Stella Dimoko Woman Whose 3 Kids Allegedly Suffocated In Parked Car Narrates The Shocking Details


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Saturday, March 02, 2024

Woman Whose 3 Kids Allegedly Suffocated In Parked Car Narrates The Shocking Details

After reading from what the grieving mum narrated, I dont agree that the kids suffocated in the car........Looks like the wicked act of someone!
Please read through and form your own opinion...
I am shocked beyond words!!!

Shade Silifat Abdulkadir, the mother of the three children who suffocated to death in a parked car in Ilorin, Kwara State capital, last week Sunday, has broken her silence on the tragic incident.
In an interview with journalists on the last moments of the deceased children, 37-year-old Shade appealed to Nigerians to come to her aid.
The first child, Maryam was 10 years old, Nudrah, the second child was 8 years and the third, Mohammed, was 2.
All three children died after suffocating in the car parked in their residence.

The vehicle was borrowed by their father from his elder brother.
Speaking at her family house, Ile Magaji, Taiwo Isale, in Ilorin, Shade pleaded with all mothers to come to her aid.

Narrating the incident, Shade said, “It happened on Sunday around some minutes to 2:00 pm, shortly after I finished cooking rice for them. It was my second daughter, Nudrah, who told me that she would not eat rice in school the next day (Monday) and that she would prefer spaghetti.
“I have money in the shop and N700 in my Opay account but was left with cash of N200 only. I live at No 8 Boluke area in the Zango-Kulende area of Ilorin and operate a shop at Oke-Andi, Zango, where I sell provisions and other items.

“It would only cost me N200 to go and come back home. So I told my children that if at all, what I have is not up to buying what you want, I have people I can collect money from till I get to shop on Monday and I left. This is not the first time I would leave them and go to buy something.

“Sometimes, I would leave them and go and fetch water and they would be playing inside. At times, if I get a job from churches, mosques or from any celebrant to help make doughnuts or snacks, because I am also a caterer, I go and deliver it to the customers and leave the children at home.

“My husband married another wife which I didn’t get to know on time. I faced a lot of issues in my marriage which is now 11 years and there has never been peace.
“My husband has been moving with the lady called Kafayat from Oke-Ode for quite some time and I was told to be patient and my family and his are aware of the development.
“Sometimes he comes home around 11:00 pm and leaves home very early in the morning. All my children were not gotten in peace, it was from one trouble to another. Sometimes, if we had a quarrel, he would drive me outside in the middle of the night. His name is Jimoh Abdulkadir from Babanloma in Kwara South.

“It happened that he impregnated the girl but the child died after birth. On the day of marriage, he introduced the wife to me. But penultimate Saturday, the lady gave birth again. I am not his first wife. A lady had given birth to a child for him before but I met him as a single father and he was not like this before I married him.

“So after his second wife had her second child, my husband informed me and I went to greet him.

“When I woke up on Sunday, I saw the voice note of my husband that Kafayat has relocated from her previous apartment in case I still want to come and greet her. They have been married not even up to a year and they had a societal wedding unlike mine which was only Nikkah.

“On Thursday and Saturday, I went to greet her in the new location described by my husband. And it was after I went to greet Kafayat at home that he suddenly changed his attitude towards me. If I sleep in the bedroom, he would sleep in the parlour and if I sleep in the parlour, he would go to the bedroom. But all my family and friends advised me to be patient for the sake of the children whenever I complained.

“They didn’t tell me anything about the naming ceremony except people that called me to ask why I was not present,” Shade declared.

She said it was on Saturday, after they finished the naming, that her husband brought the car owned by his elder brother home which they used to do all the running around and packing of items during the event.
“Although before we got married, his brother had been using the car and this is not his first time he would borrow it.

“If we were talking during the period or I had a premonition of what would happen, I would have told him to return the car to the owner who will need it to go to work on Monday. He didn’t return the car and didn’t park it at the venue of the event. Why is it that he had to park it here where I am staying?

