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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dr Wigwe Denies Wife Battering Allegations.

So.....who battered tess??? 





''Mrs Wigwe lunged at me to slap me. I tried defending myself and indeed my daughter came in the way and as we tussled and jostled around the door to her own bedroom where a massive wooden shoe rack was standing, Mrs Wigwe received a cut. Once she felt blood on her right side of face, Mrs Wigwe used her right hand to rub the blood and smeared her entire face with it. She ran into her bedroom and produced a camera and in the presence of my daughter and I, Mrs Wigwe photographed herself, taking two to three shots. She was shouting that she had got me, and that the whole world was going to see her bloodied face; that she was going to send the picture to Abuja. As my daughter and I tried to push her into her room to prevent her from coming to fight me, my daughter’s hand was caught in the bedroom door and she gasped in pain. Mrs Wigwe also grabbed her phone and called her friend Yvonne to come and take her as she had been injured and bleeding. My son Nelson, who also joined in the effort to restrain Mrs Wigwe, offered to wipe the blood but Mrs Wigwe refused. With camera in hand, Mrs Wigwe ran downstairs and outside the building and for the next one hour was hurling abuses at me and shouting obscenities about me and my family and friends. It took the combined efforts of the Security Guard, the Cook and my son Nelson Ikenna to hold her back and prevent her from re-entering the house which I had now safely locked. In frustration that she could not re-enter the house, Mrs Wigwe who claimed in her report to the Star that she had suffered spinal injury, managed to wrestle with three able men and finally broke loose to carry a flower pot to smash the big glass window of the room we use as gym. She carried the flower pot and threw it at the glass window, shattering it. Not long after, her friend Yvonne arrived and together with my daughter they drove off. No ambulance was needed to convey Mrs Wigwe to hospital. Mrs Wigwe did not first rush to the Police to report the incident and show her injuries to the police. Mrs Wigwe only reported to the police on 27th May! That speaks volumes. She went to the police after people had begun to doubt her story! ''

CWWDr Chijioke Wilcox Wigwe
Dated this 30th day of May 2011 at Nairobi, Republic of Kenya

I HAVE SOME OBSERVATIONS come the injury looks dried up but the face still bloody?oh,i believe this lady was beaten up but something does not add up!!

President GEJ And His Dáncing Queen.

President Goodluck of Nigeria was recently sworn in as Nigerias President for the next four years and the below picture was snapped at the event .
Ya'all think Mrs Goodluck thrilled you during the election campaign with her 'umblerra' slogan?
Well na you sabi if you think she cant speak good English,this lady rocks and she knows it.check her out at the inauguration ball,she will be your first lady for the next four years,love her or hate her,you cant do anything about it.
I dont like this 'gown'she had on but if she looked in the mirror and saw herself as 'the fairest of them all'' then so be it!
Patience you rock,your haters can hug a live transformer on your

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures From Nollywood 'Road Show'.

.....So some Alist actors in Nollywood were honoured over the weekend in far away kenya in a programme tagged nollywood roadshow....a francis duru initiative in conjunction with the nigerian high commission in kenya.
So the roadshowers include desmond elliott,uche jombo,francis duru,patience ozokwor,monalisa chinda et al.
The official media partner for this event was WOW magazine represented by Julie Odia.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shock In Frankfurt As Police Kills Nigerian Lady!

Mrs. Christy Schnudeck nee Omorodion,was shot and killed by the German police in Frankfurt, Germany on the 19th May 2011. She is survived by an 11 year old daughter, Miss Jessica Omorodion, and husband, Mr. Peter Schwundeck among others. RIP.

The Police say ''she was shot in self defence''.

source is

Frankfurt/Main –bloodbathe in a jobcentre am main.
A lady(39)stabbed a policewoman(30)with a knife in the stomach,and injured her arm as well,then comes the shot:the colleague of the policewoman shots and the lady drops,a while later she dies in hospital.

  Behind this bloody drama was stress over money between the lady who was shot and the personal of the job centre.The lady wanted her monthly allowance paid directly in cash to her and not into her bank account as is the cash.she was told it was possible and that escalated the problem and the police was called in.
A police speaker says ''a lady customer had problems with her job and didnt want to leave the premises,she made a lot of noise and was spoiling things in sight''.

