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Monday, January 25, 2016

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives...

Hmmm Money,money,money....!


I and my ex broke up recently after six years. The break up came from the other party and He blamed it on me. So many issues and faults led to the break up from both sides.As for me I would say it was an attack from the devil because everything was in place. He already fixed our introduction and traditional wedding month.

Now this is the issue. Before we broke up he has always been of the opinion that he needs me to think up of a very good business or product that we can start up together. He is very enterprising, optimistic and a crazy risk taker.
Recently I got a beautiful inspiration from God for a product that is not in the market and very feasible. Capital is not a problem for me and him as well. I am just a very low risk person.

 I feel I need a kind of push on executing the idea. I also think I would have to get a patent. Sometimes I am awake at night restless with this idea on my mind. I know I have to act fast else some company would just start producing it.

I have thought endlessly of the right person to approach and He keeps coming to my mind as the best candidate. This is because He is very daring and never afraid to take risk. His input is also greatly important in execution and possible exportation. I am positive that when he hears about the idea he will be super excited and might even want us to reconcile (I definitely want him back if that is God’s will). On the other hand I am also thinking of the worst case scenario that he might want to act not interested because of ego.

My beautiful blog visitors please and please what do you advise me to do. What would you do if you were in my shoes? To approach him or not. This is a money making venture that can improve my status greatly. Has anyone gone strictly into a business venture with an ex before? Do I go into a legal agreement with him? I honestly don’t know
No insults please. Help a confused sister. Thank you. **

Business with an ex smells like looking for trouble but then it would depend on how you both ended the relationship and if their frame of mind allows it....Yes,please get a lawyer if he does agree otherwise,he might pull the carpet from under your feet when you least expect it.

If you ask me oh,I would just ask you to let forget ever going into anything financial with an ex smells like trouble!



Hi Stella. 
 Please make me anonymous. I am a very huge fan of yours and that's why I need your help. I am very confused at this point. I am at a cross road and that's why I am sending in this chronicle. I have been dating my boyfriend for close to 3 years. He is going to be 31 years old in 3 months. 

I know he wants to marry me and he loves me. I have met his family and I think they are super cool. My boyfriend lost his job some time back and there has been financial constraint for a while. He is trying but the job is not forth coming. I work and I also have a side business that I do in my spare time. Its more like our business that we started when we were both jobless but we stopped putting so much effort into it after we got jobs then he lost his job.

 He found this small place where we could use to continue the business but there is no money. Now the issue is his mum suggested giving us money to secure the place and then figure out a way to get enough money to furnish the place. I plan to quit my job soon so as to start my own thing. I don't know why but I do not like the idea of collecting money from my boyfriend's mum. 

They are okay financially but I just don't feel peace within. I do not have money and my family is not as financially buoyant as his though. I don't want anyone disrespecting me in the future cos I hate in law drama. Please I need your advice.  Please help. Thank you.

Hmmm,i really dont know but why invest with a boyfriend?under whose name?what if you guys break up?who gets it?if she wants to pump in money into the business and you havent married her son,thats very risky,what happens if you guys break up and she demands for the money back ?

Maybe someone else here has experience to tell you about....

*whispering and shivering*The chronicles folder is empty ooooh.lmao!


  1. Jesus fix it all.

    ******LONG LIVE SDK & SDKERS******

    1. Poster 2: DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB!!!!!!! Yes i shouted that, don't quit your job.

    2. Poster1, if there is possibility of reconciliation grab it dear, cos frm wat u wrote blaming devil, there nothing like that all, but if it's impossible, and u can bear seeing him everyday, probably with someone else oya get a lawyer.

      Poster2, babe this one is deep ohh, do ur thing ohh abeg.

    3. P1: listen to mama
      If you ask me oh,I would just ask you to let forget ever going into anything financial with an ex smells like trouble!

    4. P2: u r looking 4 end time trouble.
      No collect money oooo, stay on ur lane.
      If u can think, what u hv is enough.
      Don't b an end time money collector.

    5. @poster1 : MOVE the fuck on n leave your ex alone.
      If you can't excute the business alone or with someone else apart from your ex,then 4get it.
      @poster2 : you want to quit your job wen bobo is already jobless?
      Don't put your money in any combine business with your bobo expect you are married to him.

      Common sense *

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  3. Yay, chronicles don land oh, Oya make I read and enjoy oh!

    1. Poster 1: going into a business with an Ex has its risk oh!! What if he says no and goes behind your back to do the business?? Please either go with a lawyer or a recording of you giving the business idea. I just hope he won't say you don't trust him enough, that why the lawyer came in.......

