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Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday - IHN

Beautiful Monday...As beautiful as the feet of BV Olori Isis.....Well some people have cornrows at the back of their feet,hers is smooth and lovely!
*checks back of feet*

hehehehhehehehehe have a great day people and remember that...........

.........The word of GOD NEVER LIES!


The Changeless God:

For I am the Lord, I do not change. — Malachi 3:6

God doesn’t change, because if He could change, He could get better. But He can’t get better, because He is already the best. He is perfect and perfection itself.
When the Bible says that God is unchangeable, however, it isn’t saying that God doesn’t change His mind. It is saying that God doesn’t change His character.
God cannot and will not change His character. He is who He is But He can and will change His mind when His people pray. He has always been and will always be compassionate. He has always been merciful, He is merciful at this very moment, and He will be that way right into eternity.



I want to really appreciate Tracey of Trendy Beauty makeup studio in Benin for the in-depth training which she put me through for just a pittance, I really appreciate her cos i can now look glam all by myself when I'm going for occasions without paying too much to get my makeup done. In the spirit of giving, I have these size 40 shoes to give out to Benin BVs as I can no longer wear them cos my feet has increased in size and I'm tired of looking at them gather dust. The first 3 BVs to call me gets anyone of their choice. Thanks a lot Stella, God bless you!

BV Glow! 07033942777.



This position demands that the person we are looking for must be able to maintain a cohesive design for our institute’s website and increase its online marketing presence. The applicant must therefore have a thorough knowledge of website design practices and should keep up with trends in website marketing, including social media networking strategies.

he job also includes publishing content, maintaining continuity of themes, Designing layout, streamlining navigation and increasing online presence to existing and potential members of our Institute. Applicants must have knowledge of search engine analytics to maximize traffic to our website. Applicants must also have strong communication skills and an up-to-date awareness of website marketing techniques.

Strictly for Lagos residents
Applicant’s age must be in the range of 28-35 years.2-3 years proven experience in the role. 
Applicants that do not meet the above criteria will not be consideredPlease forward CV to, call 08129579439


Delivery guys with ‎good knowledge of Abuja city needed urgently. Please this is a small start up company, your salary might increase the next month if you are willing to grow with the company. 
A social media marketers and personnel need. NYSC members can apply. ‎Please have proof of marketing online or show skills.
A manager/blendee* needed.


Please kindly help me post this on in house news, I need female and male friends that reside in Houston Texas.., this place is so boring for me, I need fun girls and guys that's intelligent and not dramatic Biko. I'm a female, Christian and Yoruba by tribe, 28yrs, I'm very playful and I love to have fun.  Please Bv in Houston that would like to have a new friend should contact me via my email that's the name I use in commenting on your blog. 

Thanks Big sis you rock!!!

Kamp cleaning and laundries service 

which we are into cleaning of houses ,church and event cleaning and hall cleaning and gossery shopping  with ironing and laundries services, we are very affordable and well trusted..

Contact Info:0809 105 9002


 I just started a laundry service in Gwarinpa-Abuja, I am in dire need of patronage. Its a 24/7 service operation and there's the added advantage of free pick up and delivery from anywhere within Abuja.Our services includes;
Laundry and dry cleaning 
Cloth altercation
Office and house cleaning
House made cleaners
Industrial cleaning 
Fumigation and pest control
Facility managers and consultancy 
We are very affordable and give a lot of discount and awoof plans.
We are located at No 13, 2nd Avenue, NEPA road, beside NEPA office, Gwarinpa-Abuja, you can contact us on 07089094051 and 08104725298. Kindly find attached a few pictures. Many thanks and God bless you.



A lady sent in a picture of my dick I sent her but she forgot to mention she also sent hers and I have it on my iCloud, how would it look if I go to Twitter and release it cos unfortunately hers came with her face ,that would be childish yea?
He who comes to equity must come with clean hands my dad taught me that.
She also forgot to mention that she begged me for that picture she said and I quote " I sent you my nude pictures it's unfair that you won't send yours'' and then I sent it.
Young lady because I wasn't interested and won't ever be is that why you wanna bash me here? You making it look like I promised you anything or we were exclusive, is it even possible to love someone in 2weeks?LMAO

 I told you specifically that I'm just here to make friends and we had a late night conversation and you sent your nudes and I reciprocated, big deal? 
I have no idea who your friend(s) are to begin with, if you were mature enough you should have at least asked questions not come on a blog and malign my character .......just go and sin no more. 
And for those of you bashing people based on one sided story please hear from both sides before you judge, and also don't judge because everyone sins differently.Stella if you doubt it I'll send you a picture with her face on it.
Can we all go back to our businesses?
Regardless Stella thanks for this platform I've met a couple of cool peeps who reason like adults 

My dear your blokos pic i saw is enough,i no wan see her ponyon abeg!


I Am doing this on behalf of my younger sister(23), she needs a self con to stay arround ketu or shaginsa axis..she is decent and worksmonday to friday. Please her budget is money for agent abeg. Please help her out abeg..were she is staying now isnt comfy for her..please the place should have water and manageable open to other suggestions from others who have other option...and who are willing to bbm pin is 55C23D32..and my email add is
I also make mouth watering cakes, so am going to give out a cake to any bv in oghara....abeg make una manage am,I still be student...

Thank you all...


Hi Stella, 

How are you guys doing? Let me go straight to the point because its gonna be a long reading. 

Well I don't know where this testimony will fit in , I just want to encourage, advise someone and at the same time celebrate my wife on this day. 
I wanted to share it earlier but I decided to keep it till this day, its our 10yrs anniversary and 17yrs of friendship. 

In 1998, I woke up one morning and found myself with no job, was in custody for some time, after i came out , i lost everything, things got extremely bad to the extent that I couldn't afford food for my pregnant wife (ex now), after many struggles, I got a job as a gateman in an estate with self-contained room.

Bvs, at this junction life was something else, from a bank manger to a gateman within 3months, I cry to bed , my then wife turned to something else, she was also a banker, I go to market, cook, wash and keep the house clean but my wife, doesn't appreciate me, she refused to bring her salary to assist in any way, It has been soo even before we got married but I was in love. 

She put to bed, after 2months, she and her mum left but without the baby, stella, you can imagine, I was 29years, my salary was nothing, I don't even know how to bath a kid sef, talk more of feeding him, my son cried all night, I didn't know what to give him, that was when my oga's wife heard his voice and came down, I was soo ashamed of myself and don't even know how to explain my situation to her because I hardly see her outside then.

She bath , fed and took him with her, she had 3 kids already then, every morning, I either go up to see him or she brings him down for me to play with him a bit. It was during this closeness, I found out that this woman was enduring serious domestic violence, there was cain marks all over her, she covers them all up, the day I saw these marks , I was so so down but I don't know how to ask her, I had to chat up the cook up, she told me its her husband, he locks her up and flog her her like an animal, to the extent that she faints most of the times. 

Stella this woman is so kind that I start wondering why and what she was doing in such a marriage, finally I asked and she explained everything, she was just 22yrs an orphan and had no one to call for help, that was how our friendship started and on my side, I had no money or anything to offer, hearing her screams and that of kids, I can't even question Oga or go up to stop him, all I can do is sit , cry and wait for morning when I can console her, that's how we stayed till after a year we fell in love with each other. 

In 2000, we applied for a residents visa and got it, made our plans and relocated with our kids. That was the first time she had peace, everything about her changed for good. In 2004, our divorce was finalized. For us to get married, my people said no, I'm yoruba, she is igbo, she had kids bla bla bla bla . A very big problem, my family had to beat us up the day we visited. 

My friends came up with stories of how bad igbos are, how she wouldn't wanna have kids for me because she has 3 already, how my son ll be maltreated in my absence, how, she will use my money to train her kids and at the end her husband will come for her kids bla bla bla. 
I came home, raised the issue of having a baby for me, she laugh and asked me Dave, after 4kids? That question raised doubts in me and I started seeing reasons with what my friends said. 

