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Friday, October 28, 2016

Word For Today -What Do You Have?

Do you have anything?

The wisdom of Jesus continued to thrill everyone who gave Him a listening ear, and in addition to His wisdom, signs and wonders followed.

And so wherever He went, people thronged towards Him! So a certain day, something happened that left an indelible mark in the lives of every believer.

Jesus and his disciples had arrived at a desolate place, and the multitude sighting Jesus and his team, followed them. And so Jesus began to teach. But at the twilight, the disciples became uneasy as to how that huge crowd will feed, and suggested that the crowd be sent away.

But Jesus said something very Striking, "give them something to eat." Wow!

How could Jesus be talking about giving that mob something to eat when obviously, no reservation was made for that??

Clearly, Jesus showed us here that in our challenging times, the way we think is not the way God does. "..for His thoughts are not our thoughts..!"(Isa 55:8). But above all, Jesus asked the ultimate and most important question..


And they told Him 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes! Jesus wouldn't have conjured stones to become bread, Thus He needed a tangible food no matter how small, he could lay His hands on and multiply it.

In your life, what can God lay His hands on to turn around your situation?

Friend, you may have been busy praying to God to remember you, but God may also be asking you, WHAT DO YOU HAVE? 'THAT I MAY BLESS IT.'

In this case, I am not referring to material/tangible possessions, I am referring to skill acquisition, talent, or qualifications. These are assets you can present before God to bless you with.

Miracles begin with what you have. Jesus in cana of Galilee told the people at the wedding to fill the Jars with water. HE TURNED WATER INTO WINE, NOT AN EMPTY JAR! God will not bless you with what you lost, God will bless you with what you have left!

Too many people are waiting on God to bless them, but they have NOTHING for God to bless them with..

You think you are waiting on God, but God is actually waiting on you! Opportunities come through the back door, but they are better appreciated by those who were prepared and geared up for it.

Go out there today and learn some skill, work on your God given talent, improve on your qualification. Get up and do something to show God you are serious about Him blessing you. With these, when God sends you opportunities, they sure will never pass you by!




  1. Thanks for sharing this with us BV Amos

    *Larry was here*

  2. Wonderful message, well done Amos.. God bless you for this.

  3. Ohh Lord God, please Bless the works of my Hands!
    Bless my Hustle.
    Bless my fingers
    Bless my Pallet knife, let it always be in use.
    Bless me oh Lord, so I can bless others and do more. Amen!

    Thanks to the Bv who sent this in.


  4. Thank you our darling Amos. Our new 'Word for the day' sensation. God bless you greatly for this. Thank you Stella too for posting. Happy weekend BVs

    Chichi O.

  5. Thank you Amos for sharing, God be with us all. Amen


    This is it....

  7. This is a timely message. Especially in this recession when a lot of people do not know their left and right, hence they blame it on the Govt. Thanks a lot Amos. Would really love to meet you. Lovely Message.

  8. Thank you stella for this. This is real truth.

  9. Thanks for the lovely message

  10. Love love loved this message! God bless you Amos, powerful word!

  11. This is goooood. What do u have, that I may bless it. New prayer point alert. Ose oooo Broda Amos

  12. Wow wow wow. Thanks a lot Amos. You are worded, gifted and a good teacher. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  13. Have been crying all through the night

  14. Thank you. This is the way to go to bed.
    God bless Stella


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