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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Exude Confidence In Lingerie,Role Play Costumes And Swimwear

Lingerie is a great way to flaunt your sensuality in the 'Other Room'.

You say a lot without actually saying anything and then the rest is left to your man to pick up the signals. *Winks*.

Sporting Role Play costumes make it easy for to pretend that you are somebody else and invariably bring some action into the Other room. You can be a nurse and your man can be the patient. Or you can play Police and Thief and put his sorry behind under arrest.

Let's be truthful, ladies, we all know we love to show off our cute swimwear designs when we are at the pool for a lovely warm afternoon swim. This is a good thing. Who wants to look less than the part, anyway?

Whatever it is you are into, we got your covered. Trust us to help you keep his eyes and heart fixated on you.

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Audrey said...

I love this, wouldn't mind patronizing you guys.

nobody said...

Em no work o

Anonymous said...

Adult sex store, explicit contents. Be warned

slliky said...

Amazing website...I like what I see

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