After series of meetings with my family, they asked me to choose either them or my wife, I couldn't make that decision, I didn't say a word, I was given the option of wifeying a lady from my place, after a while my mum introduced me to a lady, we started dating, I always come home to visit her, my wife found out, I couldn't lie to her, I confess and told her everything, she was broken, after a week, she gave her blessings but asked me to let my son stay with her, I told her I can't. 

I moved out of our home without my son, because I don't know how to explain things to him, he is soo attached to my wife more her kids even. I just visit and go. 
She had this diary, she puts everything about her there, I visited one day, she was away and I took the diary. After reading everything, I was broken, I hated myself for hurting her that much, I cried. There were 2 words I can't forget are:-
" you promised to protect us when things will get well, but you left me when things did and I did nothing"
" you are not leaving alone but you want to go with my J, even devil is not this wicked"

Stella those words hurt me even till date , I regret those days.

I left before she could come back, came to Nigeria to break my engagement with the other lady, Stella, this was a real difficult situation I found myself, breaking up with her means breaking up with my family. I went straight to her without even knowing what to tell her, as I get there, she was in bed with her school boyfriend , thats how God saved me, I went straight to my mum , vexing and acting up and after a week I left, went on my knees, cried and begged her in front of the kids, she couldn't even believe it , I was forgiven, our love making that night was out of this world, I proposed, we married the next year and have 3kids making it 7kids, and if I don't tell you wouldn't know. We are still very much in love and our families have accepted us . 

@Christy , I love you with all my heart and on this day I want to promise you that I ll protect and not hurt you again, the worst is behind us now.Thanks for believing in me even when I let you down. You will not regret standing up for me and choosing me as your life partner. Thanks for the peaceful home, thanks for kids you gave me and thanks for the support . I love you. 

Senior D!



You have a great job going. God bless you.
I need a wedding gown size 6 - 8. I reside in Uyo, I would appreciate if any one has....A wedding gown at affordable price for sale in Uyo. You can whatsapp me on 08064176676



Good day aunty ur ardent blog reader and comment as Nekysparkles...I have size 16 clothes to give away to someone who really needs them.they are all in perfect condition.
I think I will give them out to the first person to reach out to me or anyone you recommend... 
Please text message or whatsapp only __ 07081223902 ....I repeat text message or whatsapp only lol.God Bless


Hi Stella,
More power to your elbow.
Please I am in need of a mini flat somewhere in Ajah.  Please I don't have agency fee oo. But if any kind hearted BV knows someone that can rent me a house ASAP. I'll be really grateful. I can be reached on 08126199510.
Thanks a lot.
BV Lucius.


Hello Stella, 
How are you doing and how's family. Can you help publish this on the blog without my email address. I've been single for a long time and wish to meet a mature and responsible man on your platform.
I'm a 29year old lady from Cross River State and resident in Abuja. Educated, Catholic and self employed. I am 5"6, a size 14, hairy and playful (stubborn).
I'll like to meet an educated and free spirited man above 35years, Catholic too, preferably from the Eastern or Southern parts of Nigeria. This is my bbm pin for contact 5C3E863F.
Thank you.  


Dear Stella, a friend introduced me to your blog and have been an ardent follower since then and I must confess you're doing a great job with this platform.... 

Stella this is my story, I am 19yrs old but it seems as though I am 29, I don't look my age at all and is Becos of the lifestyle I live, Stella there is not a single person working in my family and my parents stay in the village, Stella eh,I fend for my family, I have to sleep around to provide for my family Becos I don't have a choice,even my own uncles wants to have sex with me before they can give me money, Stella my mates are in school but I am not... 

Whenever I save up for school, something just comes up in the family and I can't stay and watch my family starve and even my elder brothers are not doing anything about it, they just loiter from morning till night... Stella I am tired of this life,I  want to go to school, I want to help my family and I don't enjoy sleeping around, the worst part is I don't even get good money from them like 10k,I stay in Enugu town with a friend, Stella please I need help.. I am tired...I am gradually hating sex,I just do it for the money, I am so sad..thanks


Hello Stella, 
Top of the day to you! Please we have a Vacancy in my company and will appreciate if you post the post below in the next IHN. We hope to set interview's by Saturday.  Thank you!

A female young smart graduate with a keen eye for fashion is needed for employment as an office supervisor in a fashion company in Port Harcourt. The ideal candidate should be customer centric, have good organisational skills, be pro active and able to work well under pressure. proficiency in computer application and being social media savvy is an added advantage.  If this describes you and you are interested in joining an upcoming fashion brand send your CV to with 'Office Supervisor' as the subject.



Greetings to you Mrs. Kork and the house.
On Saturday, while doing my job in the studio, a BV here almost embarrassed me on live radio.

During the sports discussions with other analysts, i'm also responsible for reading the messages that come thru via twitter, facebook, SMS and whatsapp.

On facebook, someone sent in a message asking why they (the station) should employ an 'article thief' who has been publicly shamed on a blog as one of their in-house analyst.

I was quick enough to notice and skip to the next one.

I made a mistake, which I accepted and apologised to all the affected parties accordingly. And as such, I thought this issue has been put to bed. Why some people dey carry this beef and hatred thing personally? Even as far as discrediting me in my place of work. Will my dismissal make whoever did it sleep better at night? Better still, why not just tell me not to visit SDK again so that I know it's blackmail I am dealing with.

I searched for the name on my phone on facebook, but as usual it's a new account with no pix or anything to help me identify the person. However, one thing is certain, he/she is a BV here. I deleted the comment, who knows how many people might have noticed it?

I anticipated something like this, that's why I was hesitating to resume my friendship and hostilities on this blog after the incident.

Over to you Mrs. Kork!

May God help us all!!!

*Ghanaman signing out*


. I sell original and affordable  coconut oil in ibadan..anyone interested should contact me on 09034135115 (whatsapp and call ) and 5922EA56 bbm. Thank you.


1) Still struggle managing your full-time driver? Now book and pay per hour only when you want to BeDriven!! #‎WeDriveURide
2) Don't let the Lagos traffic rage ruin your fine Boy/Girl  #‎RentADriver #‎YourCarOurDriver.
3) Spending ages stuck behind the wheel any time of the day in Lagos traffic is crazy, Let #Wedriveuride relieve your pain..
4) We are here to change the way urban Lagosian uses their personal cars! Sit back, be productive while #WeDriveURide handles the Road.
5) Call ELVIS for Bookings And Details 08062654401.
Stella thank you for this platform, I sincerely appreciate.. I sent you a mail on Thursday detailing the concept of this business, kindly check. Title of the Mail is Re:SOS. Thanks Dear..



2 Bed rooms 1.3M annually. The house is opposite Foundation on Charley boy Street, Gwarimpa, Abuja.

1 Bed room flat at Nzube Estate Lokogoma Abuja. 650,000 annually.

5 Bedrooms house with 2 sitting rooms  at Nzube Estate Lokogoma Abuja. 2.6M annually.

Self Contain at Valencia Estate, Close to Sunny Vale Abuja. 300,000 Annually.

interested persons should contact us on 08054128188. Shoki coming soon.


Adadioramma, nwanyi e ji ama atu, nwanyi ka ibe ya, nnukwu nwanyi, asa korkus.

I thank you for this platform you created for us to be there for each other. You are a blessing to this generation. I am one of your ardent readers and would love for this to be posted.

I am pregnant for my first baby and will be birthing in America. I need to know the best way to have this baby, should I opt for caesarean section or normal delivery? What effects does childbirth have on the veejay after normal delivery? Or how fast can i get my flat tummy back after delivery in case of caesarean ?  Epidural or without Epidural? Please I want experienced mothers in the house to advice me cos I am confused. I googled use of Epidural and there are so many negative effects, that's why I am relying on my blog family here to help me decide as you guys are my only hope.

Also for bv that reside in America, can you estimate the total cost for hospital bills I should be looking out for both for normal delivery (with and without epidural) and c section (with and without epidural) without insurance.

