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Monday, September 05, 2016

Monday IHN

Today is a good day and i feel really good because God has been Faithful....TOO FAITHFUL.

I may not tell you what has happened or is happening but OMGoodness God is awesome so dont fret if your day isnt going well,he is on your case.

When God is about to bless you,all hell will break loose but na lie,all na distraction.stay focused and fill yourself up with love.
God is here and reading in Jesus name...You are next.





Dear Stella, please in God's name, I want you to upload this story in your blog as regards that blog visitor that wants to disclose money to her husband to be.
I'm sure someone will learn from my sisters story.

2013 July, my sister got married. It was an amazing talk of the town ceremony here in the UK.
She works as an IT tester and he(husband) doesn't have a good job as she just brought him over and filled his paper's.
On the night of the trad, my sister told him she was worth 16m naira and about 200k pounds( my sis is so stingy that she saves and not a spender)

My dear in-law changed over night o! That the account must be controlled by him bla bla...
That's how he used my sis money to build house in his village, then sent his sis for masters in Ghana.
To be honest I don't know if he used charms on her I cannot tell.
Now imagine in 2016 my sister has nothing to show for herself . back then, I advised her to buy properties she refused that she wasn't married ( what a mindset).

Right now imagine as an IT tester in the UK, she gives her monthly salary to her hubby.
She has no £ to give her parents back at home.

Bottom line, ladies if you will hear, NEVER tell a man your financial status. Most Men are terrible and lazy. Besides they don't tell their wives everything about them.
Dear Friday's poster, please keep your mouth shut and for the rest of the girls in similar situations, learn and be wise.

I'm sure some people will blast me, the truth be said men don't like to feel like the weaker sex. Let them feel like the financial lords, but within yourself,  there is this great smile anytime you remember your bank statement.
If not for anything, for the sake of your kids.

These days most men are so evil and heartless. If you doubt me ask those girls that struggle with a man , and when he hammers, he dumps her for another chick.

Ladies be smart and wise. Stop opening your silly mouth because of shit love.

Hmmm ...i have since come to realise that everybody's mindset is tuned differently.some ladies will read this and still do what your sister did...if she is happy with him and they dont have any problems then don't complain,its the path she has chosen....this cannot be everybody's story.some men will know how much you own but will not touch it,some will make trouble until they spend every dime.

Thanks for the story though.



To all those who called concerning that supposed blog and its report on me,this is to say thank you from the depth of my heart to all the BVs who called and those defended me on other platforms..Now let me tell you people this.I am not moved whatsoever by that blog or whatever it has written.

I know the consequences of my job and that is one of such and i remain unmoved irrespective of whatever is written there or anywhere else...I have been broken and moulded so many times by God and he has decided to leave me spread out like broken cannot break what is broken and remoulded to remain in pieces can you?LOL.

I would also like you all to do one thing for me..stop cussing out AY Makun and just let this go.
I am not a bitter person and irrespective of what has happened,i do not harbour any hatred inside of me for anyone,so please hold your fire and lets use our time wisely.

AY Is my brother and we are from the same tribe,we should be brothers and not enemies..The devil will not win this!

The writeup on that blog supposedly disgracing me was a blessing in disguise on a personal level because it brought some beautiful things my way .
The only things that get to me is LOVE,THE WORD OF GOD and the cry of a derelict and beggarly person who needs help.I remain unshaken and unmoved and i have moved on to other things.
Please do same with me and try not to bring it up or cuss him out or any platform again because that is not my intention at all.

I refuse to let the devil use me when i have God's!

If you are reading this,whoever you are,where ever you are at,if i have hurt you consciously or unconsciously with my job or on the private side,I humbly ask for your forgiveness and a new beginning with you...In hating me remember that you put yourself in jail and trap all your successes.

This is me,I release you into the hands of God.

I am not a saint but the GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD sees me through.

This is the last time,i will address this issue of my supposed Brouhaha with AY,
and will continue to celebrate his successes in whichever way it is put out there and hope that with time he will forgive me if i hurt him or put him out in a bad light with the story i did on him in April concerning his marriage.I am not saying i lied,i am just letting this go.

I am dusting my shoulders and moving on and ask that you come with me and allow us to be the  ''Bigger men''.

Thank you OLA,I LOVE YOU.

Thank you all from the inside of me.

Off to look for gossip...*wink*


Good Morning Ma'am. My name is Chukwuma Sylva Chiamaka, the Orphan that applied for Angel OO giveaway for her Widowed Grandma and received the sum of #20,000. Thank you once again ma'am for the money, it's been put into good use.
Please ma'am I received an alert of #5,000 from Chinaza ******* just this morning and I'm confused as to where the money came from cos no one pays in money into that account except from your blog so I want know if it was one of your blog visitors that paid it in so I could send an appropriate appreciation.

Thanks and God bless you ma'am

No need for an appropriate appreciation,this will do.The money came from a BV....That was her widows mite to you..May God send more helpers your way in Jesus name


Dear SDK,
happy new month. Please kindly help me post this, though I do not know Which category it falls into.
Please is there any Blog reader or viewer that can train me in the following areas:
1. Beads ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
2. Gele tying and head wrap( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
3. Makeover ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
4. Snacks ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
5. Hair braiding ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
6. Women Tailoring pattern cutting ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
7. Men tailoring pattern cutting( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
8. Cake ( My budget is 2k, I will buy the materials)
I just want to learn the basis.
The maximum training days per training I need is 7days.
Please the trainer should base in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom state
My phone number is 09050332558.



We buy dead/used inverter batteries @ best prices. 

12v 200ah=10k. 150ah=7k. 10ah is 5k. 
Call 09053515743. 07064647854 for pick up‎. God bless you. 

Those of you who know people with dead batteries can make money from this cos it is real and I spoke with the BV handling the buying of dead batteries.

