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Monday, 28 November 2016

SDK HAIR Segment

Hairlo there,you got hair?Relaxed hair?then continue reading and if not please moonwalk out of this


Hello my fellow B.Vs
It's me B.V Amanda Favour
I want us to discuss hair care in this segment.
I'm on a healthy hair journey which I started on September 2015 from shoulder length aiming to reach waist length, yeah you heard right WAIST LENGTH (so help me GOD.

O.k., back to the matter.
My hair is relaxed,and I want it to be so healthy , that's why I created a hair regimen to take care of my hair.

1. I shampoo once a week or at most once in two weeks. I do it because I hardly wear extensions or braids,I wear my hair 90% all the time so I have access to it regularly.

I use sazzy botanical sulfate free shampoo,VO-5 moisturizing shampoo or the good old Dudu-Osun black soap depending on the one I have at the moment.
Shampooing our scalp regularly cleanses out product build-up off our hair,and a clean scalp leads to healthy hair.

I put my hair in about 8 pigtail braids, coat my hair with a cheap oil e.g palm kernel oil( IT'S CALLED PRE-POO),put on a shower cap to allow the oil penetrate my hair before shampooing. 

Pre-pooing can be done with oil or conditioner.
The benefit of pre-pooing is that it will stop the shampoo from stripping our hair off it's natural oil.

About twice a month,I wash with regular conditoners only.
I do this when my scalp is not too dirty or when I've washed with shampoo the previous week.

Please,when shampooing your hair,concentrate on your scalp,that's the place that needs to be cleansed thoroughly.

yeah!, that's the Koko,if you're on a healthy hair journey.
Please don't joke with deep conditioning,cos I don't.
After each shampooing or co-washing ( washing with conditioner ), I deep-condition.
You can prepare your own deep conditioner mix or you buy deep conditioner from the stores.
My favourite deep conditioner is O.R.S replenishing conditioner .
I love it because it's protein and moisture balanced ,it has slip and is readily available and cheap too(compared to other brands).
I'm not a fan of home made deep conditioners, if you are, just make sure it's protein and moisture balanced and add oils to it.
I always add my GOYA OLIVE OIL (OR ANOINTING OIL LMAO,COCONUT OIL*side eyes Lucille and Zitel coconut oil *hehehe and castor oil to my deep conditioners.

I sometimes mix different deep conditioners( especially when I do relaxer touch up) .
When I feel like my hair lacks moisture,I add honey,glycerine and fresh aloe Vera gel to my deep conditioner.
When I also feel like my hair lacks protein I add egg yolk to my deep conditioner or I use HAIR MAYONNAISE OR edible MAYONNAISE,whichever one I have at hand.

Relaxed hair needs more protein than natural hair.

I deep-condition with heat for 15-20 minutes or without heat for 1 -2 hours.
If you don't have deep conditioning cap or a hooded dryer,don't worry just apply your deep conditioner all over your hair,make sure you coat your hair thoroughly with the conditioner especially your ends,wear a shower cap,you can double it if you like and start doing your normal house chores.
Your body will generate heat by itself.

Wash of the deep conditioner and dry with an old cotton T-shirt or a smooth towel for sometime and allow to air dry afterwards.

3. When your hair is about 70% dry,apply leave -in conditioner ,seal with oil or butter cream of your choice and style your hair as you like.

please note; I'm not a hair care guru,I'm just on a healthy hair journey,loving my hair and caring for it.
Hair care can be cheap or expensive depending on how you choose to go.
Relaxed hair needs all the TLC it can get for it to grow.

If you're on a healthy hair journey,you have to learn how to wash your hair and deep condition your hair by yourself,because most of our naija saloons don't know how to care for our hair,they concentrate only on weaves and braids( no offence please).
We'll be stopping here for now.

I'll next post will be about my relaxer touch up I did yesterday.
I'll bring you details on how it went.
Bye for now
REMEMBER: Love your Hair,Care for it and watch it Grow.

*Why old cotton tee shirt?Any significance?I dont have relaxed hair but i read this to the end.


Uriel (Freshdew) said...


GALORE said...



Bianca BRUNO said...

See plenty write up on top say ur hair no even long sef. U shd see mine. Its below my bra length. .I call it my own human hair.

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

I want to go natural but I don't know how or where to begin.
Is as if I need a little push or encouragement from a naturalista.


