Stella Dimoko May 2010


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Friday, May 28, 2010

memo to questionmarkmag website

somebody please help me tell this bunch of thieves to stop stealing from my hard earned research and trying to steal all the glory.they steal my pics and they stamp their silly logo on it and warn people not to steal their pictures.e.g the ramsey nouah and uche jombo bbmania story that i did.
then again i didnt call them out and i didnt in anyway curse their bbmania addiction but this spineless loser/thieves turned the story into bitterleaf soup on their diabetic website.

please questionamrkmag or whatever una call unaself..isnt it owned ny kelvin lusicano?

please you guys better do the right thing before i turn you guys into the story on my blog,lets see how you will steal your own stories then.hisssssssssssssssss

please if you know any moron on the site call them to order now!!!


''it was historic being mentioned on oprah ''-- GENEVIEVE NNAJI.

genevieve rates as one of the Alist actresses in nigeria with over 40 top movies under her belt in and outside nollywood.
so when the iconic oprah winfrey sometimes in 2009 featured her in an episode titled''meet the most famous people in the world'' and referred to her as the 'julia roberts of africa' she sort of put the gloss on genevieves rich acting pedigree!.

source:genevieve magazine.

''my best is yet to come''--actress INI EDO .

ini flaps her sultry eyelids and fixes her hazel eyes on you,seemingly anticipating the next question .not one to be caught unawares,she fields every question with the same razor sharpness she displays in her movies.ini wore her clothes and posed like a career model.

source:genevieve magazine

''we are known for the simple stories we tell''--actress RITA DOMINIC.

rita has got that alluring appeal that makes you feel welcome!

her smooth soft voice is sensous especially when she wears one of her red trademark lipsticks which she has traded for a more mature nude look for now.

rita is a stunner and we are talking on and off screen.

source:genevieve magazine

theres something about actress KATE HENSHAW-NUTTALL....

theres something about kate that makes you want to think shes got some lucky charm.but on closer rapport,you would find its just a compelling aura that kind of pulls you to her.
And when you mix this with the talent and hard work that ooze through her on the screen and in conversation,you would then understand why shes risen to the top with
such admirable ease.

source:genevieve magazine.

tv actress cynthia amadi:basketmouth don start to leak again oooo

a basketmouth who tells big tales at every opportunity.
once in  every forthnight you will get a photospeak on her and the things she has said.
more coming on what she has whispered on mercy jonhson,kate henshaw nuttall,uche jombo,ini edo,annie macualay,chico ejiroh,joy ejiroh,genevieve nnaji,rita dominic,ramsey nouah,rmd,
desmond elliott,tuface,stella damasus...the list is endless!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

check out nollywood actress BENITA NZERIBE

this is nollywood actress benita nzeribe and this is her idea of a photoshoot!
i call this TRASH and pulizzz this has nothing to do with hating on her!
abi she no see how her colleagues photoshoot dey be?
wetin concern me sef?if she wants to part her beautiful laps for her fans to
see  na she sabi.

ESTELLA OGBONNAs fashion 4 jos rocked.!

remember the mayhem in jos ???
no one will forget the bodies that littered the street of one!
estella who grew up in jos,opened her mouth in disbeleif and shock as pictures of the dead bodies littered the web.
with jos on her mind,she came up with the fashion for jos slogan.

Fashion for Jos is set to accomplish the following objectives; raise funds for victims especially women and children, create more awareness about the genocide in as a means to invoke an action towards change and garner support from Nigerians in Diaspora and international Humanitarian groups on how such incidents can be avoided.
the event has come and gone and it was a greeat sucess.
kudos to estella ogbonna and her team!
fashion 4 jos rawked!
see some pics from the event.

estella ogbonna-ceo estellacourture.

FIONA AMUZIE is mbgn 2010

isnt she just beautiful?

nollywood belles looking totally HOT!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


she looks good doesnt she?
her dress worn to actor mike ezuruonyes wedding was so nicely detailed that she didnt need the neck thingy she wore.
and those lovely heels?waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too big!

tonto please next time buy your actual size and not shoes that are two sizes bigger!

Monday, May 24, 2010

some pics from wonderboy MIKE EZERUONYEs wedding.

pictures from actress OGE OKOYE-DURUs babyshower.

the pretty actress has a pouch thats to die for!
her best friend 'nezie' had a baby shower for her in festac on saturday may 8,2010
and all her'igbotic' friends were on ground to make the day a memorable one for her.
amongst those who made the occasion is her colleague and fellow 'igbotic' actress chioma chukwuka-apotha.sophie,the wife of movie producer tchidi was also at the occassion dressed in a micro mini skirt.
i dont care how much of a snob oge has been tagged,she looks beautiifully preggy!!!

oges EDD has been pencilled down for june 2010.

so lets make a guess what do you think shes having`
a girl or a girl?lol


the ever beautiful chinenye  is rocking her motherhood looks alirght!
i honestly think she looks even more beautiful!
you agree?