Thanksssssssssssssssss so much as you give your candid advices. God bless us all.

And for my fellow bv seeking for the fruit of the womb, I pray God to answer your prayers and wipe away your tears in Jesus name, Amen

Please manage this small shoki as you remember me in your daily prayers


Bv onyi but I comment with ********** hahahaha

Stella bae please don't post my email, I will read comments in the comment section. Thanks love


Giveaway and Plea for patronage‏

Mavo? To Stella and and all BV. Empress' makeover is available for all occasions to give you the fabulous look. You can call from any part of the country.
we're also offering a free makeover to the first caller. 
You can reach us on 09084674876 and 08072459708.



 I wanna say a big thanks for everyone who reached out to place an order for the rubber(portable) footwear I advertised here on Friday. Some of the sizes aren't in stock now but it will be ready latest by the end of the week hopefully. And to those whom I picked for the give away, please come collect it. And if I didn't reply your mail for the give away, I am sorry. The mails were too much that I couldn't beat it. You can still place your orders and I won't disappoint you. Thanks. 

This is for give away to whoever is interested in it. Size 39. Thanks.


Dear Stella,

Thanks a bunch for helping me post my Generator and freezer. I sold it to two Blog visitors. 

I pledged a free GOtv decoder and Here it is. I also have some size 40 shoes to give away. They all in good condition. I stay in magodo Lagos. N I'll give to just one person to avoid a lot of calls and house descriptions.

Finally , I have a Triumph inverter for sale. Never been used. In good condition. U only need to buy the batteries. It goes for 20k. If interested please call 07035054765. 


Please, kindly help me alert Bv with instagram name @iomoge to contact me for the @Trizzy_signature give away fascinator she won last two weeks, been trying to contact her all to no avail. Thanks


Good evening stella, I just on phone to read today post and I saw d comment made on gist 8 dat it should be disqualified, well I copied it from a post in nairaland but I don't know its against the rule of the game, but please if its not against the rule of the game it shouldn't be disqualified its not about the money but putting smile on the reader's face. Once again am very sorry for doing 

Sweety if it is not your original gist,we can only applaud you,you cannot win.


 I urgently need a one room self con in Enugu. A good location like independence layout, new haven, GRA will be very okay be me.i can be reached on 07086931428.
Scammers, please keep off. ‎Thank you so much.



 I need someone who can make crochet braids in Port Harcourt very well at an affordable price to contact me on 08183716565.
I have the following items to give away. The jumpsuit and gown are supposed to be a uk size 8 but it's really small so I assume they should fit a uk size 6. The Jean is a size 34 waist and 32 length. Interested persons can contact me on 08183716565. Thanks!



Dear Stella thanks a lot for this great platform, God bless you.

I want to appreciate Fab-mum for reaching out to me with baby diapers
and constantly keeping in touch to know how my baby was faring.

My dear sister, I am very grateful and appreciate your kindness to us,
God bless you and reward you.

BV Honey P.


Almond Nut seller wanted
Please I'm looking for an almond nut seller in Lagos, someone who sells wholesale. If youre not in Lagos but can send it down then no problem. Just send me a mail I attached a picture of it. please get in touch with me asap. Thanks



Please BVsN kindly patronise me by ordering for your sandals and shoes. They are very affordable and payment can be made on delivery. Kindly call or whatsapp me on 08074061741 to state your shoe/sandal size and colour.
Thanks Stella and BVsN.


 Am giving away these foot wears to my fellow brothers who needs it. It's all size 44,and I stay around Egbeda,Lagos. My phone number is 08028105860. Thanks


Plea for patronage

Worried about getting a professional photographer to cover your birthdays , ceremonies or events, Sleekmotion photography,located at  Sleek Motion Images No 24, Ondo Street Bodija, ibadan offers you top notch photography services, Album production, and crisp video coverage of your special day at very affordable rates!! Contact us via call or whatsapp on 0706 136 9647. First bv to make a booking gets 50% off all charges on their event!!!!

Hurry now and contact Sleekmotion photography, bodija Ibadan.


Hi Stella,a wash and house cleaner is needed in festac, 07031860291



Good morning Stella her self.  Situated in one of the choicest place in portharcourt (Eliozu) is a 4 four plots of land for sale in a good price. Buy now and double your money in the next one year.  Call 0705 457 3328. I have sold the 500kva advertised sometime ago. I will need two persons to give 5k each.  Sorry they have to be in PH. drop a message why you need the money on Thanks


Signing out....*pheeeew!*
Hectic day....See why i love Mondays?Its the only day you get multiple orgasms from

SDK  Uvio Uvie Uvivi ra....bwahahahahaahhaahhaahahahahhahaha


  1. Monday IHN Freshly served!
    Nice week ahead to y’all

    1. Stella u re partial in ur judgement. That lady sents kelechi's dick to u and u posted it, let kelechi sends her's too so u can post it as well to make the equation so balance. Stupid girls, u were quick sending his dick to Stella when he has urs with him. Kelechi send her nude to me let me help u published it. Always treat people the way u want to be treated. I said it the other day that Stella was wrong posting such here. Am a female but didn't find it funny sending a guy's dick for Stella to post and she really did. Please send hers to teach her a lesson. My dear go and sin no more.

    2. When stella posted the picture of the kelechi guy many bv's were saying why did stella censor it and all stuffs. I remember saying that the guy won't send it if there was no exchange of nude pics from the girl. I wish I knew the babe that sent it in, I for flog sense into ur skull. I am not sorry to say u r a slut looking for cheap publicity.

      Kelechi please release her picture so she can know how it feels to be in such condition silly girl.

      Olori cute gal, I love ur legs.

      That bv with long story, I enjoyed your story bt if u didn't see the diary u wld ve left her alone abi? Anyways congrats.

      This sun is out of league o.

      Countdown to the 7th anniversary of the Governor and 40th anniversary of Ondo state.

    3. But some people are just evil animals on this blog. Later now, you go see them dey beg like say dem go die the next second if help no come.
      How can someone go after ghanaman like that? This kain obsessive spirit is sickening and not funny in anyway. Stell's please say something about it.
      Is it in this hard time one sick animal will go around messing with another persons job?
      As for the person that did such, may peace of mind forever elude you. Awon oloshi!

    4. I have decided to lick some ass come march.
      These are the list of those that will get their ass licked smoothly n "zexly"by me.
      Queen n Boss
      Chi Exotic
      Zexiest mother
      I promise to lick you guys ass 2 the best of my knowledge.

      And to all the anonymous on my case........Ntooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrr

    5. Biko free Kelechi. I bet we are all adults but not everyone reasons as such. She got talking with a dude in yankee and under 2 weeks she has fallen in love. Not all girls are wired that way. I suppose she was more attracted to the fact dude is in yankee. And to think she even sent hers before the guy did. That kinda sheds light on the kinda person she is. And she had to literally beg him to send his. People should reason like adults. The first girl left KC boy cos he was chatting up her friend, when he hasn't even asked you out. The second one feeling like Santa Maria forgets she has also sent her own nude. Kelechi forget all these awon babies that are looking for man to use as visa to America and face what took you there. Stop sending pictures of your blokos upandan. And all you girls in the same category, believe in yourself and trust God enough and stop being soo cheap and loose. Look at you coming to equity with such dirty hands. How old are you again?

    6. @portable,where is that hater that calls you mashed potato face, she don run? She has seen a beautiful face na, she has coiled back into her shell, lmao. #Badbelleeverywhere#

  2. Just making sure I over take the most jobless house wife. Today's matter is not easy oh. Sun hot like we are going to melt.
    Please retweet.

    1. U are just incredibly stupid

    2. For your mind, except you are jobless like her.

    3. The only way to take over jhw is becoming jobless like her. I raise my two hands for jhw.

    4. Blogrity also just amazing.

    5. I can't believe someone would do that. That's so wrong! What was ur aim exactly? Its just a blog and I am sure it wasn't even the owner of the article that sent that in o. This is just a blog we really should be careful. Ghananman Pele. And u too be careful n stop giving out personal info.