When the hair is wet it becomes weaker and softer. Towels are not smooth so it damages the cuticle from the hair, it absirbs all the moisture from the hair too.

T shirt has a smooth surface so it absorbs water and prevents the hair from frizzing.

This is the first thing I learnt when I decided to go natural.

Chidinma Gift said...

Abeg i no fit read am ooo but I get question...
How do i soften my hair? If i retouch now justice give am 3days e go be like say i never retouch am

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Waoh,Amanda well done oooo,this is not an easy something

Chysugar said...

Welldone bae... My next hair do is brazillian wool.. Will it fit me? I have a round, fine face with sexy lips and beautiful eyes.. *any bv in Owerri who can make it nicely should hit me up*

Baby skeske said...

We try it on me and my baby girl. We really need dis.thanks bvb

Lady j said...

Thanks for this writeup..I already HV lengthy hair

SANDY NEKY said...

Nice one bv Amanda! Thanks but won't using dudu osun soap to wash hair make one grow white hair on time cos of the lime content involved u know..just thinking aloud sha,might be wrong. Loool@ the second to the last paragraph,you caught me there cos I am always on braid*phew* do you relax your hair like on a monthly basis or??

Yemi7up said...

I read to the end too but am on natural hair for some years now.


Nice one Ananda thumbs up

missylynn said...

Nice one
Very interesting dear and thanks
Lovely hair

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

Abeg,I don't have the time nor the energy for all these things.As long as weaves and attachments still dey market, I'm good.

Iphie dearie said...

I totally love this.
My relaxed hair is beautiful too.. been through some rough patches but came out tops.

I find my daughter's hair inspiring.. if I could care for this long,healthy,natural mane.. that means I have strength for mine too.
I'm seriously trying to transition,if it doesn't work out(I hate pain of any type,even if it is just combing) I will stick to your tips.

I have had this theory in my head that the amount of milk I consume help my hair,skin and nails..
Dunno if it makes sense,but that's what I can confidently say has helped me.

Trey Mama said...

Yaaay! My fellow healthy hair journey peeps.

Amanda your hair's looking good already. Soo thick!

I started my journey Sept 2014. So glad I did! Now my hair starts conversations where ever I go. Hehehe.

FYI, , where I get most of my hair products are doing massive end of the year sales. If you're in lagos, you can just visit their store in IV. Massive discounts!

Don't forget, a silk hair bonnet/ silk pillow case is really important.

Perhaps I should send Stella my hair regimen too... *thinking*


Amanda weldone. Thought you are a naturalista. Nice one.

Classic Chic! said...

Wen i read this,I started salivating :-) its like Mrs romas Saturday menu for hair hehehehe

Uniq Gem said...



Chikito and white diamond, come and share tips for naturalistas. I think both of you care for your hair more.

My hair is naturally full and long so i don't really do much.

Trey Mama said...

Oh, an old cotton shirt is easier on the hair. That is, it's softer than a towel and absorbs just enough moisture from the hair without frizzing it out. Unlike a towel that will abosorb all the moisture and leave your hair feeling dried out.

amanda favour said...

Stella cotton Tee-shirts are smooth unlike some towels that are rough, you get?

Anonymous said...

Spread your relaxer treatments to every 4-6 months. Don't forget your supplements. My texlaxed hair is mid-back length thanks to biotin and fish oil. Both men and women stop me on the way to ask how I achieved this length and body.

Trey Mama said...

'Profectiv Mega growth leave -in conditioner' is a life saver!
just perfect for detangling hair. It's cheap and pretty much everywhere.
Highly recommended.

xxxTrinityxxx said...

I have very long hair.healthy and dsnt break.when people are how long my hair is they ask why I bother with weaves.anyway I relax my hair not more than twice a year.max three times.and I braid my hair a lot which helps it grow

Becky Divine said...

Nice one Amanda!

Not to brag babe... but I don't do any of these stuff on my hair but it's way longer than yours by far seriously! I just use normal relaxer and I'm good to go

I love my hair!

oluwatoyosi said...

I'm on low cut but a read some. I fall out of mood for things. What if I'm not in the mood

PinKy berRy said...

Stella, old "Cotton" tee-shirt notice the cotton is in quote this will prevent hair loss due to breakage of your ends. ..

