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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narratives..




Good day Stella, I love your blog and have learnt a lot from it.

I've been dating a guy since January this year and I must say that our love was out of this world. I'm 22 and he's 29. Within a month, I was introduced to his family members and he also came to see my parents. He was already planning to propose to me, I learnt that from a friend. We were always talking about marriage (already planning our wedding, contacted photographers for our pre-wedding photo shoot, calculated how much it would cost and all of that). In fact, we were planning to apply for a stay in Canada together, so he wanted us to have our introduction soonest so we would do our court wedding in order for us to be to apply.

He told my mum about our plans but my mum told him to wait till I come back from camp (was awaiting NYSC then). I went to camp and he travelled for an official assignment.Throughout my stay in camp, we were always in contact with each other. After I got back from camp, he never for once mentioned anything about the introduction again. My mum even asked me why he had not come to see her concerning it because you should have seen him talk about it. I told him about it and he said it was due to financial issues.

One day, he told me that we could stay in Nigeria to plan our lives together instead of travelling and I agreed with him.Then he told me about his married colleague that was always gisting him about his marital issues and he said that he doesn't think he wants to get married. I just ignored him and since then, I stopped mentioning anything about marriage to him.
I finally got a PPA and I told them that I would be coming just 2 days a week due to my accommodation issues. I was posted to Ogun state so I had to go home (Lagos) every weekend.

On the other hand, my mum thinks I go to work everyday and stay with a friend. But the truth is that, I stay with my boyfriend and that was the biggest mistake ever. He started complaining about so many things, we started quarrelling very frequently.Then came the issue of sex (I'm a virgin), we agreed we would wait till our wedding night but this guy started making me suffer for it. 

He said he was sexually frustrated, he started misbehaving towards me.

Long story short, he decided that we shouldn't be making out again. initially, I was in support of it but I noticed that he wouldn't talk to me nor hug me; he distanced himself from me emotionally. I would try to kiss him and make out with him but he wouldn't, he said we agreed not to make out and I asked if that meant he not kissing me randomly or stuffs like that.

We lived like total strangers and I became depressed, was always crying, didn't feel loved or desired. A day came, he told me it would be best we live apart and I was actually happy to hear that. I would be moving out soon but I'm still worried about some things.

With all these traits, do they mean he's just tired of me and trying to push me away? There was a day I decided to give him my virginity but he said he was not feeling the vibe anymore. Has he been saying something I haven't been listening to?

When we are together and a girl passes, he wouldn't hide the fact that he's staring at her and it will be obvious. He wouldn't even let me follow him to weddings and stuffs like that.

I need your sincere opinions and I wouldn't mind if they are bitter.Thanks.

*You are an emotional earthquake and you need to get a grip on yourself.When you havent married a man and so many things are wrong,what does that tell you?are you looking for a miracle to change him or what?Bro is clearly not ready for anything that you are ready for.....
Give yourself sense and stop crying!....take a break from this toxic relationship and get busy to get him off your mind for a while.perhaps the miracle you seek will happen,perhaps not!



Hi Stella,
I'm done racking my brain, hence my decision to write you.
I met this dude on SnM in August 2015. We started off as friends, best buddies  before it grew to a Lovely Relationship.

We've not met yet because he's in diaspora, though when he planned visit, I requested a change in plans till I'm due to take my leave.
Stella the problem here is, the love from my end is beginning drop, (He's still crazily in love with me).  Firstly, he plans to settle down in 2-3 years, I thought I could wait, but Stella I can't anymore. 

 I can't continue chasing suitors because of him. Although he reassures me of his undying love more often but that isn't enough. We can't get married till 3 years because he'll be a full citizen In 3years and his wife (Me) accrued full rights but till then we'll just continue bonding.

Secondly, the distance is killing me. I need someone I can always pour out my emotions on, any day n time, and one I can see his expression, disagree to agree (physically) not via Skype or phone.

He's a wonderful person, helps me in some financial situations, and above all He's Caring. He hasn't shown any negative threat in this first year of knowing him .

I've been acting strangely, and he's been bothered. Stella I asked for two weeks break from the relationship. He just called to check up on me now, that prompted me to mail you. He's a BV and might read this.

I NEED your pen on this and that of Bvs to give him a feedback. Love u.

*Why do women always look for cracks where there are none?Its simple,despite all his positive traits,if you cannot wait then walk away cos there is even no guarantee that after three years,he will marry you,there is even no guarantee that the relationship will survive the three years.