      Lord I need ur Divine healing, my child can't breastfeed cos of the drugs I am taking.4drips already. God bless this nurses for helping me take care of my child. I cant even turn. I pity my poor child. He doesn't even understand why mommy can't get u to play.

      Please mothers in the house I have a quick questions. If u stop breastfeeding for a week or say 2wks can one continue breastfeeding after that time?
      I am really not ready to stop breastfeeding BT I can't breastfeed at the moment cos of the drugs I am on.

  3. first in house for the week is here, I pray that God will continue to open doors for all the givers. great in house news.

  4. IHN!
    It's so good to witness a new week

    All thanks to God

  5. Choi I have suffered, na me this small lizard with bulimia they criticise because I tattoed one arm. Small chihuahua when manage get recording deal then the label invite my boss to do her photo shoot and take care of her PR na e come dey do shi shi shi, they find controlled room temperature because she is vry consciousof her face pores, capture my left side I look prettier tha way, get me sparkling water, gluten and fat free food. Make u sing that song with ur mosquito voice first you no come carry grammy, I got troll u die. My boss don tire so tay she go call d label executive dey complain say she dey act like say she be beyonce. Barbie wanna be with her fake blond and fake boobs, I no like norwegian songs oh but because of this girl I must keep up with them. I rather listen to songs wit correct traditional yodeling. Make I do go back zurich go plan my going away party, its gonn be a themed party

    1. Puhlease....... shut up bitch

    2. You talk too much and tell so many lies, shu! Lol

    3. Lie ur own na, why are u pained? Smiling with my cute brace

  6. One of my client is pregnant again after 6 kids, I was surprised though and worried for her.but she doesn't want dh hubby to marry another wife so she is carrying the burden of birthing as many children as possible.Toh It's not my body though so I gats shut up but I just had to tell her the bitter truth,if that man wants another woman he will marry a second wife whether you born dozen or more.
    Women should just learn how to keep their man without compromising foolishly,is it by force to keep the man sef . She looks old and haggard already sef and that man will be forming youngee everywhere

    1. She might be searching for a male child

    2. Ameebo, how is her preggy your business? Na your vjay she take collect abi na your belle she go take carry am. Uche face your work o.

    3. Did d husband give her an ultimatum? Cos I don't understand d desire for another kid to stop d man from marrying another wife. Or is it a male child issue? Hian!

  7. Happy new week! Let the drama begin

  8. Replies
    1. Why don't I believe Ghana man?
      I just feel he wants to gather sympathy...
      Cuss me out but dat's my opinion.
      O.k bye

    2. Amanda don't mind him. He's too desperate for attention that he can do anything. See the way he said Oya Stella take over like wtf, I love the way Stella ignored him. Nobody sent that message. Ghman,please swerve you are a man, act like one

  9. No Etisalat??? y naaaa

  10. Welcome IHN, first time am commenting...

  11. Sexiest mum, u were really way out of line on that monalisa's wedding post, u just carried the matter as if she wronged u personally, I would have commented that day but my weekend is busier than my week days at times, so I couldn't caution u, so I had to say it here, can u create even a toy? Hell NO! U can't and yet can call another ugly, I saw that pix and than man is far from ugly, bring ur husband pix and let's compare, if u can bring the pix, I'm sure Mona's hubby would be finer.

    When you came to this blog u were very picky with ur words n u don't go out of line, I wonder y u changed,  hope u didn't forget ur pix was once on this blog and yet u chose to turn wild, u know  u can be traced, so pls NNE tone it down. Jeez...... U littered that post just insulting the man that haven't offended u, hope u realize not every one is photogenic, don't judge him with the pix till u meet him. Kisses

    To the rest ppl that insulted him, when next u think of insulting another bring ur pictures n ur husbands own so we can justify ur insults. The last time I checked  it was her choice and she  was d one getting married so y the headache, some of u were even saying the guy is too old, would she have married a sugar boy? Is Mona a baby, am sure she should be in her late 30's or early 40, so what were u expecting a 20+ man, we should try and be happy for others so good things would also come our way, u don't know if it's ur bad mouth n evil heart that is stopping some of ur blessings.

    1. Hahahah let them trace me. I dont care mbok. I don't bloody care. The man ugly die. Deal with it. The man bu agadi na agwo ofe...

    2. You are so right
      I saw her comments that day I was really piss off

      D way u insulted Mona hubby with d word "ungly" jumping on people's comment still repeating the word was really un called for *sexiest mother or what ever u called yourself*

      Learn to respect people hubby if u want yours to be respected

      Mona hubby got a typical naija delta guy looks, they look hard but they are kind hearted and generous I know cos that's where an from and I got inlwas from there

      So shuooooo

    3. Don't mind sexiest mother and she mistakenly opened her nyash by forgetting to go anon under annie idibia post.
      She came to rant about how her husband been sleeping out with a girl who doesn't even care that her husband is married and even after her child birth the girl kept gbenshing her husband dick.
      Maybe she thought it was Cox she was heavy her husband was gbenshing outside and is only on blogs ladies like her can rant.
      Til now she can't even face the girl all the mouth she makes on this blog.
      U went anon to write a post someone insulted u and u came back and used your I'd to reply the person.
      See the way she was roaming from comment to comment in pains of what her hubby been doing to her blaming it all on the girls and not her randy husband who would soon give her hiv.
      Mayb if u spend all the time u have been spending on blogs and living multiple lives on your husband then u would be able to tame the hegoat. At least monalisa husband is not randy u that might have likely married a good looking man now u are running from piller to post using both anon and your I'd to look for how to Confront a little girl talk more Confronting your husband.
      I am sure the man dey bully u 247 or else I wonder why u can't confront him.
      Frustrated razz women everywhere.

  12. THIS IS SDK IHN @ 2

    Meh wht I saw on Saturday is the highest level of indecency, to think a 15-16 year old girl wore it is appalling, what do parents do these days? Sit n watch their teenage girls become future Prostitutes?
    This small girl wore a big holed net trouser the only covered part was her button pussy, to imagine seeing Such in broad day light!
    I have a video evidence with the stupid girl's face in it. I wish I can send Stella a mail to post it.

    1. People can carry this blog matter like gala for their head. Why someone want to make another lose his job over blog issue? After all he has already apologies. Ghanaman, just move on jare. God bless all the givers.

    2. Ideato bride what about your other handle nwa amaka.

  13. Stella post my first time comment oo, no swallow as per your usual....

  14. Thank you all for your wishes.

  15. Someone pls tell me what the hype about 'if loving you is wrong' is all about. The way they were screaming it on this blog, I thought Tyler Perry had done better than that his manageable 'the haves and the haves not'. Men, this series is wack, the only good thing about it is the story line. The dialogues are unnecessarily too long, the acting annoying, especially from Eddie the cop acting nonsense in d name of being a bad cop. The whole cast is just wrong, maybe except for Alex. Kai I'm tired of d series but can't stop cos I can't start a movie and not know how it finally ended.

    1. Eka watch it till the end, its interesting. Eddie is an asshole, esperansa is a goat without brains, Randle is a heartless demon, natalie might push lucian away with her miss independent bullshit. What I dont like is how natalie,kelly,esperansa rallied and supported ashawo alex instead of marcie who is d real victim. Loved the way brad and marcie shagged, I've got a huge crush on brad.

    2. chai @eka,you are sooo right.i watched it when it just came was like amateur hour.nonsense.i was bored out of my skull.even the haves and have nots is still not waste so much time on one scene its freaking annoying.

    3. @la belle, if u read my post well u will see that I said I like d story line but every other thing is just wack. The dialogues are annoyingly long, sound tracks disgusting.