Amanda dearie, you did do well.
I have bowen on natural hair journey for more than 3 years now and I must confess I love my kinky hair..
Recently I opened my hair bag with my beautiful extensions staring at my face.., do I miss them yes if course although I still wear them once in awhile...

Take care of your hair whether relaxed or natural...


CherryCee said...

SDK, we use old cotton T-shirt to get a slip when drying the hair. Normal cotton is rough and pulls the hair strand when drying thereby causing tiny breakage. If you use normal towel, you will find tiny breakage on the towel which isn't good for maintaining a healthy hair.
You are welcome..

CherryCee said...

SDK, we use old cotton T-shirt to get a slip when drying the hair. Normal cotton is rough and pulls the hair strand when drying thereby causing tiny breakage. If you use normal towel, you will find tiny breakage on the towel which isn't good for maintaining a healthy hair.
You are welcome..

Anonymous said...

'Relaxed hair need all the Tlc it can get to grow'. Not true jor.My relaxed hair is longer,has more weight and fuller than yours. If I set my hair,with all the curls people always ask what weave I have on.Guess what? I do none of what you listed up there. I relax my hair 2 or 3 times in a year. I trim and apply treatment once in awhile too.

Trey Mama said...

Can't wait for my next texlaxing in December. *jumps up and down with glee*
6 months stretch isn't easy. *phew!
Can't even comb my hair anymore, I just finger comb on wash days and manage to braid it, then back under my wig it goes. Hehehe.

Just wondering what my new length will look like. *shines teeth*

Pleeease be mid back length.

Anonymous said...

At the moment my hair is 22 inches long(have been natural all my life ) with little shrinkage ..
I don't do much hair regime .
I'd lukewarm olive oil or coconut oil and apply it too my scalp over night or four hours before I wash my mane ..
I use Ultra doux argan and Camille shampoo and conditioner .
Sometimes I use mix chick products or Jane Carter hair solutions ..That's it's
Yes I'm as black as Wesley snipe .

Mrs. Romas said...

Some people will use the best natural hair products, but their hair length will still remain the same or even loss their front edges.

This hair thing, also depends on your kinda GENE!
My elder sisters hair is about 22inches, yeah, you heard me right! My own hair when I used to relax it was almost 20inches at length.
But I was only relaxing my hair twice a year (my hair stylist used to say that; if I was the reason hair relaxer cream company started their business, they would have parked up), whenever I fix my hair extension, I always asked my stylist to do the safety weaving which is weaving my hair some steps behind and all-around that's thin.

Most ladies were always jealous of my hair (in a good way), I never used all those crazy hair treatment, just my nor organic olive oil and organic coconut oil.

For almost six months now,I cut my hair and went natural, my stylist is amazed that my hair is all grown out even though I hardly take care of it because I'm sometimes too busy with house and mother's duties.

Although, I use more hair products now but I'm very mindful of the products I use and I get all my products from the pharmacy except for my cocoa butter which I usually get from a Ghanaian lady.

The best advice to women is to allow their hair breath, whether natural, texlax or relaxed. Feed your with water, eat a lot of healthy foods, veggies and nuts. If you have access to Olive fruits, eat a lot of it and you will see changes.

World People said...

You need to trim your split ends ASAP. Your hair isn't healthy

Audrey said...

I started natural hair journey *did a big chop* after reading a comment from white diamond sometime ago, and I really love the way my hair is now. Truely maintaining a healthy hair is quite expensive but I'm enjoying the feel of my hair.

Nice one Amanda, I believe this hair segment is for someone like me.

Rare Gem said...

Seems u are jobless. Doing all this week in week out,damn girl u are one IDLE PERSON

stephan said...

Hmmmm. Long journey indeed.

Anonymous said...

I have relaxed hair and hate to hear my hair has to be natural to be healthy. I mix my relaxer with coconut oil, my own form of texlaxing. I cold steam with emu oil, coconut oil and castor oil and avocado (the fruit). Mix all in a paste and leave overnight. I co wash, wash only with conditioner. I fix but not often, i'd rather plait (didi or ghana weaving). I also trim regularly to prevent split ends, i avoid heat, no straightening. So far, so good.

Monkeynofine said...

No time for this. This is good for jobless people. .... my wig any day anytime.

Madea said...

