Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 61 And 62


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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Labour Room Drama 61 And 62

Women are so blessed...

LRD 61
Hello Stellz of life. Being able to give birth to a healthy child is gift we should not take for granted. Women are a different breed of strength and endurance.

        At 37 weeks I so wanted the pregnancy to be over. You know there is this condition that if after 35 weeks you experience a lot of body itching, it could mean poor liver functioning in pregnant women and you have to be induced.

 Na so I go my doctor office. Just deh feign body itches. My Doctor said, they need to do a blood test to confirm first that it was that liver condition. (See me see weti Google Don cause). 

Anyway lab test came back fine. I start to think the next move.  So I was at 38 weeks and was exhausted from the pregnancy.   I went ahead and took castor oil(don't advise it). I had heard women taking it to induce labour while I was growing up .  

False contractions started and soon after it stopped. Nothing. I waited till 40weeks.No signs of contraction. I took castor oil again. A few hrs later, my water broke.(Happy dance). Went straight to hospital. After About 2hrs, my labor ceased. Doctors said I will be induced. Na so induction start. Come see pain. Every time, I will have a contraction, Hubby will open bible to read psalms. 

The Lord is my Shepard. ....when it became intense,  I did not want to hear any psalms. When he starts, I will just shout at him to stop. If he gets on his phone na wahala. And my mom was texting to know how far. If he turns to watch Tv, na war. I felt sorry for the guy after. Eventually I got epidural but it numbed one side and not the other. Na so I come know the difference BTW heaven and hell in one setting. Time to push, I pushed for THREE GOOD HRS. Chai I was tired but then our little precious bundle was born and she just turned one. 

We thank God for grace and I pray that the same God who blessed me with a child and safe delivery, will bless any of you looking for the fruit of the womb and a safe delivery. 

You pushed for three good hours?WHAT!!!!!Thank GOD that your baby is fine.


LRD 62
I love these series and I have decided to share mine.
I have four children and I will be sharing my experience for the last child. My baby overstayed by 6 days. I had series of fake contractions prior to the D-day. 

 May I also add that it was my first experience on fake contractions, so when I finally was in labour around 7pm that day, I ignored it and decided to continue to sleep. Hubby had already teased me saying he was going to bed early as he believes I'd give birth that night. 

Fast forward to 10pm,  a sharp pain woke me up and I saw mucous when I went to ease myself. I woke DH and told him it was time. He picked up the prepacked bag and went to the car while I went to my children 's room to prepare them for the new arrival.

On getting to the hospital,  they said I was 8cm gone. Hubby told them to prepare quick because I'd soon give birth. This was from experience with the 3rd child. The nurses prepared the labour room. It was my last but most difficult. I was asked to push,  I did,  no baby,  on pushing the second time, a nurse noticed a cord wrapped around my baby's neck. 

She instructed that I should stop and push again when I have the urge. Hmm,  third push and God worked his miracle through the skilled nurse who cut off the cord from both sides of the neck at the speed of light.  By this time my legs were seriously shaking.  The nurse instructed I make sure the baby comes out with the last push as there was no time for the baby in the womb again.

 I prayed to God for strength and grace to enable my baby come out with the last push.  All this while, hubby watched silently like someone who is already used to labour room drama. The baby came out with the last push at 11:45pm.  Lo and behold,  she didn't cry. The nurses had to beat her before she cried. 

They handed her over to me but I refused and asked them to hand her to her dad. That was the real definition of labour for me as all my body was quaking with pain. All these drama happened within 25 minutes of getting to the hospital.  My Princess is already 3 years. 
I thank God for labour room experience. There's something about forgetting the pains when you see your bundle of joy. That's probably the reason I went four times 😁.

WOW..Super woman that you IS


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    1. C'mon white berry that amount u are requesting is too high for any1 to even think u are sincere a sincere begged wouldn't state DAT she/he wants 300 to 500k Jesus christ

    2. How do you all know its white berry?
      Make una take am easy na

  2. Interesting.

    God Bless Everyone.

    1. Very Very
      God bless mothers all over the world

  3. Wow i love reading LRD.I can't wait to experience this.

  4. Nice,poster one ur experience dey somehow......i mean u actually pushed for three hours!!!Thank God for safe delivery

  5. Wooow love both stories,women are the strongest ooooo,not easy to birth a fellow human through ur vjay.

  6. Awww, can't wait!!!
    #61 pls don't try that again oh, google can mislead you oh! Anyways congrats.
    #62 Congrats dearie, I tap. Do you know that after 5 children, your next laour can still be different/life threatening. So it doesn't matter, only God knows... Bvs pls when Stella says 5 pm, what time is that in Nigeria? Heheeheee b'cos that SNM post tomorrow is for me & I'm not missing it for anything in the world! Oluwa provide a boo oh!

  7. Glory be to God

  8. Time to push and you are there pushing for 3hours that a lie. No one will allow that

  9. God is still the same yesterday and forever

  10. God I am next to write my LRD in Jesus name amen

  11. Thanks...meanwhile my sis just put to birth happy abeg make una help me thank God oo

  12. I miss wedding nite brouhaha

  13. I pray to write my LRD too. God please grant me this request. I want to give birth before 33 years oh God of heaven. Mercy me & my husband.

  14. I agree with u stella women are blessed God bless my Mom

  15. Women.....warriors!
    God is awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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