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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Awesome Testimonies!

Gods word never fails....
Share your testimony after reading if you have any..


Your name is ‎Yaweh.....
You‎r name is Yaweh
You are the miracle working God
Your name is yaweh.

Its a Long testimony, please bear with me.

Stella Darling (side eyes) and my fellow beevees, please help me lift your voice in praise to this Awesome God who can do all things and turn every situation around. 

He has the final say no matter‎ what has been written or said about you.

Got married last year October, left to me ‎and hubby we were not in a hurry to start producing babies. God gave me a new job as a wedding gift (a day to my wedding) but as God would have it, I discovered I was pregnant In December and had a miscarriage In January. I was spotting which led to bleeding and scan result showed the fetus was not growing at 8weeks, we had to evacuate it. 

I felt so bad but was encouraged by hubby that God 'll give us another one.
Fast forward to March, I took in again and before I knew it the same thing happened. ‎Compared to the previous preggy, I was at work felt pressed and went to ease myself and wiped off wit a tissue only for me to see blood gushing out. Without delay I rushed down to the hospital and was placed on drip to stop the bleeding, which later stopped at night. Did scan the next day only to discover I had lost so much blood, they had to evacuate again. 

Stella, I died that day, i cried my eyes out but the doctor kept consoling me that "In all things, I should give thanks". Did the evacuation in April, I was so broken and this affected me emotionally and psychologically.

I became so scared of getting pregnant again and avoided hubby during my fertile days. He noticed this change and would joking tell me " madam you don't want to get pregnant again abi",Dont worry God go ‎soon catch you. Lolz ( God bless him for me, He is such an humble soul).

In April, I came across the TTC prayer, but didn't download it, I prayed along but the testimonies are the first thing I go through whenever I open the blog and I tap into them.
But God who never sleeps nor slumbers made me conceive again ‎in October ( Anniversary gift) and as human, I became scared. Just when I was about sending in my testimony, ( would have sent it in as testimony 100) the devil wanted to steal my JOY but he has failed. My people I started spotting and this time, instead of rushing to the hospital, I left all what I was doing, had my bath, took my medication, prayed and slept off. Woke up the next day and the spotting had stopped. It was a weekend so I waited till Monday morning before going to the hospital, was asked to go for scan, which showed again that the baby wasn't Viable ( nothing in my sac) but this time I rejected it and told the scan guy that this baby has come to stay, affliction shall not rise again the 3rd time. 

He asked me to come back in 2weeks, meanwhile, I had been on primolute injection from the day I discovered I was pregnant. I couldn't go to work that day again, I had to call in sick. I got home downloaded the prayer points and prayed amidst tears. I reminded God of his promises that we shall not cast our young.

To the Glory of God and to the shame of ‎the devil, It's 2weeks now, I have gone back for another scan, the baby is growing well and am doing just fine. I know faithful is he who has started the good work, he will surely complete it.
And to him who is able to do exceedingly, ‎abundantly, far above what we ask or think, may he answer those still waiting on him.
‎God bless you stella for this platform.



Hello Stella,
Am so happy that i finally have the chance to sit and pen this testimony letter to you to kindly publish on your blog.

I had my first child, a boy in 2012 (long story with the labor room drama, would pen that another time). The whole process made me scared that sleeping with my husband was a scare that i would take in immediately. lol. in June '13 i took in, but sadly lost the baby in July on my sons 1st birthday.

 Was sad but not too shaken up, cause i felt my son was too small. when my boy was getting to a year and six months i started praying to conceive and in November'13 i took in. When i took in i was so happy, i wanted to do a scan but was discouraged by hubby who felt there was no rush as i would not even see anything since the baby was still tiny.

 I relaxed and planned for the Xmas with expectation to register in January and do a scan, i have loads of scans of my son, lol. don't mind me, it gives me joy seeing the life on the inside of me. 

Sadly, i started bleeding December, some days deep red some very light, i googled and read about implantation bleeding and stuff and said okay, may be that's what's happening. However, the bleeding continued so i told hubby this is serious o, take me to the hospital. We were in the village for the festivities so he said okay soon. 

