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Friday, September 23, 2016


Thank God Its Friday! #CookiesAndCream #Kisses

Shout to BV in Yankee..Thanks for the long talk Yesterday and thank you for always checking up on me.I am grateful to God for giving me you #BlessGod.

Now who do we have here?..Mc Kevwe how can we help you?got anything to tell us?

Hello Stella, I am new but not so new to your blog, a friend introduced me in August. Initially i visited sparsely, but since this month, I have become a monitoring spirit, practically running here every chance I get and I have so far seen the great works you do for Nigerians, I sincerely commend your effort, more power to your elbow.

Work moved me to Edo State and it hasn't been easy around here as I don't know anyone. I would really love to meet someone in Benin (only in or very very close to Benin please) that I can chat with and sometimes hang out with, so I don't hang myself one day out of boredom. I am close to 30yrs so I would prefer older persons.. I say persons, because I don't mind the sex, and hey, I'm not gay. Just want to meet new faces and who knows, a special man might just emerge from this.
I can be reached on  thanks a lot Stella.
P.S. I'm female

My dear you meant to say GENDER and not sex cos that word makes that statement funny and i hope no one misinterpretes it the way it sound ''I dont mind the sex....''HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


Cake baker needed in port Harcourt.
Hello stella ,  I need a very good cake maker for a friend's birthday which is on the 28th of September 2016. I want it to be a surprise to this very dear person and specificaly it must be a chocolate and red velvet cake with buttercream icing. This is my contact 08139705532 (Whatsapp only) cos I need to see previous works. 
         Thank you Stella for this platform Allah ya ja zamanin ki. Amen.

Thank you..oghene fiobo ho kowe



Kudos to you stella, am in need of a baker who can teach me how to do meat pie, doughnut, egg roll, scotch egg, am based in surulere Lagos, Itire to be precise, my number is 08089155018, thank you stella sneh you rocks.

IF anybody else adds this Stella sneh without explaining,i will not post what you send again oh..At least if you dey yab me ,let know the meaning so that i can use it to yab someone else e.g James Sneh!
LMAO...continue hiding James,I dont miss you anymore,you over did it this time!


I thought to share this here as we might have a few BVs who might be interested or know someone who might need the job.

I work with a firm that is currently a recruiting MEDICAL LAB SCIENTIST 
 for a client in the Medical Diagnostic Industry
ROLE : Medical Laboratory Scientist II 

LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

Bachelors' Degree in Medical Laboratory Science  and a minimum of 1
 year post National Service Experience
Additional Requirements:
•    Upon date of Hire: Current Negative TB Test
•    Ability to Pass a Criminal History Check and Drug Test
•    Must be current in all immunizations
•    Must be able to read, write and speak English.
•    Regular and prompt attendance is a requirement of this job.

Resumes should be mailed to




 Stella Di sharp  kee ! Kwanu???  I just want  to  thank  you,.Two weeks  ago you posted  a vacancy of a private  school  in Ph looking  for  teachers. Nne quess  what?  I  got the  job!!!!
 Sorry  this is coming  late because  I have been busy know  na.! with  my NEW JOB. The  salary  is not  much cos I spend a lot on transport  but Biko  
ooo ehe! . is better than to be at home everyday waiting for big  work with big money .Thank you Stella  and my director's daughter for  this  opportunity. Looking forward  to make HOLY CHILD ACADEMY  A SUCCESS. God bless. love  you Aunty  Stella oh! Sorry Stella nwa .

As a teacher that you IS now,you have used cunny to advertise the school.Anyway no yawa.please patronise the school so that our Beefee go see salary. 



Good afternoon nwunye Korkus. My sister gave birth early yesterday morning, to a baby boy. I'm now an uncle. I asked her if she had episiotomy (hope I got the spelling right) and she was like; ''how's that your business''. What's my own, I asked her to send me her own labour room story and she said yes. Have a nice day 'AUNTY' Stella. 

Hahahahaha this is what happens when men are too curious and dont mind their business.Mr you must have been sleeping inside the labour room chronicles and here i am thinking only Ladies read it.
Congrats to you and your family on the arrival of Junior....



Hello stella,trust your day was good.
When I saw that chat about those girls and juju I laughed cos I remembered something.
Sometimes last year,i used to work in lekki so I tend to meet rich men alot,most of my friends were dating them and they were collecting enough money from them but I was this naive 19yrs old virgin who turned down all advances from most of them cos they all wanted sex...

So this my particular friend was making it big to the extent that she boasted to me that if she want to open a shop now in lekki she will,i decided to join when owu wan kill me,we went to see this particular baba who told us what to bring that after everything na touch and bring the men go dey do ,after getting everything we needed for the ritual,he took us to the river side and made us worship one God like that,so he told us to come next day at midnight to complete the ritual but by then I was already scared..

When I got home I decided to open up to my pastor and confessed everything to him,he prayed for me and God forgave when my friend called me the next day I discouraged her that we shouldn't go again but she tried convincing me that we should and at the end of everything she went alone..

The juju started working for her,she was living fine and well but stella when the repercussions came I pitied her cos it backfired 100times.She is now in the Village. I decided to share my story

Madam i have been begging to share this story in full with us,let us know what exactly happened after she did the juju and what her present condition is now,she is in the VILLAGE DOING WHAT?farming?Is she now a crase woman or what?...Others need to read and know that there are consequences.



I want to specially thank the angel that blessed my family. Just got an alert of 50k. Just when I thought all hope was lost, this beautiful angel showed up and rescued us.
Please accept our sincere gratitude we are truly grateful. This has taught me never to give up. Thanks a billion my God sent angel.  May you never lack and may the good Lord bless you richly.
Our one and only Stella thanks for this wonderful platform. Stella like no other,
she be putting smiles on our faces like Nsidodo (wetin na).

Thanks to the BV who gave this..May your baby bring you only happiness in Jesus name.Love you always!


Good day stella,
Thanks to you first for using this medium to be a blessing to us.
I want to thank MUMMY SINACH for d mixer she gave me. 
She went extra mile o ensuring that it was delivered at my door steps. 
(All eXpense hers) she was also kind and patient all through this process, and calling severally with her own airtime o. She was still begging me to manage it and wishing she can do more; at the same time thanking me. She is just an amazing and wonderful woman.
God bless u mummy sinach, and may u never go down in life. When men are saying 'there is a casting down, u will always say, 'there is a lifting'. Thank you so much and God bless you more.