As the police came,they asked her to show her legal papers and instead of that she brought out a knife 11centimeter lonh out of her bag and tried to stab the police lady.the police lady shouts to her colleague ''be careful she has a knife!''

 the lady was shot after stabbing the police lady and now the rest is history!

What a sad turn of events.i am sure that lady didnt bargain for what happened on this day.
i dont agree with the way she behaved but couldnt these police people have restrained her instead of shooting her?
The investigations are still going on and the police may have shot in error but the knife brandished by the late nigerian does not help her story.....whoever is related to this lady should sue the german police...its enough that our policemen back home have no respect for us but to be killed in a country where the law works by the same police who calls themselves''your friend'' is a big cry against injustice!!!

They should provide a cctv of what actually happened!!!

Justice must prevails even in the diaspora!

RIP fellow Nigerian!

Friday, May 27, 2011

RIP Ighoyefe Oyubu

Heard he married on a saturday and was killed two days later!. ..assasinated by men of the underworld!

whatever happened RIP,may God avenge your death young man.
May God also give the young bride the strenght to go through this phase!

ADDENDUM-Dude was 28yrs old, studied at igbinedion university ,procedded to law school and then to the Uk for his masters programme.
He returned two weeks ago to get wedded to his five month old pregnant took place on saturday and dude was killed on tuesday may 24,2011...two days after he got married.

''he want out drinking with friends in warri on tuesday and left early as he told friends he didnt want to stay out late as a newly married man.he left around 8pm and aheavily armed men visited his home by 11pm taking nothing but snuffing the life out of him''

Sooo Sad!

Obi Asika's Beautiful Babygirl.

Obi and his lovely wife yetunde brought to bed a baby girl on thursday may 26,2011.
check out the very beautiful baby.....................i love her...I WANT!

Nigerian Diplomat to Kenya batters wife to puff-puff

I am sorry to say this but this man belongs in the zoo.when i saw the pictures  my mouth hung can anyone live with an animal like this?what was she still doing with him before it got this bad?
And the animal is still denying that he beat her...was he sleep walking when it happened?
this is what he said as press statement
''Wigwe denied battering his wife. He expressed shock that the police had been asked to arrest him. "I am shocked about her actions. They have not notified me of any plot against me. I have just arrived from a foreign trip,"

This is what his wife said

 Tess said she has opted to come out and explain her situation to show that domestic violence cuts across cultures, education and social standing. "I cannot keep quiet. I have kept quiet long enough,"

This is a big shame for the nigerian community both at home and in the diaspora and i beg GEJ to call back this animal in human skin at once!
It is a big shock and a pity and this woman is lucky she didnt die,no one would have heard of this animals act ......he should be relieved of his post AT ONCE and i beg this man wigwe or whatever he calls himself to check into a rehab home to deal with his anger before he wakes up one day and kills himself....five children all aged between 32 and 20yrs and they sat back and watched their father do this?Jesus help me!
WTF!!!......lady you are lucky you got out alive albeit with some serious scars!

See the pictures of what he did.

Ugly Monster!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Check Out Actress Halimar Abubarkar.

This is the recent picture of the actress who started her acting career exposing sensitive body parts and tattoos many many years back.

today she has moved up from exposing boobs to exposing thighs...Halimar prowls the internet searching for new and planted stories on herself so...she will see this.

My advice?.''halimar close your legs and open your mouth please''!

Gay Nigerian Chika Responds to Comments.


''Hello all, Thanks for the comments and also know that Stella is not against me or trying to be a homophobic but she's just like sister to me and she's aware when I visit though I knew she will put it in writing and as I can see she also respect me on whom I am just the same way I do to her and also respect her marriage too. I also respect straight, bisexuals, gay and lesbians even the transgender and hetrosexuals because everyone has his or her own life to live and give account of. Some married Nigerian men are not just straight but use the picture of wife to cover up and still sneaking out with one excuse or the other just to have a young boy they're having sex with and they always boost of their marriage and still go for boys, same to so many lesbians house wives but I won't be part of such even though for anything I believe I have my life to live and been good with which ever sexual preference I see myself with and still respect everyone and thanks to those who call me names and those who claims that am evil but one thing is certain, am not sleeping around but I am well reserved married and happy with my man and also enjoying the best of my marriage . Plus my salon down here at Stuttgart Germany where am into beauty and modeling expert. So please let's live the way we see our life ok and stop discriminating.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gay Nigerian Chika Nwafor-Schwartz Visits Nigeria With German Husband.