You are looking for someone to gbensh constantly abi?cos i dont see why you cannot make do with what you have if you are convinced he loves you.
Everything in life is a risk,take a chance or walk away.The decision lies with you honey.

Long distance relationships hardly work out these days because we no longer have the patience our forefathers had,however in rare cases,it does work out.
Hold on and take a big risk loving him and holding on or let go and pray love finds you hear?


  1. Poster 1: oga is not feeling u again coz u r a virgin and u don't want to drop. Don't drop ur guard o. Let him go. U'll find a better man.

    Ladies, stop moving in with a man who is not ur husband yet, una no dey hear. Haba!!!

    Poster 2: long distant relationship is hard but waiting for. 3 years and chasing other suitors away? Hiaan!!! What if he doesn't marry u after 3 years? Use ur brain

    1. Poster1, move out of his place, give him space,get busy basically
      posters,why did you agree to date him if you aren't cool with long distance relationship? You knew from the get-go he's in the diaspora,why did you allow him fall neck-deep? Do you know you can be married in less than 3 years? Well,tell him your reservations and end it with him b4 it's too late.

    2. Dafuq is *stuffs*. Why won't you be shooting bullets upandan when your head is already clouded with marriage thoughts? You better enjoy your youth now that you can #talkingfromexperience

    3. Poster two are you a baby? You are chasing away suitors because of someone you have not seen? Something is wrong with you.
      Girls stop dating only one guy at a time, guys dont do that shit. Always have a backup plan relationship wise. While at it, always go with the one that is most serious not the one you love most.

    4. Ooooo, he begged me to come visit him in Atl, I did, promised myself not to give him cookie, chia, I did. He eat my pussy I was screaming down the sky scrapers. He is very cool, but I am not feeling him still o.

      Chiaaaaa... This is hard....

    5. Lol @ Anonymous 16:36
      Back up relationships?

      I think both ladies know the decision to take but they're not ready to take it. I don't see why they both can't walk away from something that isn't working for them.

    6. Lol @ Anonymous 16:36
      Back up relationships?

      I think both ladies know the decision to take but they're not ready to take it. I don't see why they both can't walk away from something that isn't working for them.

    7. #Sigh.

      Ladies, some of you just need to understand that dating guys way older than you is one of the biggest problems you have.

      I know it's been inculcated into you that you have to date guys older than you are and I frankly subscribe to it, giving how immature some guys can be. However, if a guy at 29 is dating a 22 year old, then, i'm sure, undoubtedly, he would feel he has an upper hand and can easily get away with things simply because he knows he is older and naturally should be wiser.

      The age long tradition of men dating/marrying younger women has benefited the men way more than it has benefited the women. At 22, no matter your level of maturity or IQ, you will still have to play catch up to a standard 29 year old. You'll meet up with him only if he is below average. 

      Some men date younger women to get away with their wrong doings. Most men don't even know it because in most cases, it's subconscious. This is not to say men don't mess with women they date/marry who are of the same age as them or of little age difference, but if we are to be honest, it will be way easier to do wrong to a person you are way older than. I'm not asking you not to date older guys but cut the age difference down, significantly, it will go a long way in safeguarding your sanity.

      That cleared, he refused to take your virginity when you offered it, which I quite admire but really, if I'm not that into you and I'm not really in the mood, I wouldn't sleep with a virgin either. It can be pretty stressful. Only sex starved guys will sleep with a virgin they just want to frolick with. So, that tells you he is probably having sex with someone else and he is not into you anymore. This does not mean you should breakup. We all fall in and out of love. He just might fall back in love with you.

      Also, at 22 marriage shouldn't even be your priority, my dear. Aspire to be something in life. Try to attain such great height that even if you eventually do not marry him, he would take great pride in saying he almost married you.

      Sweetheart, life is fun! Go out and have all the fun you can. Don't corner yourself at such young age. Strive to make the best of yourself before you are hooked. All the best!‎

    8. Wow well written. Good advice.

  2. Poster 1, at 22 you're already moving in and living with a man? He is even a good man for not taking your pride by force since you don't rate yourself that high.
    Move out and stop bugging him. You can't make a man marry you. If he wants to, he'd do so without you hanging around like a lap dog.
    Tell your mom too to stop asking you questions about him and that for now the guy is going through financial constraints.
    Reasons why you should always introduce every man you date to you parents. They'd continue to ask after the person even when you've broken up and they'd think you're wayward once you begin to introduce them to more than one man as your man.
    Just because he said he wanted to marry you one month into your relationship doesn't mean he has no right to change his mind.
    He is equally young at 29 and I don't fault him at all although many young people now marry early.
    Take a chill pill babe, if you rush into marriage you'd rush out.