Also, I want 2 thank d lady dat posted the cake mixer yesterday: she called me to know if I have gotten, and I told her someone promised sending to me (dat was b4 dis one reached my hand) she then said, she was going to wait till d lady send it, before giving it out to another. 

And when, she confirmed I have received it, that was when she gave her out to another.
I'm really amazed by dis show of love from complete strangers. This goes to show that when God is on your case, "everything nah double, double. Lol.
Forgive my long epistle. Am just excited.



Hello Stella,I know you're doing great, I bless God for your life.
Let me go straight to the point, tomorrow the 23rd of September is my 34th birthday and I'm grateful to God. But I have a wish and you could also help me make it come to pass, I'll be 34tomorrow and I'm not in any relationship, of course it calls for worry, I'm good looking and godly, I wish to be in a relationship and build a godly home. 

Im 34yrs,single, a plus size(18), godly, dark, good looking,prayerful, a good Christian, living in lagos. I'm seeking godly friends btw 38-45, Im attracted to dedicated Christians, prayerful and selfless, iron they say sharpens iron I dnt want a relationship with someone I'll be forcing to do the things of God,easygoing and peaceful. If you match my search, let's start by being friends you can mail me

Stella my 'rose model' in Jenifa's voice, I love you and admire you,I want be be soo blessed to be a blessing to many too even though I may not be it yet, but I know with God I'll get there.thank God for sending you to this generation because through you many people have been blessed and changed including myself. Thank you for allowing God use you. I appreciate you.



 Am in dire need of a Toyota corolla or Camry car. Am a nursing mum and will soon resume work. somebody, anybody with a clean Toyota for sale should contact me pls. My budget is 700k. Please help a sis. My contact no. is 08056847030.   


 Pharmacy technician needed for a pharmacy in Sangotedo,Ajah.
Dear Stella,
A pharmacy in sangotedo ajah, Lagos is in need of a pharmacy technician
Interested applicants should forward their CVs to 
Thank you 



Here we are just like we promised that any time any BV patronised us, we will give out 5% as shoki or money giveaway. A Wonderful BV patronised us for his daughter's birthday,therefore we would love to redeem our pledge. Ella's dad thanks for the patronage, you made this possible.




Please BV, patronise us so we can give out more shoki or money. Order for your exceptional cakes with lips-smacking taste for all occasions. Call or WhatsApp 07056157039. Please Follow us on Instagram: @fluffycakeng, also like our Thanks

Thank you so much for coming back to show appreciation.


I will send #8,000 worth of shoki  tomorrow for shoki night (seed sowing).
I intend to fix the cards inside the lyrics of Phino's fada fada just so we will do sonething a bit different this time and praise God along too.
Will send them tomorrow evening.
Thanks ma'm

*side eyes*Cynthia bebe.
Anyway if you wanna join in the shoki night tonight,please send in your recharge cards before then ohhhh or be posting at intervals in the comment section of the post i will open tonight..sorry i dont know when ,can be anytime



please does anyone know where i can learn how to make small chops, bake cake and make intercontinental dishes in abuja? preferably around gwarinpa or daiwaki axis. thanks. contact me on 08069657738


I have these really lovely pair of shoes and I want to bless someone with them because well I love love your blog and someone might just be looking for shoes to get turnt in. So here's what,they are a size 39 and all I need to know is why it should be given to who would win, entries should be sent to best entry wins .

Entries keh?O ga oh..

All this one for shoe?if you want to dash motor people go submit their destiny be


Aunty Stellz o.i just saw an alert from O.C.C.
I am in awe.
I m shocked.
I m speechless.God bless you and this wonderful human being.This joy You and this great person put in my heart,God will infinitely bless both of you.
Im so happy I don't know how to say thank you properly.
Please thank this person for you always say Stellz,God's own good measure of everything great in this shall be pressed down and shaken together shall be added to this person.Thank,.thank U the kindest heart I have ever known.God bless unconditionally.My kids and I shall say a prayer for you everyday of our lives.thank U.sorry for the plenty talk,i had to pour my heart.

God bless you for this blessing darling Chris.


Am crying seriously as am typing this. Let me go straight to the point. 
Our first child (Adopt)is just ten and and uses soap and water to massage his p***k every time he's alone or having his bath . 

It's been long he started having this nonsense sexual feelings. 
It has gotten to the extent that he even do it even when we're in the house. 
As a parent we have tried all that we can to help him but all to no avail.

 On my own as his mum have been praying to God to help. We thought he has stopped, but was surprised when i saw my dearest son's p***k so strong and was red as I caught him today. 
I was so scared that i almost ran outside. I nearly killed him.
Now my biggest fear is I have a new born and am scared of what he might do to this innocent baby. Because he even finger my little niece of three years when she came for holiday. That was how the girl was crying everyday "aunty my wee wee is paining me" till suspected what was going on. I told the little girl secretly to shout if anybody tough her wee wee, and that was how he was caught .

people came and said all manner of things because of the beating I gave him today . Although I regret beating him. 
But now more than ever really need everyone' advice on what to do for my little innocent new born. Because the way the thing is doing him, he can just rap this baby for me oh and inniciate him into masturbating like him. 
Oh stella and my fellow sweet bvs, what should i do? Am going crazy. Please pardon me for any or error,no time to edit. Please aunty Stella use your red pen.


Hi everyone,

Please I understand the fact that Nma maybe having issues with someone on this blog  making her to think anyone who comes for her is Femi.
But I want to say again and again that my issue with this lady started when she picked  on me twice plus ,she and her goons has picked on other people  here in the past  same way so ,I thought  it was just normal to pick on anyone since it was just a blog fight and no hard feelings?
LOL I no be Femi ,Onos or any other name that have been dropt here and don't want to be associated  with them.
This was just a case of two fighting lol.
Nma can put her mind to rest.

*Lol...Rolex and i spoke this Morning and i have been referred to her facebook page and i cannot believe someone as beautiful as she is with a damn good job can be so troublesome....Dont worry babe i called to confirm your job..LOL.
I was the one that accused you of being Femi but it was an accusation,sorry about that.I apologise.

