Stella Dimoko Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Advises Married Women On How To Treat Their Husbands


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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Advises Married Women On How To Treat Their Husbands

Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Head Pastor of the Fountain of Life Church posted a video on his Instagram page, where he gave a sermon on how to keep their men..
he says the ladies on the streets are not smiling!

He urged married women to try keep their husbands happy and satisfied as that would reduce the possibility of them cheating because no man who is full will go outside and still want to eat another food.

In his words:
"Women, first of all, the ratio of women to men outside; for every five women, one man, it's hard out there in the streets forest of all.
Secondly, a man's attractiveness increases the older he becomes;you know why? Financial stability.
A man can pull a woman in his 50s that he could not pull in his 20s; you know why? He has more financial capacity;who face help? the girls outside are not looking at his face, they are looking at his... 
They say when money enter, everybody becomes fine. The older he gets, the more attractive he becomes outside.

So there are these young girls that are chasing men that represents financial stability and security.
You can't be sending your husband out empty even if he's a useless man.If you have eaten at home and you are full, if they bring food in front of you, even if there's no space;press down, shaken together, running over, there's no space, even if he wants to, he cannot. Make sure his cup is full, overflowing.

The truth of the matter is these girls outside in the streets are not smiling. Then you have one girl, you are always tying wrapper(proceeds to imitate someone adjusting and readjusting her wrapper)and you have one girl outside, she enters, everywhere smells good; she's like 'Hello Sir, Hello Sir'.

In your house, your husband; ' eh, have you not eaten? go and eat na, don't disturb me, my day was .. '.The other girl says;'Sir, are you okay? have you eaten? do you need anything?.

A woman's attractivenes increases in marriage because the older she gets, the man who she's with realizes you were with me when I had nothing so now that I have everything, I will give you the world.
My mother who was heralded outside everywhere she went to but her husband was her crown, she would come back from ministration and say ; ' Darl, are you okay? have you eaten? I'm coming now', She will now go to the kitchen and dish his food. Nobody can serve her husband but her, it was a standing rule, she honored her husband, she made him her king, when a man is celebrated in his home, there's nothing he's looking for outside".


  1. Pastor,they mostly complained of being full of the same meal,that they want varieties,the essence of lifeπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

    1. Lmao! You Don see am na, say you cannot please men. One man go talk one thing, another man will say the opposite.
      But to be honedt I didn't expect this kind talk from Jimi odukoya.

      I pity any woman whose whole life is centered around filling her husband up so that he doesn't cheat, it's an exercise in futility. Just do what is right and know that you can't control a full grown man, he will do what he wants whether it is to cheat or it is to remain faithful.
      N.B I never said a woman should not do her own duties in marriage.

  2. Yen yen yen! Always how to keep the man, what about how to keep the woman? Forget that ratio, younger guys are also running after advanced married women.
    These guys are not shy to hold your hands in public. Smelling all nice with their broad and nice 6pack. Calling you sweet names like baby, sugar,honey and not mama chinedu, mama shukura or mummy wΓ‘.
    And giving you hot hot in the other room,and no pot belly is pressing you while on it. Nonsense.

    1. Why you dey cry naa??? Even Pastor sef una no want accept the truth.

      © TEEJAY

    2. Which younger guys are running after advanced ladies??? You must be seriously joking

    3. He just spoke about the kind of men women should avoid.

      The real issue as the Bv nicknamed "Ang" here use to say is that they don't preach and support their points with Bible references.

      They should preach what the Bible says and preach that their congregants should read the Bible.

      By the way, as an adult, having enough at home doesn't prevent a greedy person from eating outside what he/she shouldn't eat. That's why covetousness is listed as a sin by the Bible. And almost all (if not all) religions and moral codes abhor it.

    4. Na waaa, everyday man and woman matter. Always telling women how to keep a man. What about how to keep a woman?
      No matter all you do to keep them to avoid cheating. Some men 'wants' are insatiable . A cheat is a cheat.
      Faithful ones are few these days.

  3. Before the bitter crew come and mess this page up with nonsense, let me drop my 2 cents and bounce..

    The older a man, the more attractive he is.. ✅check

    Men appreciate a woman that was with them when they were younger and had little,. In other words, we are loyal to your sacrifice more than our feelings..✅ check

    Feed that man.. ✅check
    But if you like be forming woke and insulting that babe that wakes up by 4.30am to cool, later when your bobo moves to a lady sacrificing more for him, you'll come here to be crying that they used food to snatch your man, and your crew will help you to insult him.. but deep down, you know you played yourself..

