Stella Dimoko Gov Fayose Distributes N10M Grant To Aid Small Entrepreneurs In Ekiti -Photos


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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Gov Fayose Distributes N10M Grant To Aid Small Entrepreneurs In Ekiti -Photos

Wow!!!...This is good news indeed!
Have Salaries been paid?


Miss Ess said...

Well... He tried. Hope he has paid salaries

white Berry said...

This is better,God bless him for that

I am the queen and the boss of this blog said...

My man my man!...
That's very nice of you! rock jare!...

Anonymous said...

Daddy Adeboye's advice to single men is what prompted this omugwo chronicle. I married into a very prayerful family. My mil prays like she will die if she doesnt pray in a day, my 1st sil is a prayer warrior, my 2nd sil prays from 10pm-3am every blessed day, my 3rd sil is a prayer warrior too, my 4th sil and my 2 bils are the only exceptions, they only pray when they have to. My first omugwo was my worst. My mil never liked me because I'm not Igbo and its an abomination for a first son to marry an outsider, plus dh was quite broke then so we lived in a flat in his family house. My 2nd sil believed and still believes i jazzed her bro So the hatred was on another level jazz a broke man? Who does that? I married for love! Dh is tdh. I am a 6footer and beautiful as well damnit!). Because we knew the family won't accept me, dh and i decided i take in before our trad but it still didn't stop the hatred. The first day I cooked and took a big portion of it to the main house is a day I will not forget in a hurry, mil looked at me and my food so disgustedly I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me. Luckily for me my 4th sil came to my rescue, she collected the food from me, thanked me and started eating from it immediately, mil didn't say a word to me. As I was leaving after standing there like an idiot for over 5mins, I heard mil shout at her daughter to stop eating that poison but she argued a bit with her mum and carried the food to her room. Shortly after I heard my 2nd sil cabashing against every spirit that has taken control of her brother (dh) and her sister that ate my food. I cried myself to sleep. The prayer didn't stop that day, she continued everyday for several months, (and oh I was taken to several pastors for deliverance before and immediately after the trad by mil dearest).

When I was about 7months gone I got fed up of all the maltreatment, packed my bag and fled. But dh wouldn't hear of it he begged, cried, cajoled till I came back thinking things will change for where! It only got worse cause my 2nd sil saw in a vision that I went to refresh my jazz.
Dh was insulted everyday for not contributing to any thing in the family and i was blamed for practically everything that goes wrong. My eyes were constantly red from crying, I was loosing weight even with the pregnancy. I was accused of stealing plates, pots, spoons, even charger! I confront my sil when I can but we always end up exchanging words and things kept getting worse.
Finally my prince was born, I was an orphan with zero experience on how to handle new borns, my mil only bathed the baby for like a week. My 4th sil helped with the washing and cooking for a while before going back to school.I was left alone again. I sold everything in my shop and started a joint business with hubby after our trad so dh was hustling to complete our own house so we could be free from the torments and insults. So he was hardly home. We eventually moved out even before our house was completed, I just couldn't take it anymore. It's been 6yrs and two more beautiful boys and my Sil still hates me but she knows better than to try herself now. Dh and i did The omugwo for our 2nd and 3rd sons alone.
Mil said she was too old to do omugwo for us again but she traveled to the US for my 3rd sil omugwo 2 yrs later. My 2nd sil is almost 40 with a 17yr old son, still unmarried and still dragging inheritance with her brothers all her younger sisters are married and before they did, the spirikoko still saw vision about their husbands being demonic or occultic and still tried to stop the marriage, the sad part is her mum ALWAYS supports her.
I had to go for my 4th sil's omugwo because the prophetess saw a vision that her hubby jazzed her too so mil refused to step a foot into their home after they tried to stop the marriage and failed.
Being able to pray for hours or knowing how to cook isn't a criteria for being a good wife. A bad woman is a bad woman!


And he's owing them 6months salary o, ok continue

*Larry was here*

Anonymous said...

Alfa said he should do sara so Buhari won't deal wit him, yimu, u going down mofo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! but they won't listen.

BA said...


Anonymous said...

Na wa for those ur sista inlaws o,next time they try dt rubbish wit u flog dem very well so dt d evil spirits in dem wud jump out.

Mao Akuh said...

That your mil needs thorough deliverance.

Mao Akuh said...

Atleast he's better than Rochas afo tombo.

GALORE said...

People are really suffering

See their go know say "owu" don catch them

Most of them voted for @Sadbaba

Yoruba people be chanting "change change" then

Una say una no like @Jonathan.. .calling @Jobathan "Ibo" like an illiterate

Una see am now?


GALORE said...


I know of a man who prays like Satan is already in trouble

But ,this man fornicates like no tomorrow....Any time I catch am, he go hide oo..Then the next day,if he wan preach ,I go Bros,abeg carry your preaching go front...."I see you for so so and so places with my korokoro eye

This stupid married guy go tell me,haaa ,actually is not me you saw,it's the devil representing me

As in....So dumb.


GALORE said...


He is going down?

And you are going where mbok?

Beneath the surface of the earth



Iphie dearie said...

Look at who turned out to be nice,the one that was not always "cabashing"

Being Prayerful is not about how many hours you spend doing that,but your dedication and love for one another. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

50k,that one no be grant o. na chop money

Anonymous said...

No Stella, he is owing us 6months salary....he paid some people February salary last week though...but most people are still expecting. February -july

Jonny BraVo said...

HAHAHAHA..All na washh

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Yemi7up said...

My sister this is Ekiti people want, giving them crumbs from what belong to them.

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