Stella Dimoko It's Monday In House News...


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Monday, 22 August 2016

It's Monday In House News...

How far?Wetin dey happen?




The mails?I cannot reply all,over q thousand and counting but i thank you all from the deepest part of where i feel from...
The calls?Thanks to all who called and still calling..I get headache already!

The gifts? Na God go bless those that gifted me *shines teeth*

God bless you all for celebrating an area woman like me.

Thank you




   I am a twin and would be 38 year old in October. A university graduate. I am a single mom , I have a son and he would be 7 years old in September. I live in Gbagada and I work in Victoria Island. I am very comfortable and I am doing very well in my professional career with a thriving company, I also have a thriving small business venture by the side. 

I am from Ogun state.  I am on the big/plus side, but very smart.  I am a Muslim and would desire a Muslim gentleman within the age range of 40 to 55 years. Must be educated , very comfortable and well-spoken and must be very accommodating as well I don’t particularly like long courtship, in 6 months we should be able to decide the future we are heading towards. Intending partner can be single, a widower or someone seeking for a second wife. 

 I can be reached on 08124449990 and my BBM pin is 2C1362F8 and my email address is  . 
Please note, only serious people should contact me please.


Dear Stella,
i am an ardent reader of your blog but hardly comment. 
Please hide my identity and help me seek your readers advice on this.
I am based in Abuja and have worked with one company here but because of this current economic crisis, there has been some workforce downsize.
To the main point, kindly help me ask your viewers (plus your own motherly advice with your red ink) the best business one can invest two million naira (2,000,000k) on. 

I actually taught of going into children items but i don't know where to get them in bulk and at cheap prices from. please i will be reading all the comments.

Thanks you very much
Long live SDK


 20k Giveaway WINNER for gym registration
Dear foluke,
It's my pleasure to inform you that you are the winner of the 20k giveaway.
Kindly whatsap me on 08067776690.
Congratulations again.
Can't wait to hear your weight loss story.
Many thanks.

Thank you for your platform and the love you share.
121 request and still counting .
Wish I could do more.
Will contact you next again on this.


Dear Stella, I hope this meets you well. Once again I need a favour from you.I am looking for a female house help to come 5 times in a week to clean the house, go to the market and run some other errands excluding cooking and child care. Working hours are 9am-4pm. 

I live within the New Oko Oba area and as such proximity to the area is key. If hired the person should be willing to give 2 passport photographs of herself and background check will be done. 

I can be contacted through my email address: 
Thank you for your kindness Stella. Remain blessed!

Please what and where is new oko oba area and what state is that?



Good Day SDK, hope you are enjoying your new week and looking for trouble (as your 'werk' entails)*winks*.
So I counted the gists and votes in the comment section of Saturday's IHG
We had a total of 123 comments. From this figure, we had only 54 valid comments. Please note that valid comments are comments made with google IDs and posted before 12midnight(Nigerian time).

Now, the condition for winning is 50percent votes in favour of a gist from the comment section. I'm afraid there is no winner as there is no gist that had up to 20percent votes from the total comments (valid and invalid lols).

I urge gist posters and voters in cases like this to always do so with valid IDs, this will make your vote to count as a voter and it will also make it possible to validate a winner if there is any.

*Kisses* but 'ntooooor' to those who are jealous of my friendship with SDK


SMH......heheheheheehehe.make una beg DRoyalty to go and count well and bring me a winner,i am too busy and distracted to do the counting and i want her to do it cos afterall make she work for laptop when we buy
I will pay whichever winner she chooses..


Hi Stella, i'm proud of your commitment to touching lifes, you have a
big heart; God bless.. since job isnt forth coming for now, i'd like
my fiancee registering for a catering class in Abuja to perfect her
baking, preferably around karu axis. 

BVs with relevant info kindly
contact her on her email address on how to go about it. Its an
emergency cos idleness is eating her up..

Cynhams cakes i think this is your area,can you help them out?Habis cakes Abuja?





Please all those of you that promised shoki,i need you to redeem your promises.Thank you!



Someone dropped that comment Yesterday about that man who is going through the threshold and A RICH Abuja Bv wants to help out with half a million naira or more if need be..We need to authenticate the story first of all and need to get his contact.I need the person who dropped that comment to mail me please.
Please if anyone drops a comment with phone number and email addresses,it is probably scam,please ignore them unless they channel such requests through the appropriate venue.Quoting Pinnick of the NFF ''This is a sovereign blog and all requests must go thru the right......''



Dear Stella,
My heart is filled with tears. The owner of the house where my mum and I are staying has been giving us hell on earth. Just because we are owing for house rent, our landlord came and scattered our door and broke our windows. He even went as far as pouring water on our bed (just to frustrate us). Three months ago, he gave us a quit notice to either leave the house or pay before August 31st. We don't have anywhere to go to. 

My mum has been able to save 10k from the small meatpie business she just started. Life has been so unfair to me. I lost my dad some years back and since then,my mum has been the only one I have in this whole world. I dropped out of school and have been doing petty jobs to feed myself and my mum. 

Please BVs,help me. Our rent has accumulated to 120k(for over three years). I don't mind sending my address so you can come and see where we stay as a proof. I don't even mind if you pay it directly to the landlord. Please I beg you all in God's name. We have less than ten days to pay or pack out.

You can reach me through my number: 08181114007
My account number is: 0137394884 - Aburefe Faith Okojie 
(Guarantee Trust Bank)
God bless you Stella, God bless you BVs.

*Makes a Birthday wish* I wish for someone to help this family for me as my Birthday present.Surprise this family and wipe the tears from Ladies eyes which has gone red from crying.
Thank you God


From first week in September we will have a blog contest for wedding venue decorator and Food vendors.
The winners will win get free advert for one month and three months respectively and they can chose if they want a banner or a post.

I will give you time to start planning towards photos and announce when in September you can start sending in things.....

make una remind me from first week biko.


Signing out eeeeeeh.....


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Joblesshousewife said...

Monday IHN…

Here’s wishing you’ll a productive week.



Nwa AMAKA said...

God bless the givers and receivers.
God bless me.
Sdkb rocks.
Sdkers are the rockers 
Stella is the rock .
Lee boo is the Rocket.
Jesus is the king.