      Poster 2: Tell your mother-in-law that you would lend the money from her and pay her back. If you are close, tell her you want a loan for now and you guys would pay her back when it blossoms.

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  4. Money is the root of all evil

    1. Money chronicles.. Money wahala year just start o.. Be careful. To both posters.

    2. If u don't understand a language it's better not to talk cuz it can cause gobe, imagine o, a woman's baby crying, another yoruba woman talking, to ba fe oyan e fun l'oyan, to ba fe omi e fun l'omi, (means if the baby wants breastmilk or water pls give it to the child) all just so the child can calm down, the other woman then said, to ba fe pon(if the baby wants to be backed) na so one aproko wey no sabi yoruba, chuk mouth  say, e fun l'epon! Haaaaa! Jesu! E fun l'epon bawo?!

    3. Lmao!! Anon 18:53, you don cray cray!

  5. Chronicles! May God answer ur prayers.


  6. Kronicles ti de

    *spreads dollar crested rug*
    *sipping kunu ayan*

    The Chronicles is here

    Stunning Slim Shady is here to read comments

    Lemme go bak n read d chronicles!


  7. Poster one, d thing dat made u guys break up will also make d business fold up...if both of u can't live together, how can u run a business together? Gerrover ur ex, damnit!!!

    1. Don't mind the girl
      She's just stylishly looking for a way to makeup with the guy.

      No be only business.

    2. Not necessarily. #IMO money can make two heady people agree on certain things. Depending on what their motivation is. Me thinks if she gets a good lawyer they shall be fine.

    3. @ Chi Exotic you clearly don't know what you are talking about. I'll let you pass.

      @ Chikito Thank you.

  8. Poster two, don't collect n stop complaining.

  9. both of u r having about the same problem of what if
    poster 1 dont let the business idea put ideas into ur head, if not ud start acting foolish with him especially since u r hoping u come bk together.

    poster 2: do not collect money from her, instead let her son do so and u join him when u r both married, or else if things dont work out u might hate the outcome.Sometimes, mother in laws r nice when u r still in girlfriend mode,marry the marry naa and see them in action.

    1. Yup! It depends on poster 1s mindset. This one she's saying if God wills she will want it to get back with him.... If she can't control herself then there would be. But if truly money is the motivation then they won't have problem

  10. Poster 1, if u must do biz with ex then by all means, get a lawyer. Draw up a contract to prevent "had I known"
    Poster 2, since u dont have peace of mind, dont collect it. Let her son collect it so moro if theres any ish, dem go settle.

  11. Poster 1: if u must go into biz wt ur ex... Remember not to mix business wt pleasure. Keep it straight but 1stly pray abt n hear frm d Holy Spirit. Ciao

  12. Poster 1,
    Are you that ugly that you can't move on from your vommit?...
    Leave this your ex alone and pursue this business on your own!...

    Poster 2,
    I don't see anything wrong in your boyfriends mom sponsoring you guys...
    Just shine your eyes and don't put all your eggs in one basket..

  13. 2day is all abt money matter...isiokay

  14. the Love of money is the root of all evil.

    A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.

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  16. 1. You keep talking about God and His will. Why don't you seek for His guidance in this issue? Pray for His counsel, because only He knows the heart of your ex intimately.

  17. Poster 1, Bad Idea...
    Poster 2, Horrible idea.

  18. I'll just read comments.

    Jesus is Lord.

  19. Stella U b clown with that ur sign out.lmaaao at whispering, some bvs have said they worry when U announce ur folder is empty.
    Poster 1, just say U want to go back to ur bf simple. Stop using business as an excuse.
    Poster 2, hmmm I really can't say I've never been in your shoes. Jesus fix this

  20. Poster 1, just forget about going into business with an ex, but if u must do, get a lawyer. Otherwise u might regret it at the long run.

    Poster 2, if u aren't married to the guy, don't collect money or go into a business without legal advice.

  21. Well, at least these ones are an escape route from the everyday drama full of heartbreaks & break ups.

    We're more likely to learn a thing or two from these, than all those half-baked & poorly written nollywood scripts Mrs. Kork keeps feeding us.

    Oya...over to the business & legal gurus...leggoooo!!!

    *Ghanaman signing out*

  22. Poster one:
    You said money is not the issue.
    Obviously, inspiration isn't too.
    So, why don't you strike out on your own?
    No great person today, was a low risk taker.
    What's the worst that could happen?
    What if you go to your ex with this idea, and he sweet talks you into forgetting the legal angle, and takes you back, only to dump you again, when he's gotten enough information to fly solo with your idea.
    You need to 'cha anya' o. Literally.

