Stella Dimoko July 2011


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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hired Assasins Visit Mania Magazine's Dimeji Alara.

The editor in chief at Mania magazine Dimeji Alara has just had an experience he will never forget.

Men of the underworld visited him at home on friday july 29,2011 and the youngman is still trying to recover from the shock of what the armed bandits told him.

He told Stella
''They kept asking for the money, I don't know which money they were refering to
Like someone had given them some info.They also said they were hired assassins that they were sent to kill .In terms of cash they couldn't find any good thing as there was no substantial cash at home.
three of them with huge guns and i was worried about my mum.
I've never experienced something like this before ,I don't even understand what happened that night and i am still trying to figure it out''

Thank God for the young mans life!!!

.....dimeji is young,handsome and riding on a successful career which is bound to attract envy.however if anyone is so envious to the stage of sending killers after him,God will judge that person oh.
 however if those armed robbers missed their way,may they never find it back to him in Jesus name!

EstellaCourture Boss In Thanksgivng Mood.

Nigeria-American designer -Estella Ogbonna disappointed fans and fashion lovers waiting for her to showcase her designs at events in Lagos this Summer.
She was also to appear on the The Big Search reality show on DBN-TV but alas she did not show up .

Instead She used her status on facebook to alert those who had been waiting to see her on the runway in lagos that she had just survived an operation where the doctors mistakenly cut off where they were not supposed to venture near(yes even in America,doctors dey make mistake eeeh)

Estella has gotten her groove back and just in time for her birthday....and she insisted she only wanted friends to donate to her charity birthday wish 'help orphans and kids' instead of buying her gifts. 
And last time I checked, she has only met 14% of her goal. So, either her friends are stingy or they don't like to help orphans. *lol*.

To thank God for his goodness she had a Survival/Birthday Dinner with a few friends this weekend at the newly opened African restaurant - Agama Kitchen and guess who made an appearance? Ace musician of the 'Maga don pay' fame - Kelly Hansome! *clears throat*

Estella in hospital.

Estellas gotten her groove back!

Estella and Kelly Handsome*clears throat*

Estella and friends

Estella and Emeka *coughing*


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heavily Pregnant Ex Beauty Queen Stephanie Oforka-Uche Relocates!

The newly married ex beauty queen has temporarily relocated to the US to birth her
patter of tiny feet and the baby will arrive at the end of August 2011.
Stephanie who met footballer kalu uche in december 2010 hurriedly married him in  a quiet ceremony in portharcourt a few months back when ''the cake began rising'' and both have quietly settled down into married life.
Kalu who was home for a few weeks has returned to his clubside in spain and awaits the news of the arrival of his baby.
As they await their baby news,when the baby does arrive,may it strenghten their union and bring tthem all the good things that comes with parenthood...Amen!.

Check out The Governor Of Benue State's Permanent Babe!

----Relocates her to Multi-million Abuja Home.
.....Plus all you need to know about her.

She is of mixed parentage and a native of tiv in benue state and she Attended fggc gboko and went on to study mass communication in benue state university before her lover sent her to the uk for a masters degree programme which she has recently completed.
''He bought her a state of the art house worth millions in abuja where he relocated her to and she is a household name in benue state and even the governors wife knows about her hubbys long standing mistress whom he started dating since she was 18yrs old(she is now 24).
when she is going abroad to shop,the least money she takes with her is about twenty thousand pounds and she drives a state of the art car and lives very big.
''he has other babes lined up but does not play with Shidoo Imo whom has a protected profile on facebook only accessible to those on her friendslist
Here is beautiful Shidoo and possibly wife number two of the serial loverboy Governor.

Isnt She Beautiful?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Damage Premiere Free Tickets.

The Premiere of 'damage' a movie which addresses domestic violence is on July 31,2011 at the silverbird galleria in lagos and the royal arts academy is giving out five free tickets.

The address to contact for a free ticket is.

Royal Arts Academy
No 4 adebisi close
off ajao road

Goodluck to the first five grabbers!

Nigerian Man Dupes British Lady.

A FORMER air stewardess has told how she lost her £50,000 life savings to a Nigerian scam that targets UK dating websites.

Divorcee Brenda Parke, 62, believed she was in a phone and email relationship with a blond 46-year-old Dutch widower called Bradford who claimed he was living in Birmingham with his 14-year-old daughter. But he was really a conman in the Nigerian city of Lagos.
After a month, he claimed he and his daughter had been in a car crash while on a business trip to Africa. Brenda wired £9,000 for "hospital bills" then £40,000 for "flights" back to the UK, but she went to Birmingham airport and no one arrived.

She says: "My conscience would not let me leave a young girl in that situation so I sent the money."
Brenda reveals her cautionary tale on Channel 4 documentary 419: The Internet Romance Scam - named after the number for fraud in Nigeria's penal code.
Producers later flew to Lagos to interview reformed fraudster Felix Ekpa, who explains: "You put a picture on the website, an age, a profile, but nothing is real.
"When a woman emails, you get them to chat then throw in that you are having problems - been in hospital, a car crash (Felix laughs), an armed robbery, cancer... "
Desperate to believe "Bradford", Brenda, from West Sussex, had driven to the Birmingham address he had given. But a postman told her that no one of that name lived

She says: "I was now in a dreadful state - not eating, not sleeping, alone and scared. I felt overwhelmed by my own stupidity."