*Femi how far?hehehehehehehe.Please stop dropping comments here a blogger that you IS now,go to your joint and comment there nau.bwahahahahahahahahahahaaha



A fashion company about to launch their women underwear line are in urgent need of tailors who can make women underwear. Anyone interested should please call or whatsapp+2348032403003 for further details. 

Thank you.



Good morning Stella, I want to thank you for this platform. I have been financial down for a longtime now. I just got 20k from someone that has been owing me. I need advice on how  I can use this 20k. 

LMAO..Madam abeg forgive my laughter but I dont know what to say....


Creative Thinkers Needed
Creative thinkers are needed to help in developing an idea.... If you can think outside the box, have some time on your hands,  reside in the South East with preference to Enugu,  and can help or be part of something great, that will be worth ur time financially,Please send a mail indicating your interest to
Thank you...


Hello Stella,

I urgently need the services of a small chops vendor for an event coming up on1st oct,2016 and location is ogba. my budget is btw 20-25k for 100/150 guest.
Kindly send a mail to or call 07010357342.

Please treat as urgent.



Good day Ma,
I got a potential tenant from your blog and I wish to show my appreciation with these recharge cards.

5869 5278 7453 9634
4902 3878 5897 2627
4015 0304 2978 2203(Mtn)
5333 4964 4163 547
5333 4917 4718 366
5333 4908 0263 911

8903 4338 9759 6362
8718 1443 2396 3159
8174 2859 5965 4954
8852 4443 2419 5088
My blog Id is Greenland Hostel (Apete,  Ibadan) Pls we still need more patronage. It is very affordable, no Buhari price.A trial will get you hooked. My Poly Ibadan students where you @.Apete lovers where you @.Come one,come all.
Thank you Stella. Kissez. 

Thank you for coming back

When we were growing up, a cousin of mine came to live with us. He was a lazy basterd. Sometimes what he does after food, instead of washing his dishes..he will keep his empty plate near the sink and cover it with another plate(creating the illusion that there's still food in it) and for added effect, he will put a note on the plate that says(please do not open)... but guess what we all did....of course we would open it, get upset...and of course, we would cover it back for the next Victim... who is the bad guy here.

The fool who started the trick or the bastard rest of us? Oh well, happy Thursday.... spend time with friends and loved ones and of course do parties.

My name is kevwe Ogunje MC with MSC
For your Events, Weddings,  Divorce parties lol and TV shows reach me on
Phone :09085300609
Email :

Chris,please dont forget to call Kevwe.




  1. Its Friday!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes yes I’m always excited about weekends cos its enough time for hubby and baby(ies) lol “ri-di-mo” things lol



    1. Ihn is here!
      Happy weekend everyone.

    2. Madam whose adopted son masturbates, carry him to mfm for deliverance biko. That is one of the risks of adoption, you don't know what the child you are adopting might be bringing into your home and the kind of spirit in them.

    3. Poster that could be priapism pls find out why its so hard and Red.

    4. Quick question @jobless housewife how do you manage to always be the first to comment?

    5. 34years single lady, plus size 18, please loose weight fast. How can you be single and that big in this generation.

    6. In house news is here
      beautiful shoes but the criteria.... lol
      I still need an investor in my fashion retail business
      You can contact me through my mail on my ID, so we can talk on the legal bindings and returns..
      May God provide my Angel investor

    7. Happy weekend every one,

    8. Stella, I can't remember telling u that am having a divorce party. #akukuanya
      Maybe not my Krix sha!

      Krix via iPhone 6s Gold

    9. Madam who's adopted son masturbate,please that child needs help, beating him will never solve the problem

      Besides, to the poster suggesting the child should be taking to Mfm for deliverance,she needs a solid advice on how to go about helping that child, must everything be "take him to mfm for prayers" why not Waka pass if you don't have a advice.

      That child has been abused, it's never his fault and what he needs now is help and cares
      Thank you

  2. IHN IS HERE !

    1. Incase you missed yesterday, the comment section was lit

      Please find some excerpts


      E Ebony Gold who was in a brouhaha with Nwa Amaka sometimes ago that culminated in the Niger trip and pot of lies is the same person as Mother Confessor. I was reading the scandal and decided to click on E Ebony gold, phewww! It turns to Mother confessor. Nawah

      Anonymous22 September 2016 at 19:29
      Mother Confessor have made her profile to be unavailable fast fast. Lols lols. We have seen it already. You are E Ebony gold.

      - Anonymous22 September 2016 at 14:59

      - I participated in one of the s&m nefunning of last year I think and same Femi that lives in magodo and has dogs contacted me. I think he targets ladies in the diaspora so y'all be careful. He has baritone voice (I'll give it to him, it's really sexy and he knows it) and loves to send voicemail. I spoke to him almost every day of the week for about 2 weeks but gave no useful information about myself (he saw my pictures tho). I remember him complaining he couldn't find me on google or anywhere else. Thank God for that.
      I'm so sorry Nma for all the troubles. I only pray God touches his heart so he can leave you be. STAY STRONG!!!!

      Anonymous22 September 2016 at 15:10
      The said Femi is so my ex.his real name isn't Femi. girls hav to be carefl. That's his style of operatn. He's a bv n he introduced me to dis blog.broke up wit him 3 yrs bck.had to chang my address, phone no,email add, and even frnd when d relatnshp ended.sad he hasn't chngd.

    2. Continuation

      Anonymous22 September 2016 at 15:31

      Yeah I think I have received a voice messages from the Femi guy when I advertised some products, he has such a sexy baritone voice and he sounded polished and rich, no wonder some bvs fell for me, he told me to deliver at magodo, m a married woman so I maintained my lane. Now I understand why he never sent a written message,he prefers to send voice messages to trap single ladies that will fall for him.

      Is this Femi's real name Dominic? One Dominic added me, lovely voice and he has dogs too. He has since deleted himself... He lives in Magodo too.

      September 2016 at 16:54
      Anon 15:10 i doubt ur story.D femi guy's house is on my street but he hardly lives there.He's married to an arab lady from quatar abi wetin be emirates airline.Ave never heard a made up story such as dis your post,rumour on d street iz he no dey luk naija girls side

      Anonymous22 September 2016 at 17:08
      Nma start it by pickin on rolex she is my cousin and from a very wealthy family.
      We usually discuss about the issue I pray nma don't die if jealously.