Nice effort Amanda. I have relaxed and quite long hair (14 inches). I do not follow your technique but I do tend my hair very well. I find that following these long techniques make people weary.
More so,I think that long hair is mostly genetic because there are people who careless and have really long hair but I get your focus being on healthy.
My Regimen:
Shampoo, ORS Hair Mayonnaise, Dark and Lovely Leave in conditioner, Nova Hair mousse, Lotta Body, Hair Serum.
Whenever I wash my hair, every 2 weeks when I'm not in protective covering, I use all these and then roll set with my big rollers and dry with a hair dryer. I don't have the whole time for air drying and stuff plus I like the texture of roll setting. I use Dark and Lovely Kit relaxer aswell and it does my hair right. I try now to retouch every 3 months as this helps with my hair growth. I also let my hair breathe after retouching for like 4 weeks before having a sew in done if I'm doing protective covering.I make sure to trim during every touch up. I'm also gunning for at least bra length.
My advice is this, don't fuss over things to use or technique, it becomes draining but if it rocks anyone's boat, fine and good. I'm loving my long relaxed natural hair
and i'm not leaving this circle.

Amanda, how do you style your hair seeing you carry it 90% of the time? Styling is another challenge.
P.S: Wish I could attach my hair pic here but it's imposs. ;)
Love and Light.

Anonymous said...

Before I chopped of my hair it was longer than this and vry healthy.

Anonymous said...

Mine too. I don't do any of this.

Ideato/ilaje blood said...

God bless for this post. Transitioning to virgin

Iphie dearie said...

White D where art thou???

I have learnt a lot,but I leave it to those that have already transitioned.

Iphie dearie said...

Yea,Bianca I also thought it was normal length until I saw where she said she started growing it in 2015.

Madea said...

Hmm, learned sth new.

Iphie dearie said...

Thanks Lafresh..

Trey Mama said...

I bet you spend hours watching Telemundo, or doing something not so important.

How long do you think it takes to do all these?

Iphie dearie said...

Can I order online??
I love sales... discounts.
Once I hear Sales(genuine one oh) my ears stand at attention.

Send your regimen already!

stella dimokokorkus said...

instead f using tee shirt,its better to buy towels made from same materials like tee shirts..i have seen some like that here and will buy cos its now clear to me why when i clean my natural hair with twoels after washing it breaks.have been wondering i know...thank you for the explanation FRESHY

Trey Mama said...

*Their store in VI.

Iphie dearie said...

Go get them transformed into wigs for your use.

amanda favour said...

I relax once in 4 months.
And only to the new growth.
Will bring my relaxer update next time

Madea said...

Doesn't braiding a lot damage the edges? I can go 5 years without braiding my hair.

Madea said...

Doesn't braiding a lot damage the edges? I can go 5 years without braiding my hair.

Iphie dearie said...

Texlaxing.. meaning you use texturizer right?

amanda favour said...

Yeah do
You're officially my blog boo
We have same thing in common (hair)
Biko send yours too
I need to learn also
Your hair is cool
I love,I want



Iphie dearie said...

Just like I typed up there.. I think what you ingest has a lot to do with your hair,skin and nails.
Veggies,Milk etc...
Then Genes of course.. I know I take care of my daughter's hair but I strongly believe she took after me.


I've used dudu osun once. I use normal black soap sometimes.

amanda favour said...

Thanks dear
My daughter's hair is natural
So I have knowledge of the two..

amanda favour said...


amanda favour said...

*side eyes*

amanda favour said...


amanda favour said...

I love profectiv products
I love their deep conditioner and O.R.S replenishing conditioner


22" OMG!!!

SteffySoFynSoFlySoJUICY said...

Toh if my hair decides not to grow again sef na im sabi. Wig still dey market.
Which time I get to be doing all this bikonu? My hair is long tho not too thick but it's longer than yours.
I make my hair every two weeks,so I wash my hair every two weeks,the only time I carry my natural hair is after I relax and it's just for a few days then am back Rocking my weave.
I don't go tru all this procedure yet its long.infact my mums hair is two times longer than mine and guess what she doesnt braid or fix or do all the things u listed up there. She only do normal washing and setting and carry corn row every time, na wig my mumsy dey rock and that one na to go office and church sef. Bottom line is if you like carry the whole shampoo and conditioner put for head,hair wey wan grow go grow.

*grabs cucumber*

amanda favour said...

