Stella Dimoko Statement On Video Circulating About Nigerian High Commission,Ottawa,Canada.


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Friday, August 26, 2016

Statement On Video Circulating About Nigerian High Commission,Ottawa,Canada.

The attention of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has been drawn to an old CBC video circulating on social media creating an impression that Nigerians in Canada go through hell in securing a new Nigerian Passport. This is not true. 

The video in circulation was broadcast on CBC in 2013 and the High Commissioner to Canada at the time, the late Amb. Ojo Maduekwe diligently dealt with the issue then to strengthen the structure of the Passport Section of the Nigeria High Commission, in Ottawa, making it possible to obtain passports in less than a day in Ottawa.

The lady who was at the helm of affairs in Immigration section at the time was asked to leave Ottawa. Not only that, the late Ojo Maduekwe granted interviews to put into perspective what happened and promised Nigerians then that it would never happen again. And it never did. It must be pointed out here that up till today, applicants can obtain their passports in two hours at the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa.

This is verifiable from Nigerians in Canada. It is really uncharitable and worrisome that the video in question was posted on a day late Ambassador Maduekwe was being buried and honoured as a worthy leader and statesman. I appeal to all Nigerians to disregard the video.

While noting and admitting that some of our embassies must step up their attitude in dealing with issues relating to Nigerians in their host countries, President Buhari’s administration is determined to ensure that the rights and welfare of Nigerians whether at home or in the Diaspora remain a major priority of this administration.

Abdurrahman Balogun
S.A. Media to Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa.


  1. I dont understand this their early morning grammar jare.

    Who dem epp self

    1. If i hear...Stupid pple.I was there last year August...Waited for over 10hrs despite d fact that I got there 7am!They were supposed to open 9am o but they all came late! D first security guy arrived around 9:20! went through hell that day so many pple from Alberta, felt so bad for them cus some missed their flight. D useless Hausa boss will come every 2hrs "ermmmm sorry we are having technical difficulties we are on it be patient blablabla...." Trust Nigerians See fight now. I just dey corner dey observe was too exhausted to put mouth.

  2. So who should be believe? BVs in Canada, how true is this?

    *Larry was here*

  3. Woman plz shut up joor. My friend left his base last 2 weeks and wasted 2 days at Ottawa and they told him that Issuing of Passport for now is closed. Call the pple incharge and stop saying rubbish, before u say rubbish here u ask questions 1st... #Alinko

    1. You and your friend are bunch of liars! Either that or your friend is lying to you.

      I can attest to it, once you follow the procedures and come along with the prescribed documents, it is less than half a day to collect your passport at Ottawa.

      Note that she didn't say it wasn't bad before but the issues have been corrected and things are truly working well now.

    2. @ Stanley Nwaeze ...You too shut up! Allow the woman speak her mind! It's people like you that treat a woman like nothing. Useless man with mouth odour.

    3. they work effectively now...once you go with your expired Nigerian passport,money order, 2 passport pictures and the application fee with payment made online with a credit card an interview date will be scheduled for you and you will get your passport same day...P.S I work for a travel agency in Ontario.

    4. I just renewed my passport yesterday. Was there for just two hours.

    5. At least I commented what I know with my Google account/name, not u guys saying trash with anon... lol...#Alinko

  4. Some pple just like negativity

  5. That is not true because I got mine within few hours - 2 hours. I flew from Winnipeg to Ottawa and returned the same day. That is to tell you how fast it is.

  6. There is always element of truth when matters like this pops up again.
    Someone just trying to pass a message.

  7. In another development....

    Nigeria can not be a good place when Nigerians are not good people. From among us our rulers emerge. We totally or almost totally lack the sense of justice...

    Facts of the case...

    Two neighbors and quarrelling. One's father's name is buhari. The other decides to paint his dog with the words 'Buhari' all over the body and begins to parade the dog in the neighbourhood.

    Actions taken....
    The one runs to the police to complain that the other is displaying provocative action that can cause fracas.

    The Police comes in and the accused admitted the act and went ahead to destroy evidence by killing the dog, an action that suggests negative intent. Police conclude that the act is provocative more so as complainant insists he be made to feel assuaged as he doent want to take the law into his own hands.
    The police take the matter to a court of competent jurisdiction constituted for such purposes to determine guilt or otherwise

    What do unjust Nigerians do..

    1. Decide on their own that that buhari on the dog must, whether we like it or not, be Muhammad buhari our president and not Ibrahim buhari or buhari danlami or any other buhari
    2. They decide that an aggrieved has no right to lodge a complaint to police. That such a simple misdemeanor must involve the input of the commissioner,igp and even the president when it is a matter the dpo is capable of handling
    Our people say that the facts of the matter is irrelevant as long as a certain name, buhari is involve just because they hate the one buhari that is our president.

    Tell me, not allowing the man to tell the world through the court whether or not it is about pmb, does it do him justice? Does this attitude do justice to the aggrieve? What of us, by standers, who do not really know what these two are dragging?
    How do all three parties get justice in this matter?

    There is no wonder then, that when people loot us dry we won't allow them defend themselves, we start shouting political! Witchhunt! Work of detectors and enemies etc and our woes continue.

    Just one it because the name here is buhari or that even if it is my name okeke and I feel mocked by my neighbour that has been having issues with me, I have no right to complaints?

    God help us Nigerians!!!!!

    1. @Eka Joy why tag the writer idiot!?? ??

    2. Youngman, I maintain that u r wise well beyond ur years!

  8. Well, I think there is a bit of truth in it. For Nigerians to obtain a passport in the Nigerian Consulate here in Johannesburg is a 'mission'.

  9. #A pretty face gets old, a nice body will change, but a good woman will always be a good woman*

  10. Don't mind Nigerian government... it's so true... my younger brother has been trying to renew his passport for ages... they keep posting upandan.... mtcheeeeww

  11. They should look into Nigeria Embassy in London because their office is a huge joke, very corrupt and very incompetent staff, expensive visa cost. Visa/Passport section need total overhauling.
    I just don't know the planet our Government always pick incompetent/rude workers to be in charge of their affairs. People who would prefer to seat and gossip than work. Please, do something fast about the situation.

  12. D Nig. embassy in New York is worse o, inefficient n lazy staffs,vry rude consulate head + dirty lookin office. It took me abt 9dys to get my passport around this time last yr.i wish i did a video of hw they behav n treat ppl there bt i waz 2 said n emotionally imbalance cos of what they did to me


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