Stella Dimoko Memo To Uncle Majek Fashek.


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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Memo To Uncle Majek Fashek.

Send down the rain crooner Majek Fashek who tried to revive his singing career but failed is quoted to have given Kokomaster Dbanj an uppercut recently.

Majek supposedly said

‘I like Wizkid and 2face, they play good music‘I don’t like that other boy called D’banj, those ones that went to join Illuminati. How can you go and sell your soul to the devil because you want to be famous. I don’t even like his music anyway’.

                             This is you Uncle Majek

Excuse me Uncle Majek Fasek did you say this? were you at the ceremony where Dbanj was being inducted into this supposed illuminati or are you talking as a 'hear sayer'?
I am guessing that you Majek also heard the other 'hear sayers' whisper that some nuts are missing from your medulla oblangata?
Maybe you also heard that you are whispered to be on drugs?
Maybe Majek darling,you should concentrate on clearing your name and leave Dbanj alone.
I am not a Dbanj fan but I wont have you run him down this way without showing me a pic of you standing near him being inducted into the illuminati  hall of fame.

This is Dbanj!

Uncle Majek did you hear about this joke?

The naked man in the town square saw another mad naked man and shouted

''Ewooooo,so this man don crase so tey e naked dey waka.ewoo!!!'


somadina obi said...

Lol! Bag of Hemp is speaking. Ђδω can you sell your Destiny to Drugs? #Not a d'banj fan tho Ogbeni go take several seats with head rest abeg.

oduneja said...

The fate of majek is in God's hands. Saw him months ago with a big bottle of Alomo is his hand.
Make him go sidon somewhere jare..

Anonymous said...

Stella, stop being partial. Why would you ask Majek if he was there when D'banj was being initiated into Illuminati? What of the rumors you carried about people especially Nollywood stars, are u always there when they commit what u accuse them of??? This is why i hate reading all these nonsense you people write. Bye

Blunt Queen said...

This Stella sef

Anonymous said...

Can anything be done to help majek? I weep anytime I think of that man and his fate. Omashe o

lakon said...

Stella, u dumb no be small o, u read the news in a blog and u can't even confirm how true it is. Shey Majek wey dey don get mental problem go grant interview. U dis people with yeye news sha.

Anonymous said...

Pot calling kettle black.

Lynna Jade said...

OMG! I just love Stella!!!

Sapele Babe in Lagos said...

I see majek often and speak with him.its a pity what drugs have reduced him to but hey! The guy talks a lot of sense if u bother to listen,he seems to have some spiritual eyes and instincts yeah,the man is not as retarded or stupid as people think. He does need our prayers anyways. He has recognized and appreciated good music cum musicians,yet no one sees that. Wetin DBANJ dey sing anyways? Yes wetin him dey sing? #oshisco# I still love u Stella

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