There is no scam here at all.


Appreciation to ANGEL ASHAFA from THELMA 

My heartfelt appreciation goes to Angel Ashafa, thank you ma for blessing me with 30k!!!!!!.
I can't thank you enough ma, words fails me  right now but I pray that God will cause the heaven and earth to bring forth increase unto you, May His countenance shine on you, may God cause you to eat the good of the land, with long life will He satisfy you ma, if only you know what you've done for me (tears of joy).... I'm so grateful ma.

Sdk of life, may God jam you with trailers loads of blessings, when you call ten, thousands will answer you, thank you for allowing God use you to reach out to million souls...God bless you all.
*Faithful bv*



Good day Mrs Korkus,
You are doing a great job ma'am (I know everyone says that).
So my birthday is coming up later this month,and to celebrate Gods faithfulness in my life this year,I would like to make a reception outfit for two brides,getting married between October and November.
Please note,that all the fabric and stuff that'll be needed,would be gotten by you.
One bride in Lagos,and one in ilorin.
I'll select whomever I want,as the spirit leads.
WhatsApp ONLY: 07031696955 and state ur location 
Thank you very much Mrs Korkus.


Cake needed in South Africa.
Please any BV (should reside in Johannesburg) in the house that can bake a lovely birthday cake and have it delivered next week should email me via Please one I can afford.

Thank you Stella and God bless you.



God bless you Stella... I just got out of a bad break up. I need to get my mind off him, I can't be mourning over someone that did not die. 
I just need friends in Ajah axis, that I can talk to so I can take my mind off him.
Please I don't need a Rebound o,
I don't need a BF,
I don't need a Lesbo partner,
I don't need FWB mbok,
I just need genuine friends male/female that we can hang out and gist. Add me 5EEF671D 
My love for Stella is from Lagos to Afghanistan 

I like your need to cry over spilt milk huh?your body be like wetin dey hot



The In-House-News on the 24th of August 2016 carried a giveaway to train 10 unemployed graduates on cake making and decoration.. 
Mrs. Becky is an amazing woman and mentor. She welcomed us and did not withhold information. She taught us really well and she is very good at what she does.. She is also very beautiful and fresh.. very Fresh woman like this..

She expected 14 persons but just 6 of us showed up and it was a really fun class. It was for 4 days but I can say we really learnt a lot. Some of us already have business names and are ready to start our own outfits..

Thank You for your platform and God bless you and La bliss as she is popularly called.. 
We all agreed I send the mail as I was nominated Course Rep (Lol). 
Please find attached some pictures of our cakes.
Thank You and God bless you both..

You guys tried and the cakes are so nice looking.hope they tasted good as well?


I have received an alert of N30,000 from angel ASHAFA.
God will bless and replenish the pocket it came from... As the Bible says that a giver will never lack so shall it be for her.. As the timing was perfect for me so shall the timing of God's grace continue to be perfect for you ... Even in this hard times.. She shall experience a lifting up..
Thank you very much.
BBC thank you too... U don't know what you have done for me... U have no idea trust me..  God will bless you and Stella too..



Good day ma I hope this get to u it my birth month so I want to do free bridal make up for 3 September bride and also I want to give out this shoes ‎wats app 08145490243 thanks 

Thank you

' I am a single young lady that is looking to get a car to help with my supplies business. I have been trying to save up for quite a while but, with the economic situation in the country, I have not been able to save much. Presently,  I have been able to come up with 300,000naira. Even I, realize that isn't enough to get a decent car that wouldn't give me weekly mechanic visits. 

So I want to appeal to anyone who has a decent car that can sell to me at 300,000;someone who wants to show a seed in my life to please contact me. I reside in lagos but,distance shouldn't be a barrier. 

Infact, I promise to keep on praying for whoever helps me out for the rest of my life. Kindly reach me on....theprayinggirl33@gmail or 08023050417. Thank you SDK for this opportunity.  Thank you SDK family. 

Not everybody who calls you will have good intentions so shine ya eyes,that your 300k is enough for scammers to want to make contact.becareful and dont meet anyone anywhere alone to inspect any car okay?


I just finished my ND exam am looking for were I can work for my IT
Any bv that has a space for IT student in his/her organization should
please give me the opportunity to work for him/her. I can work as a
secretary, receptionist etc I don't want to stay at home please help a
sister. I can be reached with this number 08036430425 mail



Hello Stella 
Please I want to give this electric oven to anyone who needs it. It's new and never being used. And I also want to give 10 pairs each of these sandal  to anyone who uses a size 36 to 38. Thanks.

My contact is 08059556826. Location is lagos

Thank you.

Re-Disclosing your financial worth before marriage.

I've taken my time to go through the comments on my chronicles. This is to thank fellow Bvs on their advice with respect to the chronicle. It was a tough decision for me, but your advice and contributions made it an easy one. I don't know how to be completely dependent on people, however, I've decided to tell him about the money. He's a really nice person and deserves my honesty. He may not even ask me for the money. He isn't that type of guy that collects money from his woman because he seems like the proper Anambra guy. His ego won't let him even. Lol. 
But some Bvs dey paraa sha! I saw an anonymous reply to Sylvia's comment. Mehn, that was a bit harsh.. I used to think most attack replies on chronicles or certain posts come from the posters, but with that anonymous reply, I now realised there are 'fans' who actually fight other's cause in absentia. Lol @QueennBoss, I actually held my ears oh. Lol.. 

And NO, I did not get the money from runs oh. I used to work but my company's downsizing affected me few months ago reason I'm out of job. Even tho the salary wasn't much, I was able to save that. I'm currently Job hunting tho. 
 Thnx a lot Stellz for posting. And to everyone who commented. God bless you all. **XoXo**.



