Stella Dimoko The Meeting Point -14


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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Meeting Point -14

This meeting point is sweet and well detailed kai!

It was in 2013, I was posted to the west to serve. 

We all got to the camp safely and service started. My camp shorts were super short, I was hot in camp with my white bum short and Nysc boot. I came out everyday looking cute lol and I was the sports director in camp and also the volleyball leader of my platoon(groups in camp)

 So whenever those soldiers asked why I was dressed that way I always used my post as an excuse telling them I can't do sports in long shorts. I can be very witty so most of the soldiers just let me be. 

Unknowing to me in camp I had a secret admirer. I was always on the move and surrounded with guys so most times my admirer didn't have the opportunity to come close and we were not in the same platoon. 

Whenever we go to mammy(NYSC market) to eat I used to see my secret admirer and I wondered why I always ran into him in camp but I dismissed it.

 I was super busy with activities that I didn't even have time for unnecessary flings but I built friendships. After 3weeks we left camp and was posted to our ppa(place of primary assignment) . My friends were all in a different lga and I was alone. 

I joined Catholic busses to our Ppas cos I heard they didn't have much rules like nccfs and with lesser crowd. It was so true where I served. In the bus I quickly made a friend ,we clicked immediately and she was really helpful told and me not to worry even tho I didn't register with them she would help me pass through their Catholic questions. 

We got to our ppa and they welcomed us and we settled in. It was so peaceful unlike tales we got to hear from the other people how crowded and noisy their own Lodge was. My new girl friend was heaven sent. We quickly got ourselves space to sleep and she taught me how to do the Catholic prayers so by morning I won't be left out. Those people and their morning masses eh compulsory lol. 

The next day we all came out for prayers and introduction and ha! I saw him again. After introduction he walked over to my new girlfriend and exchanged pleasantries. Both were in the same platoon in camp and are based in the same state and are somehow related. She quickly introduced me and in my mind I was like this guy sef. 

He's a simple guy reserved but cool. He kept staring at me. I was uncomfortable and told my friend I didn't like him. All this happened in November/December camp. We all went to our Ppas to ask for permission to travel for the Xmas. My girl and I were to teach at the same school. We got there to sign in and saw him again at the same school. We were all to teach there. 


We cleared ourselves and decided to leave for Xmas to come back in January. My admirer offered to secure an apartment for us all. My friend and I in one room and he and his friend in the other. My girly accepted happy she would be staying with her relation and talked me into agreeing too. 

January we returned saw the lodge liked it, paid for our room and moved out of the Catholic Lodge. That was how our story started.

We were 8 corpers in that Lodge. Four rooms 2 to 1. we all became close. At night we would come out and talk about camp. All my admirer talked about was me and my activities. He said somehow he knew we would meet again. He's so lively, friendly but in a reserved manner. 

Everyone wants him around during conversations cos he has a way of making people comfortable around him. He has this player look from afar but hes not. 

The reverse happened after camp he was now the celebrated one still I played my cool. We would play games most times in our Lodge and somehow we started getting close and before then he told my girlfriend he liked me already. 

He started looking out for me and always wanted to know how I was. He was caring effortlessly and did small small things for me. Everyone at the lodge saw how he invested much time in getting to know me and eventually he broke in and we became friends. It was so refreshing. We spent more time together late at night gisting sometimes till 2am. 

We got so close yet we were not dating till sometime in April we had corpers party at the lodge and it was so intense high and low music. He couldn't anymore so he invited me to their kitchen away from prying eyes. We talked about a lot - home and friends and we eventually kissed. I wanted more, he wanted more also but we stopped. 

We never talked about that night but continued our friendship. Weeks later his roommate redeployed cos of work and he was alone in the room. That place became my second room. My girlfriend hmmmed and hmmmed but I wanted more. We became friends with benefit. Feelings started building up and others saw it but we were in denial. We behaved like a couple but we never accepted we were dating. 

On my birthday that year he got me a new Samsung phone and other things and also organized a small party for me. His was the next month and I travelled home for a week but came back days before got him a cake and my girlfriend and I prepared something really nice. Slowly things were heating up and I never saw it coming but it got More intense.