    I don't understand how one will have the finances and the business idea, and still be looking for a partnership.
    That is more risky than advantageous o.
    Abi you think having a partner will make you 'blow' immediately. Well, it may, but starting small is not bad either, as long as you'll grow bigger with time.
    Who knows, you might get back together, but that doesn't mean that you both should be business partners.
    May God grant you wisdom sha.

    Poster two :
    If you don't want to be insulted tomorrow, don't collect the money.


  23. Poster 1, If your ex is all that you claim, quickly call him up and tell him about it. Also pray fervently.
    Provided he won't steal the idea for himself.

    Let him help you. And if it's God's will, you both might come back together. I am really rooting for both of you.'
    You don't know how hard it is to find such hard working thoughtful men!
    A man who pushes you to be more than you can imagine!
    Tell him about your idea on plain grounds. Don't grovel. Just boLdly tell him, if he refuses, then you can let it go. But TRY!

    Bia Poster 2, If you are a real fan of Stella, then you should know not to do what you are about to do.
    You know he wants to marry you? Has he actually proposed? Has he met your OWN parents?
    If his mom finally gives you both money to secure the business place and tomorrow you guys break up, who do you think would be booted out of the business?

    Una no dey hear word. Don't allow love cloud your judgment.
    Life is not an Indian movie.

  24. U can never use a business idea to buy his love back. U better look for a mentor or your father n confide in

  25. Poster 1... money is the root of all evil. Dont do business with him. Do it yourself.

    Poster 2... the same money problem. You can collect the money. when you make profit or the business boom. PAY BACK WITH INTEREST.

  26. Poster two, read poster one's story. She had a boo and they broke up after six years!!! So if u wanna do business with ur bf, take care of any problem that might arise from possible breakup beforehand. Aii? So p1 and p2, get these people to sign contracts in case anything happens in the future... for ur own good.

  27. Poster1....You are looking for trouble o
    Is he the only one that can execute the business,u are just seeking his attention cos u want him back and u think the business idea would make him rush back into your arms.
    How do u plan on dealing with the current gf
    My dear RECEIVE SENSE.

    Poster2...Don't start what u can't finish o

  28. Hmm, Chronicle folder is now empty? That goes to show we've been doing a good job with our advises, and marriages/unions are becoming blissful this 2016, that's good, or are ppl learning more about stockholm syndrome in silence??

    Most words beginning with "Ex" are usually not potentially promising;
    Exhuberance behavior

    While considering going back to ur ex, note the positive outcomes are less than u left him initially, eat with long spoon.

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  30. Today's chronicles are full of risks. Hmmmmmm to N1, n what a he'll! For N2, boyfriend?

  31. Sorry to divert, but can i still go ahead and tell my husband to be that am a virgin? Even after iv experienced orgasm thru oral and fingering, but no dick entry, just rubbed at the surface, and heavy kisses.... Plus i gave him a handjob till he came, I'm still a virgin right? And the guy is not my 1st.

  32. Madam Stella enable comments sharpaly naw....I've reloaded this page enof...your beloved comment reader.

  33. @poster 1, you are the only one who can tell how disciplined and principled he is. If he's the type that knows the place of business and can separate it from 'person', then go ahead but get a lawyer. And you must be sure you can have your dealings without emotions attached. Draw up your profit sharing ratio and each others' limit and duties in the business. If however your intention is to try to lure him back into loving you again, you will be sitting on a keg of gun powder.

    Poster 2. Since both of you are still together, then it MAY be safe. However, take a cue from my advice to poster one. Formalise it, or at least workout your sharing ratio. It is with this sharing ratio you will part if need arise in future.

    You have to be sincere with yourself by asking : what happens if we eventually don't make it to the altar? Is he trustworthy? Etc.

    Good luck.


    1. Thanks so much I am Tito

    2. @Poster 1, stop thanking people that talked what you want to hear. The truth is that you shouldn't be in any Partnership with an EX more also when it took you six years to go your separate ways. You can seek for his guidance and direction and if he once loved you, I'm sure he would oblige you with sound advice.
      From your write-up, you said he may want to get back to the relationship if he hears about the business venture and my question is this.........Would that relationship be based on love or money? I think you should love yourself honestly. Why put yourself in a place of ridicule all because you want to get him back. My advice is simple.........if you still love him and you want to get him back, leave this biz thing u stylishly want to use to lure him, I rather you approach him direct and see if you guys can resolve your differences and then get on together. If that happens, then you can go ahead and discuss any business partnership with him. Let him love you for who you are not for being his money machine. By so doing, you will be happier in the union if it eventually happens. But in all dear poster, be careful when doing any business partnership with anyone. Let it be sealed and spelt out. Even your DH can ever swindle you tomorrow not to talk of mere boyfriend. Let's be well guided and careful with the kinda choices we make could mar our tomorrow.
      Wish you well in any choice you choose to make.