    4. Jobless eka and her fellow whores stay at home and be downloading porn and useless movies don't go and look for job

  16. So d stupid girl first sent her p?..send it in jare

  17. Stella Dimoko Korkus Awarded Blogger Of The Year By Nigeria Writers Awards.
    Thanks to all members of Bvn. You all rock


    City People Social Media Awards Nominates Stella Dimoko Korkus For Blogger/Blog Of The Year Category

    Voting ends on February 26, and vote for stella Dimoko korkus (click on her name and make sure you click on vote beneath. Let's do it sdk way

    Thank You

  18. I'm so broke

    25naira is my account balance

    O'God am sad

    1. Y won't you have 25 naira in ur account when you curse ur helpers anonymously.

  19. In house news am very busy in the office right now, I will be back to read comments later

  20. Please oh save a brother please. How do I cure this severe ulcer naturally abeg? I've tried all the prescribed drugs to no avail, the pain is killing, please help, chy exotic and co abeg help.

  21. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to one of our bvs here, bv Sola. I am the lady that wrote a comment sometime last week about starting up a viewing center to make ends meet and needing money for dstv sub. And that night this lovely woman called me and despite the stress (she isn't in the country) she was able to send me the money to subscribe. Pls help me say amen to my prayers that she will receive favours from both known and unknown people and she shall never know lack.
    Pls I want to plead with anyone that has any ps2 lying around and not in use that can help me with it so I can add it to the business because it will be an extra source of income for me, no matter how little. Zero seven zero five two one four six seven two four. Thanks and God bless.

  22. XP I hope you're ok? have been trying to reach you. miss you

  23. Hope today's ihn will be drama free... Let's watch n see

  24. Christ lives in me, oh thanks sweet JESUS u re Awesome Lord.. Grateful heart all becos of your love. Happy me!!!

  25. Ihn rocks!!!!!!
    Any vac???
    Any baking tools?
    *faithful bv enemuwe thelma*

  26. Arrieved two pm on the dot to load shoki and they are all gone! *crying
    Will be bck to properly read ihn incase there is drama

    1. Okay!! Thanks to all the givers and receivers. Please any bv that would sow into my life will be immensely blessed.
      God please touch someone to assist me in paying my school fees oo time is running out.

  27. Kelechi, SHUT UP! Weda she sent her nude or wedan't, it doesn't change the fact that u are an efuluefu..... and a big one @ that

    Oya, members of BVN, the joke on Ghana man is enough. Una want make e loose imm job and begin send in chronicles? Haba!
    Article thief, thief of article, whatever we've called him is enough. No point taking it out of this blog to his office.
    Behave yourselves jare

  28. Senior D, you were a bank manager @29? Damn you lost me there.

    1. Exactly my thought
      Adonbiliv that story Sam Sam..

    2. U people are so backward n myopic. I'm 27 n I'm d manager of my bank branch here in PH*bank name withheld* smh, not every one is a late achiever pls.

  29. Thanks stella. Another bad experience today on my way from trade fair... lasu students are rioting over God knows what. Conductor ran away with my balance and it's very painful. I had to trek cos no Road from iyana-iba to first gate. In fact I tire today. @ just amazing I am waiting for you. Kween bee you de dodge me abi?
    To my prospective customers, I won't disappoint you.

  30. that bv that posted the story of him and his wife, so cute! love how everything worked out for you guys in the end

    what else did i read? i can't remember now ! Olori isis nice feet you have!

    1. If u believe that story then u can believed anything

  31. Great monday i likeee.Welcome to a new week.So Ganaman is still on call out???.Plenty vecancy but non for calabar.Pls i need a job for my brother.He just finished sch and is waiting for service.Pls any work can do as long as he leaves the house in the morning and comes home in the evening.He studied Electrical Electronical Engeenering and stays in calabar.

  32. Senior D I cut cap for u o!
    I really cut cap for u.

  33. 2 plots of land in an estate after Lagos business school lekki ajah axis asking 37million
    For more info contact me

  34. Ihn loaded!
    S/O to my blog momma...miss u so much ma'am! Regards to your family.
    To the one and only TGW, I miss you so much...Regards to you and yours.
    Cynthia, pookie, jbaby, emjay, and everyone here, I miss you all...will be fully back by God's grace.

    I miss this blog like kilode!
    My God has been so good, but will bring my testimony here when he perfects everything.

    Weldone stella, God is your strength.
    I love you all.

    1. Hey darling!
      Hope u and urs are good.
      I am good too,thanks Dear.

    2. You no get her email/number?

  35. Kelechi, it is possible the young lady already thought you guys were dating,yes ladies think like that sometimes.But ladies on snm the callouts Don too much abi na only una ni? What the hell? If you have some level of decency you will know you shouldn't be exchanging nudes.I it is true and with your face on it nne idi very disgusting.

    1. why should a lady just assume to be in a relationship. U talk about your plans n see if u guys are a match before u go into a relationship. Desperate babes everywhere

  36. Welcome IHN.... this is my week. This glo network went away immediately it was 2pm,gosh

    1. You see, so you sent your lowly first before he sent his prick Abi dick (depending on the size ) Nawa ooooooo, Chai this guy finished you ooooooo. But ladies Why? After meeting a guy for just 2 weeks you are already sending your kpekus on errand. Tufiakwa gi

  37. Kelechi, next time, follow mature babes wey get sense, leave all these chewing gum Save her tohtoh for future reference..hahahahahahaa....

    1. Lol @future reference. Really some girls are fish brained.

    2. Kelechi is not matured either, talks like a kid. Americana wanna-be, he need to go grow up too. Any lady that falls for him, will regret it. He will sleep with you, dump you and move to the next one.

  38. God bless the givers and receivers.
    God bless me.
    Sdkb rocks.
    Sdkers are the rockers
    Stella is the rock.
    Lee boo is the rocket.
    Jesus is the king.

    @ kelechi, I knew from the onset that the girls story is one sided. Both of you exchanged nude.some ladies are quick to jump into conclusions that they are already dating.

    1. Dating with no future in sight ? I weep for ladies o

  39. Queen of queens...stop impersonating me, go and get ur own blog ID.

  40. Kelechi pls forgive her, so she sent hers and she brought you out to say trash. ladies are very funny, great testimony.

  41. Ashawo girl sending ur nude pix to a guy u just met on d internet, shameless bitch, kelechi plz open a new face book account, send Stella and everybody on her contact list a friend request, am sure most of her friends are from dis blog, then send her nude pics for the world to c, dirty olosho, u think sending ur nude pics will make him marry u, which responsible man will marry a woman who goes abt sending her nude pics to strangers, biatch.

  42. God has answered my prayers!baby dust to all women TTC.God is more than faithful.

  43. When they warn you to keep your private life or affairs off the blog, una no go listen.

    The BV that sent the twitter msg to Ghanaman official twitter page should fear God o.

    A word is enough for the wise.

    1. Don't mind them later they will start to regret

    2. Abi o.That was too much to do shld end here.all the quotes we write or share,how many of us acknowledge the writer at all times?sometimes,we don't even know who wrote dem,so enough of this wasn't much a deal but bv's took it that way cos of the way the guy usually attack or diss ppl here.

      When wl girls stop sending their veejayjay to guys na.when will they recieve some sense? Some will even do it wt their face on it. Abeg Stella,Mk d guy send u d pic so u can confirm he s saying d truth cos he might just be using it as a self defense.shame d girl too.nonsense and ingredient somborri. #Pissed#

  44. Dear bvs, is there anyone in Illorin or who has lived there?

    I'm preparing to relocate shortly and I would really like an idea of how the city is, social life, transportation, accommodation, etc.

    Any information will be appreciated because I'm just confused as it is. Thank you. :(

    1. Hello, I am currently running my masters programme there.

      It's a cool place to relocate to, because it's quiet nd things are cheaper to get there as regarding foodstuff etc

      Transportation cost is very cheap, and u have the luxury of entering cabs for 50 naira.

      Social life is boring, u have to go out of your way to entertain yourself. But there are lovely hang out spots like fish n net, kwara hotel, shoprite (cinemas too), Princess etc.

      Accommodation is also affordable. A standard self contain is from 70- 150k.
      Then flat ranging from 150-250, depending on where u want to stay.