He Tells Stella ''I took him home to eat bitter leaf soup''.

The Wife----Chika Nwafor-Schwartz

hot right?chai!!!!!

The Husband----Marc Schwartz.

Two years ago i did a story that a gay Nigerian chika had flaunted his status unashamedly.
As you read this, he has married the rich german laywer  he met on the net and has proudly taken him home to show to his family.
I got info on his nigerian visit and contacted him and he proudly told me

''Yes I brought him home as nwa afor I wanted him to eat bitter leaf soup and some native things and also walk along the bush side and go to the stream with me.
Well my family love and accept me so why should they not accept the hapiness of my life.please i need to go back and rest in my matrimonial home now.thank you stella.''.
Mr nwafor-schwartz also confirmed that he has a big salon in stuttgart that deals on hair,body massage ,nails and beauty theraphy.
why do gay men love to open salons so much?
Mr chika and his husband also plan to adopt a german kid and give him an igbo name.
I am sure he will be reading this report as he browses the internet frequently.i am adding his bb pin and email address so that you can feel free to say your mind directly to him because i have adapted the siddon look mode.
 His email is
blackberry pin is 30C32589

ADDENDUM- Its his  wish for his pin and email to be put out here so that he can tackle you all'' who bashed him with curses two years ago when his gay status was published here'',
 Mr nwafor wishes to be contacted personally and not be cursed out on any blog or site where this story is posted....thats his wish. for the lady who is threatening to sue me with google,please put your mouth in your chika personally asked for this and he is aware of the implications of having his pin and email put out here!!

Memo To Ousted Governor Ohakim Of Imo State.

                                             see the eyes calculating millions.loool!

Please ohakim,i dont mean to call you out right now because i know that you are still licking your wounds from the Knock out punch you suffered from your brother okwelle rochas.
This is me asking you nicely.them say people have fingered another atrocity you committed whilst in power

''ohakim thief so tay nothing dey inside state account ooo.the state is as broke as money to do inauguration,even one naira no dey account.the inauguration committee is running helter skelter''.

ohakim be nice and return some of that money abeg,your over 200cars scattered all over the country will not escort you to heaven when the creator calls had your chance to reddem your people and save them from poverty but you went in there with your dane gun and shot yourself in the foot.history never repeats itself when it comes to what you supposedly metted out to your fellow citizens.


Actress Stephanie Okereke Reacts To Pregnancy Rumour.

Tells Stella ''I thank God''!

......So the grapevine is 'pregnant' with the news that this Alist actress is about to become a babymama months before her speculated wedding billed to hold sometimes in 2011.
I contacted Stephanie to celebrate the pregnancy news with her and this is what she says

''I am pregnant again?this is the second time this is coming up and i thank God that this rumour is positive because whoever is spreading it is wishing me well but they should let me deliver the first one they rumoured about before they give me another pregnancy.this is good news and i thank those people wishing me well.however stella i am sorry to disappoint you but i am not yet pregnant,it will happen alright but for now those wishing me well should wait for it to happen.''

Ok,so we heard from the horses mouth,she aint preggy,so keep it moving whisperers!

Actress Lilian Bach Turns 'Pata' Seller.