    Poster 2, why start what you can't finish. I mean this guy was abroad when you accepted to date him.
    Tell him you can't wait. There is no need stringing him along since you are no longer interested.

    1. P1, that's the major diff btw married couple and live in couple. Ur guy was already planning on how to insert his son fast immediately u decided to start living in his house, but u scattered guyman dreams and put him thru some psychological torture. U want him to kiss and romance u to what end? Well, I like that ur guy, he is so real and straight forward like me. He has tried to bear the 1million temptation everyday.
      Why do u need cuddles, kiss or romancing when u are a virgin. Please do it guy and urself a favour by giving him some space and save him from daily temptation by packing outa his house.
      I once ran from a similar situation when I saw the signs, I simply backed out of the plans.

  3. No 1 give him a break..
    No2 Nobody can help u here,do what u want.

    1. @ poster 1, give him space, you are choking the guy already. Your destiny is never tied to anyone, let him breathe abeg...
      @ Poster 2, won't it be better if you had told him that personally over the phone or something, pour out your mind to him instead of bringing it here?

  4. @1,go and look for a man who is also a virgin, u are too boring.
    @2, mumu girl, u are chasing suitors away over a man u ve never met in person, after Chopin his money u now realize 3 yrs is too long to wait, brainless girl.

  5. Poster 1,
    Why are you living with a man that has not married you?....
    He has seen you finish so what do you expect?...Mumu girl...
    He is fed up with better leave before he finally dump you!...

    Poster 2,
    Don't tell me you are putting all your eggs in this man...don't be a mans Mugu in this time and age...
    Give other men a chance mehn afteral he has not paid your bride prize!...
    I'm sure he is gbenshing someone in his location while you are here doing internet love...

    1. Bride PRIZE @ Linda Eze?

    2. Queen is right. Please ladies stop living with a man that hasn't wifed you. I know some people don't see it as a big deal but it's wrong and I'm not even talking about the spiritual implications. After countless abortions, doing wifey duties and people around calling you his wife, he might still dump you cos he has "seen you finish". You can go and spend weekends with him from time to time but please do not move in with him. It reeks of low self esteem. Living with a man who is not your husband won't make him love you more.

  6. Poster 2 In addition, no one deserves to suffer for your indecision. You knew about this distance thing from the start, you shouldn't have accepted to date him at all till you both met in person.
    It's so easy to fall for someone over the phone or via chat. Personal communication and one via phone are far apart. You can't detect a lot of things about how a person truly is through the phone.
    You need to be mature and tell him the lack of physical presence is making you have doubts. You both can remain friends and if you both belong together then it will happen.

    1. Poster 2, quit if u can't keep the relationship. Anybody that says distance is not a barrier in any relationship or marriage is lying to u. Love/hate tends to grow faster and higher when the other person u see everyday continues to do the good/evil thing he does continuously.
      DON'T EVER WAIT FOR ANY GUY ABROAD. ask Benin guys and gals Wetin abroad fiance or gfs Don use their heart see.

  7. Poster 1,pls forget about him.he's not the one for u.poster 2,u no get problem

  8. Poster two drop his contacts then u can move on with your life.

  9. Poster one pls move on with ur life, at 22 u have a long way ahead of you, n will meet amazing pple. Dude just wanna release excess sperm.

  10. Poster 2 don't ever chase suitors because of a particular guy am talking from experience I would hv been married and am now 33 with no husband

  11. It's that simple. Have a serious relationship by the side and keep him as well. Anyone that comes first is all good. Are you that daft? How can a guy keep a tag on when he is ready to marry you, get some brain

    1. She's a Gwegz already, she can't wait.

  12. Second chronicle, looks like someone is in d picture, pls leave ur abroad bf and face naija own! I'm just been sarcastic.

    1. Who knows "The Concept Group Ltd" and their requirements bfr you can be considered for test?

  13. Oga ooo...women and plenty wahala

  14. Poster 1: Well, i must why turn him on & leave him high & dry? staying celibate is easier for a virgin than one whos what sex feels like, its much more difficult fighting sexual hormones, well if hes losing interest in you & rejecting the virginity u offered in a platter of gold, you shld applaud him, most red blooded guys would jump to that offer... dont be so clinged to marriage for now, ure still very young, just siddon fold ur hand de observe.