“Now the car was there from that Saturday till Sunday when the incident happened.
“After the children requested noodles to take to school the next day, I went to the shop to get the indomie noodles for them. Before I went, my last born, Mohammed, was crying but I said the sun was much and I would not want to take him outside because of the heat. I called Maryam who is the eldest to take care of her siblings.

“But when I came back, I noticed that the children had scattered the entire room and met the door open. I also saw their shoes and envisaged they would not be out of the premises because they would put on their shoes if they were going outside the gate. I never thought of the vehicle even for a second.
“From my house to the shop is just a N100 bike. I called out for them when I came and couldn’t find them. Initially I thought they were playing hide and seek with me. I checked everywhere but to no avail. My landlady had gone to work because she was on morning duty.

“The flat next to us was occupied by aged couples and my children don’t usually go inside their house except on a few occasions.

“When I couldn’t find them, I checked inside the domestic well but nothing was there, I took Okada to the junction crying that I couldn’t find my children.
“When I came back, I went to knock at the door of the next flat to tell them that I couldn’t find my children, the woman’s husband was already asleep.
“She told me she heard their cries about 10 minutes ago, when she was even calling Maryam, asking why she was beating her siblings. Later something just told me to check inside the vehicle and I saw them inside.

“I managed to open one of the doors and met them just lying down but the remaining three doors did not open. I was asking them why they went inside the car, which they don’t usually do. But their posture and the way I saw them made me terrified, I called them but no answer and I started shouting for help.
“It was the woman’s husband that came to force the other doors open and dragged Mohammed out, his hand got injured in the process.

“So my shout later attracted some boys and other people outside, some of whom jumped our security fence and we started pouring water on them to revive them but to no avail. It was those people that rushed them to Olutayo hospital, I didn’t see them after that.

“Me and my husband were still not in talking terms up till that Sunday morning, though he slept in the house that day but people would hardly know that we have issues or are quarrelling because he still used to take us to the shop and drop us at home and the children were even appreciating him. Even if he wants to communicate with me, it’s through the children.

“Earlier before that day, he sent Maryam to go and ask a nearby vulcanizer, Jamiu, how much it will cost to repair one of the tyres of the vehicle,” she stated.
The distraught mother added: “Since the incident I have not set my eyes on their dad but I was told he came here at our family house.
“He has also called me twice since the incident saying thrash for all I care, asking when am I coming home or what do I feel.
“The police came and I also narrated this to them. They said the Inspector General of Police was interested and was the one who called the Commissioner of Police to inquire what was going on in Kwara State before they later sent officers here.

“But I have strengthened my faith in Almighty Allah coupled with the people that God surrounded me with. That is just what is keeping me going.”

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  1. Hmmmmmm make God no allow person eyes see evil it is well

    1. I cant even begin to comprehend the pain she is going through right now. I pray Allah consoles her and grants her the fortitude to near this irreparable loss.
      Who knows what happened with the woman whose four kids were put in a Keke to school and went missing since then? That was last year November or so. I pray they have been found.

    2. You see anything polygamy? Na war!

  2. Might just be an accident, and no foul play. May their souls find rest.

    1. Same thought I have. Children might just want to play inside the car and they lock the mistakenly and could not open it. And of course the window is up.

  3. It is going to be extremely difficult to do any forensic investigation of this case. Such heart breaking loss.

    She is very emotive right now so she's trying to bargain or make sense of it all. But trying to rope the father into the whole things appears to me she is reaching.

    It is possible the kids got excited seeing a car they thought was probably their father's. It is possible they entered the car out of excitement and couldn't open it from inside.

    That said though, in these days of random theft, not too many people park cars without locking so the doors. So what are the odds that one of the doors was unlocked and it was THAT DOOR the kids used? It doesn't add up.

    1. Go back and read, oga analyst
      She said it was not the first time he would be bringing the car home, so the kids definitely know it is not for their father, no be any excitement of seeing a car.

    2. ANON 15: 05. I normally don't reply irritants who can't even understand how to get a basic BID.

      So Madam non-analyst who is painfully lacking in comprehension, does it matter whether the car was the father's or not? Will that have changed anything regarding the excitement of the kids? In situations like these, every angle has to be considered. Sometimes, the most plausible reason is often the simplest.

