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Saturday, 1 September 2012


Well here goes.........

I start by saying i read your last Epistle on Jonathan Goodluck the man who rules over Naija and whom you happen to work for;it was indeed an interesting read and looks more like a cross road between an  'Ode to GEJ' and a 'Memo to Gej's Haters'

Now i start by asking you Reuben,why you thought that article was necessary and what you achieved by its publication and circulation.

You are a damm good writer and the work of your hand cannot be faulted right from your days at The Guardian.....whatever happened to silence?

Did your article convince the opposition into loving the President?

 The people only protest out of frustration,they lack and they cry out because President Jonathan walked into their lives talking like a miracle worker but the people are still hungry.....and angry!

You are a good writer Reuben,please use your pen to help the President bridge the gap and not to so openly come out and cuss out Nigerians for saying their mind on social network...if you know the sponsored opposition,call them out if you have proof.
I happen to use all the social medium and i have a BB phone sir!

We know all about the shoe story and what Mr President meant when he told his story but we need to know if Mr President is a Pharaoh in our midst!.

You also have controversies trailing you sir,so i suggest you carry your own cross and let your supposed 'Frenemies' in the media world know that you have not abandoned them for greener pasture..or better still tell them outrightly that you were never their friend and you always did your own thing and minded your own business...Carry your own cross and let the President carry his,abi he no get head?

They say your marriage has crumbled and that you have abandoned your wife and four children  in Lagos and have a new wife holed up with you in abuja...Tell them to mind their business and get their square noses off your private affair!

They say you sold out by accepting the President spokesperson job;call out your accusers and ask them how and where you sold out...call them a bunch of jobless gossip to their faces and frown at their malicious insinuations.

They say you have acquired landed property all over naija since you became spokesperson to Mr President...Tell them to mind their business,afterall at your age if you never get land or house na home problem them go say you get or they finger you as squandering money on women.

You have been tagged as having  the 'chop alone.die alone' illness and i think you need to give us a response soon,cuss us out but carry your own cross and shut your haters up.

As a beginner,i looked up to you and you knew it back then........I still have a lot of respect for you and sincerely beg you not to carry anothers man personal cross.if your article is a part of your day job then it is true what the forefathers say about the one who wears the shoe knowing where it pinches!

Your article is what i call 'adding gasoline to a burning yansh'.

Note that i will not fail to send you another memo and if possible cuss you out if the need arises.

I STILL respect you Sir!

Now let me get back to BB!

Actress Stephanie O-Linus Spots New Look.

The Actress is currently shooting a movie with the working title 'TRY' and she looks smoking hot on her production set.

Check out her new look....you like?

Crooner Dbanj Don Fall In Love.....Again!

Serial lover Dbanj sure knows how to make good music...that's not all hes good at though!

The celebrated crooner knows how to win the hearts of the most beautiful women in town.

According to the recent whisperings in town,Mr serial lover has a new love interest....one who is rich and beautiful and she is the daughter of a financially stable business man based in Maiduguri.


 Adama Indimi is tall,leggy and beautiful and is holed up in a private university in Florida but she shuttles where ever she needs to go to meet dbanj and the latest trip where the alleged lovers met was the crooners last performance in London where his love interest stamped her presence everywhere.

 There have also been several tweets between the two which suggest something more than just friends..oh well twitter is open and everyone can see that it is not everyday dbanj comes out to call one his 'baby'.

If beautiful Adama has tamed the notorious serial lover boy is the question that cannot be answered now,time will tell and until then i wish the lovebirds all the best and sincerely ask dbanj to put a lock on his 'third leg' and try to stay in love!