      - em jay22 September 2016 at 18:23
      - Hahahhahhahaahahhahahaahhaa @ very wealthy family, I like the way you lie oshisco.


      NUVI HONEY22 September 2016 at 17:13
      I'm sure Femi is BV "soledad" one time I talked about my figure and he sent me voice-mails, that voice is the sexiest male voice I've heard in my life(I'm a voice girl ��) then he was using a d**k profile picture, I sha advice him to take it down and that with his voice he could go into radio , he thanked me and stopped messaging me, guess he figured I wasn't ready for anything.
      If it's the same dude, I smh.
      Please let her be, though I feel there might be more to this story. You all should just live and let live ✌.

      Blog Visitor22 September 2016 at 20:26
      Stellz I think it's high time we create a separate section for fraudulent S&M participants. These people need to be called out joor.

      I know a Dominic too that lives in Magodo, he has dogs as well and speaks with an American accent.I hope his not the famous Mr Femi Ladies\Guys beware of these S&M opportunists.

      Don't give out any vital information about yourself no !matter how genuine the other person sounds till you have carried out proper investigation on them. Frauds everywhere.

      - Ehi1222 September 2016 at 22:55
      - God! Ds femi guy added me on single n mingle, he hardly chats but sends sexy voicemail. He told me he lives in magodo with is dogs n dat he works with a security service. Thank u Jesus for I later deleted him for no reason without sending my pix. Did I tell u guys he said he as a child with a lady based in d USA wch he uses as his dp always? And is bbm update always shows him watching blue films on porn sites. Thank u stella for saving so many from ds so called femi

      - Anonymous23 September 2016 at 07:36
      - This femi guy's my hubby's friend,they say he was a 'bad' guy who dated only biracial women in uk with citizenship from 3 different developed countries with a 4th from nigeria.Anyway his story was posted last year so where's everyone getting d over 2yrs from?

  3. Replies
    1. The lady whose young son is already engaged in sexual practices should please take that child for deliverance, go to a deliverance ministry cos that child is possessed. Don't send him to a boarding school or leave him alone with other children. It is well in Jesus' Name

    2. Enough shoki.
      God bless them givers & receivers..
      Stella God bless you plenty for this platform..

    3. Woman you need to get help for that boy asap! Although you sound more worried for your new baby, I hope this isnt because he isnt your biological child? Beating will only make things worse, you should sit him down and inquire how this started, he needs a lot of help and prayers as well. Its a good thing you found out on time, its never too late. . .

    4. Yayyyyyy!!! Thanks Stella for taking out time to talk to me...God bless u for all u r doing.Stellamaris

  4. Reading comments on my birthday post yesterday was awesome
    OMG! As in I felt so much love
    Yesterday is the best birthday I've ever had in my whole life
    May God bless you all
    Lafresh ,Rhoda Rex,Jenny love,Kelvin boo and Love me jeje....I have just one prayer point for you guys...may ur joy know no bounds
    And to every one who took out their time to comment,I really appreciate. It shows I'm loved,economy too hard to dey waste MB anyhow but you guys still did it
    SDK herself, thank u Mir ...may you never be found missing
    I'm not sure if my bday has finished.
    Pls who knows how to rewind time?πŸ˜‚
    Where my Edo sisters and my abk in-laws ?
    God bless u all
    As u light up my day ,may God give everyone of u reasons to shine
    Thank you once again

    1. Nor worry, I go help u rewind d time.. God bless u too dear.

    2. Happy birthday in arrears ibukun. You are a fine girl. Don't mind all d ppl that called u otherwise, they just felt like lashing out cos you are a known bv.

    3. HBD in arrears, lively one. God bless u.

    4. Next time learn to take correction when you speak wrong English. Your blind argument about "been" and "being" made you look very stupid. All this epistle you typed now is without full stop abi? Continue. OLODO

    5. Babe i like u cos ure sound so lively and down to earth. #nohomo

    6. Your life must be very boring if strangers wishing you happy birthday and calling you "blog bestie" whatever the Fuck that means made you have the best birthday ever. Then again, it's obvious you don't have a life.

    7. Happy belated birthday @ Ibukunoluwa.
      Live long & prosper.

    8. Good for you.

  5. Replies
    1. Kevwe egunje or whatever d fine boy's name is,dat stupid story u wrote up there, is it supposed to be a joke or what? Cos I'm not understanding


  6. Replies
    1. Please people, I know this doesnt relate to the post, but I need urgent answer. Is N-power holding online exams tomorrow? I have been trying to log into my account and it has not been going thru. Can anybody tell me what to do? Thank you.

    1-Take their phone and secretly get their IMEI number. ... dial *#06# for this
    write it down carefully without missing a

    2-Get your IMEI number and your last recharge voucher serial number.

    3-Wait until its midnight when the computers are about to reset to a new day and then type *00002020*165239*IMEI number from your phone and the phone numbers of your partner and their IMEI number then send to 756331.( IF You are in Nigeria )

    4- You will receive a code shortly which you will need to type in like you are checking airtime balance *756331# ( hope you are following)
    It'll show a combination of five numbers which is be your password.

    5-Go to your phone type in the code as a message and send to 3652248. You'll shortly receive another at first in a sequence with other numbers.
    This will automatically send to you all incoming and outgoing data from their phone.

    NB: Now this is the most important part:-

    Thank you for wasting your time reading this nonsense including its grammatical error. It didn't make any sense to me either

    1. I hate u for thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Jesus!!!! You sooo got me haa!!

    3. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    4. OMG! This woman you are not well o! If you see the concentration I used in reading this. All along telling myself it would come handy when I an ready to date now I am LMAO!

    5. Omg! See me quickly copying each step furiously on my legal pad.
      Ha! U re evil

    6. Thank God is friday....Ibk happy belated birthday may you experience joy,happiness,unpredicted testimony in Jesus name Amen.Also to my handsome Bv kelvin three Gbosa for you!!!!may God Almighty enlarge your coast, big thanksto you stella.....word can not express the great things you're doing here Heven bless you and your inheritance.Also thanks to all the beautiful bv here mehn I learn a lot here you all make my days perfect....God bless.Amen

  8. Whew!!!Last IHN for the week. First???

  9. Stella abeg when is d rant post coming up, I want rannnnnnnnnnt!

    Where are my gurls?
    Greetings to the you gallant Nma.
    Xoxo my very cray cray person, you make brain gurl, I roff you.

