Stella Dimoko Peter Okoye Is A Show Off Freak.


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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peter Okoye Is A Show Off Freak.

No doubt Psquare had a humble begining before they were catapulted into fame...We Thank God for Miracles like this cos it gives hope and reassures us that Baba God fulfils his promises concerning us.

What am i blabbing on about?Well I actually like the other half of Psquare's Peter Okoye but methinks his show off on instagram is a little 'too much'.....*wink*

 This handsome young man went shopping,got back home and actually arranged his Louis Vuitton shoes,snapped them and put the pictures on his 'gram album.......make we do wetin na?

His 'gram album is uploaded by the minute and just leaves one wondering why he spends so much time showing off.....Oh yes he shows off and he got bored of twitter and moved on to 'gram cos on it theres no need for long talk.

Errmmm this isn't hating in anyway,I actually like Peter and I think his baby mama is so pretty but with all this un-necessary show off,Peter leaves me with no choice but to crown him 'King of show off''.

Yesssss,he does have the show off syndrome but he doesn't need a doctor,he just needs our attention!.

Check out 'the shoes'
Perhaps up next will be his Gucci 'Paent'.
(paent is a local way of pronouncing underpants)


somadina obi said...

Lol! He's so mean o....Anyway its normal amongst Anambra's Ɯe can show off eh!

Anonymous said...

An adult but toddler at

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Razz things.

Anonymous said...

Na him money but me 2 won chop am 2 na

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