Stella Dimoko A Walk To Say #NoToMobKillings #NoToJungleJustice #NoToViolence #NoToRape in Nigeria


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Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Walk To Say #NoToMobKillings #NoToJungleJustice #NoToViolence #NoToRape in Nigeria

Society is not changed by the multitude, but by the very few that have the courage to stand up for what is right! This is the philosophy that guided those behind this initiative. What they do may not appeal to the majority; it may not even attract enough likes, comments and shares on social media. 

The traditional media may not be interested in promoting their cause But they are not going to be silent in the face of pervasive social vices and societal malady. ''

Every day we strive to make the little impact that we could, it may not be much. Posterity is meticulously documenting all our little efforts, sacrifices and contributions in creating a better society for the good of all but Very soon

This seemingly unpopular campaign will snowball into a MOVEMENT that will shake the world. Watch out!''

The event was organized by  Bar. Evans Ufeli in conjunction with team project help a child.


  1. As for jungle justice i reserve my comment

  2. If the criminals know they will be burnt to death,it might reduce crime rate

  3. But they should change that their "we are humans and humans shouldnt kill humans" to something else because terrorist are also humans but they need to be killed in order to protect others

  4. Nice initiative! They should have also added, #NOTOSTEALING #NOTOATTACKINGYOURVICTIM.

  5. Thank God it was a success,so sad I missed out of it. Evans(for the masses) keep doing good

  6. Lady T/ am worth more than a thousand dollars27 November 2016 at 09:47

    Nigerians need to stop the jungle justice no matter the crime. Hand them over to the police etc.and see to it that the matter is rightly handled. Allow the law to take it's course.

    1. Which police? The lens that take bribe and then release them back to the society? Or the ones that send them to jail and let them run their gang even in jail and come out tougher, hardened and wicked?? I'm for eveeythinfeverything on that poster but YES to jungle justice for thieves, rapist, kidnappers and ritualistic..

  7. I don't think the protest is necessary if the organisers can't start from the root cause of it.
    They question is why do Nigerians now take laws into their hands?
    Their protest should be channelled to Police and Army Brutality,especially our corrupt and none performing Police force.
    People won't kill others if those who committed crime handed to the Police are dealt with accordingly.

    Some young boys shot my mum during a kidnap incident, my elderly mum still nurse her injury after many operations with a metal fixed on her leg the past years.
    Do you think if the boys were caught i will spare them for such cruelty committed against my mother?
    I won't and other young boys in my place won't spare them.
    Just wait until a heinous crime is committed by these people before you will know why people take such actions.
    Don't get me wrong, I don't support jungle justice against minors who stole food to eat or even handset without weapons.
    I support jungle justice against Armed Robbers,Kidnappers,Rapists,Politicians. Yes soon citizens will start attacking their Senators and Rep members.

    No amount of your protest will change the situation if we fail to address the fundamental reasons people take laws into their hands.
    When Armed Robbers terrorising a community is caught and handed over to Nigeria Police, next they collect money and release the Robbers.
    Why won't people burn the Robbers if caught again since our Police are not doing their job properly?

  8. Choose a struggle pls is mob killing and dv the same.

  9. Only about 10 people
    I smell attention seeking

  10. God bless who is behind this initiative. I'm a full supporter of their this cause. Will like to join in their next walk. Good bless Nigeria

  11. #Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open*

  12. I have major respect for Emmanuel Ikubuese...
    I never knew he had a foundation fighting against Abuse on women.
    I saw him on EL NOW and I totally admire what he has achieved.
    A young man like him taking up such stand publicly and going further to make it work should be applauded.

  13. Es Oh Jay a protest is not about the crowd but about the message, even if one person has a good message, it is good. You might do your good for attention seeking and that is why u think people are like you. Good one Stella.


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