Stella Dimoko April 2010


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Friday, April 30, 2010

name this pancake queen!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

PHOTO of the day.

This is SICK!!!!.......share your thoughts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

meet NAKENO the most beautiful bride in the whole WORLD!

my lovely cousin just hooked the man of her dreams and shes estatic......we all know hooking a man these days and then walking him down the aisle isnt easy business....but she did it!

check out the lovely bride and her one million euro smile!....

her smile is so beautiful,it makes me wanna take that walk again!

introducing nakeno ominiabohs-abada!

isnt she lovely?
stepping out gracefully indeed!

soon this flat tummy will be history.LMAO!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

rapper IKECHUKWU on uk's popular tim westwood show.

On wednesday 21st of April 2010, Nigerian Rapper Ikechukwu Onunaku aka "Killz" was interviewed on the famous Tim Westwood's Bbc 1 Xtra radio show.great right?

 Killz talked about the Nigerian music scene as the foremost industry in Africa right now, He also talked about the difference in Afrobeat and Afro hip hop, giving props to Fela and the Anikulapo Kuti family as our Afrobeat Icons and Inspiration in the Nigerian music scene, he also lectured on what we Nigerians consider to be the true Afro beat sound.

ikechukwu and tim.

Tim Westwood asked Killz about the kind of cars driven in Nigeria, including Ikechukwu's own Range Rover Sport, and Killz put him on speed that Nigeria has all the top cars Tim Westwood can think of, including Tim's "Escalade" which Don jazzy drives, also not forgetting to add that Don jazzy is Nigerians Timberland.

Ikechukwu is the first Naija artist to be on the show and used the opportunity to premiere his new single "critical" (ft dbanj) on the Uk radio show.
You can still listen to the interview on

(link will be view-able for the next 2weeks methinks)

Friday, April 23, 2010

fotospeak:WhO Is tHiS??????

this is president yaradua just before he moved into aso rock.
who is this skeleton man in the second pic

OLUKEMI OMOLOLU-OLUNLOYO.:facebook dramaqueen.

if you are ever having a bad day and need some laughter tonic,add this lady on facebook,if she accepts you into her V.I.P friendslist then know that you are in for the time of your ribs....comedians in nigerian have GOT NOTHING ON HER!

according to her she is''the first nigerian to join facebook in 2006''.

kemi plans wants aspires dreams aims imagines looks forward to being elected as the first ever female president in nigeria!

heres one of her recent status messages still hanging on her wall.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

DaGrIn:dimmed TOO SOON!

real names: Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun
awesome rapper!

he died today-thursday april 22,2010 in luth after a ghastly accident.

luth officials were on strike the week dagrin was in the hospital.

rest in peace came,you saw and you conquered!

he came,he saw........................RIP!


hate or love her,we cant take it away from diva actress genevieve nnaji...she just seems to look good beautiful delicious tantalizing with every outfit she adorns.

check her garbed in celebrity garber MON AMI's dress.

you like?
.....i hate love hate love like this absolutely!

LINDA IKEJIs red carpet oops!

Do you know of any lady who would wear flat sandals to a red carpet event?

I present to you  latest author in town LINDA IFEOMA IKEJI
linda used to be one of nigerias highest paying models till she took a bow to concentrate on blogging something else

she is quoted on her blog as saying to this oops

''Oh what da hell, whatever rocks my boat huh? :-)''

she just published a book tittled ''it takes you'' and we are hoping it will be another success story for her..just like her blog is.

way to go linda,it takes courage  only you to be this bold on the red

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

encomiums for movie producer KUNLE AFOLAYAN.

Kunle Afolayan’s Film, The Figurine (araromire) was nominated for 10 AMAA -African Movie Academy Awards – at the 2010 AMAA nominations party which was held at the Grand Masvic Hotel, East Legon, in Accra on Saturday March 6th 2010. The nominations are for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Sound, Best Child Actor, Best Supporting Female, Best Lead Actor, Best Film From the Heart of Africa, Best Special Effects, Best Achievement in Art Direction and Best Cinematograhy.

