Stella Dimoko Bridesmaid Attempts To Snatch Bride's Husband For Mocking Her Single Status


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Sunday, March 03, 2024

Bridesmaid Attempts To Snatch Bride's Husband For Mocking Her Single Status

A bridesmaid allegedly slept with the bride’s husband because the bride mocked her for being single.
The relationship developed wings and it all went South when the husband gave his life to Christ and confessed to his wife..
The Bridesmaid allegedly worships in a popular Church in Lagos...

An X handle posted ;

"Lady who on her frnd's wedding, was on the bridal train, started sleeping with her frnds husband few months later bcos, in her words "her frnd mocked her for being the only single person in their circle".
Less than a year later, frnd's husband gave his life to Christ, and cut ties with her. Hanty moved to blackmail him by telling his wife, but got the shocker of her life that oga had already confessed to his wife. Hanty moved again to accuse oga of r#pe. Oga's saving grace is that his wife recorded the conversation when hanty came to her earlier.

The wife in question happens to be my friend's wife's younger sister.
More update on this juicy gist coming soon.


So Hanty actually went as far as taking this r#pe allegation to oga's workplace o! I learnt he got laid off temporarily, but reinstated after he provided that recording from his wife and it was clear that the allegations is false.
Apparently, what sparked this whole conversation was that the wife had a miscarriage recently after she and oga had been looking to get pregnant since the wedding. Here's the thing everyone believes Hanty has a hand in it coz in the recording she CLAIMED to have aborted for oga B4 and swore to make him pay.

Oga said no such thing happnd o. So, nobody knows what to believe at this point.

Fun fact: Hanty happens to be a very functional choir member in one big church in Lagos. When I say big I mean top 3 most popular churches in Lagos. Omo!
Will drop updates when I have them."


  1. Pride

    1. Made up.
      But just in case, yes pipu go far in vindictiveness. Single Mum with adult kids, don collect another woman husband, do traditional, white and court marriage join.

      Be kind& gentle in your words, no be everybody head dey correct these days.

    2. Interesting!

  2. Mtcheww

    People who cannot be faithful to their vows

  3. Let me leave all the parties for now and face the stup!d place oga works..

    So a stup!d girl will just come to your office to make a stup!d allegation, and the next best thing you'll do is to suspend or sack your male staff?

    Are you the jury? Has he been declared guilty? Did he commit any crime at work or how does his personal life affect the job? Unless he is declared guilty, that stup!d company has no right to do what they did,. The best they could do is to advise the m@d girl to take the matter to court as they are not the court..

    This nonsense has to stop!
    We need to stop encouraging and enabling evil w!tches..
    What did they do to the silly girl now after she almost made this mad lose his job?- Nothing! But na for man matter their preek dey stand..

    To think this man almost loses it all because of two women pettiness, -she accuse me of being single, I snatch her husband..

    Knowing the length women can go to get something, it's very likely that bridesmaid used jazz to get him..

    Just last week, a female close friend of mine went to make her hair and recorded and sent me what the hairdresser and another woman there were telling her, how they were convincing her to involve JuJu to get a man as it's what other women do but don't say it..

    Kings, stay wokeπŸ™

    1. Eeeya, all avoidable if only he had closed his legs to superpower 'witches' or soapy. Poor innoairheadhubby must have been weeping blaadwhile erect, jerking& pouring akamu from several rounds. See as airhead come sharp when it got to the extent of his job. From now on he should stick to one superpowered 'witch' that he made vows with. Wait so witchcraft enter miscarriage but not loss of job? Which kain yeye?

      Mwhile the title and the content of the gist no jig. Well more trends&money to the 'shocking updating'storyteller. Watch as the shocker update go be how the innocentman go born quadruplet& the witch go spontaneously implode while chopping from dustbin.

      No be only top 3 church, gist pipu shd come correct with full chess..

    2. Super story, Yimu😏

    3. Dante...please no vex o.
      I have one chikili assignment for you.
      You see all these On Air Personalities;
      Nedu Wazobia fm
      Daddy Freeze Cool fm.
      Can you find out why their contracts were not renewed in their former offices.
      Match it with the Mission and Vision of their employers.

      You'll see something.

    4. Xp, you stated it yourself - they are contract employees. Moreover, most of these private radio stations have low cost admin structures and do not give permanent appointments to most OAPs. Stop forming being intelligent here and hailed by some BVs who can't put some deep thoughts to their reasoning. Bye bye

  4. Because she was mocked,she decided to disrespect,degrade,desecrate,destroy her body and soul?Oh well,what do I know,everybody with the one wey dey scatter their dada.

    1. The story no jig. Seems like unwanted polygamy at play..

    2. The story no jig. Seems like unwanted polygamy at play..

    3. Well said. What her job and company has to do with her personal life to the extent such mere allegations affected her job.
      Many don't know when to set boundary or draw line. Will share similar experience.
      You work to get paid and go home.
      Your personal life isn't company's affair unless they have your consent to interfere.

  5. Men will always disappoint

  6. So who should we blame now? The vindictive friend that is probably dealing with high dose of low self-esteem or the man that made a vow to be faithful but couldn't do so?