    1. Emjay do you want to rant about the plenty boil and craw craw in your vag*na? Go hospital naa

    2. Anon 14:12 why are u so bitter?! Someone will always be higher than u, deal with it & leave Emjay be biko. Hian!

    3. Juju story come and finish it ohhhh.

    4. Anonymous 14:12,aboloriburuku ni e ni? Why are you still picking on this emjay? Anytime she comments, you always troll her with craw craw and vagina story? What is your problem? If you are that pained about the vagina I hope you get one that is more crawcraw filled shoved into your face
      OLORIBURUKU oshi.

    5. Bv XP big congratulations,may God bless your twinnie double double blessing still coming on your way.

  10. Replies
    1. God bless the receivers too

    2. Chai,I'm late today o.Yesterday's comments section was lit!!!
      E Ebony whatever is Mother confessor? Wow!!! Why am I not really surprised? La fresh,autocorrect is just foolish,lol.How are you dearie?
      XP Hun,I've replied you o,check your inbox.A n'amekwa ofuma?
      How are you all doing jare?

  11. This single industry is frustrating, every guy would want to have your booty. Inukwa give me yansh...Na wa oh

    1. Ah! Lara, but you aren't single na

    2. Lmao,I'm telling you.Very frustrating something.

    3. Lara is single
      And you Quickie
      And Sassy too
      Chi exotic is single too

      We are not married so we're single honey.

  12. God bless the givers n d receivers Cheers


  13. I am so bored mehn! Any owanbe this weekend in lagos? It's been a while I ate party jellof.

  14. God bless the givers. I hope to be bless someday by an Angel on this blog

  15. Ihn is here, TGIF Able God pick my calls I need breakthrough. This year must not end without me getting a good Job.

  16. Jah Jehovah... Na which spirits dey load this cards na

  17. And Stella apologized... See, apologies don't hurt.

    1. True. Just say d word 'sorry'and everything will fall into place.

  18. Jesu!! For d very first of my 3yrs on dis blog.... I loaded recharge card..... It's worth celebrating o. Erm, thank u o. TGIF

    1. Lol
      Its bcos of what u did yesterday
      God repaid u😘

    2. Where is today's episode? Or you just wanna look for my trouble?

  19. I got N200 airtel from Greenland Hostel & N100 from @fluffycakeng. Thank you guys. *shine teeth*

    1. Lol,I've never bothered struggling for recharge cards here cuz I always feel I won't be lucky.Maybe my luck will change soon.
      And Stella,I don't know BBC's email address,not cuz I'm new here,but cuz I've never applied for any giveaway here so I didn't see the need.So it's not fair for you to say it's only new bvs that don't know. Anyway,if and when I want to apply,I sure know how to apply.

  20. Thanks blog visitor J l. Even tho I haven't seen it,I pray God reward you bountiful. You will never lack in Jesus name(amen). May u continue to grow higher. Thanks. I'm still expecting it. God bless you forever.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think I like Bolu
      Nice manπŸ˜‚

    2. I just started following the story on Wednesday but am hooked already. Please continue

    3. Mama dare be careful I don't trust bolu yet.lets watch him a bit more.

  22. Na wa o, just 6mins after 1 and there are already 22comments. Una be winch?

  23. I have never seen my mama laugh so hard like today. Gosh she laughed till I had tears rolling down my cheeks . I would give anything to see her laugh so hard like she did today. I saw a beautiful little girl who grew to become an amazing mother. That smile was a blessing am glad I have her. I feel so blessed today. I Thank Jesus for my mama.
    #Familyisbae #Mothersundilutedlove #Cutesmiles #Feelingblessed #Goodhealth

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

    1. If your mama know say na so you dey hang leg for window and cupboard that laughter go wipe off.

  24. hahahahaha so guys do read our labour room experience. The bros congrat ooo. You are now an uncle.

    Will be back jare. Too much to do.

    Ibukun thank you for your prayer. I was happy when i read all the best wishes for you. My dear you deserve more. Be yourself.

    My head is aching me jare. May be i have not eaten lunch. Make i continue work.

    congrats to the winners. God provide job for all.

    Will come back to read the IHN. My eyes want to see double

  25. Where's that Nwa teacher or is it educationist that has bn in an 11yr old relationship?
    Do you know what 11 yrs is? Even medicine no hard to study like that.
    A baby was birthed 11yrs ago has crawled,learnt how to walk,talk,feed his/herself. Finished primary education and already in secondary. Thats what you are here priding in. Oya clap for yourself! As lord of the rings that you is nau.
    Your mouth like my fiance of 11yrs mtcheew.

    1. Don't mind her. Shame no even catch am. Mumu

    2. My sister,I shock as I see that comment
      I hope the guy won't disappoint her...

    3. I saw that comment too, i pitied her anywaz rather than abusing
      I pray God intervene anywhere you are

  26. Why would someone apply for shoe giveaway if not to walk with it?
    What else would be done with a shoe? To shred it and chew?
    Mscheeeeeew! People give out better shoes on here with less headache. Go and yansh down!

  27. TGIF
    No Drama pls, let's embrace peace.

  28. Enter your comment...please help me blog ID is irejoice.I already sent email to BBC and also to you...please help me and my junior brother... school has resumed and he his still at home

  29. Sisi eko i'v bn seeing your comments. I hail you m'am

  30. So now I have to make pancakes every morning. My son wakes me up with momma momma tantake. The holiday is over my nephews and niece have gone back home but no I still have to make pancakes every morning cos my son is now a pancake addict. Now I have to go learn how to make jam and syrup so he doesn't have to take loads of preservatives alongside his meals. Rant over.

  31. Kevwe is getting really handsome by the day.
    Too much sauce.

  32. Can't type all again. Martins boy, thanks. Stella, you are bae

  33. #TGIF baby!!
    I won shoki today o.. After a long time..
    GOD bless the givers real good!!

  34. Ihn is here.....
    God bless sdk

    Madam please take your son to mum for deliverance, after that sit him down and educate him on sex and the dangers of masturbation. It has really eaten deep into him. What a pity.