Please you are invited to international flaming fire conference 2016 

Date: Tuesday 23- Sunday 28 2016.
Time 9:30 am and 5pm daily. 
venue:  Dunamis international Gospel center Area1, abuja.

Tee Diva Organic Skincare 58C660AC said...

Monday is here... Another blessed week... IHN, recording more comments than before.

JHW... Tears bra n pant.... Hmm, revelation that never seize to amaze one. Enjoy ur marriage lady.

Today is my mum birthday. Here is wishing her more blissful years on earth. Muah mama...

.....and I sincerely lost all respect for 50cent after seeing his dick in Power... Someone pls tell me it's a make up dick; black normal dick, not the kinda dick one will expect a whole 50cent to have 😰. If it's real, then, thumbs up to him, fame didn't affect "that" nature.
Whites have really gone far, when are we ever gonna meet them?😩in everything!

Organic beauty products, ingredients & essential oils here. Just a click on my profile, yeah, a click.

Chop knuckles Stella.

Gaza Gyal said...

TGIM!!! IHN is here!

A pastor announced, "If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left". All the men in the church moved to left except one man .
The pastor was amazed and asked," How come your wife can't control you?" The man quietly replied,
"It's my wife who told me not to move".

HR BABE said...


Uriel (Freshdew) said...

Happy birthday.
Godbless you.
Hi5 sweetie.πŸ™‹

Uriel (Freshdew) said...

Happy birthday.
Godbless you.
Hi5 sweetie.πŸ™‹

#Miss Kay# said...

There is one Miss Kay who has refused to go get another name for herself...
The name #Miss Kay# is already taken, please be more creative getting another name

BARNY !!! said...



calabar Chick said...


em jay said...

HBD to Stella once more, God bless you.
In house new is the gbamest!

cakes by Bella's, Abuja. 58DA8ADF, 07080305132, instagram @cakes_by_bellas ,twitter @CBellaabuja said...

Enh enh stella, it's only cynhams and habis u recognised as ur cake bvs in abuja right??? It alright oo

ukwu dimond said...

Monday in house news has landed.

is far oh!

stunning slim shady said...

Ihn is here yippweeeee

white Berry said...

Happy birthday to Mrs sdk and a happy new week to you all. God's blessings and favour is all I wish you all ijn

BA said...

Wow! God bless the Abuja angel.

RICHBEE said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SDK love you much much
JHW your mail to Stella made me love you more


Stella maris Baby said...

Happy birthday Stella Nneora,
Age with Grace
May God Bless your new age
Live long & prosper

Love uuuuuuuuuuuu

Stella maris Baby said...

Happy birthday Stella Nneora,
Age with Grace
May God Bless your new age
Live long & prosper

Love uuuuuuuuuuuu

calabar Chick said...

Stella show us cakes Na...
Hope u avin fun?

Money Maker's Wife Loves Sandra Okagbue said...

Anonymous20 August 2016 at 11:00
Between first bank and diamond bank which is better for savings account, who gives interest more.Reply

RepliesAnonymous20 August 2016 at 14:18
Aunty/Uncle..Is it First bank or Diamond Bank of Cotonou you mean? Which smelling interest? The one they remove in the middle of the night via three texts?? Gather small money immediately, go and buy shovel and small pot. Choose under your bed,or kitchen wall. Na there go favour you pass.


Bwahahahahahaha..BVNs wont kill me..See reply of life..I doff my hat for una! Very funny peeps in here.

Becky's Diary said...

Beautiful day it is. God bless us all abundantly
Stellz once again, happy birthday to you!!
Any drama today? Brb..

amanda favour said...

IHN welcome!!!
Stella happy birthday πŸŽ‚ again
It is well

La Katie said...

Happy birthday again Stella ukwu sugar. Your skin is froshhhhh

Natural hair products 566bbc84 said...

Happy birthday sterra

Love Struck said...

Happ birthday stella.

Gift Bassey said...

And I was here at exactly one but no airtel shoki.... Na wa ooo

Stella maris Baby said...

Happy birthday Stella Nneora,
Age with Grace
May God Bless your new age
Live long & prosper

Love you plentyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

God is good


Happy birthday to you sweetheart Stella, may your maximum today be your minimum tomorrow. May your days be long with sound health, many wealth and everlasting happiness.

*Larry was here*


Welcome IHN..

Who knows anything about white fasting here?

One anony dropped this on a post last night..

Anonymous 21 August 2016 at 18:35

Am on a white fasting n d pastor asked me nt 2 eat food wit pepper,salt n maggi. Pls what can I take for d whole period of d white fastin?

And the replies..



Ibukunoluwa21 August 2016 at 18:47
Beans with no ingredients
Boiled egg
Corn cake

Lil'lian21 August 2016 at 18:49
Hian!!! White fasting? First time hearing it. Good luck wt it.

Fab Mum21 August 2016 at 18:51
Fruits and water. That's what you can take

Do a lot of apple, banana, garden egg and others and a lot of water. You will be fine

BA21 August 2016 at 18:52

Anonymous21 August 2016 at 18:53
Gari and coconut will do. That is what I know people take those days for white fasting.

BA21 August 2016 at 18:53
The Lord is your strenght.

DeoFavente21 August 2016 at 18:56
Pap,oat,bread n tea,...


Almost 20 BVs replied giving suggestions on what to eat in the duration of the white fasting, which means this isn't a new thang..

But is this what your daddies in the Lord have reduced yall to?

The white man's tradition (Christianity) and it's followers won't stop amazing me!

Adadioramma said...