 The love making, the gifts, the small quarrels. 

Our friends gave up on us cos we never accepted being an item. Sometimes I would ask him what it was they saw that I didn't see. All along he knew but he just didn't want to ruin the moments we were having cos he didn't want to loose me. He was 💯 single.

 I just got out of a messy relationship before camp so I told him my fears of committing again to anybody at least not anytime soon. It got to a point I would tell him literally everything.
We had a fight once and his sis called and pleaded with me to not hurt her only brother. 

Most times when he travelled he bought me things I needed and his sister did the female shopping for me. So she knew. A week to POP it dawned on me that we were getting close to separating. 

I remember my girlfriend asking me ''what next! don't you think it's time to define your relationship?''. 

She truthfully told me how beautiful we both were together and how happy I had been with him and didn't want me to lose him cos he was a catch.

 A secured job after service. He stayed alone already in their state. He was 28 then I was 23. ''He's brilliant and good looking. Just give him few months after service and he's established. I know for sure he's deeply into you''.

 She played my mom at that point. For the first time I accepted and told my friend how I think I'm in love with my admirer. She rebuked me immediately and removed the I think and said girl you are in love period. We all know this so stop the act already lol. 

Pop(passing out) pre party my admirer and I went home early alone in the lodge he poured out his all to me. And there and then the relationship was defined after almost a year and consummated. It was always special with him.

Two years later we were still very strong together. He got a job for me in his state last year. I moved and stayed in my girlfriends family house for a while. Nice people. Till I got a small self con. 

oh! My girly got married first quarter the next year after service still our friendship continued and we all are now in one state. My admirer and I got super close and deeper into the relationship meeting family and all.. Blessings, promotions and expansion has happened ever since.

My birthday this year he proposed in the presence of family and friends at a beach party he arranged for me. It's all going down in December. Preparations are in full gear lol. Excited much.

Over shakara is not good ooo. I almost ruined this my sweet relationship if not for the counsel from my girlfriend and his persistence. Till tomorrow he still calls me his treasure.
This write up brought back memories arhhh.

*Chei sweet story ooooooh...*Tongue click and bad eyes at my Service year boo..LOL*

Abeg wait,you lost me somewhere up there.first you talked about the Gbenshing and quarelling then down there you said it was consumated after a year..are there different types of consumation?lol
No mind me,the story too sweet so any loophole stands out.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding.....Kisses!


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    1. Hmmmm...I fit die ooo..see love story..

      Omo u go sabi write script oo..see suspense.

      Wishing all the best dear
      Side eyes to enemies of progress

      Mc pinky

    2. Such a beautiful thing :-)
      #i love progress! Bae watchout !

    3. Best wishes dear, I like ur story

    4. This is the best so far. I am happy for you girly.

    5. Beautiful story.. Congrats girl

  2. Hmmmm...hoping to send mine soon we met in our service year (PPA)and hubby is also a Beevee *side eyes*

  3. Congratulations Babe, there is nothing like getting married to the person you truly love, all the best of luck in your forth coming wedding.your story is so sweet and interesting... .......... Was wishing it has no end.

    1. Such an interesting story.Please all those that wanna send in their 'Meeting point' story should learn from this poster.Make it interesting and not bore us to death.

    2. Beautiful story.
      I loooooooooove this!
      Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, may your home be filled with every good thing, Amen.

  4. hmmm... bad eyes @ my service year boo. hehe... nice one poster and congratulations in advance on your upcoming wedding. and pls don't forget to send your WNB

  5. Sweet story....
    Free hand somebody.....
    He gives a lot.
    Congratulations babes

    1. Congrats poster.
      This is like the best meeting point I have read.

  6. Awwww... lovely!

  7. This story sweet me o, I didn't want it to end.
    Girl, you are such a good writer, perhaps my best meeting point narrative yet. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials...

  8. Lovely story. Congrats dear . I wish you marital Bliss.

    God Bless Everyone.