    Poster2:Distance r/ship is not for all, some can handle it... thats why it rarely works, requires alot of commitment, trust & transparency, if youre sure u cant deal, then drop him gently, being that hes a cool guy, he'd be off the market in no time.

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  15. Pls oh, how do i get over my boyfriend?
    i cant deny the love i have for him, but hes not my husband, so i think sha.

  16. Oga o...women and plenty wahala

    1. I tell you! Poster 1, what do you want out of life? Let's even assume the guy changes back to what you are use to, what do you have to offer? Marriage is no joke. What will you bring to the table? Please, that guy is already showing you how he feels, don't wait for him to dump you, quietly walk out. Move out! Go home to your parents. . Reevaluate your life! Don't you have dreams? Plans!? You are in your prime... There is more to life than men and marriage!

      Poster2: why string him along? Please do the needful, end things with him if you feel you can't do the whole long distance relationship. Let him find love elsewhere .Life is too short.

      I'm out!

  17. Poster 2- give me his contact...I can wait for three years

    1. She won't give his contact to stella, selfish poster. Guy drop ur contacts on d next SnM, i'll add u n wait for five years, I'm 22 now.

  18. Narrative one that guy isn't into you and why will you be iniating kisses and all of that when you know you don't want sex from him and living with him as well so what do you expect from him, it's tired of you and wants you out so he can flow properly, mind you even if you give your virginity to him now, he will still break up with you, how do you feel when you feel like eating fried rice and have begged for it yet you are seening it but the person in charge is not willing to give that fried rice to you, at the end you test jollof outside and discovered you are okay with the jollof after all they are made of same rice so you loses interest eating that fried rice even when it's offered to you on a plater of gold. So make ur calculations.

    Narrative two don't just waist your time on a long distance relationship with anyone, it wastes one's time, am talking from experience, before age go pass you, you wouldn't know. My dear it's better to be seeing who you are dating regulary atleast once in a while than dating your skype and phone and thinks you are in love with someone. Use your brain while you still can, time waits for no man.

  19. All I see is Stella's comments, Stella you don turn love doctor ohh

    1. Ofcus, wat else would u see?
      Do u have a functionin brain?

  20. Poster1: ur boo is toying with ur emotions...he isn't ready for commitment or has found someone else....leave now, u still young, dnt be desperate
    Poster 2: dnt be impatient but if you insist der r greener pastures who are we to stop you.....but know for dat if something goes wrong u ll ha e urself to blame
    Posters boo....u might as well post ur details on snm ...ur bae be looking for green grass...u might as well do d same!
    #pam 👄 #

  21. Poster 1 you offered ur virginity and he refused?hahahaha hahaha lmao lol hehehehe hehehehe. Virginity is nothing, when will u ladies learn? Don't put the pussy on a pedestal. Nothing dey there jare.

    1. Nonsense advice. Then why do men still want virgins? Keep deceiving yourself

  22. ChChrochro....Poster 1, the signs are obvious. Get yourself together, put your slay on, put on your crown and bounce back with pride like a queen. Love will find you. Poster 2, you are confused ove nothing. Nothing in relationships is guaranteed. You may walk away and still be single in 5years

    1. Just like what you wrote up there. ✌👌👍👏👋👊

    2. Sorry o The Boss Lady, I am not understanding. Is it inside the guy's house that she'll bounce back, slay and put on a crown ? You better ask her to leave his house.

  23. Poster 1: you r still 22, your focus should be on how to build your career and make impact in your own way.if you start getting frustrated emotionally @ this age, when 'll it stop?
    Poster2; my dear forget what's said on phone. If age is no longer on your side, pls move on. If u still want to continue? I suggest u both should visit yourselves, if the spark is still there after the visit, then good luck.
    I'm not a fan of blind dates

  24. Poster one. Leave that guy and go out and have fun. Make new friends and act as if nothing happen. You will be fine.

  25. Poster 1,the guy has been sending out signals but your brain has refused to process it. It's either he is no longer interested in the relationship or he has another girl who will take over the moment he succeeds in frustrating you out. Heck he could have even used the marriage talk to gain access to your cookie jar. Since his mission has turned to mission impossible, there's no need to continue with the charade. Dust yourself and move on. The man that'll value and cherish you is on his way. Wait for him.