Dear Stella,
I don't really know where this fits in. But I have been feeling so
depressed lately and i decided to bring this request to your blog
where God answer the prayers of TTC women fast.

I'm 40 this year and my wedding anniversary will be in the next 3 days.
Incidentally I'm still TTCing with a health challenge (SS), ovarian
cyst and irregular period. Doctors say I should go for surgery but am
not comfortable doing it.

Please I want to request for prayers from every woman who God has
answered from the TTC post. if they and anyone else that is willing
can just fervently pray for me, I know God will hear them and answer
me. I desperately want my own baby.
My husband has been very supportive and i wish for him to have his own
kids through me.

Thank you.

*But sweetheart sometimes what is holding us back is lack of knowledge..what if doing the surgery will help out?why dont you just do it and get pass that stage?...if you are scared then go to a good hospital...After any Obstacle is ruled out then you can sure that your miracle delayed will come forth.


Good Day SDK and SDKers. I am the
 winner of the In House Gist two Saturdays back. I want to appreciate Stella for the 10k. I asked her to send the money to a woman here whom I had promised to give some thing to and she did on Saturday. The woman called me and was almost crying while praying for me. She sent me a message too.
 Thank you Stella. May God replenish your pockets. Thanks to all who voted. I pray to God to grow my business and make my dream of a foundation to come true. There is this good feeling that comes from putting smiles on people's faces. Please Bvs patronise me so I can realize this dream.
I am an Aluminium expert, I make partitions, doors, windows, handrails, etc. Contact me to work on your new building or if you are renovating an old one. I can work in any part of the country. Contact me on 07036473947, 09084971116 twitter: @megasamaluminum.

7286 3937 2901 2881
2693 7551 8768 0215

63327 32742 17460
63327 33304 63238

2837 8008 6018 802


Lets do you a free advert post for next week huh?...yo are next,please mail me to remind me on Friday.



Hi Stellz. Thank you for using your blog to bless so many souls; I am one of the beneficiaries and will share my testimony with you someday. Please help me to post this in in-house news, it might help someone. There are vacancies available for those willing to do their industrial attachment with my company based in Abuja.  Those interested should send their details to the email address below:
Vacancies also exist for marketers; interested candidates should also forward their CV to the e-mail address above. Thank you Stella for posting 



Hi Stella,
The final shortlisted person for this giveaway is :
QUEEN CHIAMAKA OKE(QUINCY CAKES).: she is a single mum and a Baker who needs the money to buy a locally fabricated industrial oven to take her business to the next level.

This was a tough one Stella because for the first time we had some relatively Regular and known BVs applying. Known regular BVs are usually given priority in the selection process once it is ascertained that they actually do need the giveaway in question. However, regular bvs rarely participate so we are left with the unknown and anonymous ones, that is why we find some BVs in the comment section complaining about unknown people carting away the giveaways, we can only work with what we have, we can only choose from the emails we receive. 

  This, however was different, we had regular BVs apply for this one, we shortlisted down to the final three. They all qualified but the money can not be shared, therefore, the most qualified took it and that person is Quincy cakes. 

She already has her business in place but needs to take it to the next level and the money will serve its purpose.
I will like my fellow BVs to know that Stella does not have any influence whatsoever in the selection process Of the monthly or any giveaway. It is strictly within the jurisdiction of the office of BUSYBODY CORRECTER(BBC,if you like), Stella's no-nonsense P.A.
PS: please if you know this recipient and you think her claims may be false, let us know in the comment section.


If all is well at the end of the day,please send your account details to BBC .
BBC thank you for your professionalism.
Soon we would be needing a PA for



SwishSignature in collaboration with Aham Ibeleme is offering a 3 day training on makeup and photography in Lagos for young aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The training which would normally cost N98,000 for makeup and N94,000 for photography is being offered at an unbelievable discount of N12,000 for each course.

You can even take both courses for N20,000.

The facilitators decided to offer this opportunity to youth in the wake of the current economic  crisis believing firmly that inspiring young entrepreneurs will help in reducing the current frustration within our youth population and also add to the growth of the economy.

The giveaway for the make up and photgraphy has been gifted to Olori footwear by Angel Ashafa and will be paid for by her.Olori footwear should call the number in that flyer by Tomorrow morning to enable Angel Ashafa finalise the detals because she is currently abroad.
Thank you Dearest Angel Ashafa..Love you Dearly.


The free advert post for this weeks goes to....
Zittel coconut oil.
Please send in your material for free advert post on Wednesday.
Note that i picked her by scrolling and checking blog ID's.if you have a business to sell and you are in anonymous mode and dont get a chance,please do not be mad at anyone okay?




  1. Replies
    1. This rain fell on a wrong day. Feel like sleeping all day


    2. Just look, Madam why didn't you include the "He's a really nice person and deserves my honesty. He may not even ask me for the money. He isn't that type of guy that collects money from his woman because he seems like the proper Anambra guy. His ego won't let him even. Lol" in your chronicle?
      Some of you are fuck up upstairs!
      Now you've decided to tell him about the money, making those advisers look like what?

    3. Sometimes it looks as if some of you got 3 mad people stock in your heads! Totally confused people. Someone is still wasting her time advising you

    4. It's another day,lying on my sick bed,thinking of how to foot my hospital bills,life is really cruel to me,now I understand the saying "health is wealth"

    5. Help a sister pls b4 hubby send me to a early grave,pls someone should help,my daughter has not eaten sinc morning,hubby has abandon us,pls bv's I want to work or do biz I really need help,

    6. Ideato are you asking me that came in late. Be forming big girl don't grab recharge when you see next time

    7. Bv trying to concieve will advise you to do that sugery pls. Baby dust to you.

    8. So much on the ihn, let me get home so I can read properly. My helpers ohhh where are thou? Please locate me.

    9. Pls how do I get a blog ID?

    10. Very wet cold Monday. Lemme goan read again. God am grateful for your works and word

    11. Telema I sold my SUV in May. I join the staff bus now or BRT.

    12. Makeup n photography 4 just 3days 4 such a huge amount?

      Congrats Olori. U just gave up there n now ure receiving.

