Stella Dimoko Actor Osita Iheme Denies Searching For Missing Rib


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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Actor Osita Iheme Denies Searching For Missing Rib

The Petite actor was quoted a few weeks back as having tweeted to be searching for a wife....his missing rib.

I decided to find out from the actor the kind of wife he wanted and he answered-

''Dont mind them,i guess it was just new year marketing strategy for whoever wrote that i am searching for a wife.i am not searching but i have friends though.
Marriage is a spiritual thing and i walk in the spiritual realm.i am waiting upon the Lord for a wife and when that time comes,he will guide my steps,I don't need to go on any social network to announce.
I am writing a collection of inspirational quotes and it is possible one of my quotes was misunderstood .''

This serves as a memo to those babes polishing their boots and waiting to become Mrs Iheme.
They should know that Osita is not ready.....yet.

Meanwhile if you are single and searching,Check out Osita 'Husband look' in this white traditional.
.....He just might be the dream man you have been praying for....please continue praying!


Anonymous said...

Hahahhahahaha *lips sealed*

Anonymous said...

Haahaahaahaaa u r superb stella

Anonymous said...

Eeeehhhh o, nollywood things, dwarf sef dey do shakara. Money is good o. If not for money, who wan marry am before?

somadina obi said...

=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) ...this Stella is Wicked i swear! The guys look like an imbe here lol

Anonymous said...

"I walk in the spiritual realm" had my eyebrows touching my ceiling. Odi kwa serious.

super mario bros said...

Hahahaha stella you are wicked.

Anonymous said...

Thought he got married to this tall lady last year? I saw the traditional wedding! What haPpened? Pls if anyone knows pls tell me!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't him, it ws his partner "in mischief" chinedu

Anonymous said...

I just hope he is able to last in bed! Hope his Dick is fairly able to make a woman feel him! If not,I can do d job for him for a fee! said...

God will help you find a GOOD wife Osita. With Him all things are possible.

Pls visit

It's a nice Christian blog...remember you can't afford to stay far from God. Sundays r not enough either. Make everyday God's day in ur life. God bless you.

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