    3. Thanks Katie for the advice

  34. Poster 1; There is nothing wrong with going into business with an Ex, if he is trustworthy go ahead, though you can discuss with him first about both of you going into business without you giving him details about d business. If he agrees to do business with you then give him d details. Let a Lawyer be involved, pls. You can even protect your idea by registering it with d copyrights commission before telling him. Best of luck.

    1. Thanks so much CherishD

  35. Poster1 I was like you. Kept deceiving myself with words you typed up there, truth is I only wanted him back and wanted to use the business as an excuse. Called him one day and told him my mind, it's more than a year now and we've not spoken(very unusual) so my dear leave your ex to be exactly that, don't do any business with him. You subconsciously think that will bring you back together that's why your mind keeps going back to him. Since capital is not an issue do the biz on your own. Take the risk

  36. Poster 1..U just want to use bussiness as a cover to get your ex back....My opinion though

  37. Poster 1,find another sponsor.quench d idea of ur ex bn ur financier or whatever.

    @ Poster 2,I don't have a problem with she lending u money but the problem I have is that u guys aren't legal what if something goes wrong along d way?

    Money is d root of all has destroyed great loves and wrecked homes.Be careful u two. And good luck!

  38. Stell please my advert for IHN wasn't published

  39. Poster 2; To me there is nothing wrong with your boyfriend's mum bringing out money to help her son nd you set up a business just be careful about whose name is on d biz. If you ask me it should be both your names nd if they do not agree just forget d biz nd let your boyfriend continue with d business alone.

  40. Poster 2; To me, there is nothing wrong with your boyfriend's mum bringing out money to help her son nd you set up a business just be careful about whose name is on d biz. If you ask me it should be both your names nd if they do not agree just forget d biz nd let your boyfriend continue with d business alone.

  41. Gbam! Poster 1 u just want him back and think u can use this business idea to trap him! Madam u wud only be hurting yourself! Move on! Make Ur self scarce! Don't be a stalker! If it's meant to be he wud find u

  42. Poster one, pls forget " ex business " it's always trouble in the end.

    poster two, pls have a private face to face talk with ur boyfriend's mum and ask her this singular question: mumsy, I appreciate ur gesture, but I want to confirm two things before I accept or decline ur offer (1)is it a loan, am I required to payback at any point in time whether I eventually get married to ur son or not? (2)peradventure I and ur son end up not getting married to each other,what will be the fate of that money you 'gave' to me?
    Her answers will determine ur action/s.

    Stella Diverse, where's my daily dose of intellectual nourishment?

    Faith Martins, how have you been? I pray for you today that God's Mercy shall swallow up every darkness around you in Jesus name... Ur secret admirer...

  43. ‎#1: Sweetheart, this is one of the cases where applying the killing of two birds with one stone analogy will be counterproductive. The mere fact that you're hoping to get him back through this business proposal is already a bad idea, especially since he broke up with you. The worst thing a lady can do is, try to make contact with an ex who walked away. You will only end up pushing him away further.

    Honey, I know every fibre of your being wants to hold on tight to him and remind him of all the amazing moments you guys shared but resist the urge. The way to win back an ex is actually to respect their decision to end the relationship, let him go. Give him time to miss you, he'll return if he what he felt for you was real. If not, it's better to live without a man who doesn't want you anymore. You can't force love on anyone, even if you can, you certainly can't force them to love you back.

    I really don't like the idea of lovers doing business together, it almost always affects the relationship. And I'm referring to couples in a loving relationship, so imagine the effect on a broken relationship. After all the hustle and bustle of business transactions, wouldn't it be refreshing to come home to the arms of the one you've missed all day? If you spend all day together in a business atmosphere then go home with the same person, with time the routine will kill the romance and passion in that relationship. Guys need their space, they can easily feel choked by the constant presence of their partners, even if they are in love. You must allow your partner breathe. Your case is worse because he has made it abundantly clear that he doesn't want any relationship with you. Do you really want to face another rejection?

    For the sake of argument, let's assume you are more interested in the business than getting him back, and he agrees with your business proposal. Will you be okay meeting his new girl, assuming she comes around displaying affection? Sweetie, that will devastate you and you can never have a clear head for business. You will resent him and become hostile and that is no way to run a budding business.

