Stella Dimoko Herbert Wigwe Of Access Bank Is At It Again! Introducing Revolutionized Banking At its Finest,PaywithCapture 5.0


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Friday, 12 August 2016

Herbert Wigwe Of Access Bank Is At It Again! Introducing Revolutionized Banking At its Finest,PaywithCapture 5.0

Access Bank has launched the superior money app, an upgrade to banking in Africa as we know it. It’s called PaywithCapture 5.0.

Since its official launch this Tuesday, the social media-sphere has been buzzing with news of this latest innovation. Dubbed “the app that will replace your bank”, everyone is excited about the impressive features it provides. 

“The best thing is that you don’t even have to bank with Access Bank to enjoy its many benefits. It’s an app for all Nigerians” Mr. Herbert O. Wigwe, MD/CEO, Access Bank said about the newly upgraded PaywithCapture 5.0 while presentation to guests at the launch event. PaywithCapture 5.0 puts you ahead and here are a few things you can do with it:

Save: You can form an e-savings clubs (Ajo) with people you trust, getting you several steps closer to that dream house, car, holiday or wedding.

Send: You can also link multiple bank cards, both local and international, in the PaywithCapture app. No need for having multiple banking apps on your phone and a wallet full of different bank cards. As if that’s not enough, money can be sent from any bank account in Nigeria to another, or even an email address or phone number.

Spend: Whether you’re paying bills, buying airtime, tickets or groceries, PaywithCapture 5.0 has you covered.  You are not restricted to in-app payments though; lots of shops and supermarkets will accept payments in-store using PaywithCapture.

Earn: Last but definitely not least, you can earn money by using PaywithCapture. For every PaywithCapture transaction, you actually get loyalty points you can use to pay for goods and services within the app. If you’re a business owner, you can sign-up as a merchant to start receiving payments from over 1 million people using PaywithCapture in Nigeria.

To join in, download the app in seconds here:



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