-Debuts with 'Curiosity Underwears'
Pretty zodafone ambassador lilian has just joined the list of entertainment celebrities who have added another feather to their day job.
According to olofofos''she ordered for underwears over one year ago and they just arrived.renovation and decoration have since kicked off at her shop located inside adeniran ogunsanya shopping mall.
The goods are a mixture of things ordered from america and europe and lilian is set to bring back the word sexy and meaningful to some peoples buttocks''.
Lilian tells Stella Dimoko-Korkus why she decides to veer into this line of business.
1-we hear you are about to open an underwear shop,is this true?
..yes stella,it is.
2-why underwear and what kind?
I love good quality underwear.Some People don't like paying Attention to what they wear under their clothes because they believe these pieces of garment are always covered up so it doesn't matter if they don't look good or the quality is not there. I want to correct this impression that is why I have decided to go into the under wear business.I stock all kinds of underwears for every purpose.For instance,a woman shouldn't wear her day to day bra for Exercise! D sport or Exercising Bra is specially made to hold the Boobs from Bouncing and causing Discomfort .
I want to Educate women and men on how to wear the right kind of underwear for the right purpose. Some women don't know their right Cup bra sizes and how to maintain their undies.I am in the business to help advise and make Recommendations on how to feel comfortable and look good under the clothes.
3-So you have bra sizes to fit all kinds of ladies?even cossy orjiakor?
..yes i do.I stock all kinds af Bras,shape wears,brazilian,thongs,strings,briefs,slips,hipster,breast minimising bra,night gowns,baby dolls, swimming Wears, underwears accessories,ornament bra straps etc. 
as for the Men i sell vests,beach shorts,boxers,briefs,mens hipsters,swimming wears,etc.
4-goodluck lilian,we hope your 'pant' business sells well.
...thank you

Actress Uche Jombo As SAGE Ambassador.

Uche was recently conferred with the title of a SAGE (students for the advancement of global enterprenuership)ambassador,the role which comes free of any monetary splash like Globacom et all entails the actress working closely with children on career choices and projects that positively influence their lives.
The role also entails the actress travelling intensively with this children and the children in turn get to compete for a yearly cup.

Congratulations Uche!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taofeek Okoya Presents Queens Of Africa.

There is a major new event in the African calendar. On Friday, the 27th of May in Lagos, Children will be introduced to a fun new way of learning as the ‘Children’s Fiesta’ is unveiled.
The event tagged ‘Children’s Fiesta 2011’ is an annual event kicking off this year with the theme ‘’Taking Tomorrow Today’’, specifically designed to inspire kids as well as enhance their career development skills for the future in a subtle and fun-filled environment.

Entrepreneur and Founder of the Queens of Africa Project, Taofick Okoya, describes Queens of Africa as more than just fashion dolls but an avenue “ show African children that ‘black is beautiful’ by enabling them to play with dolls that reflect their culture and heritage”. Each doll represents a different tribe of Africa; There is Nneka (Igbo), Azeehah (Hausa) and Wuraola (Yoruba), and they are sold in various outfits, the most popular being those dressed in traditional attire. Okoya comments that “The Queens of Africa dolls were created to inspire and influence the coming generation, especially the ‘Girl Child’, so in designing the dolls and their outfits, the team bore this in mind.” He adds that “To the vast majority of people, toys are mere play items or pacifiers for children and little thought goes into which toys best serve the purpose as a tool for a child's development. Children mentally absorb positive and negative influences which can later be detected in their character, especially in their teenage years. We need to see toys for what they really are…..A fun developmental tool.” He felt it was critical to have dolls that represent African heritage so the Queens of Africa program was born
The event will also coincide with the launch of the Queens of Africa books based on the Queens of Africa dolls that are already familiar to Nigerian children.
According to Okoya, the role of the books is the first step to taking the Queens of Africa project global. Okoya is passionate about giving young black children a strong start in life including making sure that the toys, music and books given to them convey positive messages about their heritage. His team worked with a British children’s writer and NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) specialist, Judy Bartkowiak (JudyBee) and Yetis (LittlePinkPebble), a Children’s Illustrator from Singapore, and the first is titled ‘Learn Confidence’ as this was the first life skill that Okoya and Bartkowiak identified as being required amongst young Nigerian girls.
On 27th May, the first seven books will be available in more than a dozen countries and in many formats from paperbacks, Amazon Kindle and Kobo Books through to iBooks for the iPad. At the moment the dolls are sold all over Nigeria in major toy store chains (like Game, Shoprite, Park ‘N’ Shop and Silverbird Galleria), but they have not been launched in Europe or the USA, yet. The Queens of Africa books are available for pre-order from all good bookstores including Amazon UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada and Japan, Amazon Kindle and other formats.
The Children’s Fiesta 2011’ is proudly presented by the pair of The Queens of Africa Project and Silverbird Communications.

picture was nicked from bellanaija.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Actress Tonto Dikeh Gets Diamonds From New Boyfriend.