  35. E never ever reach 14 mins wey Stella post IHN, comments don full. All shoki's loaded.... DiarisGod o

  36. Stella the people that read your blogs are every where o

    So a family friend came to visit me and my baby, and she was asking how everything went. I gave her my story and she was like thank God you are very young, that's why you had the strength to do all that, not like people in the gwegs stage.. Lmao

    This raised my antenna . I was like gwegs? She said yes na. And expand what gwegs is with referral to this blog... Now I wouldn't think for the life of me that she has time to visit blogs because she is an engineer who works with a big oil company. Sometimes she is on the field most times outside the country or in Nigeria. Very busy person but when she said this and asked her how she manages to read your blogs, she said she does it when she's about to sleep off and goes thru the comment.

    We laughed and laughed over some things here.

    That aside, please how come I punish my 3yrs old? A punishment that wouldn't seem like a joke to him and instill fear in him so he doesn't so that same thing again I need help

    Lafresh, baby is fine .. Thanks for asking . I see how you roll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    1. Fab mum you sound so brash and uncouth you married young and have kids then we should not hear word again.U must be the first woman to do so. And you have to tell us stories about gwegws to make you feel on top of the world. Humility and modesty is indeed a costly virtue not everyone can afford it.

    2. Wao, how is baby doing? Congrats

  37. Let me advice you like my friend james would.
    Hian bv celebrating her birthday today. How can you be 35 yrs old and fat? Are you crazy ni? What were you doing when you were young? You were busy gbenshing small small boys that you forgot you will need a man when older. Stop letting men gbensh your Toto skin to skin. Cross your leg like a mermaid but try hitting the gym first. No man likes fat women. Get it?

    *hangs leg on the window*

  38. This week leapt wahali.

    It's 99 days more and this year is gone. I'm thankful for my beautiful life, true friends and a loving family.

    Meanwhile, tgif!! Our transformer broke yesterday. I hope it's fixed before I get back. * sniffles *

    Happy weekend fam.


  39. Am so hurt right now caught my boyfriend with another girl yesterday went to his place unannounced He has been begging

    1. Eeeyyyaaahhh
      You shouldn't have gone to his place unannounced, its bcos of things like this ehn
      Now u are hurt
      Sorry my sister

    2. They always beg
      Ndi ojoo!
      Forgive him if you want to

      All men cheats.

    3. Dump his sorry ass

  40. Omg!!!!!! The woman whose adopted son is masterbating at 10, Please take him to a deliverance ministry that knows what they are doing. Then again check him medical wise,take him to a pediatrician and explain his acts to him. Something is wrong somewhere.
    Am sorry to say this but adopted children can come with any thing because seriously you don't know their story or their bloodline.
    I just pray you find solution

  41. Thank God its Friday. Enjoy your weekend, all

  42. Whitie, I saw your comment late.
    Amen and Amen.
    Thanks, dearie.

    Exhilarated P, congratulations.

    Kelvin, my gee, happy belated birthday.

    Happy belated birthday, Ibukun.
    You are such a good-natured fellow.

    Chikito, so e don reach the annoying level of saying you no dey rub shoulders with the likes of Ibukun cos, according to you, she is beneath you?
    Abi, how do we interpret your '101%' support for a certain anonymous mean comment on her birthday post yesterday?

    Every known ID had only good things to say about the easy-going, lively, friendly, sweet IBK, but you and that silly anon just had to come show yourselves..

    In your desperation to make people on a faceless forum see you as a BIG girl, you cared less about the feelings of a sister who didn't provoke you in any way.
    As long as you pass your subtle message about living the good/perfect life across, whoever gets hurt, in the course of that, is no business of yours.
    In as much as your fab life is on display, nothing else matters, even if you had to use an innocent girl who just wanted us to celebrate her on her day, as a tool to get noticed, any 'sensitivity' can as well spend eternity in hell, right? Smh.

    I don't get it...
    Are you surprised at what you've achieved?
    Didn't you ever dream you'd get there?
    Did it come to you as a shock?

    The way you jump at every opportunity to either brag or bring your fellow woman down kinda paints a picture of you living a dream you never believed you deserve or imagined yourself live.

    Those who never imagined being great are the ones who rub their little success in people's faces.

    The likes of Captain Chinyere Kalu, Ibukun Awosika, Aloma Mariam Mukhtar and a host of others are big time achievers, not to mention the silent blog visitors who churn out wads of crispy dollar/pound sterling/naira bills every month on this platform, yet these people, put together, fail to outshine you in the bragging department.

    Get off your high horse, madam.
    That we are privileged to go to school and make something of our lives is not by anybody's power and does not automatically make us gods.
    ‎You need to understand that life can be very tricky. The people you look down on today might end up great tomorrow.

    Your likes looked down on 2face in the past because he couldn't speak good English, but guess what, sweets? Today, some of those 'Guardians Of Proper English' can't talk where 2face, the 'Non-Grammarian' is 'flowing'....

    I have seen STARK illiterates employ graduates.
    We heard stories of royals beg for food.
    How about those several grass to grace stories we read every day??
    Kings have fallen!
    Slaves have conquered.
    Nothing, my dear, is etched in stone.

    Like I always say, anybody, anybody at all can be somebody.
    Stop trying to dampen your fellow woman's spirit because you think you are better than them, it screams UNSOPHISTICATED!
    BIG GIRLS don't do classless, they do classy!

    And, hey, let this cold reality sink --->> At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.
    When we die, the same ditch gets dug.
    You, my friend, do not understand life.

    1. I agree with you Arabella.
      Chikito was downright wrong with those comments.
      As Γ§razy as I am, I would nver look down on anybody.
      However, I have a piece of advice for IbuΔ·un.
      Take it easy with the clinching. Call me a hater or anything but I really do hope you dont fall into disgrace someday. No be BVs again?
      You wont die if you dont lick asses. Just be yourself.

    2. Leave me let me cry😩
      What do I say now
      God knows how I feel after reading this
      God bless u mam and He will always defend in u ways u never imagined😘

  43. Your sister that did ritual is in the village.. What if she's doing big things there? must success come from living in the city.. She could be preparing for a Cheiftancy title or investing in the local village palmwime joint or real estate πŸ˜€

    1. Stappit!
      Why did u have to make me laugh like a fool in the midst of people here😩

  44. If Nonso Diobi is gay and cohabiting with his partner, his choice. What I cannot understand is why he abandoned a thriving career to stay at home, doing what? Maybe he is engaged in some kind of business because no young person, male or female, should idle away in their prime. How does he get his arse covered when they are no longer together? Even people that have challenges have something doing. Maybe he is raising their kids. Or does our law in Nigeria recognise common law partners? Maybe they are married. I am befuddled.