      Stella u never tell us Y u dey protect this Ay cos im almost certain uve so much dirt 2 spill yet holding back.

    13. Pls how do I get blog ID?

    14. Thursday Chronicle Poster5 September 2016 at 18:57

      @ Ghana Babe yayra; there were so many dissenting comments on that chronicle. However, I made my decision based on these BVS comments: chikito the professional Runs girl( that ID tho. Lol), Blunt, calabar chick,Joke,fullgist,Mrs Romas,victor Vicus,Okafor Martins,bukola Fabemiro, Dazzlinstar and a few other comments and anonymous comments.
      So calm down, life isn't that serious. I'm not Buhari. Thank you!

      Thanks once again to all bvs who commented. I truly appreciate your contributions.

    15. Thursday Chronicle Poster5 September 2016 at 18:58

      @ Ghana Babe yayra; there were so many dissenting comments on that chronicle. I made my decision based on these BVS comments: chikito the professional Runs girl( that ID tho. Lol), Blunt, calabar chick,Joke,fullgist,Mrs Romas,victor Vicus,Okafor Martins,bukola Fabemiro, Dazzlinstar and a few other comments and anonymous comments.
      So calm down, life isn't that serious. I'm not Buhari. Thank you!

      Thanks once again to all bvs who commented. I truly appreciate your contributions.

    16. @ Dead battery buyer. I hope it's not to produce bombs

    17. MY dear Thursday chronicle poster...if you knew all this great qualities about him, why did you send the email. When the terrible thoughts were coming to your head,you should have told yourself all the stuff you just stated. Abi ddint you trust him before all the doubts set in.

  2. IHN !
    Awesome week peeps.
    Side eyes @StellaπŸ™‹

    1. madam who wants to learn all those handi works for 16k, you try well well o. I wont even take you for personal make-up lessons with 20k,materials exclusive. If you think things are hard with you, then it's harder for most of us. I pity who ever contacts you, unless the person decides to train you free. You want to learn cake baking with 2k? worry, na buns and akara dem go teach you how to bake. I dont even kno why am so pained

    2. The bv either a special plea,ttc and ss, it is well with u,the Lord that keep you till this time have plan and purpose for u.please mail me

    3. Lol. I just fed up 4 d bv. Even tailoring 2k? Lmao. Bv u wicked.

    4. @datFatuvwiegitl, everything is not about money. Some people teach freely just to help.

      She might not have much to pay but the zeal is there judging from her post.

      All the best to her!!!

  3. IHN ehaff come..

    What a cold Monday afternoon, I so much love this weather.

    If I were to be married, it's just a text I need to send to hubby to make him come home earlier than normal today. But rather, will be hugging myself under my blanket tonight watching Power then Mistresses.

    #diary of a single lady

    Stella, chop knuckle πŸ‘Š

    1. It's another day,lying on my sick bed,thinking of how to foot my hospital bills,life is really cruel to me,now I understand the saying "health is wealth"

    2. It's another day,lying on my sick bed,thinking of how to foot my hospital bills,life is really cruel to me,now I understand the saying "health is wealth"

    3. Instead of u 2 focus on ur thinking ure busy pressing phone up n down. Get well o. Abi u don well na d bills remain.

  4. Welcome Monday IHN. Stella, O ginizi? You no wan post IHN? The rain no be small thing o.
    A very poor young man has been looking for a job for years. One day when he was walking on the street he picked up an old newspaper. When he was reading it, he came across an ADV. He needed that Job. The Adv. said, please bring you CV. The man had no money to type a CV. He didn't have a suit to wear. He didn't have a car. But he said, with or without a suit I’m going. He picked up a dirty paper, he borrowed a pen, and he wrote his CV. The next day he woke up early because he had no money for transport , he put on his normal clothes, when he arrive there , 3 people were already there. They were wearing expensive suits and shoe. These 3 men asked, where are you going, can't you see that you are dirty and smelling. The man replied, I'm here for an interview. They laughed at him. The interviewer started with the first one , Manager: If you get the Job what are you going to do with your first pay. First Man: I will go overseas, I will go shopping. Manager: OK.
    Manager: If you get the Job what
    are you going to do with your first pay.
    Second Man: I will take my wife to a honey moon.
    Third Man: I will buy a new car.
    Then the manager called this poor man and asked him.
    Why dint you type your CV? Why are you not wearing a suit? The young man replied, I don't have money, I
    don't have a place to stay I came here on foot.
    The Manager stood up and said to the poor man, The job is yours Sir. You see that car parked out there, it’s yours, and here is the Key to your house. We will pay expenses. For the time being , we will give a company
    driver , he will be taking you to and from home.
    Moral of the story:
    GOD can lift you up from zero to HERO. May God’s blessing locate us this week and beyond.

    1. Amen... this is my testimony, I claim it by faith, before the end of the month, my birth month, may God grant my heart desires, Amen.

    2. Gods blessings will locate me n my family ijn amen

    3. Amen to that..,nice story with lessons to learn from; never give up no matter what, Determination,believing in oneself and never think u better than people u see..

