Stella Dimoko Man Arrested For 'impersonating Jesus' After He Is Spotted Carrying A Big Cross On His Back.


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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Man Arrested For 'impersonating Jesus' After He Is Spotted Carrying A Big Cross On His Back.

The man has been accused of blasphemy by local church leaders who said his bizarre act 'offends believers'.

A man has been arrested for impersonating Jesus Christ after he was spotted walking along a road carrying a huge wooden cross on his back.
Artist and filmmaker Ilya Novikov, 23, was behind the stunt in the city of Perm in central Russia's Perm Krai region.

But he was accused of blasphemy by local church leaders and fell foul of police for being a potential traffic hazard.
A video filmed by an eyewitness shows the bearded artist wearing long flowing white robes as he walks along the pavement with a T-shaped cross.

Motorists and pedestrians shouted insults at Mr Novikov, and one bystander called the police fearing he could distract passing traffic.
Two policemen quickly arrived on the scene to arrest him - but struggled to fit his cross in the back of their patrol car.

They eventually succeeded and took Mr Novikov to a police station for questioning and he was later released.
A police spokesman said: "A man in white clothes, carrying a cross, was spotted by onlookers and police were called to the scene. Officers talked with the man at the police station and let him go."

Mr Novikov said: "My friend gave me some wooden sticks so I made a cross out of them. The experience of Jesus Christ was repeated. People were laughing, shouting and mocking me.
"This reaction proves that the Bible story was true and that after 2,000 years people have still not changed - we are still cruel and intolerant to our neighbours."
But Father Igor Anoufriev, the rector of the city's Church of St George, condemned the stunt as blasphemy.


  1. Oga wetin you wan shoot again when so many versions of the movie dun already first come out...
    Em for no even arrest am, em for allow am make e die first make I see as e wan take wake after 3days.

  2. Hahahaha
    Them arrest both the man and the cross.
    People be doing toomuch these days.

  3. Na wa o!
    Problem everywhere

  4. Who gave him a cross to carry? Waiting for his own side of the story

    1. Which his own side again???? He already said all in d story.

    2. Lol@ waiting for his own side of the story.

  5. He's luck he didn't impersonate *sneezes*, na death straight.

  6. This is how it starts, Good thing her was arrested because of the traffic offence and not because he portrayed Jesus.

  7. They should free him jo.
    Person wey die 2000 yrs ago, na 2day?
    besides arent we meant to walk in his ways?

    who Jesus don epp?


    1. Athiest get sister here? Didnt know o

    2. I pity you, no wonder your life is in shambles.

    3. Jesus epp me wella oh,and him go still fit epp u 2 if u go meet am.

    4. In a bid to sound badass dirty shan't whatever, u sounded foolish!!!

      Smell off with ur silly self!

      Cheap data has given u mouth to assume u can say trash about God abi?


      @Tessbaby, NO Atheist got no sister here! Atheist will never insult JESUS! So I respect him and his beliefs! So long as he does good with whatever he believes in, may it bring him salvation cos real Atheists don't vomit thrash like this foolish gal...

      And yes I am pained much over this foolishness for any fool that wants to ask that!

    5. Lmao! I now have a namsake here?
      Shantelle welcome oh! But dont insult my lord and saviour.
      Are you a muslim?a budhist?or an atheist?

      I truly hope you are my namesake and not someone trying to impersonate me.

    6. Whats wrong with you?
      Arnt we meant to walk in his ways? Then you go ahead to type who Jesus don help? Are you Confused or what?

      Now i know you are an impersonator trying to stir controversy.

      Tessbaby and Anon 23:15,that isnt me.

  8. If he'd tried impersonating Mohammed he would've been dead by now....

  9. OlaGold (add up 58BF8F56 for 18-24k raw gold dust and bar)20 August 2016 at 15:53

    The guy has a point. Uhmmm 2000 years after, people have still not changed.

  10. They should allow him carry his CROSS biko. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. It might seems like blasphemy to some, but i took some points from what the actor said: If Christ decide to come today carrying His cross, aren't bystander going to mock Him or even throw stones at Him?

    I just see it like, the actor was carrying his own cross like every other person. We carry our crosses differently though.

    1. ....another way to look at it. I like people who think out the box :-)

    2. I share your reasoning on this Mrs. Romas! To me, it is no blasphemy! People will still mock Jesus if he were to come back again!

      We live in a very cruel world!

      If only God knew what his creations* will turn into...

  12. Carrying the cross is not the issue, his christian life nko? It is the spiritual cross we are supposed to carry and determine our faith through that. He should check his stations of the cross to understand what it means to carry the cross.

  13. Is it now a crime to carry any wood, even if it is shaped like a cross?

    This Russian police are doing this because the man's uncle is in the opposition.


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