      Ilorin is mini- lagos to me. Hope you enjoy your stay.

    2. What kinda person r u?
      Where r u relocating from?the reason?
      What did u intend to do(self employed or u wanna be an employee I.e civil servant)

      Take ur time very well cos nd don't allow ppl decieve u o.

      Back to ur qstn?
      Transportation:perfectly okay.keke,bike,taxi or flight(Lagos nd abj only)

      Social life??????? Below average.

      Accommodation?...scarce(depending on ur taste )nd expensive. Be ready to buy water except d house has a borehole. Light????? More than below average except u want to stay in some selected g.r.a's.!

      Govt job??????? Don't even think about it except u HV one already

      What else????? U r welcome anyways

    3. Ilorin is a nice n peaceful place
      Social life uhmmm *rolls eyes
      Transportation n accommodation =Cheap
      Nice place 😜

    4. RE: lauretta andra , young FOREVER and ERASER!!!

      Thank you so much for responding. It sounds like a peaceful place to be! You guys are awesome!

  45. Ghanaman sorry dear. People can really be mean.

  46. Welcome IHN
    Kelechi drama making sense since 1900

  47. Kelechi you are lucky that stella refused to show us your prick. You and the lady, the two of you are very stupid. Next time, dont fall for stupid ladies.

    Congrats to the oga with his marraige anniversary. May God keep you and your iyawo and add more anniversaries to you in Jesus name Amen.

    Fab mum thank you once again for helping out. All looking for help may God bring helpers in Jesus Name AMEN.

    Ghanaman na your mouth kill you. Your apology was nothing to write home about. Shows you are an uncouth guy. The person that sent in this to your office, what will be her gain, just to destroy someone. Na wa for some people.

    Next time, learn to be humble with your apologies. You even went far to abusing people, now you see the repercussion. Sorry ooo. No one will destroy your career in Jesus name AMEN.

    The lady that wants to give birth overseas, do what you think can make you happy. Goodluck to your birthing.

    will come back and read comments.

    1. Madam...I meant my apology. Those statements were mere naughtiness. I just didn't wanna sound all too serious and all. A little here & there to balance the equation.

      But if the apology na the person problem or e no do am, why not let me know so I could write 3 more with a passport picture of my straight face & 5 sureties signing it, so he/she knows how serious I am!

      *Ghanaman signing out*

  48. And all I am wondering is dis:

    Why someone dat sent someone nudes and with her FACE SHOWING wil be quick to release d Dude's nudes????

    Reverse Psychology? But it doesnt make sense.cos u have no guarantee d Dude won't release urs.unless he told u he lost d nudes.which in itself is a big risk if u believe him.As u have no way of knowing if he truly lost dem or not!

    But den I am left wondering,are u sure she sent u any nudes???

    STOP IT!!!

    1. Why is he still with the nudes?????

    2. I don't believe she sent any nude to him,if she did,she will not send his to stella

    3. Greetings TGW, I would like to have your email.. Thanks

    4. That girl did not send any nudes to kelechi
      U can take this info to the bank

  49. Kelechi,I for say make u teach her a hard lesson,but just let it go...foolish girls

    1. Forget that thing
      The girl did not send her any nudes with her face showing

      And she will release his own nude knowing he has hers?
      Reason am Bitchplis.

    2. Chi, thank God at least you still fit reason am.

      Persin wey be theif go call another person thief?

      You sef check it na.

  50. Dear boyfriend, stop allowing the devil Kelechi you. See why I never send nudes? If your destiny cannot survive without nudes from me, use the door o. I can't shout.
    Stella, fair's fair o. The hoe was quick to run here forgetting she send nudes to Kelechi with her face. Post her punani too o.

  51. Plzzzzzzzzz Read N Answer!
    #Serious Question.
    Men Plz,How Do Yall Unhook Ladies BRA Wif One Hand?
    From A Genuine Confused Lady!

  52. Kelechi sorry oh, I was among those that bashed u, I sincerely apologize, @ the bv that reported him u sent in ur nude and still bashed him, y na and urs was with ur face, what if he circulates it online, thank God Stella was kind enough to blur the image.

    @ the testimony I read ur testimony with tears dropping down, it was so touching, thank God for the happy ending, God will keep u both. Am happy ur finally happy.

    @ bv that went to insult ghamaman online, u guyz take things too far here, haba nah, the guy has apologized y the evil, most of u here re really wicked it's only God that can help u all.

    #missingbloggie# hope she is good?

    Greetings my ppl

  53. Nawaoo....why would anyone take this Ghanaman ish to that level? He's got enough bashing here please let the sleeping dog lie jare. @ Kelechi, una story shaa. Well, don't go viral wit her own pix biko, forgive her...imagine she never admitted she sent hers sef. Nice shoe. Miss IHN....happy new week every one.

  54. The member of BVN trolling Ghanaman, kontunuu o. Ya'll do worse things and turn holy when another person errs. Mtcheew.

  55. Stella. you be complete clown. I don laugh fall for ground. Your response to kelechi is one in a million.

  56. Ihn is bae.

    Boring Monday.

    Pls who has a rich dude to give me for dating, my baby daddy just hooked up with a girl from a rich home. It's so easy for guys to get a babe, I'm so broken, I'm officially a single mum, I've always been dou indirectly as I cater for our son while he struggles to get his feet. Now he's doing this n I'm here.

    I just need a rich dude, that's all. I need to get some fresh air. Why can't it be just as easy for me as it was for him.

    Single moms out there, You are strong, may Grace single us out for celebration and positive change In all aspect of our lives. Amen.

    Sorry, have to go anon on this.

    1. Lol

      Sell your market on Instagram na

    2. Comment with ur ID and I will link u up.

    3. Sorry dear.
      But y go anonymous?
      You don't need to tell us that you are going anonymous.

    4. U r looking for whom to drop ur baggage on.
      Who sent u to get pregnant?
      Pls swerve. Liar!

  57. Testimony from Senior D, may God continue to bless and favour your family. Thank God for a happy ending.

  58. Stella u re partial in ur judgement. That lady sents kelechi's dick to u and u posted it, let kelechi sends her's too so u can post it as well to make the equation so balance. Stupid girls, u were quick sending his dick to Stella when he has urs with him. Kelechi send her nude to me let me help u published it. Always treat people the way u want to be treated. I said it the other day that Stella was wrong posting such here. Am a female but didn't find it funny sending a guy's dick for Stella to post and she really did. Please send hers to teach her a lesson. My dear go and sin no more.

    1. Pls ooo,i thought the pix was blurred or my eyes didn't see well?

    2. Pls ooo,i thought the pix was blurred or my eyes didn't see well?

  59. Omigosh @ testimony from a man. #Blinking rapidly

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I don't help most Nigerians, wicked people,most of you also come here to bash, no help for you,never ever

  61. Ghanaman, sorry about that and what that person did isn't fair at all. What will you gain by trying to make the young man lose his job? If he comes here to start begging after losing his job (God forbid), won't people tag him beggy beggy and he should go and hustle? Why collect that same hustle from him?
    Wickedness ni eleyi o. The guy has apologized, why not forgive and move on!

    Men's give away, so lovely. God bless all that gave.

    Thanks Iphie D for the prayers. Amen to them. My warm regards to your cuties.

  62. Ghanaman, sorry about that and what that person did isn't fair at all. What will you gain by trying to make the young man lose his job? If he comes here to start begging after losing his job (God forbid), won't people tag him beggy beggy and he should go and hustle? Why collect that same hustle from him?
    Wickedness ni eleyi o. The guy has apologized, why not forgive and move on!

    Men's give away, so lovely. God bless all that gave.

    Thanks Iphie D for the prayers. Amen to them. My warm regards to your cuties.