      There are too many holes in the woman's narrative but i won't bother going into them. She is a grieving woman and i don't expect her thought process to be on point.

      I do want to hope though that you do have more than a couple of brain cells to rub together and even begin to understand how closure may be impossible for everyone involved here.

      The marriage is effectively over as it is or you can't see that? But then again, comprehension isn't your thing obviously. So back the fu(c)k off.

  4. There was a case like this some years back in Badagry where almost five kids including two siblings suffocated in an abandoned jeep. May God console you and grant you the fortitude to bear this great loss. Parents should always look out for their children that are less than 15 years. Like if you're going out lock them inside and lock your kitchen door. Give them small phone where they can always reach out to you in case of emergency.

    1. Please never lock children inside the house. Anything can happen

    2. Locking them inside is even more dangerous.

    3. I know of 2 separate incidents where children who were locked in died from a fire outbreak, never, ever lock children in by themselves.

  5. This is a very sad situation. All three kids??
    How did they get into the car and locked it without being able to come out??
    Could someone be responsible for locking them in??
    So many questions begging for answers.
    This is so so traumatic!!😭😭

    May God grant her the fortitude to bear the loss and I pray that she finds closure.
    May the souls of the kids find rest.
    This shouldn't happen to any mother at all.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  6. My God! This is terrifying!!! Nwanyi ibem, I feel for you oh! How does one start over again after this kind of life altering incident?

    And why is the husband calling her on phone? No be una two born pikin together? Are you not supposed to be together and comforting each other ar this difficult time? Men should try and be having empathy for women abeg.

    1. Empathy no dey some of them dictionary oo

  7. He no go better for men wey dey always follow other women thereby endangering their wife and kids.i know my husband has a side chic and I am so planning my exit.before one idiot will come and harm my child untop man

    1. Simple!!!
      This is what happens when men bring competition into their marriage, thereby putting their wife in danger!

  8. Polygamy is a bad thing. I pray God gives this woman the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

  9. All three kids, may God delivery us from evil.


  10. *deliver


  11. Ayayayaya!! This is so heartbreaking! This woman said one of the door of the car was unlocked, 3 were locked. A neighbor said to the children she was hearing them crying 10 minutes before their mother’s arrival. Something is definitely not right here. I will still ask that they don’t bury the children without an autopsy report. I have goosebumps honestly. Odindi Omo meta! Ikunle abiyamo o

    1. Chika(hello iya boys)2 March 2024 at 16:45

      Something is fishing o
      See the part she also notice the last born hand was injured
      Father Lord please rest the kids soul πŸ™πŸ™
      And comfort their Mother ..

    2. She didn't meet the hand injured..It was while they were dragging him out of the car that the hand got again

    3. She didn't meet the hand injured..It was while they were dragging him out of the car that the hand got again

  12. This is sad and heartbreaking.
    May God console her πŸ«‚ this is too much πŸ˜”
    May their souls rest in peace

  13. I feel for her, l don't even know what to say, it will take the grace of God for her to get over this. ..
    May their souls rest in peace.

  14. I'm baffled that a 10yr old and also an 8yr old can't open d locks of a car, something is indeed fishy...may God console the family.

    1. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars2 March 2024 at 17:15

      Exactly!!! Something is off here. A Nigerian 10&8yr old are sharp enough.

  15. My condolences.

    It's sad. They may have entered the car to play. Got tired and dosed off. But due to low oxygen they suffocated.

    How long did she stay at the shop? Why was the car not locked?

    Plus, she is dragging her husband and new wife making it look like they went diabolical on her.

    There's no consolation from any human for this magnitude of loss. She'll forever remember this.

    God rest their souls

  16. Women women women, how many times did I call you?
    Leave if the marriage is no longer working well, leave ! Don't stay for your children, they might be used as the sacrificial lambs.
    This woman stayed for her children, now they are gone. She left the marriage empty!