    4. Enough of these fake stories. In real life,the man were would not have been allowed into the building.

    9th Month, September!
    9 is a unique number that reproduces itself. Let us do some arithmetic:
    9x1 = 9, 0+9=9
    9x2 = 18, 1+8=9
    9x3 = 27, 2+7=9
    9x4 = 36, 3+6=9
    9x5 = 45, 4+5=9
    9x6 = 54, 5+4=9
    9x7 = 63, 6+3=9
    9x8 = 72, 7+2=9
    9x9 = 81, 8+1=9
    9x10=90, 9+0=9..
    9x18=162, 1+6+2=9
    9x45=405, 4+0+5=9
    I decree concerning you today that:
    A unique Blessing,
    A unique Favour,
    A unique Glory,
    A unique Elevation,
    A unique Breakthrough,
    A unique Joy and Unforgettable Positive encounter shall come your way this month of September by the Special Power of the Almighty God.


    A woman baked bread for members of her family and an extra one for a hungry passerby. She kept the extra bread on the Window-sill, for whosoever would take it away. Everyday, a hunch-back came and took away the bread. Instead of expressing gratitude, he muttered the following words as he went his way: "The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"
    This went on, day after day. Everyday, the hunch-back came, picked up the bread and uttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"
    The woman felt irritated. "Not a word of gratitude," she said to herself... Everyday this hunch-back utters this jingle! What does he mean? "
    One day, out of desperation, she decided to do away with him. "I shall get rid of this hunch-back," she said. And what did she do? She added poison to the bread she prepared for him! As she was about to keep it on the window sill, her hands trembled.
    "What is this I am doing?" she said.
    Immediately she threw the bread into the fire, prepared another one and kept it on the window- sill. As usual, the hunch-back came, picked up the bread and muttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"
    The hunch-back proceeded on his way, blissfully unaware of the war raging in the mind of the woman. Everyday, as the woman placed the bread on the window-sill, she offered a prayer for her son who had gone to a distant place to seek his fortune. For many months, she had no news of him.. She prayed for his safe return. That evening, there was a knock on the door. As she opened it, she was surprised to find her son standing in the doorway.. He had grown thin and lean. His garments were tattered and torn. He was hungry, starved and weak. As he saw his mother, he said, "Mom, it's a miracle I'm here. While I was but a mile away, I was so hungry that I collapsed. I would have died, but just then an old hunch-back passed by. I begged of him for a small part of his food, and he was kind enough to give me whole bread. As he gave it to me, he said,"
    "This is what I eat everyday: today, I shall give it to you, for your need is greater than mine!"
    As the mother heard those words, her face turned pale and red. She leaned against the door for support. She remembered the poisoned bread that she had made that morning. Had she not burnt it in the fire, it would have been eaten by her own son, and he would have lost his life! It was then that she realized the significance of the words: "The evil you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"
    Do good and don't ever stop doing good, even if it’s not appreciated at that time.
    Have a wonderful day. *Copied.

    1. "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!" nice article indeed.

    2. Ofcus its copied
      Can anythg come out of a coconut?

    3. Anon15:45, u and the whole of ur generation gat fried brain.

    4. Wow Wow wow! Dats al I can say.

    5. At anon 15.45 y so bitter? You clearly need Jesus

  7. Replies
    1. Ihn is here,raining all day.I sight that electric oven,lovely.

  8. What a rainy Monday! Today's IHN is long overdue. Stella, is the change affecting you too over there? take your time ooo!

    1. Olori you have fine legs. Good bless ur business. And congrats!

  9. IHN is here. Whoop whoop! Have a great week y'all.
    Am I d first?! *side eyes*

  10. Stella AY is not from your tribe ,his from ondo state oh ,i think he only grew up in warri

    1. Hello booty where have u been?

    2. Em jay dear ,am here oh no leave no transfer some of us here have decided to watch things happen▪why you guys make it happen on SDK

    3. If I hear u @booty, am innocent ohh, I be virgin in Xoxo's voice.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. The water remained after bathing by a Kenyan can be used to dye a black jean.

    Ve a great week folks.

    1. Congrats quincy cakes, stella I will be busy body4 P.A, please do the surgery, and trust God, we'll be praying for you... Angel ashafa, God bless you for making people smile, the aluminum somborri, may God increase and enlarge your coast for being a humanitarian...Long live SDK

    2. That person that wants to buy a car. Search no more. Here you go.

      |.......°°°°°°°°°.... |-----

  13. Ihn is here..... Hehehe.... Have been bored ...

    1. Hope you've broken up with that useless UK boy

  14. So my hubby got a girl pregnant & she had d baby yesterday. He now has 2 babies outside our marriage. One b4 we got married 3 yrs ago. I have 2 kids. I confronted him last nyt, he said he made it clear to d lady dat he isn't responsible but he not only slept wit her bt without protection. I'm so ashamed for him. Being responsible isn't only providing & being thr for ur family, it has to be in all ramification. Dnt evn knw hw to deal wt this, I feel irritated he sleeps arnd wtout protection. He's bn cold lyk who's mournin all day bt all na wash. He's not bn pickin d girls call bt I spoke wt her yesterday dunno if I shud involve myself or jst liv him to handle his mess. He's not honest with me, he has neva been. God knws I've bn good to him that's y he made me to see d msg d lady sent. I wouldn't have known coz I'm dead sure he wouldnt tell me. I've jst bn lookin at him & givin d silent treatment & he's bn actin all nice & moody.

    1. No, no, no, NO. Don't involve yourself in that drama. Leave the baby and it's mother alone or she's going to take it as your consent to keep boinking your husband, who she prolly knew was married before she slept with him.
      Deal with your husband properly but don't get involved.

    2. The Lord is ur strength.
      Na wah for some pole.
      Disgracing der wife up & down.

    3. Sitting on a long tin madam.

    4. The Lord is ur strength.
      Na wah for some men
      Disgracing der wife up & down.

    5. Nawaoo this is annoying.. I rather you not involve yourself in this mess he brought, let him face it. Haba!

    6. Go and pay the girl a visit, if possible take her baby shopping. God sees your heart

    7. My dear its well!!! that your horseband no be am @ll.

    8. God will give you the wisdom you need to handle this.

    9. Cake
      Make up
      2k each......well done ooh

    10. Kip on with the silence, do not safe into the matter but make sure you knw the woman and the baby in qstn. with the silence you sure sitting on his mumu button.

