Stella Dimoko EFCC To Seize Diezani’s Assets In America


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Thursday, August 25, 2016

EFCC To Seize Diezani’s Assets In America

Former Petroleum Resources Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke is likely to lose some United States properties traced to her.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is probing Mrs Alison-Madueke for over $10 billion slush funds. It has initiated a process for the seizure of the assets – in line with United States laws.

EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu has just returned from the United States where he discussed with the authorities how to attach the properties, The Nation learnt yesterday.
In the last one year, the EFCC has traced assets and items worth about $10billion to Mrs. Alison-Madueke and her business associates, Mr. Kola Aluko and Chief Jide Omokore.
Some of the assets include an $18million peoperty (over N6.3billion at N350 exchange rate) in Abuja.

A top EFCC source, who spoke in confidence, said: “We have located some assets allegedly owned by Diezani and some of her business associates in the United States. We are already collaborating with the US Government to attach these assets.
“In fact, the EFCC chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, spent about one and a half weeks in the US to work with the relevant agencies to trace Diezani’s properties, some of which are believed to have been secured through business fronts like Kola Aluko.

“We have submitted relevant documents to the US authorities in order to facilitate the seizure of the assets.”
Responding to a question, the source added: “Some of these properties were acquired through some business fronts like Aluko and Omokore.
“We even have a in which houses on a street in Switzerland have been traced to an associate of Diezani.”

The EFCC is working with anti-graft agencies in Britain and the United States.
“Don’t forget that the EFCC initially secured a Mareva Injunction from Justice O.O. Oguntoyinbo to freeze some foreign accounts and seize some assets linked with Diezani’s associates in the United Kingdom,” the source said.
Accounts have been frozen in some of overseas financial institutions.

 They include BNP Paribas (Switzerland), LGT Bank (Switzerland), Standard Chartered Bank (London),Barclays Bank (London), Standard Energy (Voduz, Switzerland), HSBC (London), Corner Bank (Lugano, Switzerland) and Deutsche Bank (Geneva).
Section 34 (1) of the EFCC Act 2004 empowers the Commission to freeze any account suspected of being used for financial crimes.

The section stipulates that “the chairman of the commission or any officer authorised by him may, if satisfied that the money in the account of a person is made through the commission of an offence under this Act or any enactment specified under Section 6(2) (a)-(f) of this Act, apply to the court ex parte for power to issue or instruct a bank examiner or such other appropriate authority to freeze the account.”

The National Crime Agency (NCA) in the UK arrested and quizzed Mrs Alison-Madueke and four others on October 2, 2015 for alleged bribery, corruption and money laundering.
Also the EFCC has interrogated five more suspects since her interrogation.
The NCA last year obtained permission from a Westminster Magistrate’s Court to seize 27,000 pounds from Alison-Madueke and two other women.

Although NCA detectives have visited the country this year in line with the probe, it was unclear as at press time when she will be formally arraigned in court in the UK.
While the UK investigation was in progress, the EFCC uncovered another $115million poll bribery scam in which the ex-minister was implicated.
But Mrs Alison-Madueke has described allegations against her as “cold-hearted” and inhuman because she is ill.

Her statement said in part: “Coming at such a critical time in my life when I am battling cancer, this poorly executed propaganda bares on its face like tribal marks, a clearly malicious attempt to victimise an innocent woman in what appears an exaggerated plot to validate and give credibility to the anti-corruption crusade under Nigeria’s new regime.

“People who are battling cancer or those who have lost their loved ones to this medical condition understand what I am going through at this time.
“This is what makes me ponder at the cold-heartedness of those who will go any length to defame and destroy in the name of propaganda. What happened to our shared humanity?

”I have absolute regard for the law and believe that people who have breached the laws that govern societies should be made to face the wrath of the law.
“But in a civilized society, a responsible government owes its citizens absolute commitment to the principles of rule of law, equity, fairness and justice. I have been wrongfully and maliciously maligned and those behind this reckless action know it.
“I leave them to posterity, their conscience and above all the Almighty God who is the final judge of all.”

Sahara reporters

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  1. Diezani must be brot to book she shud be made to face d music as a standin example to oda would be bandits.u vnt seen notin yet.