A very poor newly wedded, young couple lived in a small farm. One day the husband made the following proposal to his wife:
Honey, I will leave the house: I will travel faraway, get a job and work hard in order to come back and give you the comfortable life that you deserve. I do not know how long I will stay away, I only ask one thing, please wait for me, and while I am away, you should be faithful to me, because I will be faithful to you. His wife agreed, so the young man left. He walked many days until he found a farmer who was in need of someone to help him. The young man offered his services. He was accepted. Therefore he discussed the terms with his boss:
Let me work for as long as I want and when I think I should go home, please relieve me of my duties. I do not want to receive my salary. I ask you to save it for me, until the day I leave. The day I decide to go, please give me the money and I will go my way. They agreed on that. So, the young man worked for twenty years without holiday and without rest. After twenty years, he came to his boss and said:
Boss, I want my money, because I am returning to my home. The boss replied:
All right, after all, I made a deal with you and I will stick to it. However, before you go I want to offer you something new: I will give you all your money and send you away; or I will give you 3 pieces of advice and send you away. If I give you money, you lose the 3 pieces of advice. If I give you the 3 pieces of advice, you lose the money. Now, go to your room and think about your answer. He thought for two days. Then he went to the boss and told him:
I want the 3 pieces of advice. The boss stressed again, if I give you the 3 pieces of advice, I will not give you the money, and the man replied:
I want the 3 pieces of advice. The boss then told him:
No. 1: Never take shortcuts in your life, shorter and unknown paths can cost your life. No. 2: Never be too curious, for curiosity towards evil can be deadly. No. 3: Never make decisions in moments of anger or pain, because when you repent, it could be too late. After giving these 3 pieces of advice, the boss said to him:
Here, you have 3 loaves of bread, 2 are for you to eat during the journey and the last is for you to eat with your wife when you get home. So, the man went his way, after twenty years away from home and from his wife, whom he loved so much. After the first day of travel, he found a man who greeted him and asked:
Where are you going? He replied:
To a distant place which is about 20 days away if I continue walking. The man said to him:
Ol' boy, this path is too long! I know a shortcut that is very safe and you will arrive in 5 days only. The man began to follow the path suggested until he remembered the first piece of advice. Then, he returned and followed the long path. Days later he learned that the shortcut led to an ambush.
After a few more days of travel, he found an inn by the roadside, where he could rest. He paid for a room and after taking a bath he lay down to sleep. During the night he woke up as he heard a terrifying scream. He rose to his feet and went to the door to check what happened. As he was opening the door, he remembered the second piece of advice. Therefore he returned, lay down again and slept. At dawn, after breakfast, the owner of the lodging asked him if he had not heard the scream at night. He affirmed that he heard. Then, the host said:
Were you not curious to see what happened? And he replied:
No, I was not. Then the host said:
You are the first guest to leave this inn alive. My neighbour is completely crazy. He usually shouts at night to call someone’s attention. When some of the guests come out, he kills them and buries their bodies in the backyard. The man continued his long journey, eager to arrive soon.
After many days and nights walking, he was very tired, but he finally saw his house far away.To be continued

White Diamond said...

So, I went through executed drug dealer post last night, and the comments that followed.

I just don't understand. Why are some people so tribalistic, that it has robbed them of their sense of reasoning?

So, it's only Igbos that do drugs?
Only Yorubas that are diabolical?
Only Hausas that are violent? And so on.

Most of y'all guilty of this silliness, are doing so under the influence of indoctrination. The human brain is not mulch. Behaving like children that can't think for themselves. Attacking your country person, because they're from a different tribe. And you'll still be the ones to open your mouth and call someone a racist, when you're even worse.

Please, y'all should grow up. Let's set a good foundation for the future generation. This whole zoo and animal thing is not making sense.

Meanwhile, Izu knew what he was signing up for, when he went to Indonesia to do drugs. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve to be buried by his loved ones. Afterall, they were the ones he did what he did for. He was a good man to his people, but a criminal in the eye of the law. Yeah, you commit a crime, you're a criminal.
May his soul rest in peace.

To those doing / thinking of doing drugs on here, there's nothing like juju or otumokpo. Those things fail. If you're caught, you'll be killed, and that'll be it.

Oh, and for those that'll complain about the length of this comment, bikonu, whenever you see my ID, just scroll past. You won't die if you 'unsee.'
*shines teeth *

Have a beautiful week, fam.


De Unbreakable said...

IHN is here
Happy birthday Stella, May God bless and increase you on everyside.
May help never be far from you when you need it.
Of your influence and Affluence there shall be no end.
Upward and Forward alone will be your story.

Thanks for all the lives you've touched via this platform,God bless you immediately.

BluntIjebuChic'*GiFTED'* said...

IHN is here*good to be back*its gonna be a hectic weekend*jeeex*chai people living in ikorodu dey try ooo*chai*that place too far.kilode
I need shoki jawe

Mama E said...

Oh dear!
That homeless woman's story touches me. Hmmm, it is well with your family. May you find help.

Gods Pet said...

I couldn't sleep last night and so I decided to read thru comments on the rant post. I ended up praying the whole time before sleep finally came. 90% of the people that commented are not happy, one challenge other the other, oh! How I wish I cld provide jobs for all of the jobless people, I wish I could pay rent for all those whose house rent is due, I wish I could give money to all those that are broke, I wish I could God could answer all the ttc women,I wish I could link singles up with their desired partner. I wish I wish I wish but unfortunately I can't help any of them. People are really going through difficult times,just hang in there God has not and will not forget us, he is too faithful to lie.hold on to this saying " weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning" a time will come when we all will tell our grand children the stories. It is well

Happy birthday Stella, Ich liebe dich

White Diamond said...

Na wah!

People are really passing through a lot.

May God send y'all helpers. Amen.


Lilly simple said...

IHN is getting fulller

bitchplis (BentOuttaShape) said...

Nwakaego, Pipi lee, Som baby, Queen Amy, Stella Maris baby,Sonyes cakes(long time ma'am,how are the boys?) Yemi 7up, Amanda Favour, Ify Onyekwelu and anon, thanks for the birthday wishes. God bless u.
Anon,i'm not a serial single n mingle participant,i did it once n met a lovely friend who made me realise doctors are crazy people..hehehe. uncle gwegs? not anymore. Wedding arrangement is in full swing. cheers

Pipi Lee said...

SDK Blog...touching lives!

Congrats once again Stellz, I've not called yet, don't be tired already abeg, my call must go through.

Megasam Aluminium Structural Engineers:Partitioning,show glass,windows/doors,stainless steel handrails,frontdesk casement, 07036473947, 08115374578 said...

So many suffering families
Lord, come to the rescue of Nigerians.

Blackberry said...

Men! NLNG come n employ me asap!
Una no dey employ person?
Wetin sef!

James said...