  63. Some bvs are wicked. Ghanaman I am an Oap as well that's well I'll never use my name known in d media on a blog, u can imagine nonsense. Thank God it wasn't a phone in programme. May u never be dismissed but promoted Ijn. Kisses to u

    And to the divk sender u are a foolish and desperate girl. Oloshos everywhere on this blog. Mshw. They guy is too good. U would have seen yourself on instabl** if Na me. Idiot

    1. I agree with u somehow. It's just that 'Ghanaman signing out' has been my signature move since the end of the civil war. It's hard for me to use another identity besides 'Ghanaman'.

      It's hard to imagine myself writing without including it. Old habits die hard my friend!

      *Ghanaman signing out*

  64. Wc IHN. Senior D story really touched me. See Christy is just ur wife for life, pls dont joke with her. Pls tell us how far with the one that left the new born baby and ran away. God bless SDK!

  65. Kelechi I like your response...
    Very matured...
    Every small thing here y'all be calling someone out... It irritating...


  66. Welcome IHN oo. God bless the givers. @olori, cute foot /wears, God bless you o. No size 41 abeg? Really need sandals...

  67. Kelechi if I were you I would send out her naked pics as well....crazy whore...

  68. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  69. For the bv trying to embarass Ghanaman outside this blog just know that 'The eyes of God are everywhere, watching both the good and the bad'

  70. Welcome first IHN of the week,its. Been a boring day so far......thank God for his grace

  71. Jesus! Why do we have hateful,wicked and frustrated demons on this blog? We thrashed the Ghana man issue here,why try to implicate him at his place of work? Will his sack make your lives any better? This is wickedness! We were all pissed but bygones they say! Haba! To the extent of opening a page? Haaaa!

    I just hail people that come here to claim blog relationship. They hail you but gossip about you,troll you or plot your demise behind. If I don't know you outside this blog,my spoon will be very long!

    Na you bring yourself out o Charlie! See wetin notice me and attention seeking don buy give u.

    1. That does not justify it pal!

      Trying to participate in in-house activities like others shouldn't be termed as 'attention seeking or notice me'.

      If we all fold hands & watch Mrs. Kork alone do all the posting without chipping in our input once in a while, this place won't be the fun it is.

      We comment on her posts, and she allows us to bring in good materials as well, that's what makes this blog unique.

      The different characters & conflicting views we all have here makes here worth coming to.

      I visit other blogs once in a while, Linda Ikeji, Miss Petite, Ladun, etc...and it's as boring as hell will be.

      SDK rocks!

      *Ghanaman signing out*

    2. Rules and Regulation For BVs(by Mc Pinky)

      Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
      I hereby formally welcome the new members to this forum.We also wish to let the old members know we find them extremely intelligent, down-to-
      earth,accommodating, forgiving, and great. I noticed that some
      of us are misusing the intention/purpose of
      this webpage/Blogg. The purpose of this BLOGG is to foster relationship
      among BVs and share intelligent ideas on how to move our life
      forward positively. The intention is not to
      create a forum for religious, ethnic, political
      campaign, and posting irrelevant
      materials that does not meet the ideology of this BLOG. In addition this forum is not created to solicit for Libel or battery for third
      parties. We have suddenly deviated from the rules guiding this forum.We are tired of deleting posts that are contrary to the rules. We once again publish the rules guiding us here:

      *Coming soon*

      Mc Pinky

  72. So that lady that sent in Kelechi's dick also sent him her Torto??And she was even begging him to send his after sending hers?? Kelechi pls send in her Punani.I want to see it.Some women be pretending.And dont forget to include her name.Nonsence.

  73. Omg!!! That testimony got to me, so true love really exist.

  74. Wow, the marriage testimony of senior D was awesome. Good to know that there are still few men out there who value their wives. To all single mothers and domestic violence women, u should be able to pick one or two points from there. There is always someone somewhere who will do everything to have u, love u, protect u and love ur children from the previous marriage. He wouldn't hurt you too.
    Secondly, I think this Ghanaian issue is already over flogged. He was 'wrong' and he accepted that and apologized. What next? I think it is very unfair for anyone to have called him out at his workplace. Haha!!! Ppl shd learn to forgive, forget and move on.

  75. Olori isis God bless give out good things and so good things will keep surrounding you... so you sent out your nude picture to the bv and u decied to expose his own abii? The thunder that will strike you is still trekking...Ghana man already apologised now,why get to that extent...witches and wizard full this blog...stella I love you.


    Kelech pls forgive and forget. I'm sure the lady called you out, because she was expecting more. It's always good you let people know their stand from the onset, instead of leading them on.

    BV Olori, you are beautiful and yes you know that already. Lol.

    Finance convention day 2 is here, gotta go learn God principle for prosperity, Jesus didn't die for me for nothing that y he was poor so I can be rich. #Winks#

    And to the all giver, may God continually enrich you.

    #listening to you are great by Steven crown#

    1. Olori is too cute!!!

  77. Hellooo
    Beautiful shoes I see up there, olori isis, dash me those blue sandals na
    *side eyes*

  78. And a brother is giving out to men too, God bless you

  79. Olori,please how do I get the sandal u advertised the other interested
    So the stupid girl had the gut 2 send kaycee's tiny dick whereas she has been sending her own watery tohto with her face showing.
    shame on you both!
    Stella please post her on ooooh.
    Too many shameless girls.

  80. Senior D's story is like a nollywood movie wow. I wish you guys the very best.
    My goodness who did that to Ghanaman, that's very bad. I have noticed a lot of hate on this platform and it's so wrong. Some peeps take issues too personal, am glad you were able to delete it. Please this should stop, that's his job.
    God bless all the givers.

  81. Wasn't even able to load the card.mtchewww

  82. Hot hot hot IHNs today..woah!

    Can someone pls tell me where I can get those really nice brick like wallpapers here in Abuja? At an affordable price too?

  83. This issue of ghanaman should end already.. why go to that level, what 'll it profit you should he loose his job.

    Oga, so you go person houx go do gateman and you snatched his wife and you are here giving us long episodes metcheeew u better return somebody's wife.. if una like make una don bore twenty, u 're committing adultery.. rubbish. Who else now, eeh the dick guy, if it's true she sent you her nude pictures, then you are a very good person, just continue being good and don't share expect she pull some more drama.. hehehe

  84. 22nd day of February, 2011 is a day I’ll
    always remember as long as I am here
    on this earth. It’s the day the Lord
    decided he needed my Dad by his side.
    It has been 5 years without him and
    there is a void in me that up till this
    moment cannot be filled. I miss him
    terribly and I wish every day that he
    was by my side. If God told me I could
    change one thing in my past, it would
    most definitely be that he would allow
    my Dad the opportunity to live a longer
    and prosperous life with his family. If
    only!! Dad if you can hear me or see
    this, know that I love you and I hope I
    made you proud in every aspect of my life.

    It hasn't been easy though for mum to fend the 3 of us, but God has been merciful.

  85. See @ olori isis, na people like you suppose crest queen of the blog next to your name.

    No be all those ones wey resemble
    wetin rat chop remain. Mtsheww

  86. People still dey send nude pics?
    Let sleeping dogs lie please.

    Please free Ghanaman, he has been bashed enough.
    Beautiful footwears!
    God bless the givers

  87. Onyi who dash Stella Adadioranma, be careful o. Make I eat finish and advise you.

    Mr D your testimony is a mind blowing one. Thank God you conquered the tribal war and can enjoy your family. GBU

  88. I+H+N well-come ooo, God bless the Giver and Receiver...

  89. This just came to my mind oooo,mma nnuku time on this blog yaff pass away#Aswear no hating or anything ooo,it just a random thought...cause her reign and blessing on this blog that year ehn,even her dry jokez sometimes,gets people one word,theres nothing as inevitable as CHANGE.peace

  90. Kelechi, Pls teach her a lesson, so that other will learn not run to SDK for any issues,what transpire bwt two adult shld be their sole responsibilities.

  91. OK, yes we cuss and banter here but taking it out of this blog is plain wicked

    Is it that the person that called Ghanaman's work line wants him to loose his job or what?
    Y'all should take it easy with your evil acts abeg.