    11. Abeg let him deal with his mess ,you should have pretended you never knew sef ,sorry you are married to father of all nation,a man that sleeps with a woman without protection ,now what is your own security (Aids and some other diseases is real even herpes 2)

    12. Biko do not involve urself, my brother did th same thing, his wife did not even ask about d baby, her husband did not marry d girl, she tried n tried to involve herself in my brother's marriage but d guy gave her no chance, she's a baby mama now,my bro sends them money through my mom, so madam chill, it will pass, ur husband won't marry her unless he wants, she wud just remain a babymama for life n whore around.

    13. angel ideato clap for your self.. she should take her baby shopping and also prepare peppersoup for her abI..
      you are a clown!

    14. Don't mingle in the situation. you don't know haow they started.

    15. Pls madam, don't get involved with the girl unless your hubby asks you to. That way, you get to call the shots. May God give you the wisdom to handle the situation.

  15. Olori, Waybill the black sandals na. I'm not in Lagos & I love that sandals

    1. Pay waybill she go send am 2 u sharply.

  16. God will continue to bless the giver and the receiver........... Happy birthday to all September born mate here, long life and prosperity to everyone of us....

  17. I still am in awe of BBC. Such great job. Congrats namesake and may your business keep growing from Grace to Grace

  18. IHN is here at last!!!!!!!!
    Angel Ashafa,thank you ma
    God bless the givers and receivers!!

    Contact me for all your celebration cakes and cupcakes.....please keep your INDEPENDENCE cakes order coming.
    *Faithful bv*

    1. Congrats dear.
      God's blessings upon blessings.

    2. Thelma your juju is on point o. Biko gimme the baba's number that did it for you. You are go girl, its your time

    3. As in eh!! She is just blessed

    4. All i see is giveaways... to thelma and BBC.. God bless the givers and receivers on all sides.

  19. Wow ooo! See plenty giveaways. God bless all kind hearted bvs. Indeed, it's more blessed to give than to receive.

  20. Hmmmmm seems we are going back to 2.00 p.m. for IHN. That would be good.

    Too many angels on this blog. God bless everyone of you and also Stella for using your platform to help people.

    The lady with 2k history. after you learn finish, will you be willing to sell to people with 2k who will come to you. Because this your 2k trade get as it be. Anyway let me tell you congrats in advance to anyone who will agree with your term.

    Stella we don hear you. we no go carry your matter with AY for head. Na your waffi bros.

    The lady that the sister is not having anything. what can we say about it, it is LOVE IS BLIND. Your sister's eyes are blind with LOVE. If you feel the man is using juju, go and do prayers for her now if you love her so much. She is your sister, so you too shine your eyes.

    The lady ttcing, dont worry God is still not asleep. I pray for you too and you will testify. Just hold on and dont lose faith yet. You will carry your children. And tell the devil you came too late.

    I thank God for everything that has been taking shape around me. God is really faithful and a giver. I pray for all others who are going through problems. Just know that the devil came too late. Let it be your prayer. That is my prayer after Sunday preaching by our Bishop. So keep telling the devil you came too late on my case.

    God will bless everyone. This Christmas is going to be awesome and this mber months will be great for every one of us. Already i have taken charge of my own months. so what about yours. Every one take charge of yours.

    1. Lol @ the sharp babe that wants to learn everything learnable for 2k each! Good luck to her.

  21. Happy new week everyone...

    And so in the spirit of forgiveness. I also want to apologise to D'Royalty for the things I wrote about her on friday. The name calling wasn't necessary. I should have ignored instead of acting out in anger.. I'm sorry if I have written anything here to offend you before friday and on friday.

    I'm a child of God and even though its a faceless blog I realized during the weekend that God is aware of all that I wrote and definitely not proud of me. And even when my spirit told me to ignore, I didn't..

    However that doesn't mean I would stop saying things as they are - the truth. It only means I wouldn't be replying hate comments. I would only be praying for them that are filled with hate..

    God bless everyone. Amen

    1. Good Chummy cho cho.
      Stella has opened the apology page. The whole apologies should pour in.

    2. Amen. And bless you Too Chummy Cho Cho.

    3. Eeeeyaaa! That's a good one @ Chummy.
      Bless your kind soul.

    4. A smart and good lady you are...welldone

  22. Ihn welcome, God bless the givers oooo

  23. Hmmn,d recharge card no dey reach ground before dey load am o,naija pple,I hail thee.

  24. Happy New Week....plenty giveaways, God continue to bless all the angels,and to you Stella, your love and kindheartedness is immeasurable, they want your downfall, but, God keeps lifting you up.

    Revealing your financial worth to your partner depends on you. What works for A may not work for B.

    Planning a B-Day, wedding/trad within Anambra and environs,call to order for your cakes, makeovers and decor.

  25. Please I want to buy a 32 inches TV.any seller in house should please call 07039810615

  26. Thelma congratulations ooo. abeg continue the enjoyment jare. Your favour is already with you, no one can take that from you.

    All those who got things here. It is your time. Please enjoy it while it last.

  27. Woman TTC with health challenge, you will share your testimony very soon.
    You are in my prayers.
    I came early today.

    Been raining here since 6am; and to think I had a whole lot to do today.
    Make I just dey sleep nau.

    1. Viva onye ujo olu. Artful dodger go to work

  28. SwishSignature, I wish you were in Ijebu-Ode. My daughter who is in SS1 and almost 13 wants to learn a craft. She loves fashion so easy choice. None of that alakowe parenting abeg. Once her brother too gets to SS1, time to learn a craft.