I'm waiting
Bring us updates

ukwu dimond said...

Is OK , noted and will put it into practice.

Lizzy Berry said...

All dis plenty talk on top hair... Who no get hair no get am at all.... My hair is very long,fulland thick I can't recall the last tym I used any treatment on my hair out.. Infact since this year I vowed Neva to braid or fix Nada on my hair... And the hair has been bouncing from glory to glory to the envy of some ladies,,,, I dey use am do shakara.... Also It's in my lineage,,,,my maternal great great great grandfather was from the carribean.

Also I have one secret to a shiny, curly long hair which is a very good hair cream,if u use it u will testify am not bluffing neither am I a marketer of that hair cream, the name is...just send a mail.

amanda favour said...

I'm not jobless oh
I run my business
I'm also a wife and mother of four kids
O.k bye πŸ™‹

Anonymous said...

Try profectiv mega growth. My hair was terrible until I started using it.

Monkeynofine said...

@kim too many work my dear. I can't abeg.

Anonymous said...

Same here oh! The most I do is steam my hair and it's way longer than hers.
Wash hair every 2weeks, hian!
I don't even have time for all this hair brouhaha!

amanda favour said...

Buns,buns,buns my sister.
I do Bantu knots.
Braid outs or Bantu knots out when I want to wear my hair down.

amanda favour said...

Thanks dear

Monkeynofine said...

Boo u so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Ms Stella you can use Biotin as well it aids hair growth and also help with breakage .
I'll also advise you leave your hair natural No need to relax it .

amanda favour said...

O.k dear
Good for you

Trey Mama said...

Hian! You can see split ends from that picture? Not possible.

She has thin ends, not the same thing as split ends.
One could have thin ends with no split on them.
The hair's healthy, she just needs a trim.

Ralu M said...

πŸ‘. You got that right

amanda favour said...

O.k dear
Good for you 😊

amanda favour said...

Start deep conditioning it
With time it will be fine
Remember to retouch only your new growth

amanda favour said...

Thanks girl
Chop kiss πŸ’‹ muaah
Off course it will be nice on you
You're already naturally beautiful,so any hairstyle will be perfect on you

Sue said...

Thanks darling Amanda. A very thoughtful post. My hair is relaxed. I try to limit extensions. I mostly do cornrows and wear wigs ontop then deep condition often.

Anonymous said...

I gat a grey hair, to think of it I'm just in my late twenty. what justice can I do to dis without using hair dye?


Yeah Gene πŸ‘


Stella, yes we can use microfiber towels. 😘😘😘

Anonymous said...

Good. Naija saloons don't know how to retouch hair. They will reperm the whole hair from roots to tips then drag it with a rattail comb, then people get surprised their hair breaks. Relaxed hair can be pretty and healthy if it is well treated.

Anonymous said...

Do please. Amanda has helped. Also include how many times a year you retouch. Amanda you didn't say. But what I think about that is less is more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks pls how do you get supplements? I have tried staying natural but its not for me. Can you explain more about texlaxing? My main ish in the whole thing is to be able to better manage my hair.

Anonymous said...

Thanks pls how do you get supplements? I have tried staying natural but its not for me. Can you explain more about texlaxing? My main ish in the whole thing is to be able to better manage my hair.

amanda favour said...

Anon 19;47
Try henna
Good for darkening hair

amanda favour said...

No iphe
Texlaxing means under processing your hair intentionally when you relax it (you don't relax it bone straight).

Jasmine said...

Amanda, don't mind the moron.

But wait, u av four kids? Wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Stella chop kiss 😘

Trey Mama said...

Yeah Iphie, you can order online at

Yaaay! I've finally got a blog boo. Hehehe.
Don't worry, yours will get there in no time.
I recently started taking hair supplements too... Biotin and Omega 3 fish oil. Biotin is great! Although it causes breakout at first, the trick is to drink looots of water.
I take gelatin too,the normal gelatin we use in baking. I mix mine in tea. lots of collagen, good for hair and skin too. Helps control wrinkles.

Kim Kardashian Aka portable queen of sdk blog said...

Exactly@anon 20:21
I usually tell my stylist to only retouch the root.

Anonymous said...

Yes la fresh its suppose to be longer than that .. But I tend to but em. I can't manage more than 22inches. ...have got really full edge as well .

Trey Mama said...