    B@ng his brains out..✅check
    Don't go and be denying sex and using it as bargaining chips oh.. that's attempted myrdery, you want to kee him with prostrate cancer πŸ™„.. and you're pushing him out there.. see ehn,. When a man is having all the sex, he won't have that patience to be chasing girls, especially baddies and amotekuns looking to hustle him, cos as she talk price, him go just hiss, why should I give this werey 50k for nack, nack wey fit no make sense sec.. something wey I no dey lack for house,. Which strength sef, when momma for house don dap all my energy already finish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..
    Only few men would be getting a lot of sex and still have time to be chasing girls up and down.. I be guy and take this from me.. your man go even come get attitude like me join sef, cos e go come dey fit yab babes wey dey fvck up, since him no need anything from themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜

    A few words is enough for the wise..

    The f0olish will go about insulting ✌️

    1. Just like I said in my comment, you're not a pastor that's why these alleged Queens aren't respecting you. Else they would have been shouting ride on papa. For I didn't see anything different this man said you haven't spoken or written here overtime. In fact, we the Kings are indebted to you.

      How do we remit our weekly offerings and tithes to you?

      © TEEJAY

    2. It all depends. I did all this and more,he still betrayed my trust. It is now he's apologizing. So forget all these preachings,person wey ready to show u shege go show u shege..

    3. Finally, someone speaks for us. But dem go hear?

    4. A man without self control is a walking disaster

    5. Hehehe.. @Ezege..

      I need that offering oh,. I no go lie..
      I no know whether na the bad names wet these alleged Queens don give me for here make my helper no free show love, but God dey.. destiny can only be delayed but not denied..

      Don't mind them, they'll never listen then later come and send nonsense chronicles..
      See one down there saying it's just common sense, as if common sense is common, or was it not here some girls were making excuses for that werey that wore a polo and pant to bank and was harassing people there with her nakedness..
      Don't we still have them insulting this common sense teaching, does this not prove that a lot of people lack sense?
      But them go still argue because they're woke (daft)

  4. Not this present generation of Nigerian women o! I think I've found Dantes pastor.

  5. Abeg leave that thing. Story for the gods. Yes it could have worked 35% of the time in your fathers time but now. A lot of men are greedy. They also want that food outside. So they starve themselves at home to get it outside
    No woman can keep a man. It’s only God oh. Know this and know peace

    1. God bless you. They starve at home is point on

  6. Pst. Odukoya,

    Over a thousand languages in the world and you chose to speak facts.

    That Aunty O and her fellow 'Queens' here won't like this message. Isn't this what Dante has been preaching here? Oh, I forgot he's not a pastor and as such they won't tell him to ride on papaπŸ˜‚


  7. It's true sha.
    But men too should have self control & more understanding

  8. Nigerian pastors always saying things that are common sense and making it sound philosophical. If you are adult and don't know these things..nawa for you

  9. Very true to a great extent but it still will not stop a man determined to cheat.
    Inbtw,Jimmy resemble him mama die kai,keep resting Pastors Bimbo and Taiwo OdukoyaπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š

    1. There is nothing like 'inbtw'. BTW means 'by the way'. 'In between' is not performing any function in that your sentence

  10. Oga pastor also advice your fellow men on how to keep a woman cos most Nigeria women if not all has no time for rubbish anymore.

  11. Oga no time to keep any man if you want to
    go please do.... all i need now is money

  12. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES21 February 2024 at 14:21

    You can only keep a man that wants to be kept.

    1. That means a woman can't keep a man. Same applies for a woman.

      No man really wants to be kept by a woman. It is one of two things - a man keeps himself or he mellows because he doesn't have the wherewithal not to keep himself.

  13. If you like do all he advised and add more jara on it, sha don't forget it's only a man they wants to be kept that can be kept.

    Do what you can and leave the rest. No pressure

  14. Upon all this,I still think men should have self control,the most important thing,self control


  15. Are you sure pastor Odukoya is not BV Dante? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Cos word for word that's literally Dante speaking.

  16. 100✅
    But women needs to be kept too.
    Most men after all these still cheat.
    I'm not making excuse for all women, but for the few good ones not the rotten ones out there who deserves nothing but to be hurled out to the street.
    Pastor Jimmy wehdone

  17. I would advise every woman to seek financial stability on their own so that they won’t have to be told to jump through hoops of fire for a man. Cause I don’t know how many women can live under so much stress that everything they do has to be done in such a way that the man will come home. That shit sounds like slavery to me. Imagine telling a woman to do more to keep a man at home than to keep her relationship with God intact.

  18. What works A may not work B.

  19. Marriage counsellorship the easiest ministry to delve into,nobody wants to sacrifice to carry the raw power of GodπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄

  20. He has a point. But at the end of the day, it is God and conscience of the man. May Edochie stayed with her hubby for 18 years. He told us she was a great wife. But we are witnessing him online dancing with another man's wife who now has 2 kids for him


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