    Aunty poster 2, I just have one question. What's the guarantee that you'll get married immediately after leaving this guy? I'm not saying you should put your eggs in one basket. But remember a bird in the hand is worth a thousand wherever. Be patient. If he's the one for you, trust me, it's worth the wait. Goodluck.

  26. N1 he av fallen out of love! B2, 2 yrs is too much to wait bc it's uncertain what it holds for u. If u can't wait, then bounce

  27. P1
    He wanted it, you refused, now you wanna give him but he has lost interest. Just move on and acceot your loss. Its cos if things like this i dont like accepting to date someone that says no sex cos the moment its all perfect and you say no, it feels horrible. Why make out with a guy and get him all horny only for you to say no? Thats wickedness.
    Just move on, date someone thats ready and make sure you avoid making out.

    Pls drip his number so that those that want a good man will hook up with him.
    You dont deserve him. Personally i dont do distance cos the story that will touch wont go down well.
    Just leave and be loyal, theres no in between

  28. Poster 1, u can see the signs we don't need to advise you
    Poster 2, I don't think you should still be waiting except you just want to keep on waiting

  29. Poster 1:your greatest mistake was going to live with a man who hadn't paid your bride price...Gosh!!what this world turning into?Just 22yrs and you are already desperate even offering yourself to him.
    He isn't into you again,dont call him,infant just delete him from your life cos that guy obviously has another girlfriend.
    Poster2:its depends on your age,if you are still in ur early twenties,wait but if not look for another boyfriend.

  30. Stella, Toyin Aimakhu's account has been hacked.

  31. Poster 1: The guy dont need you again

    Poster 2: You need prayers

    Read Quotes

  32. Poster one.
    He is just not into you anymore.
    Move out today if possible. It doesn't have anything to do with Sex!

    He can sleep with you and still refuse to marry you. It is sad but true.

    Poster two.
    I guess chronicles and horrible stories here are getting to you. It happens.
    If you ever loved that dude,let it flow.
    Follow your instinct.
    Relationships bound to the Altar have packed up after several years even when the couple were Live-in lovers.
    These things cannot be predicted like a game of Chess,both of you might even get married before the expiration of that 3years...

    The most important thing is to get to know your intended and make that Visit happen,Fast!
    Other things will fall into place.

    Your prayer today? God show me a sign. Let lines fall into perfect places for me. Simple,go and sleep.

  33. Ibukun ori e pe! Wa pe laye...

    1. Lmao
      Namesake toh understand☝
      How's you😂

  34. Poster 1 the guy is having a change of mind of you, may be probably he has seen another lady while you were in camp, you better Park your bag and baggagess back to your mama house now that he is no more interested in shinning your thing. Poster2 guy is over there not that he has propose nor engage or marry you, how can you be putting all your egg in one basket for crying out loud? What if he eventually come and did not marry you nko, you fit get another bobo here why waiting for him or break up.

  35. Looks like we've not sang our song in a while and girl's brains are beginning to grow cobwebs again:

    WHO opens legs for sex?
    Who get's pregnant?
    Who bears the guilt of abortion (the man shares in the consequences though; see Proverbs 6:16) and cries every second/everyday?
    Who is heartbroken and shattered and confused?
    Who has insecurity and low self esteem?
    Who is seen as the whore?
    Who has suicidal thoughts (yes you murdered a human being or more see Gen. 9:6)?
    Who sulks even a decade after the man has moved on, married and had kids?
    Who is dumped?
    On and on and on.
    When the man finishes with you he moves on to the next "gullible victim"
    Leave such men who are only interested in you body (no; just interested in your vagina and breasts) alone and face your life and make it right with God and do not kill kids etc.
    Jesus says; "whoever comes to me I will not cast away". Matthew 7:6 "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

  36. Poster 1,move out of his house n dnt be in haste to break up wit him just focus on oda tins to get him off ur mind besides ur stil very young.poster 2,since ur so desperate n cnt wait pls leave him already.U knew wat u were gettin into wen u decided to be wit him so y complain nw?S n M wil happen today so watch out am sure u wil find someone who wil even marry u today so relax.

  37. Poster2, don't chase d abroad guy o, cos u might not get married to d person wey u de put mind on oo, just keep him nd d other guy

  38. Poster 1: You have a lot of growing up to do. Move on, he's not interested anymore. That's if he ever was.

    Poster 2: This to me feels like you are giving the guy an ultimatum to marry you now. You should not have accepted to wait if you feel this way.
    To the boyfriend, if you are reading this, let her go, she isn't yours.

