Stella Dimoko APC Accepts Responsibility For Nigeria’s Poor Economic Situation, Promises Solution


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Monday, October 24, 2016

APC Accepts Responsibility For Nigeria’s Poor Economic Situation, Promises Solution

Now APC is talking!
After several months of blaming PDP, for the current state of Nigeria’s economy, they have finally accepted responsibility and also promised to fix the problems.

The APC’s position was conveyed by Governor Rochas Okorocha who briefed Journalists after a meeting between the party’s governors and President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential villa today.


  1. Pls action speaks louder that voices,stop promising,get to work already

    1. Shut up. You that you have been making new year resolutions for the past 20 years where are you on those lists. My friend lojoko. Obrigado melatus. Arrant nonsense. Bullshit mixed with salt! (The ending part is just joke, take the first four lines serious)

    2. This is what happens when there's nothing else to blame on/promise.


    3. Start from 1dollar equal 1naira as promised!

    4. Dunno this stupid Lucile's problem! She will be behaving like mother Theresa of Sdk's blog.

    5. who's dis twistedvirgin re u stupid?just carry ur gutter life to wherever u came from,hw dare u talk down on smbody dat just commented like everyother pers,re u ok?nkita

  2. Time will tell,wonder what will be d theme of their campaign for the next election.

  3. Praise the Lord. No more blaming or the opposition.


  4. I personally believe they did not cause this recession but it is good they have resolved to salvage it.

    The following caused it:

    1. Fall in the price of Oil globally. Same thing happened in Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, etc

    2. No savings in Nigeria's account.

    3. Mono-economy factor.

    4. Extreme level of consumption of imported commodities.

    1. Also add forex and importation policies which were enforced by this administration the forex policies had a boomerang effect on ALL sectors of the economy!


    2. No savings in the acct and the first thing he did was to bail states. Did the funds come from his sale of 150 cows?
      He left the economy unattended to for a whole 6months and you say he is not to be blamed.
      The previous administration had started laying foundation concerning boosting the economy through the agricultural sector but as a mumu that he is ignored the plans.
      Now food stuffs and transport fares have gone up. Insecurity nkan? Abeg say something else. Awon olodo govt...

    3. PG 18
      All you just stated don't count, it is the responsibility of every government to make sure everything works well. Stop using negative countries as example. If you blame the above reason, what do you say about japan,china South Africa and the list is endless that are still doing well even Ghana, ivory cost,senigal. What you just said it's the samething as saying the exam was so hard even timaya,olamide,don jaz and flavor failed so it's an excuse to fail. Why not give examples of those that did well?

    4. Obama met a messed up Economy but never blamed bush he fixed it but this clueless government keep blaming pdp. All of them are all corrupt .

    5. Think before u post.... obasanjo met oil price at 16 dollar we also imported commodities as usaual....

  5. Dem for still dey blame nah finally ben murray bruce make common sense to dem


  6. We need action not talks.

    I'm still waiting on N1 = $1

    1. Lol. Story, you will definitely grow old while waiting, you would also be needing dyes for your grey hairs .. Brace yourself for it is gonna be a long wait

    2. In Buhari next world

  7. Pls when are they stepping down?

    1. Tomorrow


    2. All we are saying, give us NOI #singing

    3. All we are saying, give us NOI #singing

    4. Please ask them.

  8. Please fix the problem on time. It's taking too long

  9. May God help us and see us through.

  10. They aren't tired of talking yet?

  11. As usual promising without doing the needful.

  12. This APC sef. We need actions not words.
    Let people see improvement first before you start with your empty promises.
    All I can say is ntorrr to all those that voted APC in.
    Its a lesson to all that not all that glitters is gold.They came with change mantra instead people are in chains.

  13. Bvns pls wat can i use 2 paste posters? Wil pap work? Just somtin cheap or DIY.

    1. Yes oh, cooked or already prepared pap will work perfectly. Have used it before.

  14. Where r those useless supporters

  15. Seems the jazz don dey fade!!!
    First he probed Kyari, now he has accepts responsibility? Next will be to sack Maman Daura abi what's his name.

  16. OK acceptance finally oya we want progress action

  17. intelligentia princess loves chikito and linda Eze.24 October 2016 at 20:00

    Baba buhari ba mutum makai fa.. very wicked somborry..