  29. Just got out of a messed up relationship
    #SadMood since morning, but I know all will be well

  30. Olori footwares, those sandals are really pretty and best for this season. I like the white one. Unfortunately, i am a size 40. God, biko bless me so i can be a blessing too.

    This rain today sha...i hope the island doesn't sink soon. No decent street without flood issues.

  31. all men are not the same, am sure if you both define your intention from the beginning of your relationship that will help alot, do not think of your husband wanting you cash, wish that you will be ok.

  32. Awww Stellz am loving u some more..ure such an angel..resentments and bitterness hurts d carrier much more..may all ur dreams come true. .may blessings not depart from u and all of urs..I pray that my helper locates me too..God bless the angels on this blog..d lord will give u relief where the shoe pinches.. Love y'all sdkites

  33. IHN is late today. Any drama today?
    Droyalty come and continue abeg, this rainy weather needs hot drama

    1. Go up. Chummy cho cho has apologized. End of drama. Remaining the NNE kiedu Ije group to start apologizing.
      God is good

    2. Stupid you. Your brain is rotten.

  34. Olori footwares, those sandals are really pretty and best for this season. I like the white one. Unfortunately, i am a size 40. God, biko bless me so i can be a blessing too.

    This rain today sha...i hope the island doesn't sink soon. No decent street without flood issues.

  35. Lovely cakes , really wanted to attend but was told they already had 14 instead of 10 ...
    So some of the selected participants didn't show up .

  36. God bless those giving..

  37. Good bless all d givers and Stella God will continue to bless u for ur beautiful heart..
    A good bridal makeup artist in Benin and knows how to beadBini traditional marriage hair..should drop her contact under my comment..bless

  38. Amen!Stella my testimony is loading!!!i came here with two kids,hungry and tired.sitting on the floor after I paid for a house becos no I have a job that doesn't pay too much but with the salary I can feed my kids for a month.Baba I thank u ohhhhhhhhhh.thank God!!!i sent my picture to u with my kids sitting on the it's different.Lord im grateful!!!
    Morale;trust in God,hold Him to His word recession or not He lives and will never let u fall!

  39. I love today's IHN. A lot of blessings and love in it.

    God bless everyone. I'm thankful for one more day.


    1. No epistle from White diamond? God we thank you

  40. Anon 15:05 sorry ooo. Put him inside padlock abi wetin you want to hear again. Na joke. See queen of the blog to advice you.

    Sorry eheh put please try and get protection for yourself in case of stds and co. Also try and get his mumu button to take care of your children's future.

    It is well. marraiges with plenty wahalas. Ups and downs.

  41. Thanks to the Aluminium expert & Stella, I got Mtn #200 airtime.

  42. Ihn is hia.God bless the givers.I love ur sign out note stella.God bless

  43. Pretty shoes!!
    Im a shoe freak , the person doing that giveaway should consider me o, i need the nude one biko
    N stella wahapun? Ihn was late today as i kept refreshing til1 1:05pm

  44. God bless all the Angels in the house.
    Enough giveaways..

    SDK blog changing lives since 1900.

  45. Welcome IHN,God is truly always faithful
    God bless all the givers,you all shall never lack
    Anyone I have offended consciously & unconsciously should forgive me too,you too stella
    Olori footwear Godbless you
    La effizy howdy? Swag Lafresh howdy ma?
    Regards to doppelganger,quiksilver & Donmayor..

  46. Olori footwear, God bless you
    You will continue to receive favour by God's grace because you give out, you shall always receive

  47. May God bless the givers in Jesus name! Amen.

  48. I wish i was able to get that oven to enable me perfect my baking. God will bless all the givers, for those TTC your time is near, God will do something wonderful for you all and for Stella,God Almighty will continue to bless you abundantly, in Jesus Name,Amen.

  49. A blog visitor that cannot defend the blogger is that one a bv or a member of bv?

  50. Mrs Korkus...pls post comments I make with my business ID na...Help budding entrepreneurs like me.. Danke..

    PS: I've a been a BV going to a year now...just decided to start commenting..

    1. Change your current id to your business name, it appears you are not smart.

  51. Stella abegg post my comment!!
    My day is bad enough:: got out of a sweet at the beginning, soar at the end relationship
    Can't believe he was the one cheating, while making it seem am at fault!!

  52. Faithful God i bless your name for another beautiful monday.

  53. Olori bata, has any1 calledyou for the elecric oven, I really need it cos I alwz have light 24/7, and how much can you will be ddelivery fee from lagos to owerri, I will give you a call, my number ends with 976. Pls reply.

  54. Anon 15:05. Swear you too have never cheated on your husband? I don't pity you because you might be one of the married hoes on this blog. Stop seeking pity from BVs.

  55. Olori bata, has any1 calledyou for the elecric oven, I really need it cos I alwz have light 24/7, and how much can you will be ddelivery fee from lagos to owerri, I will give you a call, my number ends with 976. Pls reply.

  56. Olori bata, has any1 calledyou for the elecric oven, I really need it cos I alwz have light 24/7, and how much can you will be ddelivery fee from lagos to owerri, I will give you a call, my number ends with 976. Pls reply.

  57. Anon 15:05. Nobody cares because you must have been doing some shit too. Fuck off. How many of your exes are you fucking too?

  58. Thanks for posting Stella. God bless you.

  59. Blessed cold day.

    Greetings dear BV's.

    The poster that sent in that training list it's just as if we are on the same wavelength o.

    I need someone who can coach me in Benin City. Pls reach out to me. Thanks.