Tonto recently won hottest face in nollywood award and as a gift for winning her boyfriend suprised her with a set of swaroski diamonds,its a set and has the choker,the arm band and the earrings.

The boyfriend is based in Nigeria but tonto is hiding him even from her close friends and the media as she has blamed both for the collapse of all her relationships in the past.she wants to marry him and is really hiding his identity,she is showing all her friends the diamonds but is not saying who gave it,
she just tells them its her boyfriend and that they hope to marry.shes uses the excuse that he is too shy and doesnt like attention from anyone else but her....well what do you know!

The drunken in love actress has taken her diamonds to the bank for safe keeping!

well well well,aint diamonds a girls best friend!

heres a pick of the diamond as shown to friends.

NB--for those who are making comments on this that swavroski makes no diamonds,the actress was quoted as saying diamonds so the mistake aint mine una hear?

Check Out Aunty Genevieve Nnaji!

She looks good with holding a baby right?well sorry to disappoint you thats not a koko baby.
Her elder sister chioma just brought to bed another baby and the actress proudly displayed this picture on her blackberry display picture for a while before yanking it off.

.......So I proudly nicked it.heres genevieve with her latest niece .

Congrats Chioma!


Anogiri delights my heart with his music.if you wanna know what i mean,insert his name into youtube and hear him out.
His new single 'oshelenge' is hilariously hot......LIKES!

check it him out

Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet 'Amazing Actress'Mbong Amata.

This super talented and very beautiful actress is slowly making her way into nollywoods Alist but for mbong there is no hurry to get up the ladder!.

Mbong is married to jeta amata and her producer hubby only makes sure that his beautiful wife interprets meaningful scripts,probably that is why mbong has not blown into our faces.

''she is even more talented than most of these our so called celebrated need to watch her movies and see the passion with which she delivers her roles.she is deep and has a face that speaks to her viewers.make my words,mbong will go places!''

google youtbue if you cannot quickly get these movies and see a little bit of what i mean.

check out these movies....amazing grace,mary slessor,my brothers keeper,wheel of change,reloaded,frozen,kidnap and blackgold.

The very beautiful mother of one daughter has just been nominated by the very controversial bon awards(yes oh them don come again with them wuruwuru awards)and she is nominated for best actress for her role in the movie 'black gold.

Thursday, May 12, 2011



last week,my column in ENCOMIUM MAGAZINE carried the gist in a question mark format asking if the footballer was indeed set to wed ex mbgn stephanie oforka as indicated in some internet websites and on the lips of olofofos.the reports also indicate that stephanie is carrying kalus child already.
The footballer heard of the story in his spanish base and called me to air his mind.angry and miffed that anyone would even marry him Off without his knowing the footballer said
''please all these are distractions,if i am owing anybody,let them tell you how much so i can pay.i dont need all these now.please stella try to be more professional,the next time you hear anything about me,i expect you to call me and hear what i have to say before you publish,i am not saying dont write but contact me first before you publish.
As for your story,i am still very single and searching.marraige is something that will happen to us all and it is something to be celebrated but as concerns me i am still single and still searching and i will find my wife by Gods Grace.who is she pregnant for?did she call my name?please give me her number so i can call her to ask her.''
so people it is official,kalu is not marrying yet,he is still single and searching and stephanie oforka is not his bride to be or even his girlfriend(na so he talk oh).
So nah who start this rumour???
this is a memo to the 'people/person/thing that is carrying this rumour to biko stop!

Ousted Governor Ohakim Begs Goodluck For Ministerial Job!

He had four years to change imo state and he did nothing,now he dey find ministerial job....sorry but can someone help me tell this man that the referee is blowing the whistle and it is time up!