@madam looking for love inside Nigeria. Just say U are fat. I don't know why you people are afraid of the word. Enough of this deceptive I am a plus size. Just say that I am fat. And if you are not proud of being fat, work out and lose those massive weight.
Also madam, why not lose some fat to brighten up your chances of meeting a reasonable and responsible Man and not desperate shameless gold diggers.


Happy birthday sweetheart. S to the D K
God bless all the givers and receivers

Pls contact me for all your celebration cakes and cupcakes!!!
*Faithful bv*

Loveme Jeje said...

Miss Faith .... just know that your help is on the way. All these landlords in the buhari season, why dont you guys have sympathy towards your tenants. Na wa ooo. Poor landlord, that cannot even paint the house self.

Stella just know you are really blessed. Angels on this blog may God Almighty reward you all Amen.

Those looking for help.. help will locate you all.

Still waiting for sunshine that wrote on that Rant. Kindly click on my ID. I have some good news for you.

Something happened along Bode Thomas Road yesterday morning. A car killed a guy with with bicyle going for a gym. The guy that killed the guy was just coming back from the Club.

What a shame, if you tell them to go to Church on Sunday Morning, they wont agree. Now the guy that killed that cyclist going to National Stadium will pay through his nose. Next time when he comes out of this, he will Seek God and obey God's words.

I saw him making frantic calls. I just know that this one na club man. Now sleep has cleared from his eyes. I know he was rushing to go and sleep as he partied hard on Saturday Night. What a pity. I am not laughing anyone ooo. The devil is working 26 hours a day to see that many people are hurt and not think of God at all.

Make i enjoy my rice and malt jare. I just resumed

ukwu dimond said...

may God keep blessing all the givers.

Money Maker's Wife Loves Sandra Okagbue said...

Anonymous20 August 2016 at 19:31

I met hubby thru 2nd edition's SnM last year,out of the lots that added me his opening line hit me like a grenade....he said "I'm in lagos for a meeting and I'm staying at Radison blue,will be expecting you tonight room no....I have 3k USD for u,don't keep me waiting" I was flabbergasted,as in what rubbish I said to myself,this was someone I din't know from Adam and he thinks I'm just going to get dressed and rush down because of the dollars,although at the back of my mind I just wished I could just appear in his room take the money and disappear lol,but I kept my longer throat to myself and decided to give him a befitting response.Truth is,I'm a very comfortable lady,I work and cater for myself and my folks back home,money has never been an ish. So I told Mr Dollars to keep his money for the loose girl who needs it,as for me I'm busy watching Tom n Jerry and no Jupiter will make me leave my house...he was silent the whole night/week. I had a strong urge to delete him from my bbm but each time I keep forgetting. Fast forward 3 months later I got a ping from him that he was in town and he wanted to see me,well I decided to see this crazy guy and give him a piece of my mind,I gave him an address to a small restaurant on my street and he showed up....he was damn cute,no wonder he thought every woman will bend,that was when my own Shakara started ooo,after all the insults I rehearsed saying if the guy do anyhow I go show am say I dey crase, I was weak to my knees as to how well spoken/behaved he was. After our lunch he told me he got me a small gift and I shouldn't open it until I got home,he gave me a small gift bag,I walked him to his car and he left. I rushed home,sat on my bed and opened d gift bag,there it was the 3k dollars he offered me and a hand written note which said "you're different be mine" that was how we started dating o.the rest is history fastforward to December last year we had both our trad and white wedding,I'm currently preggy with our twins (2nd trimester). GOD IS INDEED GREAT!!!! and I thank him for that very decision I took that day.and thank you SDK,you gave me my most precious gift.cheers to the weekend.


I saw dis post on SnM feedback post and i'm wowed..So decent girls still dey dis blog? Dis is a memo to all d hoes hanging their legs at angle 180° and also d screamers fucking upanda without shame..I'm sure if dis man had contacted u,u would've rushed down to Radsison Blu just bcos u saw 3k dollars...Money money money..daz all u know..Dis is how u missed a potential suitor with ur whoring attitude..After u will come and start disturbing Stella with mails looking for boo upandan...Make una continue..D title "Aunty Gwegwegwe" fit una.

Chioma Okpala said...

Happy Birth day Stella.wishing you God's grace and long life.Amen.

Pipi Lee said...

Just imagine, come and finish it abeg.

Ada Nwanbueze said...

Eesah I swear the comments from that white fasting cracks me up in-fact I'm still laughing Lmao.

Mama Afrika said...

I thought i had problems until i went through the rant post yesterday. Lord my life is not perfect but im thankful for where i find myself. I cant complain!

Money Maker's Wife Loves Sandra Okagbue said...

The Beaten! 21 August 2016 at 14:43

I'm so angry with myslef..... How can one break out from an abusive relationship?? How do one keep defending someone that keeps messing with their self esteem,mind and body?? How do I explain it??I don't even know what to do!!I'm so dependent and it's hard to let go....I'm intelligent, beautiful, and very smart.. I can't even talk to anyone cos it seems unbelievable! I proffer solution to problems of others(relationship and otherwise)yet I can't hold mine down!!Je isn't a bad person, guess I brought out the beast in him!!We stay together, he helps me out financially, how do u break out??it will cause such a scene and the embarrassment will be epic!!In all,I thank God for the gift of life,I haven't died from the beatings and for giving me the strength to say NO to sex...I'm a living testimony of God's faithfulness even in my unfaithfulness and I'm sure the future holds alot for me!!Now that I've said it, I feel better.....



@Beaten/whoever u are....I just want to be d first person to wish u R.I.P in advance...Ode!

BA said...

GO and read "The most hated woman in America" Her name is Madalyn Murray O'Hair. I am sure you will change your perspective about life after reading her story.

Anonymous said...

That house picture broke my heart,Lord I thank you for a good and comfortable home.

Anonymous said...

They have started again, queenbee,lovejeje,misskay
Awon oles stop thiefing old blog ids
Get your own

Nwa AMAKA said...