Thanks boo, was just about to write that.
Well, i usually add a lil oil to my relaxer and coat my new growth with vaseline before applying the relaxer. I let it stay not more than 12mins.

But when I want bone straight hair,i skip adding oil and let the relaxer stay way longer.

I'm sure Amanda will shed more light on this in her next post.

Stella maris Baby said...

Lovely post.
Thanks for sharing @ Amanda Favour..


Rare Gem warrapun?

Caring for ones hair is fun not joblessness.

amanda favour said...

Yes oh jasmine
3 boys and a girl by God's grace

Whirlwind said...

Amanda, this doesn't seem easy but going forward, I will try some of these tips out when I am pampering my hair. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Amanda you know your stuff. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘

Zitel Coconut oil Onitsha 08081725441 said...

Profectiv mega growth it is. Very good for stubborn hair.

Amanda I love the fullness of ur hair. Jisieike

Anonymous said...

Only her back ooo, but it is obvious she is a beauty.

TheBrownDahlia said...

Amanda, you need a trim sweetie. Your ends are "see-through" which is a sign that you need to trim your hair.

Great job on the article!

Whirlwind said...

Trey mama, the silky hair net does not stay on my head joo. Before you say jack, it has slipped off. I guess because it is slippery.

Trey Mama said...

Mine has an elastic band round the edge so it doesn't slip off. You can even sew the band yourself if you've got the time. Or visit and order for a silk hair bonnet. Not hair wrap or scarf oh, hair bonnet.

Silk pillow case too is another way to go.

Starjoy said...


Judith Irenoa said...

Thank you. Nice read

IJAY said...

Thanks for this amanda

kechi said...

Odi egwu

LEE70 said...

Please I do not like to relax my hair because of damage and a little bit of alopecia on my scalp

Anonymous said...

Boil Irish potato peels in little water n rub all over your hair then leave for 30 minutes b4 washing it off. This darkens grey hair

Temi said...

In the process,just keep making your especially natural hair do and wear wig. Use more of organic products and check for natural hair salon if you are in lagos.
please don't try the big chop.

SANDY NEKY said...


SANDY NEKY said...

Madea i think it depends on the hair cos i braid like theres no tomorrow as in loose one today, make another tomorrow.its that bad as in i dont allow the hair to breath but my frontline is still very much intact i tell you. You can hardly or never catch me on weavon. Thats to tell you how much i love braiding and thats the more reason why i can NEVER join#Team natural😁

Anonymous said...

Please how can I grow my front edges/ hair sincerely I am bald around there and it's really embarrassing. My hair is long and thick but just that front hair please someone help me I have tried so many tips didn't work! When I was pregnant with my son I grew hair there but after giving birth went back to normal again. Please any help will be appreciated

amanda favour said...

Anon 18:04
Buy Jamaican black castor oil or regular castor oil.
Massage your edges and scalp with it everyday or every other day,it helps
If you're consistent,you'll see changes after 2 months.
Please if you're braiding,let it not be too tight at your edges.
You can start wigging(wear wigs instead of sew-in weaves).
You can do crotchets too.
I hope you're deep conditioning your hair?

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda..awesome piece.. I can totally relate to care for relaxed hair.. yes u r right.. Nigerian relaxed hair can grow waist lenght.. it takes a lot of patience, determination and consistency. I kept trying till I got to about 16 inches and somehow gave up..but one thing u didn't add was that like ur skin, your hair needs a daily regimen too especially if it's in a protective style like corn rows etc.. I got a little spritz bottle filled with clean water.. its necessary to spray it lightly on ur hair morning and evening.. to prevent dryness n retain mositure.. I usually seal in the water with little olive oil or coconut oil.. it helps the hair keep looking great even when u r due for retouch..

amanda favour said...

Anon thank for your contribution,I forgot to write that.
Yeah,I moisturise and seal with my homemade whipped shea butter.
Maybe I'll do a post on how I make it.
Thanks once again
I hope to reach full Bra strap length in my 2nd hairneversary

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda God bless you can't wait to get it! Please where can I get the Jamaican black castor oil?

ThankingGodforeachnewday Smiles said...

If you want to go natural, you have to choose if you want to big chop (cutting your hair) or if you want to transition (growing out your relaxed hair).

alex mark said...

A gentle cleanser does great to the wig and a lotion is an additional favorable position. Green wigs

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