When we returned to our base in January'14, while bathing my son, i collapsed, don't know how i made it with him out of the bathroom and to the room. Luckily, my husband called and my son picked up (days of playing game with my android phone paid of, he practically handled my phone better than me, save for the falling part, lol) immediately he heard his mumbling and not mine, he got worried and rushed home to check on me and found me passed out.

 With the help of neighbors, he broke in the door and rushed me to clinic, where i was told i had a miscarriage and had an evacuation.

However, i kept feeling pains and as usual returned to google and then i stumble upon signs of ectopic, lo, i had 3 out of the signs, bleeding, shoulder pain, i told hubby we need to get back to the hospital o. He tried discouraging me that it was probably pains from the evacuation and all, i said no and stood my ground. That day was our anniversary, so he finally agreed thinking it would be a sharp thing at the hospital, for where! Turned out it was not.

 I had an ectopic pregnancy, my right tube was ruptured, my bowels filled with blood. My stomach was pricked with needles to drain the blood out into a bag to be re-transfused.
O boy, i was sad, i cried, one pain to another, i blamed the doctor, i blamed my husband, i blamed God, i blamed every thing blame-able. Hubby called Pastors to pray with me and ginger my faith for where. Hmm. 

I was booked for a Laparoscopic surgery, alas i opened my heart with tears and begged God to save me from this ordeal. He heard me, the surgery was successful. I lost my tube. 

Was advised to start trying after 18 months. At that point i was not even thinking about trying, i wanted to be strong and not confined to the bed. Healing was fast as i regained my strength and was discharged within 4 days.

Pastors came around to pray with me, revelations were made, that i would take in within three months, i would have twins name it. My hope was rekindled, and i began praying and looking forward to two red lines on PT test every time my period delayed.

Months turned to a year, i became worried. Went to the hospital, ran various test including the dreaded HSG. lol. Was put on fertility drugs, that only made my discharge heavy and me very fat with my stomach bloated like i was already pregnant. I was so worried, hubby was tired of encouraging me that i was letting my pain affect his faith, (he is a spirikoko, lol) that i should have faith. 

I did various research on ectopic, the chances of conception scared me, the stories of a repeat scared me. I began to ask myself who ask me to read up, lol.

 The articles of encouragement did little to reduce my fright. When i cry to friends, they would say at least you have a son. No one really understood. 

Luckily two friends of the lot did, they joined me in prayers and always called to check on me not to lose faith or be worried. God bless them loads. 

By December'15 went to the village for my Grandfathers burial, my stomach was so big like i was pregnant. people kept asking if i was, when i say no, a barrage of questions what are you waiting for followed. It was so discomforting that i fell sick, had malaria, typhoid and a very high bp that i was admitted so they could monitor it. Geez. My hubby was furious, asking why i was worried if i was God, my parents were angry, at 27 high bp, if my husband is treating me bad that they would come carry me back o.

It was at that point i realized my folly, and begged God to forgive me for questioning him, for doubting him, for everything. I committed it all to him and said to myself no more, deleted them monitoring spirits from my phones, who keep asking me questions so i don't let it get to me anymore, went off the fertility drugs completely. Lo, by January,16 barely a month i said God if you would do it, do it, he did it.

 I was pregnant, quickly i did a scan, baby was in the right place, every thing was fine. My wedding anniversary gift from God. Pregnancy period was smooth save for the morning sickness and throwing up. I had my baby girl on the 26th of September 2016. It could only have been God. 

To all those trying to conceive have faith, don't doubt, God is the same yesterday today and forever. he did it in the days of Sarah, he did it for me with one tube, he would do it for you in Jesus Name Amen.

Both Testimonies are so inspiring...PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!


  1. Praise God
    I'm still waiting for my testimony that will sound like a lie
    Good afternoon everyone

    1. Testimony 1- God who place the baby will bring it to full term.
      Testimony 2-God has done what he said he will do,even much more.