    The Ghanaman is very uncouth for a man anyway

    Blogbrity got another ID and she's now going by the name Just amazing

    Nne calm your titties oh
    One can tell it's you from your trolling old ways.

  92. @ Kelechi it is well,forgive & forget such is life.
    Ghanaman's is old news already.. D issue have b over flogged..
    Sorry Ghanaman.

  93. So the S and M lady sent her own nudes as well and with her face? Adonbelivit!Lmao

    Unless she is the most stupid individual ever or Mr. Dick is lying.
    *Or perhaps, she couldn't tell her friends she also sent her nudes hence she has to flow with the shame-kelechi game.

    That testimony just wowed me! I am amazed and moved to tears by its happy ending. God is indeed great.

    Ghanaman, in the spirit of familial closeness we share on this blog, sent in an article that he copied from somewhere and got attacked for it. But most of the comments were made out of a place of love and correction. Taking it beyond this blog to his place of work is the height of wickedness. We need to stop carrying blog matter on our heads like plantain chips seller. All drama started on this blog should end on this blog! Haba nah!

  94. Been a wonderful week so far
    Welcome ihn

    It's another month quiz today, Join our bbm channel for a free fascinator for the person who answers it right

  95. I wonder why people carry blog matters on their heads, @ Ghana man peeps on this blog are worse than you, you should have just stopped visiting after that issue because they will make sure you never forget, as if no one makes mistakes !

  96. Very obvious this blog is gender biased.....madam Stella you will neither post nor reply a mail... Note that your blog visitors makes the blog what it is.....I reserve the rest of my comment. Thanks

  97. I think its time we have Rules and regulations here...

    Mc Pinky

  98. So sorry for your pain Ghanaman.

    It's true you are not the first person to shit for church and you will not be the last.

    But the truth is, it goes beyond what you did. I always tell people personality matters. You have positioned your self as a blabbermouth and some one who talks carelessly. That's your persona here and that is how people choose to respond to you. As you can clearly see.

    I always laugh when people say 'it's just a blog'. If you think so, then you are helping yourself to judiciously waste your time. There are so many opportunities on this blog, if you sit down for 5 minutes you will identify not less than 10. There are far more.

    It is not just your compound people that visit this blog, people from nations you don't know exist come here.
    Ask Stella to give you data of how many people visit this blog monthly. YOU will be SHOCKED.

    You have an audience of millions of people that you can use to sell anything, share anything, mobilize anything, instead some of you will come here daily to insult yourselves and your father's lineage. Kpele.

    Please don't think I'm forming holy o. I too, I have 'shat' in church before. And I learned from my lessons. Ehen.
    Even if you want to yab people,or laugh at people from morning till night on this blog still put your best foot forward. That is why one bv will come here and sell shirts and other blog visitors will abuse the life out of the person. And another will sell shoes and everyone wants to buy.

    Always put your best foot forward.

    You can never tell.

    It is well with you.

  99. ihn is bae...stella you are partial,the olosho of a girl,the shameless slut also sent him her nudes and u were so quick to post without hearing from him self.bitch u quickly sent ur nudes first and u want him to take u serious,U MUST BE CRAZY.No wonder u dnt hv a boyfriend cos u keep sending dem ur nudes nd dey can never take u serious.DUMB BITCH besides am a lady.

  100. Bro Dave my namesake, your story is not so clear. It's certainly about 3 women, you should have given them a name or such for clarity. So, it's your boss' wife you later married?!
    I'm inspired anyway as I can wholly relate...
    Thank God for your life.
    I might write in my own story someday.

  101. Ihn is the koko
    Eyin fans mi, se dada lewa?
    Eru obodo, iya la iya enibodi

  102. Kelechi am happy you clear the air. You can see that her brain is half baked. Knowing fully well you had her ponyon pix hahahaha, in Stellas voice o, she still went ahead to post your in this blog. Thank you for not exposing her sha, but that your blokos wey I no see vex me o. Stella quickly comot am before I can read.

    Ghanaman no vex sha, which Radio Station you dey work? I dey tackle you before but your post melted my mind. I surrender.

  103. Olori, for your mind now. Nice leg though. Have always known you are beautiful with nice figure that is so 'ukwuable' and informed too.
    Why is my head pranking me to believe that you are 'phat'? Hmmmm.
    No curse me abeg oo. Lol.

  104. I am totally speechless!!!
    That's y most of u here will continue to suffer and labour in vain ,beg for food to eat and amount to no good.The wickedness in ur hearts amazes the devil totally!!!
    @Ghanaman,be strong...For evry pain,u shall gain double glory.

    Kelechi,forgive the silly gal.I kn her type.
    See hw she ran to a blog to call u out forgetting u have her nudes with her face on it..lmaooo

    A particular bbm add has bin coming and i've bin declining.Its a known name here.Pls i can no longer accept add ons esp frm dis blog.*i'm wiser now*
    we can chat on whatsapp. thanks!!
    Shutting down now!!!

    I love mondays...brb

  105. God is faithful
    May he bless all who give out here

  106. Kelechi you're not a mature guy, for even responding to it.

    The BV that sent the text to Ghanaman, are you the original owner of the write-up?

    Thank God for you Senior D, pls keep loving her and don't cheat on her. #Respect

    19years babe, your whole family need thorough deliverance because no amount of money will change your story unless deliverance/liberation is done. Seek GOD.

    N25 and you're complaining, mine is in .00. (kobo), but I trust my GOD. Go work,
    borrow and later you pay back.

    God bless the givers - srevig

  107. I dont blame my coursemate who participated in that last single and mingle post, come and see nude pics flying up and down. Umuazi ogwugwu oge. After u all will say men are this men are dat while u will foolishly send ur nude pics to a guy u dont even know or met. Wat is wrong with ladies of this our generation? Marriage is it by fire by force, i thou u guys said marriage is overated? How come u ladies are so desperate like this, sending nude pics up and down, if ur name is prisca, chinenye and aderisola and u participated in the last single and mingle post, try and go and pick ur self esteem where u stupid ladies left it, stop sending una nude pics anyhow cos that doesn't guarantee that the guy will marry u. What is all these bikonu.

    Prisca, u re so shameless to the extent of not hiding ur face in the nude pics that u sent. Ifere megbuo gi. Ebee ka ugwu nwanyi gi di. Tufiaaaaa.

    Then as for the anonymous you are free to trace me. I dont care inugo. That i said the man no fine means the man no fine as simple as Abc. Am not a coward that goes under anonymous to cuss out people then use blog id to act holy nwejee. Pretending to be wat they re not. I am not a coward. Trynaa trace me hahaha.

    All u hoes wey full this blog, change ur ways of life cos sending your nude pics to every tom and Jerry won't give u a good man rather u will end up with a player who Will keep asking for nude pics from other ladies when he is tired of ur punani. Real men/ men who fear God/responsible men don't ask for nude pics. Merenu onwe unu ebere.


  108. The person that still went ahead to write about ghanaman should fear God ooo. The bv that shared his testimony thank God it all end well, may God continue to keep your family together.

  109. Am 27yrs old a student of fedpoly owerri ND2 I have been taking care of my education all alone no family, relative dat help me I don't even av a boyfriend I don't av anything in dis world dat makes me happy I look myself as someone who is all alone in dis world no happiness no joy I av been trying by taking care of myself in terms of finance bcs before I gained admission I was working ad during my ND1 dat was last year i was working ad also schooling it was nt easy for me then I stopped d work December last year although I saved some money which av finished now but dat is nt my major problem my problem now is laptop I will use to type my project ad I want to go for catering training how to bake cake how to do decoration ad so on so dat by d time am through with my ND which is dis year I will be able to have a handwork dat can help me save money for my HND but wen I got to were I can learn it the amount is 40k ad i cant afford d money bcs I av some other debt to pay in school, pls am begging my fellow bv to help me get dis amount if any one who base in owerri dat can training me for free i will appreciate it ad my God will bless who ever dat help me in one way or the other I really need a handwork to use help myself u can reach me with dis number 08036430425


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