At the burial ceremony of the Nzeobi of Egbema, Eze Sunday N.A. Uzor at Abacheke, Egbema, Ohaji Egbema, LGA, Imo state in 2009 ohakim himself quoted williams shakespeare that the world is a stage where everyone comes and plays a part and go.
HE has indeed played his part in niaja politics,he can now concentrate on something else,minsterial job indeed!.

Surely Goodluck is not as stupid as ohakim thinks...mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!

This is part of his 'oh so long a letter' to Mr President.


One thing Your Excellency may wish to bear in mind is that with the Governor and Deputy Governor going respectively to Orlu and Owerri zones, a Ministerial appointment coming to Imo should go to Okigwe zone, my home zone. In this regard, I offer myself for further service at that level if given the opportunity. Without any prejudice, I wish to remind Your Excellency that three areas I have demonstrated flair in the National Economic Council are:

(1) Oil & Gas......(oleee)
(2) Police Reforms .......(mscheeeeeew)
(3) Urban Development and Renewal.........(story)

For example, with the benefits of my experience in recovering Owerri to make it the cleanest city in Nigeria, I could articulate an Urban Renewal Initiative to be known as The FCT Environserve Initiative to make Abuja the most organized and cleanest city in Africa.


I shall remain ever appreciative of the support and personal love the President showed on me during my tenure. In all my tribulations, especially in the hands of hawks who never wanted to give me any chance, the President stood by me.

As Your Excellency continues on the mantle of leadership of our great country, I pledged my unalloyed royalty to him and his administration. I will continue to see myself both as a personal friend to Mr President and a patriotic citizen of Nigerian. Even as I step aside momentarily, I consider myself extremely lucky to be among the few in our generation who helped midwife the emergence of a fellow in the mould of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to stir the ship of the Nigerian state in the 21st Century. I wish you well, Sir. My family and I will continue to remember you in our prayers for the good Lord to continue to bless, guard and protect you.

Ikedi Ohakim

Footballer Yakubu Aiyegbeni Scores Another Goal.

The bulky sized footballer is a man who likes to aim high when it comes to scoring goals.yes!!.
Yakubu has recently scored another goal on the home front and his wife  stomach is already showing.olofofos spotted the wife in the Uk a few days back and were excited for the couple who already have a two year old daughter.
The olofofos who spotted her informed me ''stella she is already showing and looking really lovely''
Heres a big congratulations to the fooballer and his family.
SOURCE:Published this week in Encomium Magazine in STELLA DIMOKO-KORKUS column.

Actress Dolly Unachukwu-Olaniyan Speaks On New Marriage.


I reported last week in  ENCOMIUM MAGAZINE that the relocated actress had added a new name to her facebook name and we were not sure if she was just playing with names or had actually married someone secretly.I contacted dolly to confirm if we need to start addressing her as the 'Unachukwu-olaniyan' and the excited new bride affirmed it with a yes.
heres what she said
''Yes i married my best friend and it is the work of God my sister
Stella,God has transformed my life.we done traditional wedding rites and we have done church blessing so that we can live together as man and wife.the proper white wedding is coming up ina few months and i am really excited as i have not worn a wedding dress hubby is a yoruba man and a pastor and his name is Dr olaniyan.he had a doctorate degree in medical yes i am married and fulfilled.God has transformed me.''

Congratulations to dolly and her new spouse.may God give them the wisdom of solomon to deal with the storm when it comes:our warri forefathers say ''make person thank God say e see sef,at all at all na him bad,the one you see treat am well.''.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Musician Tonyone Week Muonagor Speaks On Election Victory..


