Stella Dimoko Vice Presidency Press Statement


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vice Presidency Press Statement

 Truth be said,I do not Understand what this is about and that is why I am posting so someone will

And please do not comment if you lack me!


  1. Miss Ess come and explain please

  2. Stella, I no understand too, wey all the gurus?

  3. Me sef am not understanding... Pls someone shud translate it in German for Stella nwunye Korkus n I. Kikikikiki

  4. So why are they giving us half detail? They should wait till they have full details to share with us, because this to me is very meaningless

    *Larry was here*

  5. Wanting more power than you already have is unacceptable. Allow every arm of government do there job and don't try to bypass certain things by seeking for law to grant you so much power..

    You can fix the economy without wanting all power and rendering other arm of government useless.. Present your case to them and your plans. If it's good, it will be approved..

  6. All i know is that this government know nothing but talk. They seem to talk a lot and no action.

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  7. Stella, you can get detail of this in the nations newspaper of yesterday....the Economic management team headed by the VP seek to get special rights for the president which is targeted at granting him executive powers to roll out some measures aimed at revitalizing the economy in one year without having to go back to the legislature to ratify its decisions every time.... Nigeria constitution is obsolete and full of so much bureaucracy and its quiet limiting. The executive rights will be given by the legislature and its for one year. This sort of powers has been of much benefit to the US in recent times. Obama has made use of such powers about 235times in the past 7 years and its responsible for programmes like #Obama care, etc and if PMB is granted such, he can also make declarations to turn our economy around without going thru the legislative arms. Its however not an absolute power and its renewable after one year....see details in yesterday's the nations newspaper

  8. This is actually crazy, press release from the office of the vice president ?now as a vice president that is spare heading the economic/economy team who claim they have some policies to revitalise the economy ,you stil have the shame to come out and tell Nigerians that the reason why the policies are not out and rolling is because they have not been presented to the president who is your immediate boss?who is suppose to present it to the malam if not you Mr vice president ? now this is an apc govt that controls both upper and lower chambers of the national asembly so the president and the vice can't make his party pass policies that will make the country move forward ?so why are they in govt ?to arrest people who name their dogs after the president ?or to insinuate that goodluck is behind Niger delta avengers ?or to arrest everyone that served in the last administration?  Well i think though it's my own opinion that this government is clueless and they are ruling with impunity shame at all sai baba indeed ....

  9. The president get veto powers and na him political party dey control govt so it will not be hard for him and that's why there is lobbying ....I was listening to Obama the other day he said he has alot he wanted to do but the republicans in the Congress won't support him but it still manage to pull through the ones he can see @aunty morgana if the president wants to work we will see home everytime pressuring the senate and punlicising this policy....I remembered when the third term agenda came up then ,the then senate president ken nnamani said he will televise the Senate session so Nigerians will see the senators that sold the country the senators has to eat obj's money kept the country together if buhari is clueless and can't play politics he shld give chance this not military where one person is allowed to control power ...period


    The link above is the reason for the press statement.


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