The lady looking for business idea, I think the way the economy is right now you should invest that money into food stuff and I don't mean pepper and Co. Go and register with golden penny and become a distributor. All you need is just a store room and you don't even need too much publicity. You can register for their pasta which will include all from spaghetti to noodles and everything that falls under it. Just visit their office at idu industrial area and get all the info you need. You won't even spend up to two million. If you stay around Apo/guru/games village/garki you can get shop at kaura Modern market. Their warehouse shops are cheap and very affordable. Regular shop is around 250K 2 400K.
Good luck.

SUNSHINE said...

Eesah, the Arabs religion (Islam) and its followers won't stop amazing me. The barbarity and the violence it preaches is out of this world.
Mind you, I was born into a Yoruba Muslim family. I have been a freethinker for years now and they support my decision.
Both religions suck as hell so remove the log in your eyes first.

Pipi Lee said...


Alabi Ganiyat said...

Chei! Na who come load dis cards. Kontinu!

Omasiri said...

Another sweet beautiful Monday. God bless us all

SUNSHINE said...

Muslims observe white fasting too. Axe face.
I abhor hypocrisy.

Pipi Lee said...

JHW is back! no contender.

Pipi Lee said...

Lol, what were you expecting? A pornstar's dick???

Anonymous said...

God please pick up my call too, am so frustrated,since I got sacked, life has been so miserable. I have to ask hubby money for everything including sanitary towel self. Meanwhile his salary cant take care of our two kids talkless of me. I want to start a business. I need help. Father pls accept my fasting n prayers.

kaycee Blinqs said...

It half do sister. Change ur own if need be. Or share the name peacefully Biko. I think I know d other miss kay sef. Rotfl

Rekiat said...

Happy birthday SDK toh posh.

Anonymous said...

Common shut up joor illiterate. There's white fasting of 5 days if you have fibroid and trying to conceive. Taking lots of garden egg and leaves, red apple, pawpaw and pineapple by day 3 when you poo you notice the fat floating on watery faeces, lots of lost fat.
If you people don't know about something,read and move on.

For those trying to lose weight, it is the fastest means. Eesah efffrritin. Shovel teeth

Tee Diva Organic Skincare 58C660AC said...

Happy Birthday Stella... Same day with my mum. How beautiful!

Wishing you and her many blissful years on earth.. Same as Joro Olumofin.

Chop knuckles Stella.

Elizabeth Osang said...

I can relate to the house rent issue,ours is 72thousand for this year,last year we managed to pay around October,this year my mum just got introduced to one loan society like that they call them Grooming centre,you loan 50thousand the 1st time then pay back 2,700 every Thursday for 23weeks total of 57thousand something,we were happy when we got there they asked my mum for a guarantor I said I'd guarantee her but they refused and said I don't have a business that they need some with a business or a government worker,our landlady gave us till Wednesday after that it's quit notice,we don't even know what to do,the so called deeper life church we attend won't help all they keep saying is pray all will be well,I wanted to rant yesterday but decided not to,the post up there just made me she'd a tear,my mum sells just moi moi at dangote in calabar and i just graduated.I still praise God sha

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Stella.

Am just fed up. This life is so unfair. Graduated from UNN at the age of 21, finished NYSC at 22. While in school my friends use to tell me that I won't find it difficult getting a job. Well that's not the case. Its 2016 and still nothing. Wonder what's happening because am young and smart; maybe am just unlucky. God please answer my prayers. I'm getting frustrated already. I just need a job.

Shantelle's Empire said...

It has come to my notice that i now have an impersonator on here.
Some one made a comment months ago with the url name 'shanz empire'. I called out the person and an anon asked me to get an ID to avoid such repeating which i did.
This morning i was going through some post i didnt read during the weekend and i came across an anonymous comment blaspheming against christ with the footer 'Shantelle'.

Now,i dont know if it is the same Impostor or if i now have a namesake on this blog,whatever be the case....I'm only here to disassociate myself from the person's comment.
Whatever comment you see that isnt from my google ID is not from me. Be it Url/used as a footer,it isnt me.Nobody should link me to it,the person is on his/her own.
Thank you!

Miss Ess said...

The birthday post is full, so I wanna wish you a happy birthday filled with long life and prosperity. Enjoy your day

Money Maker's Wife Loves Sandra Okagbue said...

Finally...Na me get IHN today..

@Shantelle Empire....
I noticed ur useless comments and frustrations of late .U are trying so hard to sound like Linda Eze..Pls stop trying so hard..U can never be like LE..Find ur own identity..stop copy copy..U are begining to irritate some peeps here with ur forced insensitive comments..

I rmember d first time i took notice of u on dis blog..U were ranting about how u were beaten and thrown out of ur matrimonial home by ur ex husband and ur u fought and showed then d stuff u were made of blah blah blah...U ended it by saying u did not want to go anon bcos u were proud of what u wrote.(dont deny it cos i will copy and paste it here)..

Why are u venting ur frustration here? U keep ranting and attacking everyone dat replied u..I guess daz why u were thrown out with ur kid(s)..Pls get ur acts together and spare us d torment of ur frustrated self..E yaff do biko..
Dis is a soft memo..But if u want it hard,i can give it to u hot...
Waiting for ur reply..and pls find a new swear word for me cos i can see all u guys can come up with is calling me Chizoba as if its a swear word...Find something else...

Am out!

Anonymous said...

Please change. The longer it is the more boring it is. Epistle writer

kaycee Blinqs said...

You'd be surprised at how many decent girls we got out there. Take a chill pill Pls!. #Sorry. I had address this. N if u r a guy, find Christ!

kaycee Blinqs said...

You'd be surprised at how many decent girls we got out there. Take a chill pill Pls!. #Sorry. I had address this. N if u r a guy, find Christ!

La Reine Luciano said...

I need a Job o,i don't want to loose my mind...Lord please Help me

telema Cr7 present wife(way maker miracle worker,that is who my father in heaven is) said...

Happy new week to everyone.
IHN welcome

SUNSHINE said...

Happy birthday in arrears Egbon.

Anonymous said...

Nwa amaka thought I read you are in Canada for school? Shiooor

youngman said...