this musician who became popular for his gyration songs is
from henceforth he is to be known and addressed as honourable tony muonagor.
Tony of Action congress of Nigeria representing Idemiili North constituency got 10,801 votes and was announced the winner in Ogidi in the electiopns conducted on april 26,2011.
some days after his victory His facebook iwas updated with this proud message.
''From day one.., I believed in God. He and only He saw me through this battle. Today, I am the first entertainer (musician, movie actor, writer, director, producer) in Nigeria ever to be democratically elected into the legislature. My humble prayer & belief is that He will make me a very successful & truly honorable member. Give God a biiiig wiper.
Enough thanks to all of u who congratulated me for my electoral VICTORY. May the same GOD who granted me SUCCESS in the polls, grant ur hearts' desire. Nigeria needs help. We need to stand up and be counted. Pls dont stop criticizing me. I need to stay allert. Oke adi eli ife onye mu anya. ONE Love.''
I contacted the new house of assembly member and posed some questions to him.
 -congratulations on your victory at the polls tony.does this mean that you will abandon your music career?
....No. I will never leave music.
 -what are your plans now?
My plans now is to relocate to Awka and serve my people for the next 4 years to the best of my ability.What I wont do is to allow any event conflict with my official duties.I will do music in my spare time.
 -wont there be a conflict between your job as an honourable and as a musician?
I am a law maker now. But assuming I have to do something related to music in my unofficial hours and I think I have the energy..., why not. There's no law against that
 -did your victory come as a shock to you?
.My victory came from God. So I wasnt shocked. I knew from day one that God had made me the man to beat. SO I kept working harder and harder till the victory came. "Come and join me sing Halleluiyah... Jehova has done me well"
 -why are you so excited?jehova has done you well but we hope its not to enrich yourself?
..I won an election of this magnitude and u are asking me why I am excited?stella you be winch? How do u enrich yourself in the house of assembly? There's no money there my dear. Am I poor? Dont forget I have a bubbling career in entertainment before this new blessing. Are u not excited that I made history as the only artiste in the history of Nigeria to be elected into the legislature?
 -tony abeg i no be winch,na question i ask you.congratulations.we hope to see your growth and success at the house of assembly.
..I know say u no be winch..., na just question I ask too. No vex ooo. May God keep us, protect and prosper us in Jesus's name...
 -Amen.thank you for taking out time to respond.goodluck in your new post
..thanks a whole lot too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Actor Segun Arinze As 'Chief Servant'.

The talented actor is currently shooting a movie biography tilted 'chief servant'(working title).
he is playing out the biography of none other than governor mu'azu aliyu babangida.
check out pictures from the movie location.
Aside from having lost so much kilos to shoot this movie,segun actually looks great playing an hausa man and if you look well,you might just beleive he is as handsome as this pictures

Segun nothing do you oh!

now check out the governor and see what he has in common with segun arinze....THE EYES!

Check Out Comedian Tee-A ...

The funny man was recently spotted in dubai dressed like this.
Nice one,the head wrap looks funny but nice all the same.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Shan George Performing her latest single''Emmanuel''

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Nollywoods Aki and Pawpaw on the hot seat?

According to reports from another website,Parents have initiated a massive boycott of movies featuring the child star players because their wards have began copying the roles these actors interprete in movies!

''Notes of cases of disrespect, and abuse of elders, extortion of peers and in some instances stealing were reportedly compared and the root cause alarmingly traced to efforts to live the characters of the movie stars in real life by the affected children''.

Are you kidding me?Is there no parental guidiance indicated on movies which might likely influence little wards?
And this is one question i am posing to these complaining they leave the tv on all day for their wards?
Chaity begins at home,if you are not instiling the right thing into your kid,they will copy whatever they see!.
I guess this is a also a big challenge for nollywood...they should simply begin to shoot movies which affects their environment positively,knowing that naijas are very bad copycats,when they copy something or someone,they do it to the extreme!

Aki and Pawpaw una sorry oh,time to grow up and start acting like real men in movies.wouldnt be a bad idea to pair aki or pawpaw as nice loving husbands to any of the Alist actresses would

Checkout Genevieve 'n' Dbanj.

Look at this picture very well and conclude.
she left naija to celebrate her birthday in london and dbanj happened to be there by mistake???oh pulizzzz!!!.....where are the birds to tell this story to?

Its so easy to see this two are in love!

''If you ask me,nah who i go ask..''.....LIKES!

well,actually,they look good together....Dont they?no hating please!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Genevieve Nnaji.

The actress clocked 32yrs today may 3 2011 and she is having the time of her life right now with birthday cakes and gifts popping from left,right and centre.

Fame came in early for this actress and at 32 she still is on the top of her game and has been referred to as the 'face of nollywood'.

The best is yet to come.Happy birthday Genevieve!

pic credited to himagazine!