out then resign to start a fresh year with your husband while you birth your child. You can't be alone while giving birth

  2. since you already had an agreement with your husband which the deadline is december, december is already here please no need to start an issue with him cos once you change the plan oga will not be happy with you. I was told that family comes first especially with your present condition. You should fix the money in an account to avoid stories that touch, even your husband can not borrow from it. Fix it for a year and see how the whole game will play, if your husband balance you up the money just add everything plus all what you will be getting this December to make sure you have some good capital.

    Your husband has been patient enough waiting for you to wrap up this december and start staying with him, he is not jobless so feeding will not be a problem for you. See if there is anything you can do online while at home or try and create good business relationship in your new location when you join him so that when the time to start your business come things will be easy for you.

    1. More Oyel on ya head 🙏🏻

    2. Poster, before u resign ur job, make sure he agrees to be paying u a tangible allowance monthly until u can get ur shop up and running. If he’s not willing to do that, stick to ur job.

  3. My opinoin is that just keep d job still december ending and collect the salary for that month,and join ur husband

  4. Don't resign yet,make sure you get a shop first before resigning,you know the economy is somehow now........... Josaria

    1. So her husband who raised 1m for her is a fool? Is 1m =58k?
      Una no rate men at all. N watin dey tire me for here.

    2. You are pregnant. You have 1m in your account. Suffer no dey tire you?
      Are you allergic to being cared for?
      If your husband can get you 1m, that means he is not suffering.
      Abeg madam poster, resign with your Dec salary in the asa, put your 1m in a fixed deposit where you can forget it for now, then enjoy your pregnancy till you deliver. Once you finish maternity, you start your business pursuit.

      On a second thought, if you're far gone, you can plead with your husband to allow you get to the time when you can get maternity leave from your current employer, then you relocate for good.. You may enjoy some benefits. But you have to keep your mouth shut, else they may sack you before then, knowing you're planning to run away.

  5. It’s not easy to leave a job
    We complain about the pay but regular paycheck feels good
    In you case tho go and join your husband
    1 million is enough to start something
    You can even look for job there

  6. Poverty has so eaten up some peoples brain.
    Me I can't even do 58k job, I rather do my own business.
    Poster you know how your pregnancies turn out, you know your strengths, I'm sure you have planned this business and you know what you need to do the business.
    My advice is for you to quit that job this december.
    Then move into your husband's house, the man has tried. Since you got married and even had 1kid now you want to add another you have been living apart from your matrimonial home ontop job of 58k. If it was 508k I would have understood.
    You would have even gotten a better offer if you were with your husband. But fear no let you.
    Abi you no deyiss your husband, you wan be like that woman wey her husband send chronicle say the wife no wan join am for abroad.
    It is well o.
    Move to your husband's house and while you are pregnant you begin to buy things down those things you will need for the business.
    Or if you are not yet sure, just keep the money and wait till you are ready.

  7. Pls join your husband, he is considerate enough to raise you capital for business, not everyone does that ...... Only few good men do.

  8. Please leave your job and join your husband as the man has tried.

  9. Go ahead with your work till devil tempt you and something happened to the money your husband gave you. Then you will know the difference between marriage that is on solid foundation and the on on shifting foundation.

  10. I don't like couple living apart in this Nigeria,poster your marriage is young resign this December and join your hubby fix the money and take care of your family safe delivery in advance

  11. Poster,Is there a deeper issue here at play than you are telling us? You will rather live with your parents than your husband cos you are not ready to be a full-time wife or what? 58k job as against the 1m capital your husband has raised you for you...are you being serious right now? That man has paid your salary for almost 2 years na! Pls,resign from that peanut paying job this December and go join your husband and start planning your business small small. I just hope you are the business type or else...

    1. Your last statement @21:38. She seems not excited about starting a business, maybe she is not "a business type"

  12. Your health first, focus on your new born baby you don't need stress now

  13. Hmmm…. Poster seems scared of putting her financial future in her husband’s hands. As with many women of today. Poster has he done anything to make you feel he is not dependable? If yes, speak to him about it. If not, then deal with your own trauma/insecurities.

    I think you can work for another 3 months before resigning and relocating. This is so that you can gather small money again. In Nigeria of today, these monies are not even enough. I wonder how couples are coping.

    Afterwards, you can prayerfully decide what business to invest in. Make the 1m for no loss, Biko. Also find something that works for the location your husband is at. Remember that as you have two children, you would need to slow down and build your home. So do something that would support you to focus on being a stable mum, at least until the last turns 5 years old and both are in school.

    Building a family requires sacrifices here and there, relocating, planning, thinking. But God will reward you in the long run. Amen.


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