A second woman, known only as Caroline, tells the show, screened next Friday at 7.30pm, how she was duped by a man calling himself Sabastine who posed as a Greek-born Brit working in Nigeria.
Furniture painter Caroline, 55, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, says he later confessed his TRUE identity as a Nigerian called Steven - and insisted he was in LOVE with her.
Caroline, feeling vulnerable after the death of her mum, flew to South Africa to share a holiday with him. 

She tells the show: "At the airport he had tears in his eyes and I did too. It was really exciting, like Christmas when you were a kid."
They rented a flat in South Africa for three months and she later flew home - before investing £30,000 in supposed oil deals in Africa which police believe never existed.
Amazingly a relationship by phone still continues - as Caroline struggles to meet her bills. She admits: "Sad, isn't it, so late in life? It's insanity

Read more:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photospeak:Ex Beauty Queen Glory Chukwu's Wedding Pics.

.......So Gloria tied the knot and here are pictures from the wedding...looks like a very quiet wedding.

Happy Married Life Sugar!

                                Uti  Nwachukwu(please dont look at his......)

pic thanks:tyna ezenwa

Hon.Tony'One Week'Muonagor Prays On The Job.

He is a celebrated musician and..............
He just got elected as a minority leader into the Anambra state house of assembly awka and this is the prayer he posted on his facebook status message

''Dear God. Pls grant me the wisdom to succeed in a house in which I am a minority. Pls grant me the courage, wisdom & strenght to lead the opposition well. Surely, the road will be rough, but in God I trust''

Fear not Tony,Our forefathers say that ''God when give person big big teeth must surely give am pomo mouth to cover the teeth''!!!

Actress Monalisa Chinda Re-Tells Domestic Violence Story.

Plus Celebs who read the new E-tabloid.

Actress Stepnora okere.


                                                   Segun Arinze(check out his

Actresses Patience Ozokwor/Ngozi Ezeonu As Housemaids In New Movie.

LOL...they are playing housemaids to none other than Annie Macualay......Tuface's Baby mama!

I cant wait to see how this movie turns out.

Stella'sGroove:New Aviation Minister Tours Naija Airports.

''I have ordered the immediate rehabilitation of the Hajj Camp at the Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano. This directive was given during an inspection tour of facilities at the airport.

It does not make much sense for people who are about to embark on spiritual purification to be kept for days, sometimes weeks in decrepit conditions. Such inhabitable camps will no longer be tolerated. The camp is to undergo full rehabilitation, which will see the toilets and other facilities brought back to a functional state''.From her facebook page today sunday july 24,2011.

Receiving briefings from FAAN officials on the Enugu Airport expansion project.

Boarding a helicopter from Akwa Ibom International Airport to inspect facilities at Calabar Airport

PhotoSpeak:Actor Pat Attah Disclaimer.

Meanwhile checkout the fine man being impersonated....handsome all the way oh!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Actress Stephanie Okereke New Commercial Photoshoot.

......So the celebrated actress recently clinched a deal worth millions of naira with kanekalon hair company and she just finished the commercial photoshoot.

check out the pictures.

I like!!!................lets see how the next one will turn out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

'Milloniare Man'Frank Edoho's Funny Tweet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motunrayo committed suicide cos of sugardaddy?

THIS IS WHAT THIS WEBSITE HAS TO SAY AS TO WHY THIS LADY KILLED HERSELF....this sounds very unhealthy,why would anyone kill themselves cos of a married man?

anyways read on....... checks reveal that Motunrayo allegedly hung herself with a rope after she was jilted by her “sugar daddy”. sources reveal that the deceased had served as a longtime mistress to a well-known business tycoon (Name Withheld), who resides in Lagos with his wife and children. However trouble started when the business man ended the relationship because his wife had discovered that he was having extramarital affairs, and threatened to divorce him.
The late banker, Motunrayo, had hoped to become his second wife, but the wife of businessman, who is alleged to be heavily invested in his business, threatened him with divestment, and turned his home into a battle ground. Thus, in order to deescalate the tension in his home, he reluctantly dumped Motunrayo.
However, according to family sources, Motunrayo did not take the rejection well, "Since then, she had not remained herself as a result of the incident. She had done everything to bring back the man to no avail. She could not control the emotional trauma and so ended up taking her life,” a family member affirmed. learnt that Motunrayo, a graduate of Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, had fallen deeply in love with the married man, who was very instrumental to her growth at the banking sector. He ensured she always got colossal deposits from himself and other business associate; hence she always met her target.
"She was sponsored by her lover (The business tycoon) to pursue her Master’s degree abroad," a source added.


This is the obituary of the lady who committed suicide.

May God give those she left behind the grace to bear the pain of her abrupt departure!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Checkout Movida's Akeem Sodeinde And New Baby.

Jewelry Loving Akeem Sodeinde and his new bundle of Joy.

........His wife is sooo lovely!

Guess The Nollywood Actor

He has the same first name with a movie that reminds one of a 'nightmare'.
he is handsome and dances quite well..oh yes he showed us how well he can dance a while back.

he is one of my favourite actors!!!

Actor Jim Iyke Closes Down Shoe Shop In Houston.

Jesus I call this an obsession,this is the height of ones love for shoes!
The actor stopped over at various shops including Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Kenneth Cole, and at the end of the day, he had purchased  40 pairs of shoes!!! 16 for himself, and the rest for his Mum, Sisters, PA’s and Friends!.....Errrm how many pairs for his girl?

Serial Shoe Loverboy ooooh!

LOL...hes got her handbag!