Stella Dimoko Thief Says Bank Staff Gives Info On When Customers Make Large Withdrawals..


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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Thief Says Bank Staff Gives Info On When Customers Make Large Withdrawals..

One of the robbery suspects arrested, Monday, in Idimu area of Lagos, has said a staff of the bank gave them information about the customer, who was shot and robbed.

This is just as the Lagos State Police Command said that the police Inspector that was shot by the bandits at an Automated Teller Machine, ATM, did not die.
The command said the officer, identified simply as Inspector Musa attached to 2 PMF Keffi, was shot in the cheek and that he is responding to treatment at an undisclosed hospital.

Recall that the four-man robbery gang stormed the bank in two motorcycles and waited until the customer came out of the banking hall.
They then shot him, collected the withdrawn amount and zoomed off. On their way, they saw Inspector Musa at an ATM and fired shots at him.

However, two members of the gang were shot dead by operatives of Rapid Response Squad, RRS, who were on patrol.
In his confessional statement, the suspect, Jafar Ismail, said that they were invited by one of the bank’s staff.
He did not disclose the identity of the staff, but it was learned that operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SAS went for the arrest of the bank’s staff yesterday.

The suspect, who disclosed that Monday was not their first time of visiting the bank, said: “We have a bank staff, who usually informs us whenever any customer withdraws huge amount.
“We would position our motorcycles around the bank and wait for the customer. Immediately we sight the person, we would ride our bike close and snatch the money. We usually shoot if the person put up resistance.

“At the end of any operation, we would give him the largest share and share the rest among ourselves.
“We were told that this particular customer withdrew over N300,000, but were not successful as police got us.”
Spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Dolapo Badmus, said: “Inspector Musa, attached to 2PMF Keffi, Lagos, was trailed from a bank in Idimu where he earlier withdrew some money.
“They accosted him in his Ford Jeep at Okunola Road near Aregbesola Hospital Idimu and was fired on the cheeks.
“He was rushed to Lagos State General Hospital, Ikeja, where the bullet was extracted. He was treated and has been discharged. He did not die.”
Badmus added that investigation was still ongoing.


*The real thieves are inside banks working wah!
I hope they jail that Bank worker cos he is the ring leader!!!


  1. Stupid banker giving us a bad name. I did say when they get him they should shoot that nigga too.

    1. How are we sure it not you?

    2. It's their usual practice o. Infact the highest form of financial crime is carried out by some desperate bankers these days. Yes, some of them. There's a major case ongoing with a certain bank right now that involves the bank branch manager. It's going to be explosive once the case is concluded.

    3. I believe this Arm robber
      It happened to someone I know that immediately she withdrew some cheque
      419 started calling her and told her where she lives

      And she was new in that area, the only place she wrote her # n address was @ d bank after receiving the money

    4. Na today? This is why I don't want any special familiarity with so called account handlers. They know so much about your account and can do so much also. The tellers nko? Hmmmnnn! And the managers­čśĽ.

    5. It is not a new phenomenon. I am so happy that they have been caught. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Replies
    1. But basically this is true na. information can only be sourced from
      1,The person going to make the withdrawal might have told some persons who would now act on it or 2,The person he is going to transact business or give the money to.
      3 The driver carrying him
      Or 4 The banker.

  3. Stranger na bank you dey work. Na wa for una people ooo.

    Thank God that 1 day is for God.

  4. You don't need a soothsayer to tell you na, most bank robbery insiders are involved, or the banks wants to tell us the thieves are magicians to know when huge amount would leave and all the security details.

  5. useless and shameless bank worker giving bad names to the other bankers. That bank worker should be killed, i pity his family.

  6. The banker should be apprehended and jailed. Cruel bankers. Thank God for his life.. phewwe!

  7. All bankers are evil. That was how one was seducing my boyfriend and invited him for her close door birthday party.

    1. Why won't they? When you also what another woman dead so you can take her husband....u never see something nu. U will soo weep in this life that you will ask if God has abandoned you.

  8. Bankers wt shady characters. May of dem still abound in various banks. every day for d thief, one day for d owner of d money.

  9. Some bankers are criminals,what do you expect when they pay them peanuts

  10. First class ticket to kiri-Kiri.

  11. This is becoming the order of the day oo. SMH. The hardship is real bikonu.

  12. Corporate thief inside suit. Need to be fired and jailed.

  13. James Bond's Girl3 August 2016 at 11:45

    Stella you never hear say''na rat wey dey inside house dey call rat for outside say plenty food dey house''

  14. The so called banker dat gave him info should be identified and arrested. 99 days for the thief and 1day for the owner.

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  16. bank staffs are thieves hv knew dat frm d days of adam...

  17. Yes most of them are thevies


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