    1. Abegy. What is she on about? Madame before u leave them to posterity and God, let the court proceed with their trial. Like seriously? Oh puleaseeee!

    2. Lmao, you are wicked sisi.

  2. Diezani must be brot to book she shud be made to face d music as a standin example to oda would be bandits.u vnt seen notin yet.

  3. Screw EFCC!!!! The ones they have been recovering from all politicians and all, where is d proof of the money and of what use has it been????
    Abeg I hate any gist EFCC,they suck!!!!

  4. Buhari and his goons at EFCC must be high on some cheap illegal drugs.
    Do they think USA is some kind of failed country like Nigeria you can wake up and start seizing people's property?

    1. You think the US will not gladly hand over the properties? Why shd they protect diezani when they can benefit more from Buhari? Why is this news coming out when the US sec is in Nigeria. They will gladly give Buhari diezani's head of he can offer them something in return.

    2. Shut up joor!
      U don reach airport before?
      I must comment byforce

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  6. When you where stealing to stupor, you didn't remember God. It's because of you & your fellow thieves action that has made Nigeria to be this bad. If you had remembered God & help the country in saving from the surplus we had then, it won't be this bad. It's because your not in the country to see first hand the suffering people are going through everyday.
    I hope all the money u stole will save u from your cancer.

    1. Honebunny, did you catch her stealing? Did any court convict her of stealing? Did your father give her money to keep for you?

    2. Anonymous I am sure uou are Deziani or one of her relatives. Let me just put it like this , diezani, kola aluko, and all those that stole Nigeria's money will never know peace IJN. Their lives will not be long and their children will die horrible deaths, Amen.

    3. Anonymous I am sure uou are Deziani or one of her relatives. Let me just put it like this , diezani, kola aluko, and all those that stole Nigeria's money will never know peace IJN. Their lives will not be long and their children will die horrible deaths, Amen.

  7. You a right ma but the only thing I wonder about is why the disease just blew out of control immediately your government was ousted bearing in mind you were all healthy and bubbly up until when the election results were announced and considering the fact that you were credited to have said that you would immediately go on exile if your principal did not return to power.

    However, my question is this- Nigeria was bled to death through looting, this looting is responsible for our woeful state today, the outside world has made it clear that Nigeria's wealth has been stashed away in their countries by thieving Nigerians. Yet everyone claims innocent and being victimised rather than submit themselves to prove their innocence but each time the outside world decides to take up the fragments of same cases the same 'innocents' end up in jail. Tell me who is fooling and deceiving us?

    1. @youngman, I don't think you will wish to have Cancer with a billion dollar in exchange for a sound health any time soon.

    2. Youngman, u r wiser than many "old" people here! Including Anon 08.29

  8. This woman! She tried.I carry Beyonce hand for am

  9. Stupid people Seize all you want!
    Defame all you want but by all means make this nation work!

    You guys have been on this gra gra for a year and 3 months...

    How has this gra gra, naming and shaming contributed to the ECONOMIC BOTTOM LINE in terms of Naira and Kobo?

    How has it impacted the masses?

    Who will take over the property and what will be done with it? Abi y'all will go Ghost mode on this and keep the proceeds of the seizure to yourselves abi?

    Una dey try well well!

    Go and work and revamp the economy it'll matter more than the news of the seizure.

    Baba Austerity since 1985

  10. thieves upandan as in international thieves with certificates.. God will not let u escape..millions of pipo are suffering because of u n ur types.. enough is enough we are tired.. to d govt we had better c what u will do with all the recovered funds/assets oo before we enter one chance TWICE

  11. Na dem sabi. what i know is that this government is a failure. we are now in the 15th months, nothing good has come out.

    1. 15th months? Nne ijekwara nke bu akwukwo

  12. I still don't understand why Jonathan hasn't been probed. This dumb ass and his gang cabinets were not only stealing, they were LOOTING!!! Nigger didn't know shits! He was used!
    Fake ass primary school professor, erh erhhh I didn't see corruption. Yall, y'all children and families are going to die a miserable death! Criminals

    1. Backdate the probe to obasanjo era


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