  9. Oh poster !!! I just remembered my NYSC days , obubra 2013. This big fat boy called biggie was all over me .
    He cried on Bonfire night coz I told him that I like Mr. Macho 😂😂 I saw a grown fat boy cried , mehn I can't deal with emotional lads. He had prepared enough drinks and chops but no be wetin carry me come camp mbok .
    Poster it's a good thing you are marrying your best friend , communication level will be 💯

  10. I love this!!!! All the best dear.#cheers

  11. Congratulations. May God direct you both and May His love and mercy never depart from your home.

    Awwww. Sweet something something...

  12. Dear God, when will I share my own story?????

    God,please,i need a money maker generous boyfriend and a sweet boo

  13. Congrats dear . Aunty Stella am gonna send u mine. I met mine on Facebook .. he is the most lovely ,adorable man have ever seen

  14. Awwwn I love love oooo choi. Congratulations girl

  15. Congrats dear. ......long but worth it.

    So u dey another relationship but u begin kiss another boo chai smart babe.

    Never u put all ur eggs in one basket, always have a side boo quote:THE QUEEN AND BOSS

  16. Service year! What was I do all those months? This meeting point is making me think about marriage a lot n where could the meeting be?

  17. I was confused at that part aswell Stella. Nice story. I wish you a happy married life
    I just love love stories.

  18. Stella they were having just sex den at d pop party night they made love.. Dats d consumation she meant.. Sometimes we gbensh just for the fun of it...

    1. Fornication is a sin27 November 2016 at 17:29

      Really? You gbensh for the fun of it? You mean you share another person's soul for the fun of it? The earlier some of you know that sex is beyond the physical, the better for you.

    2. Hmmmm fornication is a sin,pls tell them o,the most painful part is that Christian girls are so loose,even bad Muslims are better because you will never hear them glorify sin.

  19. #Ladies, it doesn't matter how you look, what your weight is, how much makeup you put on. The right guy will love you for what's inside*

  20. I go love o. This story sweet well well.
    Congrats in advance .

  21. Love?😃 there's nothing like love. Compatibility yes

  22. So sweet!! I hear people warns against nysc dating. It turned out there are exceptions.


  23. A love based on friendship will last. I encourage you. I met my husband in NYSC camp and we married at the end of the NYSC year. After almost 38 years we are still happy together

    1. 38 years?Big mummy.This is the kind of stories I love to read and hear. May God continue to bless ur home.
      But where and when will I meet my own treasure?

  24. Mis endowed-stella's baby😅😘😍😄😅😘27 November 2016 at 15:19

    Wow sooooooooooo sweet,.😍😘😄😅😆😍😘

  25. This is sooooo sweet!
    I love..
    And to think that I read the NYSC post before this one..
    God bless your union dear.

  26. So this story made it here lol..The details and dates gave it out. My people their love go make you jealous I tell you. Awwwwwww congrats sugar I wish you and your handsome more beautiful stories..
    Can't wait to celebrate with you.

  27. This is so beautiful. Poster congrats. Lengthy but see me not wanting it to end. Interesting love story.

  28. I met my boo through nysc in 2013 but I didn't go out with him till this year

  29. Awwww. This is sweet.
    God bless the union.

  30. Beautiful... I love love.... .
    Hoping to love n b loved

  31. See better love story na! Wishing u a blissful married life.

  32. See better love story na! Wishing u a blissful married life.

  33. This is the best so far.. So easy to read and understand. Long tho but worth it.

  34. Awwwwwwww
    Thanks Stella darling for sharing. Reading the write up again is making me teary. It's so close to our date. I will send him this link he has to read

    Thanks guys for all the wishes.. Happy me..

    Stella darling you are really really good at what you do. You are the Best. I love you plenty.

  35. Dear Lord, please send me a boyfriend. Beautiful story.

  36. I just love this story. aaahhh.. makes me wish i could go back....I served 33 years ago!Its interesting to find out from reading these stories that as it was with those who served way back then, so it still is now. NYSC was a fun package of all sorts then-falling in love,camp boos, new friendships, work,community service etc. I built solid friendships then that still last till today.Our kids have also become friends! Poster I wish you all the best in your marriage. Ahhh.. your story is so so lovely!

  37. Beautiful story
    Deae lord make our story and journey sweet beautiful devoid of pain


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