Pls there is one thing I want to clear with evidence. It has been an issue I advice some people and they won't believe me while I find it difficult to believe them. It is about penile enlargement. I know that anatomically the penis is a fibroid tissue and not a muscular tissue. Muscles can be made to increase in size with excersise and aided with drugs. It is scientifically and medical agrred(all that I have spoken to) that fibre can't. But every so often people are advised to buy all manner of preparations to increase their penis size. Till date I have not seen one person known to me whose penis size had increased from what I knew before to something else after taking those preparations. It is just like me seeing all manner of miraculous healings on TV or live in church yet all the people I am sure that have those conditions never get the healings, only strangers that you can't say yes I know from Adam, he was born blind, lame, truly has cancer etc I want to know if any medical practioner has ever used and achieved enlargement with his patient. I say this because in the case of breast all known enlargements are achieved by breast enlargement surgery and not some drugs but the men are sold drugs for enlargement. Is it because men have money to waste while women can't afford to waste their hard earned money?
I have researched and I want medical proffessiinals here to come in, pls

D'Royalty (SDK'S BLOG BFF) said...

SDK, shebi na free you give me the laptop, nor let all those anonymous bitter souls come dey call you akagum ooo. I know say you dey generous weluwelu.
As per the gist, there is no winner ooo
No gist gathered up to half the votes required. Cocoz, pls cross-check and confirm my claims.
Sdk, maybe you should do another post this week and reduce the percentage of votes needed to win, you know so many people don't read IHG these days.

Happy Birthday SDK
May you live longer than your ancestors..

Chidinma Gift said...

Thank God for the new week...

God am sorry for complaining, please just remember me this ember month we are about to enter, make me laugh again, give me a job, give me clients, i need materials for my decoration, bless me so that i will be able to take care of Awesome and Marvelous, so that they will not fall into the hands of a wrong woman when their dad remarries, and also open my womb to conceive my own kids.
Lord i know is not too much.
HBD Stellastico Pepestico

chybaby said...

IHN don land

Robyna Fenty said...


SteffySoFynSoFly said...

eeeerm *clears throat* can i rant? i want to rant.
i miss lee boo so much, i miss his smile,i miss his cute face, i miss his touch,who will tickle my bumbum? who will get me a little bit jealous? who will tel me i miss you bae. who will make me laugh today. it hurts so much when a loved one is out of sight. nna i cant wait to be with you, and hold you so tight and kiss the life outta you.
#loveisabeautifulthing #waterdonpassgarri

*goes back to work*

Anonymous said...

You tear your bra and pant everyday... Please, do you still have pants and bras or you de manufacture them for your house?

The way your tear them, by now dem supposed to don finish nah

telema Cr7 present wife(way maker miracle worker,that is who my father in heaven is) said...

Ada bikonu come and finish it

Mother Confessor The real deal on sdk. said...

I need to contact you nwa amaka enable your email address.

Anonymous said...

Tell them.

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Stella HBD, God bless your new age.

telema Cr7 present wife(way maker miracle worker,that is who my father in heaven is) said...

Tell them pls

telema Cr7 present wife(way maker miracle worker,that is who my father in heaven is) said...

Congrats if it's true

Fab Mum said...

Never knew Grey's anatomy was a great movie. Now I'm stuck with it. The movie just makes you feel like you are a doctor. I know many medical things now

BTW, why would George O'Malley doe? Why will Burke resign? I find Meredith annoying. I love yang, Jesse, lexie, mcdreamy, mcsteamy, Torres and Karev

Anonymous said...

please anyone using BB passport, do u advise me to buy it? does whatsapp still work on it. what about BB z3? is it good as well. tnx

Mother Confessor The real deal on sdk. said...

White diamond, the problem is that he was addressed as a hero simply because he erected a house with drug money. I hate tribal comments but all the ibos were hailing the guy.

Mother Confessor The real deal on sdk. said...

Finish the story.

Eno said...

Happy birthday to the queen of bloggers
Thanks for touching lives ma'am.

Roseflower said...

Happy birthday sweet Stella, continue to soar above all human limitations.
May the blessings of the Lord never depart from you.Live long and prosper darling.

Pipi Lee said...

You welcome. HML in advance.

Eka Joy said...

Maybe it's far cos u are coming from badagry or ikotun side.

Shoppaholic_Diva said...

May God bless the givers
God bless Sdk

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Happy Birthday Stella, May you live long and continue to prosper IJN.

Anonymous said...

Fakest being ever liveth! Pkopkopko,hoihoihoihouihou!

Tilly said...

I just feel that these people that deal drugs have mind. The possibility of being caught and still they go ahead with it. All to make quick cash and some of them is mostly to show off in the village that they have arrived.
Whoever he did it for doesn't matter now because he is gone at such a young age. May God comfort his family

Eno said...

Your helper is here Mr Alaran, thank God. Life na turn by turn
My own turn sef go come one day

CrazyHornyWife said...

Can't believe I had to wake up so early to read ihn. God bless all d givers and receivers. The word for to day is exactly for me.

DonMayor said...

How about Islam, is it not a foreign religion ?
Fasting is not really about religion. Educate yourself

Eka Joy said...

Something is Sha always happening with u.

CrazyHornyWife said...

Happy birthday Mrs korks!!!!!

SDK Babe (AMAQ COLLECTIONS) designer at your service..bbm 58DB44B1 said...

Biko come and continue oo

Mama E said...

God pls let this sharing of 500k reach my side too, enough is enough for me already.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Hello everyone....Have a great day people.

MYS fabric bags 08134794565,2BC3F175 said...

Happy new blessed week to everyone

CrazyHornyWife said...

Pls what is white fast??

Becky's Diary said...

Endtime Ode!!
Wishing her RIP in advance

White Diamond said...

'He isn't a bad person. Guess I brought out the beast in him.'

So, it's now her fault that the guy is a monster?

And this person calls herself intelligent?


Anonymous said...

Am pleading on my hubby's behalf to anyone that has a link to rich and God fearing people home/abroad to assist him on his humanitarian programme.he had been on it for was showing on tv before it stopped due to lack of funds.he has even paid part of the payment but still needs more funds to complete it and we are about to reach the last quarter of the year pls he needs financial support from an angel.copies of his past humanitarian work is available for anyone interested to support.olabode1009 at gail dot com.thanks and May God bless the giver.

CrazyHornyWife said...

Wow!!! Congrats!!
Nack us more gist

DonMayor said...