  45. IHN welcome. It's Friday ohhh... Weekend has begun. Any kano bv? I need friends Biko. Where can I learn cake baking and decorations in kano at an affordable price?

  46. So person go write exam cos of shoe na waoh,Thank u to the wonderful people putting smiles on peoples faces and Stella may God keep blessing u.

  47. All this hype for Rolex,and I asked a simple question,you insulted me,it still doesn't change the fact that you Rolex is troublesome and so childlish, please do grow up,who wants to be your friend?HELL No!!aunty yansh opener.

  48. IHN is here.I thank God for everything.God bless me and my family and also you aunty stella.God please surprise me this month.I need a job oooo.Is there any big iron bowl called pan ashewo?I tire for my grandmother ooo.She too luv that her pan ashewo. I have repeatedly corrected her so many times that it is called bowl

  49. some peeps are hilariously stupid. jees!!! can't deal biko

  50. #Shy people usually end up being some of the coolest people you know after you start talking to them*

  51. Madam with the masturbating "adopted" son,do i suggest that you send that boy back to the orphanage that you got him from if you know you cannot deal. I am saying this because that boy is just 10. This is not the time to beat or almost kill him,instead tap into this psyche,sit and talk with him so that you can know where this is coming from and kill it from there. A boy of 10 is very vulnerable.. You just beat and beat,probably subject him to harsh words buy you fail to check if he's still in contact with the source and who or what is that source? Who is he closest to? Is he scared to talk to you? Draw him close and drill him in love. If u can remove the source,one problem solved. It might be at home,movies,school,neighbours.friends. it might be who he looks up to,someone you never imagined. Please talk to and handle him like you'd do your biological son. I'm also sorry to say,but i see segregation already. You had to tell us he was adopted? So that people will do wah? Tell you to throw him away and not bring a demon into your home? You've already started the my my my cuz you now have your own child?,please kindly send him back if you cannot handle him as you'd do yours. Beating doesn't solve it and remember, he never asked to be aadopted. You can blow hot under my comment but I've said my piece.

    1. Pardon any errors you might find. Can't proofread right now.

    2. Well said

      ^let her check if her hubby or any UNCLE living with them is not abusing that boy sexually...hmmmm

  52. I love weekends.... And so Anambra is practically on a standstill today. All road clear, businesses shot down. IPOB Shaa get mouth.

    God bless the givers. Madam that your juju story is incomplete na, what happened to your friend na.

    Congrats to the new mum, new uncle go and marry and do your own Labour Room Drama hope... Lol.

  53. did not get any card...was seriously waiting for this first time commenting...happy weekend

  54. Stella...sneh is from olamide song.
    Sneh sneh robo sneh
    Robo sneh sneh robo.
    Baddo sneh.
    No cause for alarm.


    Sweet weekend to u all.

  55. Enter your me jeje d ritualist. using Church to do cover cover

  56. I heard so many people complaining about school fees..Pls if u can't afford a private school for now,why not send d kids to a public school..There are good public schools around..

  57. Na wao ooo e be like say winch de this blog way no de let recharge card land before loading, i hale oo

  58. Palmkernel/ Palm oil factory for sale. Bb pin 58BF8F5623 September 2016 at 14:36

    Omg, the woman with the 10 year old adopted son. Your son could have been sexually abused. Try and find out from him where he learnt the mastubation from or who has been touching him. It's a very serious and sensitive case o. If care is not taken, schools, neighbors and even everybody will start rejecting him because no parents will allow such type of boy around their kids. Please beating him is not the solution now. You need to ask him some questions and be calm while doing this. Assure him that he will be protected should in case he is under any threat. He needs to see a counselor and if possible a good deliverance minister. Take him to MFM for deliverance. If you are in Lagos, you can go to their head quarters at onike iwaya yaba. Their deliverance session is always monday to Friday but you have to attend their Sunday service so as to meet with the deliverance team for registration. Please note, if you have to take your son to another church for deliverance other than MFM, please be very careful. This is a sexual issue here and many peadophile and gay pastors will automatically see your son as a potential candidate. Be very watchful and prayerful so that they don't end up ruining his life more. Chai I'm pained right now. The lord is your strength madam.

    Palmkernel/ Palmoil factory for sale. It comes with a plot of land, 4 room house built for storage and workers resting room, a cracking machine, separating machine, palmoil digester, drums, lister engine and other working tools. The buyer will be guided on the day to day running of the business, introduced to the farmers, association, ministry and examiners in the state. Also the buyer will have easy access to yearly lease of palm fruits farms for palmoil,palmkernel nut and palmkernel oil production.

  59. this MC Kevwe na fine boy. No pimples for his face

  60. Anyways I want to do a make over for a female bv in Abuja, kubwa/gwarinpa to be precise, if u are interested Holla at me, or drop your number

  61. All I see is Shoki!Shoki!!Shoki!!!XP congrats on your bundles of joy. God please I need twins.

  62. Yey IHN is here. TGIF. God bless the givers and receivers.
    Wow people are getting blessed everyday. Lord you are faithful. Waiting for my school fees oh. Lord send me a helper. Amen.
    Lol. To the guy that wants to send LRD.. I raise cap for you. Bet you can't wait to get married so that you can send wedding night and LRD stories.
    Lady with the giveaway shoe. God bless you but entries.. Haa na audition things..
    Lady with 20k investment. Try going to a poultry farm and buy eggs. Some crates. Start selling from there and be careful so that they won't break or you can buy provisions or stationaries. Don't know about your location just start from something.. If you have a free place to farm then you can start something. If you know how to bake or do small chops, start. At least start from somewhere. Hmmm I just wish for someone to bless me financially. Subscription almost gone. Don't know when next I will visit here..
    Let me go and apply for that creative thinkers stuff.
    Madam with the son isshh.. Definitely someone exposed him to that life. God will see you through. Just hope your new born is not a girl to avoid touching stories. Take him to a sound boarding school.
    Once again. God bless SDK for this platform and fellow BV's. Have a blessed weekend.