    My darling, he isn't the only risk taker in the world, please don't give him too much power over you. Does it mean this lucrative business idea you have will fail without him? Please give yourself more credit, you'll be surprised at your inner strength. Besides, the best way to get an ex back, is to become successful and let him see that you are doing great without him. His ego will be crushed and he will do all he can to get you back, even if just to prove to himself that he hasn't lost his mojo.

    I know six years is a relatively long time to be in a relationship and you are, obviously, still attached but you must maintain your dignity in the face of adversity. Like I often say, never let them see you sweat. Go home and bawl ‎your eyes out, if you must, but walk with your head held up high as you step out of your house. He will begin to wonder how you could get over him that fast. Fake it till you make it, he will be more intrigued. Please go about setting up your   business and enjoy the success. Prove to yourself that you are self-reliant and you can make it without your ex.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind advice Ronalda. You are such a sweetheart. *hugs*

  44. #1 -My dear pls move on but if there's sign of reconciliation then get a lawyer involve because of morrow. If no sign of reco, pls do the biz yourself

    2. SInce is his mum that wanna finance it just bear in mind that you do not have a share if things didn't work out and don't expect anything call settlement. Wise up

  45. 007 pow pow shots fired. pow pow shots fired.25 January 2016 at 17:01

    N1 is a foolish girl, she want's to use business force her ex back. Madam money or business can't buy love. Carry your unwanted pussy else where.

    1. Hi Pow. Don't you think you would have passed across your msg without insults?. Next time show you are well trained. Thanks

  46. Poster 1 & 2, I warn you, don't for any reason have a joint business with your partner and if you must have a joint business with your partner, please involve your lawyers and there should be proper written agreement signed by both of you, lawyer and witnesses. Did I read the part boyfriend? I started a business with my husband, it didn't end too well. The business tore my marriage apart. Money palava. Yes money, the root of all evil. Infact it didn't just end there... I regret not involving lawyers and having written agreements all through. Yeah you can call it trust or love or whatever. This one Na my legal husband o and you two are planning to start a business with boyfriends very funny. You better have a rethink before we start reading another chronicles that touches from the two of you. Stella, I will drop my own chronicle soon, this time not to seek advise, but to let everyone learn and to be encouraged.

  47. Poster 1,dont tell the ex your business idea ooo....he will steal it

  48. Money money money!
    Poster 1, stay on your lane, don't go to your ex. We don't need another chronicle from you.

    Poster 2. Be contented and don't quit your job. If anyone has to borrow let it be the son (your bf).

  49. poster 1; move on, dont use business as excuse to get back with your ex. six years is a long time, it hurts. you'll be alright. Hugs

    chronicles 2; I don't know o, personally i won't feel comfortable with that arrangement. only you know your boyfriend and his family. I'd make sure the legal aspect is well defined before anything moves forward.

    Anon the virgin, i think yo should just tell him you've never had penetrative sex, but you've done other things. He might want to know how far you've gone, it's up to you to choose to be completely honest or partially. but just come out straight no big deal.

  50. Poster 2 you don't feel peace. And you asking all bvs to console you otherwise? Life lesson

  51. Today's chronicles are a breath of fresh air, women with money making ideas.

    Poster 1

    I'll suggest you carry out your business idea on your own as best as you can, if you develop the idea to a stage and you feel you still want to involve your ex, you can do so, but AFTER, I repeat AFTER you must have patent your product. Any ideas he brings to the table can then be used to improve the product. You can sign a legal agreement with your ex now, but if he wants to steal your idea, he can always use someone else to do so whom you have no legal agreement with. If this happens or if anything goes wrong and he ends up stealing your idea for himself, trust me, you will regret it so much and it will pain you to the bone, worse than even the break up. I have been there before, I know.

    Poster 2

    Let your bf collect the money directly from his mum and bring it to the table, it will be him who owes the mother and not you. Also make sure you too return the money as soon as possible to avoid issues in the future. If you are still not comfortable with this idea, then let it go and find somewhere else to get the money from, you know the situation better than we do.

  52. I keep on sending stories, but they are not posted. Is there an alternate mail asides sdimokokorkus@ please reply

  53. No advise abeg. Uninteresting chronicles.

  54. P1 her son should collect the money from his mother. P2, I gat you, you are definitely still hurting and want your ex back, it's doable but sensibly. Get a lawyer with a water tight contract. Nothing to do with trust. It's what its. Goog luck to you both. #lifeofawoman

  55. Poster 1. It could work if you both can maintain a mature and dispassionate business relationship. But given that you still have feelings for him, I doubt it's a good idea. I believe that if exes are meant to be friends, time is needed to redefine the relationship especially after a one sided break up.
    Pitching the idea to him presents many risks, from him stealing the idea to using you and dumping you all over again.


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