  18. Did Madam Oby really say this because there are reports now debunking that...


    I still find it funny that most people
    don't know why Nigeria economy
    went into recession, they love the
    incompetent lies of Lai Mohammed
    about the past government ruining
    everything. It's also myopic to think
    that if Jonathan were to still be in
    power, we would be worse off.
    The truth about Nigeria's recession
    is this; it was caused by the
    president's unguided rhetoric and
    uncultured body language.
    Firstly, there is nothing we are
    buying today that we weren't buying
    5 years ago, therefore it's not our
    purchase that put pressure on Naira
    but withdrawal of funds by foreign
    After the election, the president
    created instability with his unguided
    statements about how everyone is
    corrupt and how everyone is going to
    jail. The instability made foreign
    investors to liquidate their
    investment and change their money
    to dollars. In the process of trying to
    flee, they were willing to buy dollars
    at any price, which lead to high
    exchange dollar rate.
    Even though some of them were not
    ready to run away, but want their
    money in dollars to save their
    investments from devaluation, the
    president gave a bad signal by
    banning deposit of foreign currency
    into dormiciliary accounts. That was
    enough for free market believers to
    see the draconian handwriting on
    the wall, that was the beginning of
    dollar rush.
    To make matters worse, the
    president came up with another
    outrageous policy of rationing dollar
    to certain sectors and blocking many
    sectors out. That was the nail in the
    coffin which facilitated the
    emergence of free FALL.
    In the end, foreign investors took
    over $80B out of the economy within
    a short period and everything went
    down to free fall.
    To those who believe it will be worse
    if Jonathan is still there, you are all
    wrong. Policy continuity and political
    stability will not let billions of
    dollars leave our shores within such
    tiny time frame. Even though the
    government might have income
    shortage, the private sector will
    weather the storm by their
    confidence in the market.
    The fear of the unknown created by
    PMB is responsible for the economic
    downturn not low oil price. Interest
    rate in America is currently at 0.5%
    while it is 12% in Nigeria. JP Morgan
    Chase will not mind borrowing $50
    billion from Feds at 0.5 and put in
    Nigeria for return of %2000 profit.
    Citi bank will do the same, likewise
    US Bank Corp. Chase gave Buhari
    warning about the repercussions of
    his fixing policy before they pulled
    out, but his illiterate cyber warriors
    and misseducated e-soldiers said
    JPMORGAN can go to hell, they no
    longer believe in economic metrics
    since their messiah is in charge.
    Funny enough they are all suffering
    today because of the stupid policy,
    but they find relief by blaming it on
    past administration and Gucci
    appetite of average Nigerians.
    For your information, if your
    president "kontunu" with his
    unguided rhetoric, Naira will go
    down to N1000/1 $. But we thank
    God, he is no longer talking.

    1. Gbam Princess! This sums it all up! Stupid policies ruined us

    2. buhari pls respect urself n resign,president no b byforce,ur too incompetent, to rule n improve d livelihood of 180mill nigerians is no child's play for an illiterate n retired soldier like u plus u came to. fight ur perceived enemies not to rule

  19. If you guys like accept responsibility with 2019 on your mind....e no go work. You are leaving Aso Rock for good.

    But 1st we've had enough of these empty promises...put your acts together and get to work and save from this this sh*t of economy.

    Nonsense & ingredient!!!

  20. They will deny this today?

  21. Roaches Okorocha should hide his head in the sand and stay away from every form of PR for the party. Fashola should speak after meetings!

    Amaechi and Roachas Ndi nshi na ahu!

    1. Fashola is another barawo. He talks a lot but no action and I know what I am saying. They will pass bills but not follow it up . like the issue of not smoking in public or paying rents every 6mths abi when he said if a guy impregnates a lady and runs, he will be jailed when caught. I no know say all na WASH... APC is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nigeria.

    2. *** Roaches Okorosha(a particular masquerade).

      This looks better anon.

  22. Who promises epp?? Na actions Nigerians want and you guys better be fast about it!!

  23. Sisi Eko, Jaymoore and TGW will not like this. Especially the errand boy girl Lovelace

  24. Where is that my boyfriend Jaymoore?...
    I want to read your opinion on this...

  25. No they should blame my grandmother

  26. Where is that stupid foolish Sisi Eko ?
    Come and talk trash as usual. Blind bat

    1. Ahahah just like ur mama baby. Ur mama is the mother bat. Eheheheh

      COWARD!! COWARD!! Ntoiii

  27. Oh ok their eyes 👀 just open?

  28. Jaymoore has gone on assylum to South Sudan! Linda eze be guided! *tongue out*

  29. Wow they are tired of throwing blames. This a right step towards a right direction.

  30. Ok oooooo. call me the. Easiest


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