  63. It's IHN again again
    My favourite post on stella's blog
    Thank God it's friday
    God bless every thing

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Geez..Stella good afternoon.. called you from Nigeria to say hi..u were so rude on the phone.. thanks tho..concerned BV

    1. My dear she's sorry
      She might be in a bad mood

  66. Thank God its friday. Last IHN for this week.

  67. happy weekend guys...missed all the shoki..hope to get one later in the night..

  68. hmmmm. that woman asking for advice on how to spend 20k. pls I'm available o. lemme help u spend it. ERM... what else did I read... mc kevwe, ur joke is kinda dry sha God bless your hustle hun. the lady with a 10yrs old son that masturbates that boy needs serious deliverance. make he nor go rape you one day o

  69. Lemme book a space here....... Am coming back.. IBIKUN don't come near here oooo

  70. God bless all the givers and provide for the needy.

    The young girl with a friend who went to do rituals, please, send the full story. Many young women need to learn some lessons about what they get themselves into all because of money.

    The lady with an adopted son who masturbate, call him and question him with love, ask him where he learnt it from? Has your husband ever masturbated around him when he was growing up? Does he go into your female/male neighbours rooms? ask him the person he saw masturbating in his presence.
    What TV programmes does he watch?
    That child needs a lot of questioning and attention. You need to send him to a doctor, He needs help.
    You have a toddler in the house that he can easily influenced into his dubious acts.
    He is a little child and someone must have taught him or has even been doing it with him.

    I don't really know what else to say, parents please be watchful. There are a lot of evil possessed people out there who are targeting kids. The devil is a liar.

  71. Enter your comment...Lucile yesterday u said u ate coconut$ debino.hope u knw what dat means...ur toh toh go dey sweet and ur dh no go let u rest.

  72. Amara you called me up by 6am to say hi?..u r lucky i was NICE...that was me being nice...i was not rude just not people do not respect privacy becos u can easily get my number right?

  73. I was just looking at the giveaways, I couldn't even apply for the school fees. Which phone will I use to munch my comments? All these 'rich' people that surround me, who have that kind of phone among them? It is

  74. Stella please do job/service offering post when you can.

    I have a service I would love to offer to people.

  75. #ThatOldMemberOfBVN#23 September 2016 at 15:07

    XP(my everyday crush)
    Xoxo(you too much)
    Sunshine(plix who changed you??)
    Bloglord(come out already??)
    Ggb(my colleague from maestro)
    D'royalty(agbara nwanyi)
    Ideatobride(errrrrm,I'm coming)
    Lafresh(how far your DR leboo??runsaway)
    Emjay(the most insulted,I love you jooor)
    Ekajoy(PDP secretary)
    Angelray(aka bitterleaf Cynthia)
    Ibukun(sdk rave of the moment)
    Kevin(the breast pwesser)
    Lovemejeje(madam Bishop)
    Queen&Boss(you are just so amazing but they don't know)
    TGw(madam tales by moonlight,love you mami)
    Ronalda(sdk lawyer)
    Whiteberry(the Lord will provide for you sisterly)
    Whitediamond(madam epistle,howdie??)
    Oluyomi(come back sister,miss you)
    Ezewanyi(Kai,na tgw fit sing your praise ooo,I'm loyal ma)
    Jaymoore(I'm still in love with you)
    Tuscany(have you broken up with shantelle??)
    Shantelle(has Tuscany broken up wit you??I like him)
    MMW(howdie mami??how's flavour and sandra)
    Pepperoseoku(you are missed)
    Jayem(how's your husbie hunnie?)
    SaltE(SDK kaffy,how far?)
    Larapeperenpe(how market??)
    Galore(lie lie mistress,no more celeb gist??)
    AY(come outa anon already,we know you are here)
    AnnieIdibia(how's tuface and pero??)
    NkoliNwaNsukka(I no dey see your comments again ooo,why??)
    Rolex chicken(best behave yourself,if not,I will hate you)
    Fan Emmanuel(SDK nuisance1)
    Faith Martins(kai!!you have been humbled,how's work dear??)

    Errrrrrrm,lemme stop here!!raise your hand if you didn't see your name!!I love you all mehnnnnnn,seriously!!I'll be back


    1. Lmao @ rave of the momentπŸ˜‚
      God bless u😘

  76. Greetings to SDKers,happy weekend to you all.

  77. Lols at your story fab mum. You can punish a three year old by asking him or her to kneel down and raise his/her hands up with eyes closed. Of course you will hold a long cane in your hand (just to drive home your point) you won't flog with the cane o. Lols.

  78. madam pls keep a close watch on that boy oo. may GOD give you wisdom on how to deal with the issues

  79. Amara u no check time before u call? That was too early na

  80. Let me do small APROKO....Ermm..So today one married man wan do party for girlfriend and tomorrow he will do another party for wifey. ( homeland News ) Nah wah for Nigerian husbands!

  81. Let me do small APROKO....Ermm..So today one married man wan do party for girlfriend and tomorrow he will do another party for wifey. ( homeland News ) Nah wah for Nigerian husbands!

  82. Stella, don't be gullible. No matter how you try and redeem Rolex's image, it is forever tainted. She has a good job and has all the time in the world to be writing epistle with all that gbagaun? Lie of the century.

  83. BV who was saved from doing juju thank God for your life but i don't gerrit! how can a 19 years old child be involved in such a thing.ha! nawao! i am scared already. With the number of churches and mosque on every street in Nigeria. God please i cover my DH, brothers and even my children and their future with the blood of Jesus. I cannot suffer for any one to come and reap the benefit.

  84. Rolex, read what you wrote up there and ask yourself if you made sense.

    If you can chanel this kind of energy on a blog fight and on someone you claim you don not know, do you not think you are mentally unstable? Seriously...

  85. That 11yrs fiance/fiancee, it could be that they started dating at a very young age, like under 20yrs of age. Hmmm.

  86. Anon 14:28 seems you are less busy. See my comment up there for you and have prayed that God gives you guys jobs to do.

    But as you no want to comot from my matter, if i give you spiritual slap eh ehe you go know where you dey and where you come from?

    oya carry my matter for you head, na konk you go receive from me.

    As things are not moving up for you, let me know so that you can receive help. EWU

    Hahaha that old blog visitor na wa for you. dont worry enjoy yourself. Happy weekend all

  87. B.V who needs a business idea to start with 20k should call me 08167034777


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