  2. God be praise, testimony one God never fails, don't worry you shall carry ur baby and we shall hear of ur testmony here ijn

  3. I am a product of Grace.......

    *singing* This God is too good ooooo

  4. Marvelous and wonderful God I will keep trusting in you, thank God for this testimonies

  5. With tears in my eyes and uplifted hands I say ABBA Father there is none like You . May Your name be praised now and forever. Amen .

  6. Still waiting for my great testimony. God I am waiting for u. Let ur will be done upon me.

  7. Amen. I claim the testimonies for me & my sister. We serve a Miracle working God.

    God Bless Everyone.

  8. Amen. I claim the testimonies for me & my sister. We serve a Miracle working God.

    God Bless Everyone.

  9. God's miracles comes like a shock..u cnt explain it.....Mine big breakthrough is on the way..

  10. hmmm God help me o.. Do u guys know I have been dating my bf for the past four years and he doesn't use condom. he even use to ejaculate inside of me but I haven't in my life get belle.. though I didn't want it now but it's kind of weird

  11. Wonderful Testimony
    Thank you Jesus Christ
    The testimonies shall be permanent

  12. I believe that there is a Supreme being. He kept Me alive against all odds

  13. #The great essentials for happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for*

  14. Praise God because He has been faithful to me and my family. I exalt His holy name!!!

  15. God never fails,i have just one tube, lost d oda via ectopic also but as God is still seated on d throne,i became pregnant same time following year after d ectopic wahala. So 4dose trying to conceive, God is still God,if with one tube we can conceive,you will conceive also ijn. Amen. Ps..first baby o,after ectopic.

  16. I join you both in Thanksgiving. These stories just made me cry and happy. God bless your kids my sisters. Thank you Lord for perfecting your words concerning your children.

  17. I believe I will share my testimony even within this last 41 days remaining for this year to end in Jesus Amen. Congratulations sisters.

  18. Wow God be praise, both testimonies are awesome.

  19. God is ever faithful!!!

  20. I claim this testimonies,Way maker,miracle worker,promise keeper,light in the darkness,My God that is who you are.

  21. God which day will I write my testimony, my heart bleeds o Lord....please do for me what you have done for others,I am waiting Lord please pick my call this week.

  22. Glory be to God Almighty who is ever faithful. He's worthy to be praised.

  23. Praise be to God!

  24. Wow awesome testimonies...I enjoyed reading them all...I just love baby news. TTC women you all shall soon share your testimonies with us IJN. Lord I thank you for the gift of life & family...May I carry my pregnancy to full term IJN. The LORD is good

  25. I testify that in 9 months time I will carry my twins In Jesus Name

  26. I Thank God for life
    For shelter
    For food
    For data subscription
    For His provision
    For divine connection
    Infact for everything
    I am nothing without Him


  27. I just thank God for a good job that he blessed my boo with... We fasted along with the ttc post... All hope was lost but in time of darkness the lord stood up and wiped out tears... He is God (testimony proper when he resumes)

  28. God of awesome wonders.Thank you Jesus! I celebrate with you Sisters.

  29. God is God, he is not man. After 2 years of no job, God answered me this month. I now have a job. I will take time to write about His faithfulness. However I will advise on all who are trusting God for one thing or the other is to never give up. His time is not ours and therefore does all to the glory of His name. Thank you Abba Father. I'll continue to put my hands in your hands and will not fail.cause Jesus never fails

  30. Great testimonies. Aweasome God. Father you did it for the testifier who has one tube you are the same God. Visit me and do that which doctors has said is not possible except through ivf, you are the God of all flesh open up my womb for conception for you are all that I have in Jesus name amen.

  31. Dear lord,pls heal my son and restore my happiness.#frommylipstoGodsears#Amen

  32. I'm grateful for my husband,he's been my ray of sunshine,grateful for shelter and good health.This testimonies gives me hope to hold unto Gods words,I am fruitful in Jesus name amen

  33. Hallowed be thy name Abba Father I key into this testimonies in Jesus Name Amen

  34. Congrats posters 1 and 2, you guys have made my faith stronger in God, it could only be God, am sorry Lord for the times i lost hope, times i question and feel am been cheated, you have the final says.

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