Stella Dimoko Resetting Your Priorities...


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Resetting Your Priorities...

Reading this carefully and applying it,might help fix a thing or 
two this new week!

Some of you men have not taken a proper look at your wife or kids because you are too busy....
Some of you women have forgotten how to love your husbands because you have to work,work,work!!!

Why the heck do some of you take your work home?
I am sorry if this meme pisses you off but lets call a spade by its name..THANK YOU!

Use your tongue to count your teeth!


  1. Replies
    1. ...and family over anything /everything.

    2. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
      And also remember that you can't be a billionaire when you are working for someone rather u are ......u know the rest.

    3. Well work is needed to take care of the family sha

    4. You really hit the nail on the wall.
      You have said it all.

      Stella, this kind of meme is why I love you to the moon and back. This blog is more than a blog, it takes you through life's. I heart you Aunty Stella... Starbaby

      Many homes have been destroyed because of work, I quite understand why some carry their work like say na GALA for head, because it's all men for himself.

      If you don't work, how do you expect to cater to your personal, family even community needs (humanitarian).

      The main keypoint is that we should learn how to balance work with our lives. Our family should always come first in all we do

    5. Creamy sugar on point. Sdk posts good storiess on monday morning when Bvs are busy at work and shops. Remaining loudmouths as jobless portable viv will be running their gutter mouth, meanwhile she no work anywhere. Oponu

  2. Truth. An Igbo adage says "ozu sibe Isi, onyi ka nwanne alaa"

  3. I got this figured out already. My job ends as soon as I exit the double door.

  4. My family over my job, anyday and time

  5. So true. when you are gone someone else will replace you, work continues.
    I make sure I carry out my work effectively and efficiently so that when I close for the day it ends there.

  6. what can i say. I dont take work home, i dont even like to answer calls self. My boss knows me about that. call me, i go pretend i no see call self till we meet the next day

  7. Family comes first before any other thing

  8. One of the reason why resigned. I was not having time for my kids. It may not be that rosy,but I know this biz will grow. I have all the time to interact with my children. It gives me Joy doing that. I c what they eat,what they wear,i caution & make sure foul language is not encouraged. When they hear things especially while with other children they come bk & ask questions. Not when I use to leave by 5:30am & come bk 10:00pm. I no need am jare. Make I dey do dis biz.

    1. Nice decision...and God would lift you up. If my sweet momma didn't discover the day I put a porn mag in my school bag and brought it home and beat the evil spirit out of me...who knows...maybe by now I would have been a porn star ☺.

  9. No work yet so they gat my full time

  10. Why choose bizness over and over again,i own my getting to see my kids grow,hubby gets home so late and Im always home cool headed to help him relax.....may God have mercy on us all!


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