  60. *Strolls into post like Naomi Campbell*

    My God-child Is here!!!
    Welcome to our World Child!
    Nwa m God will bless u all the days of ur life,Amen!
    It shall be well with u and yours,Amen.
    Wisdom,Grace and Favour shall follow u all the days of ur life,Amen!
    You shall bring untold Happiness to ur family and all around u in Jesus' name! Amen!
    The Book of Job says "Decree a thing and it shall come to pass"
    As your God-Mom,I declare Goodness and Mercies Shall follow u all the days of your Life,Amen!
    Grow and shine Sweetheart!

    The Queen Herself!
    Arabella Baby!
    My Baby,My Darling!
    Awwwwww I can imagine the pure joy u are experiencing.I imagine u up all night staring at the Beautiful Bundle of joy and asking urself "This baby is mine? This beautiful bundle of joy is mine??? Totally surreal right? Hehehehe.
    Nothing beats Bn a mom.Nothing!
    Congratulations Arabella Darling!
    Wish I could give u a warm hug right now.

    Take care of baby and u. Sleep when baby sleeps. Ok? You need rest and loads of it. Pls use only oil for the skin till about 6 months. Ok?
    And hey! U are a new mom and it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed and "kinda lost" soemtimes. Don't fret ok? Just reach out to ur mom and older pals and you Wil be fine baby. I am here too.
    Sending u loads of love. Kiss my Gorgeous God-Child for me and have some for u too Darling.
    Do have fun Sweets. And remain blessed.

    1. A thunderous AMEN!

      NWUNYE G!!!!!!
      My pumpkin.
      Been looking all over for you.

      Una dey see why I love The General's wife to tiniest bits?
      She's simply the best!

      Brace yourself, sweetie, we are jointly going to take care of your godchild.

      Thank you so much, darling sis.
      May God continue to sustain that sweet soul you carry.
      Got mad love for you.

  61. Ozone Layer, you no fit start drama ni? Abi I have two heads? The small one you wanted to start with Don mayour the other day, when him and ideato replied you, you quickly switched to Anon mode and accused him of sleeping with bvs with a tiny black something. You think we don't know you are the anon?
    Don mayour, are you in Lagos? Is it true? I love guys with tiny black 'somethings'. They can 'La otu/obo' for Africa.

  62. Madam honesty I undestand that anambra who,my hubby has it even to the extent of leaving me with the money we got during our trad, wedding and child dedication respectively and i havnt told him how much i'v got in my acct. But biko dont come backsending in chronicles.. this year and the years beyond.

  63. IHN is here again.
    I came so late. (stella bring out your koboko and flog me) lol
    Anyway,it's all good.
    For the lady that still wants to disclose her financial status to her man, goodluck to you at that. Better brace up for the consequence, cos babe, there will surely be one. mark my Word,.

  64. madam who wants to learn all those handi works for 16k, you try well well o. I wont even take you for personal make-up lessons with 20k,materials exclusive. If you think things are hard with you, then it's harder for most of us. I pity who ever contacts you, unless the person decides to train you free. You want to learn cake baking with 2k? worry, na buns and akara dem go teach you how to bake. I dont even kno why am so pained

    1. Abi o..She is not reaching out to you.

  65. Come to think of it, why is it that all of a sudden, some bvns are apologising to any one that they might have wronged? Una don tire abi? See them see them (in psquare's voice)


    1. On top recession, you Still dey nack raw?

  67. Bless your good heart SDK

  68. Quincy congrats,you deserve this.

  69. IHN is here, God bless the givers and BVNs. Stella dimokokorkus, you are blessed! Thank you Olori, God bless you and take you to greater heights.

  70. God bless all the givers on the blog...keep your orders coming for your delicious, moist and fluffy cakes.

  71. God bless the givers

    So happy for the known BVs that got the giveaways.

    See vacancies.

    Nice shoes and sandals

    Big lol@ I am not saying i lied,Sterra you be eh.hahahaha

  72. Stella darling. God will bless the hand of your work and the Solder in your house.

  73. I pray that God will pick my call

  74. "The evil you do,remains with you:The good you do,comes back to you"
    Tired of doing good,people are wicked.

  75. Sdker scared of operation the lord who remembered Sarah wil remember you.

  76. PoshEmpire Cakes 08051720169 Uyo, Nigeria... for your luxury, moist and yummy cakes, please give us a call.5 September 2016 at 19:39

    So it's kinda my first time of commenting though I've been a bv for a couple of years now. Please how do I get a blog ID?... the hustle is real yo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  77. Stella love ur memo on the AY's brouhaha. This is d best respond and treatment I ve read of u. Indeed, no neeD to trap ourselves in d prison of unforgiveness and bitterness. Keep rising above all...

  78. Wow, people are giving birth and counting their blessings, while some are living from hotels to hotels sleeping with old men using hotel WiFi to monitor people's comments location and id's. The Lord heal your wounded lives.

    @lady who want to pay 2k each, thief kill you there and you want to use one week, you don't even have focus, no passion for anything you are just a greedy person, you want to learn everything and to be a jack of all trade that is where you have failed.
    It is your type that after learning freely would not even make it easy for people who wanna learn from you.
    Better pick one struggle.

    Good to know olori is doing well the Lord bless you.

  79. Lady who wants to tell her husband about her achievement salary and all. Well done would be reading your chronicle-of-blog-visitors-narratives.html from my pc reading it out loud in my office.
    People would never have sense the moment you tell him I bet you is mind would never rest u til he uses and finishes that money and his giving you money would be limited. Watch this out. Anambra man way love money pass thief.

  80. Woohoo. Just reading ihn. Stella hun, God bless u for ur kindness. Tanx babe

  81. @the lady with ss ttc my younger sis is ttc as well and she did her surgery few was ago . It's not bad at all she came home same day sef in uk tho. Ovarian cyst is just a big name for one small matter.

    1. I have also had the surgery. It happened when I was 26. I am fine.

  82. Amen and I claim all good things with Faith. God bless the Givers


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