Kinni gbogbo eleyi ? Na season film

Shoppaholic_Diva said...

Lemme take a time out to say thank you Lord!!!

Sue said...

Happy birthday Stella, God do much more for u

Nwa AMAKA said...

Hello sweetie.

Lara Peperenpe said...

Lol @already taken.

CrazyHornyWife said...

Kikikikikkki, your mouth di bad. I hope d lady dont take you serious!

Cynthia Iyede said...



I am so sorry to diss, but i couldnt miss out that irritating moment mmw came out to arss lick xoxo.
When I saw her comment, I was like, "shock me"plz say something meaningful"but as usual, a zombie wouldn't do that would it??

I bet your brains seems as new knowing fully well that u haven't made use of it since birth.You are a living proof that one can actually live without a brain.
So you accepted that you had issues in the past with xoxo and that it dosnt matter if u are now licking her arss, indirectly accepting that you are chizoba,saying you love German juice and bla bla I was like, awwwww see love.
So how much refund do u expect for a head now that your brain 's empty??
Do you attend classes for being shameless or you are just naturally gifted?
Get shame mami,gt shame.
I dey shame for you.

I am pretty sure everyone around you only tolorrates you .
Making the dumbest comment ever making the crappy xoxo with her boring episode's feel like a special stupid,cox of course she should know she is stupid at at this stage in her life. No body gives a shit about miss crappie............when she is just like the top piece bread that everyone touches but no one wants her. Likewise in her relationship they toss,pass her round and dump her in her own shit.

Only in ihns, u see a senior gwez of the highest rank of top gwez giving marital advice like the f*ck you have ever being in a stable relationship talk more being married.even an engagement ring you haven't got none all your 35years of age.
Shove your dumbf**KS memo down your throat and come back after you can sustain a marriage of at least 5 years.

Rolex baby aka young wealth.
Just came from USA where I went to charge my phones.
Am gonna be back .

Nwa AMAKA said...

God bless you more.

School Life said...

Long Live SDK.
God bless the givers.
God knows my prayer request n I'm never in a hurry to Loose hope.

Single and happy said...

Even tho I don't know who he is or where he is... I'm just angry at my future husband where ever he is. He dey there dey gbensh different girls while I dey here dey tie my legs together. Sha don't finish the sperm that's for making our babies. Waiting to spread my legs wide open for him and let him eat from my honey pot. And feed him with this my breast like his mama.
Dear future husband, I will fuck hell out of you on our wedding night.

Yours Sincerly,
Horny future wife

christabel said...

Is it your business eesah, always in a hurry to crucify Christians.

calabar Chick said...

Sunshine oooooo!
I love ur reply to Eesah.



Pure Nigerian said...

Couldn't finish reading the rant post, as the page couldn't load more comments but I see that one rant produced good tidings aka the 500k gift. Hopefully the man gets it and has something to live for.

BV with house rent heart aches for you. I am sure God will send help soonest.

Happy birthday, Stella

CrazyHornyWife said...

Wow!!!!! Am speechless!!!

Rebecca Omosimua said...

Well said and Happy birthday Stella

christabel said...

One reason I don't read rant posts, it bothers me a lot

Candid Naija said...

How many times will you stress this 50cent dick story?
Who your respect help?
Abi you ve not been seen Angelas breast?
Why make it such a big deal, am pretty sure its not hes but what does it matter?
Dont come and spoil power us here


I saw this too very funny.

CrazyHornyWife said...

HahahAHAha, no,mind d Yeye geh. And she aint even wife, she is just gf. RIP girl

Delta Iyabo TOO said...

Oh! How I love that "seeing things from different position" post! Makes a lotta sense

SteffySoFynSoFly said...

damn!!! people are suffering in this country sha. wish i could help everybody.

PORTABLE VIV the beautiful n sexy queen of sdk blog said...

Too many orishirishi
Beware of scammers........some of this people just make up story n make sound real just to get help from bv's
Am not talking about the one with rent wahala.......some people visit dis blog just for what they can get n when next u see them is when they have another problem

Oreva said...

Happy Birthday madam Stella, llnp ijn. But u get mouth sha

IJAY said...

Hahahhahah, she is so in control, nice one

CrazyHornyWife said...

Dear God please help this lady and her mom.
After going tru d rant post I just realized that we all have stuff we are going tru.
I thank God for his grace and mercy always.
Am off to bed

CrazyHornyWife said...

Calm your tits boo! Am sure that's d name that pops into her head without thinking.

PORTABLE VIV the beautiful n sexy queen of sdk blog said...

God will make a way for them

Cynthia Iyede said...

come and finish your story please.

CrazyHornyWife said...

Happy birthday Mrs korks!!!! Hope you knack more new styles today and don't be horny like me!!! #wink

Frost said...

And whenever I plan to send a SOS mail, I come across SOS messages that are more than mine. The semester is fast going. Already missed a session cause I couldn't pay last session fees. If I should missed this I'll be automatically withdrawn. I'm home cause I need to hustle, working as a sales boy in a cement shop just to see I come up with the money. Lord Help me just as you are helping others.

sci llah said...

Happy birthday Stella, God bless you

PORTABLE VIV the beautiful n sexy queen of sdk blog said...

Wow.........nice one

Default Smile said...

Happy birthday Stella. May your new year be better than your previous.

May your blog adverts increase n bring you more money.

May you keep living Gods purpose and keep been a blessing.

May God remain a BVN. I cant even do without that.

May your next baby be a cute girl who has ur exact

God bless you. Love always...xx

#I am a fruitful vine, I am a joyful mother of covenant children

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

IHN...been lazy to read IHN lately.Waraguan y'all?

Fab Mum said...

Eesah keep carrying anything Christianity on your head. Face your own religion and leave others alone to their faith

Shantelle's Empire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gaza Gyal said...

OMG! This is so sad. Same thing almost happened to my bro last year too. He was also cycling to the stadium and if not for God's intervention something drastic would have happened. Anyways, about two weeks after that incident his bicycle was stolen. I'm sure it was a sign.

I jog and cycle to the stadium at times and I'm always watchful make all these oversabi drivers no come "koba" me.