    Oh, incase you want to be judgemental,don’t ignore the fact that the lady(bridemaid) is not accountable to anyone but the man was. I didn't see anywhere they specify she was in a relationship but the man is "married" and It just had to happened few months after assuring somebody's daugther in the presence of friends and families, to be with her through life and death. So laughable πŸ˜‚

    After he chop clean mouth, he gave his life to Christ. What God cannot do, doesn't exist!. How will you shout??? πŸ˜‚

    I tot the phrase "my past is my past" only applies to women. Let's not even talked about the wife in this story. They will all be fine eventually.

    1. The wife treated the bridesmaid well. Only the wife has the right to decide what happens to her marriage - to leave or stay. The wife alone has the right to decide when to leave if she chooses that option. If truly the bridesmaid was mocked, why didn't she quit being friends with wife. She chose revenge. Clearly the wife has also chosen revenge against the bridesmaid.

      The concept that only the married person is guilty in adultery is wrong. It is almost like saying a thief should never be blamed because the owner did not use a strong enough padlock.

      But it appears it is mostly women who cuddle women who interfere with marriages under the faux wokeness of blame your/the husband. Most men don't kindly treat men who interfere with their or other men's marriages. Men kpuff the other wayward man and will get support from other men to do so anytime

    2. Anon, I agree to your submission. They are both wrong. I will never exonerate people like her because if she can be vindictive to the detriment of her image and self-esteem, because she was mocked about a situation clearly out of her control. Then, people like her don't deserve to live among humans. I won't be surprised if she was never mocked but chose that narrative to control people's opinions.

      But then, I still believe the greater part of the blame goes to the married person(man) in this story. Why didn't he report her to his wife or involve his families when she was pestering her for relationship?. I want to believe it was the bridesmaid that made the first move since she was the scorned one according to the story. I mean, He made a vow that should have prevented him from going astray. He had to go astray months after making the vow??? Where is his self-control and self-discipline?

      And for that concept you wrote above. So you mean if you notice someone had been tampering with your door, you won't increase your security measures? Even if you won't report to the authorities, wouldn't take more precautions that would guarantee your safety and that of your properties? The marriage never meant a thing to the man. If it were, he would have protected it with all the self-control he could garner. Moreover, society expects him to protect his marriage. You have no business getting married if you can't protect your marriage.

    3. 16.22; men don't cuddle men who interfere in marriage ke?
      Yul and current wife (married woman) is almost hailed aspolygamysuper hero by men&even women.
      Freeze is actively with a married woman and just like yul, impregnated her sef. And na una mcm hero.

      Park ur bshit well,make we hear word

    4. And anon, I would have been lenient with my judgement if he had done that with a stranger. I mean, the bridesmaid was present while he made vows of heaven and earth to his woman and months after they are rolling in between sheets. What a joker! He totally made a joke out of his woman and the institution of marriage. And then, he found Jesus? Was he lost before? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      They will all be fine jare.

    5. @Brianna, points well made and better understood. As explained fully, both we liable; but the man is more liable.

      @17:34 and Bvs like you.
      Small matter, insults? We know each other before?
      Read the double replies by Brianna. Any direct insults there? And it was her comments we replied to. Na you come join us o🀭
      Insults do not enhance a comment. Learn.

  7. Stories on X. Lol...

  8. She did all this because she was mocked?? This gender's pattern of reasoning is lower than that of an ant. Tueh!!! I am quite sure all the angry birds will avoid the witch and start attacking the man.

    Dibia Alphonsus

    1. But your gender refused to close his legs nahπŸ˜‚..
      The joke is on your gender nwa Dibia!!

    2. you men only reason with your dicks.....if the newly married he goat had controlled himself all these would not have gone down.. dogs in male clothings

  9. Hmmmm
    If only she knew the whole thing will end up blowing up on her face, she would have sheathed her sword, guess she imagined her girlfriend crying hot tears, while begging her to leave her husband alone.
    Two wrongs doesn't make a right.
    Now how do I believe that she was mocked in the first place with this devilish act of hers

  10. What an evil friend 😠😠😠😠😠
    Her friend's husband don dey enter her eyes before

  11. Wicked friend, wife is proud, why mock your friend? Husband konkonro head.

  12. Some people are so mean . That how my neighbor was mocking my daughter's, gossiping about them for no just reason. And this people are also choir in one of the big church in Nasarawa State. They never believe I can go to that length to shame them. Let the Singles and single parents breath .

  13. It’s something I can do. I mean snatch the husband. If you can have the audacity to open your mouth and mock my single state. When you have no one for me to marry. Please believe that your husband is fair game. You will cry blood and I will mock you back. Rubbish. A lot of people think like idiots and were not taught to talk. When you mock single women, you make them desperate and any man available or that even winks at them is fair game.

    1. then your parents taught you no moral values..if they mock you say for being poor then you will go and steal?... i married in my mid 30 and heard all sorts but that did not make me go against my principles...

  14. Anon 4 :48 this my neighbor are really idiots. My first daughter is serving her father's land while my 2 nd daughter is doing are OND and this people never attended any higher institution but they behave like holy holy people. They can gossip from morning till night. They are careless talker .

    1. those kind of people you just ignore...i can bet you they are just jealous and i am sure your daughters have refused to be friends with them on their petty level..

  15. lessons from all angles
    Wife- never mock anyone over situations neither of you can control
    Husband-men, learn to say No: haba your wife's friend (oga u had intent)
    Friend-Learn to forgive, let God announce you.


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