    1. It's so heartbreaking I feel for her I wish she left with her kids alive , may God console you ma .pls leave that marriage

  17. May God comfort this woman,alot of thoughts will be running through her head.It is well!

  18. Foul play cannot be ruled out of any death. Even the "he/she died in sleep" has been known to be homicide.

    This story explains why some societies insist on adult supervision for children at all times. And a big reminder not to leave children alone at all. She should have locked them indoor some will say. But what of fire or even a reptile attack (as unimaginable that may sound)

    When this story was reported here first time, I told of how 3 children (now men) in my neighborhood still hold grudges against themselves because I refused to let them play in my parked car when they were kids. Now, Two of them walk pass me on the street as if they don't know me. The third mumbles greetings because we are of the same tribe and his mother greets me traditionally. Even their mothers then saw/thought my complaints as nagging. I got peace when I sold the two cars one after the other.

    Thank God nothing happened to them. The same mothers would have said ... and people would have believed them.

    May God comfort her.

    1. You are wise. Had anything happened to those children, it would have been alleged that you gave Ogun a bounteous reward for a favour. Any sign of progress after that would have been seen as a sign that you used their children for something.

      Since people have refused to inform themselves, it needs to be made known by local governments and NGOs that cars can be deadly and not toys for children. All over the world, children die everyday from being locked in cars.

      May God comfort this woman. The same people always saying the country is hard are the same ones making things harder for themselves. Imagine a man who has at least four children and is too poor to afford a car, having to borrow a beaten up clunker, is still funding a big wedding and finding time to amass wives like clothes.

  19. So sad,may their souls rest in peace.

  20. This is extremely sad autopsy should be carried out on them.

  21. Olorun ni gbogbo e ye.

  22. So sad
    I think this is an accident,not the father's fault as she thinks.
    No be today we don deyvread news of people dying inside car.
    May they rest in peace.

  23. Na accident this one be.Those children are not old enough to be left on their own no matter what we tell ourselves.

  24. What a life!
    Very sad.there is more to this story,I tell you.

  25. A very terrible situation,3 children😒😒
    So sad,Mrs Ilabor comes to mind
    May God comfort her

  26. I go with you to the shop or we end the indomie plans and take rice to school,that was how my bestriend children decided to play hide and seek when I was sleeping and hid inside a deep freezer,I woke up and didn't hear their usual noise,I checked everywhere in the house because I had locked all the exit doors and protectors,I checked the freezer,low and behold see four boys cuddling each other,thank God there hadn't restored the light yet, please don't leave children alone, unsupervised,I no fit shout or beat them,I was just rolling on the floor crying,which friend will believe that I didn't kill her children or point fingers that am a ritualist, please don't leave children alone for one second.

  27. 3 kids 😱, May God Almighty console you Nne. Chai

  28. This is really sad oh.
    May the good Lord comfort her, I dislike polygamy.

  29. Adult supervision is necessary for children ,they can play beyond their imagination .No parent should suffer this kind things ,God will console you in Jesus name

    1. The money they would have used to hire a help or bring a relative to live with them, her king is spending on her co queen. The time he should use to watch his children, he is using it to live a soft life at another location. This woman kept on repeating 200, 100 naira to show that this guy cannot afford his libido and this is what happens when out of lack of discipline, a fool returns to the failed way of his ancestors in the name of culture or religion.

  30. Adult supervision is necessary for children ,they can play beyond their imagination .No parent should suffer this kind things ,God will console you in Jesus name

  31. I don't think those children locked the car on their own and how comes the car is not locked by their father? Parents when you want to leave your children home please talk to an adult about your children. Hand them over to that your good neighbour to put an eyes on them before leaving them.

    I pray that almighty Allah will console her and give her thr strength to bear.

  32. From her narration, it's obvious they killed the children, because the story is not adding up

  33. All I can say is that may you find happiness again with the help of your maker.

  34. May God comfort this woman. It's easier for a woman who knows that she is a single parent than being a practicing widow for a husband that's a fool. This is a slight but fatal mistake that may haunt her for a long time. I advise she leaves this marriage except she feels she wants to have more children quickly but what's the gain breeding with an irresponsible man?

    Let her leave, heal and by God's grace, start over.

  35. The aged couple should also be picked up for interrogation.


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