I can't stress enough the importance of facing traffic when jogging. Cos it’s easier to see and react to oncoming cars. The cars will see you more clearly too. Also, beware of high-risk drivers and steer clear of potential problem areas like entrances to parking lots, bars, and restaurants, where there may be heavy traffic. I pray we won't have the cause to bury any of our loved ones @ a young age ooo.

Rhoda Rex said...


Shantelle's Empire said...

Gbam @ sunshine.
Ada nwabueze,seems you dont know eesah is indirectly mocking christians. This is not the first time he is doing this. Smh.

Hello,Egbon bitchpls.....Happy belated birthday.

Fab Mum said...

Since he wasn't paid at all in 20yrs where he worked, how was he able to afford the money for hotel??

Shennel Hyacinth said...

Happy birthday Stella , God bless your new age πŸ’‹

Tetrina said...


SteffySoFynSoFly said...

to the Muslim woman looking for love. hmmmm your case get as e be oooh. dont allow desperation get the better part of you oooh. its better to be single and happy than to be married and be sending chronicles.
you sound like a very desperate woman sha. am sure na desperation make you carry belle at the age of 31. if not how can a grown up lady forget to swallow a pill after gbenshing raw? at the age of 31 for that matter? well not unless your were with your ex husband then, but you dint even mention you were once married sef so its ok for us to think you were single when you had your child.
nne calm down wetin you dey look for for marraige sef? if na fuck you don fuck taya, pikin you get,and you are comfortable like you said. so why the rush? madam calm down and enjoy life jooor. focus on your career if man come fine if man no come then so be it. no dey carry man matter for head. na una desperate type men dey like to carry play games. later na una go still dey shout "HE USED AND DUMP ME" why wont he when you all he sees is a desperate woman?
as i love lee boo like this ehn i no fit mekam the center of my world.i had a life before him, i was a happy girl before i met him. he is a happy man too and we both can live our lives without each other if we decide to. show yoursef more love as you need it.

make i carry my two left leg comot for here.

*hangs leg on the window*

Ehlarh said...

Poster with the house ish I pray God sends helpers your way. God bless me so that I can bless others, sometimes we go through somethings and we think we have seen worse only to discover that there are many testimonies out there. We once went through something like this some years ago,in short our landlord removed our gate and broke the fence,he didn't know that the gate is not our security but God. Well, my dear I know help will come your way. Just believe.

Jack Brenda said...

I no gree for that counting naw. Ahhh biko go and count again @ DRoyalty

Bolty said...

Thank you for the Monday IHN.
I need a serious ih-house friend.

IJAY said...

Waiting for d conclusion

BluntIjebuChic'*GiFTED'* said...

Stella happy birthday ooo*God bless your new age*oya do shakara

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

What kinda nonsense is this? Come and finish this jare.

Gracious me said...

Happy birthday sdk, may u live to enjoy your good deeds more than you are doing already.

BluntIjebuChic'*GiFTED'* said...

Same breaks my heart and that's why I always ignore the post.God help us

Cynthia Iyede said...

hehehe i'm stuck too. Nice movie. Waiting for Burke to return if that will be possible. I love George O'Malley and their strict but nice resdident doctor (Dr Bailley)....@fab mum

Jack Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Stella. Wishing you more blessing and long life to fulfilled all your dreams.

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

Where is the 'like' button when you need it?

IJAY said...

Happy new week all, Stella HBD once again

showerhead heaters said...

Don't mind

Anonymous said...

Yimu**be deceiving yaself oo sogbo**

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

O di egwu,been in full swing for as long as I can remember.

Pipi Lee said...

Lmao @ Eesah effffiritin...hahahahahahaha

Nwa AMAKA said...

Anon, I guess my placenta was buried over there. I can't come back abi? I Don turn bottl.

@ mother confessor, why should I give you my email. For what reason exactly.


Anon 14:21 thanks for the fibriod info.

Eesah, I was born and raised i. A muslim town but i choose to be mute because I don't want to engage a semi lunatic like you. Enjoy fooling yourself.

Shantelle's Empire said...

Oh you are here? Happy belated birthday.


Lmao @anon,you no fear fear?

Anonymous said...

Abeg there are a lot of decent ppl. How can any1 just jump and go and meet s ome1 you don't know from Adam. What if he is a ritualist or rapist. Ppl hv become wiser @least we hv seen 2 stories of Facebook murders on dis blog alone. So know d girl was simply destined to b with that man. If dt was d parameter d man used to judge d girl alone den he must hv bin meeting physically attracting a lot of lose girls.

Stella maris Baby said...

Congrats in advance.

Adadioramma said...

Miss Ikorodu always on the defensive side. Ikorodu far biko. A day job.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Wow....Nice one

Jack Brenda said...

Wow am so happy for you. Congrats dear.


So tired of this white Diamond Honesty.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Congrats bro...Hml in advance.

Shantelle's Empire said...

Chai,sunshine i just read your comment well...
Christianity doesnt suck,thing is some ppl have bn brain washed &they see their pastors as god which isnt right.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Stella, the lady that is allowing the landlord to disgrace her mum should go and learn how to fry akala(bean cake) for a living. People rush akara and bread in the morning like it is going out of business. I don't understand why youngsters allow their parents do all the hard work when they can think of something to do. Anyways in the spirit of helping and your birthday i can give her 10k to start her akara business but she must be ready to wake up early to wash and grind bean cos by 9am the sale is over. If you agree to go into akara business i will give you if you don't bother to reply. please no insult on the amount am just a hustling mama with children.

cakes by Bella's, Abuja. 58DA8ADF, 07080305132, instagram @cakes_by_bellas ,twitter @CBellaabuja said...

Hahaha, my pastor cracked this joke on women's day celebration in church. Too funny


Hahaha hahahaha I had to laugh at the memo to shante empire so very sweet a memo a memo hahahaha.

Starjoy said...

Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ SDK May God continue to increase you in all aspects of your life. God bless the givers.

Anonymous said...

Ekajoy pls pack out of that slum. From Ojota Lagos to Ikorodu town you pass 7 rivers. Ghetto is ghetto

Stella maris Baby said...

Thanks for your understanding..
One love..

IVORY said...

And the idiot is still defending him. You brought out d beast in him right? He should kill you already. One less stupid fellow

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