  39. Poster 1:- The music has since stopped playing and you are still dancing?
    What do you think you look like to onlookers?

    Poster 2:- When more is not enough, you begin to look for more than enough.

    1. Kai! I so feel your saying to poster 1.

  40. If you are living with a man that has not married you and untop of it u starve him sex do you think you are right or wrong? You are wrong
    For a man to value u, you ve to be relatively scarce, if you must sleep in a man's house u ve to untie ur legs bc yam and goat does not leave together.borrow ur self sense

  41. Stella u and Bvs won't kill me ooo. Choi couldn't read the blog yesterday went out. I read abt the guy that drank bweeest milk, Kwakwakwakwa.😄. I met one when I was in Nigeria ooo, this girl fine die, I loved her like three months into the relationship we had sex, it was amazing she is tight everything I introduced her to my family my mum was fond of her. Later she told me she was going to further her studies abroad, ok she left, stella I saw her pix, whaaat? She is married, with a baby self in fact that girl won't be anything less than 4yrs. She went to join her husband while she told me she is going for further studies.I tired chatting her she blocked me. Women make una fear God ooo. Stella pls post this.

  42. Pls why are some girls stupid and wicked at the same time? @Poster 1 how can you tell a young man that no sex will be involved in your relationship yet you moved in with him? You want him to kiss, caress and be emotionally attached to you while you remain a VIRGIN. Let the womenfolk (in Nigeria) be informed that one of the biggest mistake in life is to move in with a man that has not paid your dowry. Again, if you want to keep your virginity till marriage,do not stay with a man in any secluded area at any time AND do not kiss, caress, cuddle, blow-job, smooch, etc to any man or allow any one do these to you. Let her that thinks she's standing take heed lest she falls.

    Better face your service, fix your emotional wreckage and plan to move your life forward with better things.

    @Poster 2 - I believe a bird at hand is worth more than millions in the bush. If you have seen/met suitors (where you reside) why wait for a man in diaspora you have neither seen physically nor sure that will marry you. I won't even be surprised that guy man is living with another woman where he resides and plans to keep/make you his Naija wify. I have friends who are currently frustrated and depressed after many years of waiting for bros at yonder to come and finalize their marriage rites and I have a bro who has promised more than five ladies in Naija marriage.

    Now you told him to give you a break, hook up with a guy near you that is in love with you and ready to take things to another level sooner or later.

    All the best folks and have a great week ahead.

  43. Poster 2, what if u leave this good guy and u re still single in the next 3years. Then he marries someone else and you live in regrets. I bet u haven't thought of that. I did the long distance thing and we got married 3years later. My hubby had impatient exes like you and guess what, they are still SINGLE.

    1. God bless you for this..
      At the mention of proposal,some girls start doing like confused ceiling fan(wondering if it's forward or backward movement)
      Na ur type dey miss the *real deal*
      If na gbenshing dey hungry you,Open up to the guy,make una meet gbensh each other brains out...
      Don't be an unam ikot😂😂

  44. Poster one living with her boyfriend, I have nothing to say to u. That guy will not marry you. Move on already. Next time don't go throw urself at a man.

  45. Poster1:just give d guy a break then wen he sees he his losing u he will come back begging but do shakara ooo before u accept him back
    poster2:u get cap but u Dnt knw aw to fix it properly on ur head,he has never behaved badly towards u so y can't u be patient for him or maybe u Dnt love him.

  46. Poster1,U too blessed to be stressed

  47. Poster2,U too blessed to be stressed

  48. Poster 1 dont give up your dreams for a man who has not even commited to you. You want to relocate to canada? Keep at it. Move back to your house hian no sell yaself cheap. You are still young pursue your dreams enjoy this time you are not encumbered with children and husband. All would fall in place. Poster 2 i had a long distance relationship though we started off in school together but he relocated Nd we made it work though not easy, why not at least meet him and see how it goes from there keep an open mind how a relationship ends is never guaranteed even the ones that end in marriage. . Wish you both the best

  49. Poster 2. I guess the wedding night posts you have been reading here are the cusser. Hence you wanna send yours. I hope you can pray up to 1 hour?

    Poster 1. Flee and RUN faster fastest. Don't please any guy that hasn't paid a dime on your head.


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