The Figurine (Araromire) is still celebrating as the big winner of the night carting home five awards with Ramsey Noah winning Best Actor in a leading role, best cinematography,best achievement in visual, heart of africa award for best film in nigeria and best picture.

when asked what the figurine was all about.heres what he said

''It is a film that deals with human belief and human nature. It is a film that tries to highlight the fact that we are the cause of our own situation and that we need not ascribe too much of our plight to the gods or God like I mentioned before. It is the folk tale story of a goddess (Araromire) that gives seven years of prosperity to anyone who touches it and replaces with seven years of bad luck there after. We have two good friends who stumbled on this goddess, Araromire, during their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). Their lives, of course, was never the same ever since.''

congrats kunle!!!

food for thought:has rapper IKECHUKWU popped the question?

this picture is sarah ofili,the very beautiful boo of fierce rapper ikechukwu.i had this on my old blog( that was forcefully taken away from me)but i like this picture so much that i am bringing it back here.

sarah has on a mimis look alike ring so is it true what i heard?

has he popped the question?
nice ring!

ADAEZE IGWE-YOBO pregnancy pictures.

adaeze has got to be the only woman i have seen who looks this beautiful being pregnant!
shes so beautiful that i cant help but say 'yobo' is a damm lucky fella ....and i hope he knows this!

ada has since brought to bed her baby a forthnight ago.

   see the date?she even tattoed his name on her ankle before he married her!-smart move huh?.....i mean which guy would let such a beautiful lady walk away with his name on this beautiful legs?lol

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

actress OMOTOLA JALADE-EKEINDE'S elan photo-shoot

these pictures are really very nice.omotola and son with the daughter of nollywood movie producer mike nliam.i think these are her best pictures so far...REALLY HOT!

celebrity quote''i am definitely getting married this year''

bright okpocha and the lucky babymama elsie.

comedian bright okpocha a.k.a basketmouth is our focus today.

he was asked recently in an interview when he would likely get married and this is what his response was

''I'm thinking of getting married this year. My younger sister is getting married this year; so I'm trying to give a little bit of space because it will consume a lot of money. Regarding my wedding we're trying as much as possible to make it very small and at the same time very loud and so I don't want to rush, but definitely I'm getting married this year''

....when asked further if love was the reason he would marry his baby mama elsie uzoma,this is what he said

''Love really. I've known her for like six years and apart from the fact that she's the mother of my son we are also friends and it's easier to live a happily married life with someone that understands you and someone that you really have a good communication with. Mainly I'm not particular about love itself .I'm particular about communication, friendship, and understanding which is what we have. I can't start a new relationship dealing with anybody else''.

this is about the 99th interview this comedian will grant telling of his plans to wed ...we hope he means it this time....congrats in advance!

Monday, April 19, 2010

scenes from the movie'HOLDING HOPE'

holding hope is a movie which highlights the pain suffered by cancer patients and what their loved ones go through.
its parades actors uche jombo,nadia buari and desmond elliott as its star cast.holding hope has been dubbed a movie that will blow your mind away(we dey wait)
directed by desmond elliott and produced by uche jombo.

actress UCHE JOMBO:StAr MaKeOvEr.

uche before the big

 ten years is what it took to transfrom her to the modern day,well dressed celebrity below.
before then,she only knew how to shop her way through that market referred to as 'bend down boutique'.''her shoes then were only ballerina shoes,the type that looked confused on her feet,one couldnt tell whether she had on bathing slippers or flat shoes
and her white beat down sports car then was so low that one had to practically go on their knees to get in(lol).

catapulated to an Alist actress in todays nollywood,this is what money has done to your favourite actress.
she dresses only in label clothes and shoes and cruises town in only the best cars that money can buy

you like?
                          check out these shoes!