Stella Dimoko This Is Tuesday In House News.


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Is Tuesday In House News.

Today's IHN is a short one because I like them short
Have a great day......Kisses!

#CookiesAndCream has gone AWOL.

Stella darling,biko permit me to call you darling *side eyes* My name is Amaka, a new bv, Sandy Neky introduced me to your blog last month and I have been visiting ever since. Nne your blog is the bomb,I feel like I've gained a new family,always looking forward to the comments and laughing.Chair ladies of the blog I dey hail una,ideato,queen,jobless housewife,mama nnukwu ,chi exotic,white berry, and my fellow anonymous members.I will be commenting as "Nwabuaku".

Nwanyioma attached is my pic for IHN as the fine girl I is.make una no yab me o.

Kisses Stella darling

Babe i dont understand this your hair..different hairstyle same day or how?I like the hair...Kisses right back at you!
Sandy thanks for the referral...
That word ''Nwayioma'' does magic to me i swear,cant explain it..maybe cos my first boo is Igbo *side eyes at my DH and side boos*

LMAO...I am just a crazy person make una no mind me eh eh eh...

Lastly let me try something and see if anyone will get it...It's igbo i am speaking but i will use a laugh and when you pronounce it,it has meaning...
here goes

''Amaka Afum car gi. he - he- he- he?






Hi Stella,

I'd like to give 10k to a struggling single mom. Any interested person should send me an e-mail

Please note i mentioned SINGLE MOM. Thank you very much Stella.
Xxx Trinity Xxx

Thank you too and please make sure you ask for ID and proof of recent photo with child.tell the person to hold their ID and their child and snap then request for something that can be done instantly to frustrate liars...You will be bombarded but please take your time.


Request for CIBN (Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria) examination materials.

Please I want to plead with anyone who has CIBN examination materials (which include textbooks and past question booklets) ranging from intermediate section to the final category, to give out. 

From anyone who possibly must have completed the examinations, even if it means returning it when I'm done with them. I had finished the diploma stage but due to a few setbacks haven't been able to continue. 

Please it will be a great deal for me and will be very much appreciated. I can be reached on 08089231560. God bless you in advance. Thank you very much Stella for this platform



Hello Ma'am,

many thanks for your platform , it's like a club worth joining.

please this a memo for Mrs Romas. I really love your flowery , straight to the point and well written responses on Stella's blog . You seem like a nice person and I admire you from afar .

please, do you have any brother who is single and ready to mingle? I'm a seasoned child of God with a sweet soul.

Stella please post. Thank you .
Please contact me on

God Bless you and Stella.
FROM VB Ihatehos

LMAO...Mrs Romas honey over to you!..if you get more than one brother please indicate for someone else



Hi Stella, (#side-eyes) I'm the recipient of the bridal make up give away by April makeovers. I am soo grateful. She is very a nice lady with a beautiful smile. Thank you so much for the opportunity... Can't stop staring at the pictures.
Her instagram page is @aprilmakeovers.
Kisses to you stella!



‎Thank you very much to all our customers from this blog. Today is my birthday, thank God for the gift of life. We'll be giving away a surprise package to someone. Please if the birthday of your loved one is on November 30, kindly send his or her location to 08034302499 (whatsapp). 

We are located at Egbeda, Lagos. Thank you so much
You said someone but be ready for uncountable mails should have added a criteria darling.



Good day Stells
I'm so sorry for the delay in my reply, my yahoo mail had issues. The doctor called me on Sat and said people have been calling him from one Stella's blog and i confirmed that is the blog i sent the advert to.

Thank you very much for the good work, God Almighty in his infinite mercy will enlarge your coast and bless you in every areas of your life in Jesus name Amen.
Best Regard

Good luck to all those to be operated on....I need to go back to gugu to see what this Hernia is...


Good day Stella nwannem,

As i write to you i am so so confused and need YOur help.
There is this banker lady that has been owing me for a while now about 3m. it started in 2014 but has refused to pay me bluntly. This lady wants to defraud me of my hard earned money.

The police say its a civil matter and they cannot do anything about it that only the court can settle. And if i take it to court ot will take years or she may decide to be pay me stipend monthly till thy kingdom come and i dont have lawyer fees( though i can give a percentage of fund if recovered). I cannot decipher what she used the money for and there is no collateral.

She has assets she can sell to pay me off but has refused and living an island bigz girl life. Do i call her out by sending u pix of cheques and msgs we have been exchanging?

Please help me throw this open if someone can direct me where to go and i can recover my hard earned money.

Please dont put my email addy...i will read comments and follow up biko nne.

The recession probably affected her and right now selling anything is not a good idea oh....Lets see what others will have to say about this dearie...


We will be extending a hand of love to others on Saturday...Outrageous requests will deleted so please cut your begging according to Buhari times.
If you wish to play Santa with me,then get ready.

Those asking will need to include phone numbers of how they can be reached and requests in anonymous modes will be deleted irrespective of how bad the explanation is...Not trying to shame anyone but please get an ID,even if its for a day.

If you cannot play Santa,you can support by throwing in recharge cards in the comment section.

PLAYING SANTA WILL BE ON SATURDAY by 2pm..please do not post anything in Tuesdays IHN comment section as regards to 'begging'.wait until Saturday.
God keep us till then.


Signing out.....


  1. Replies
    1. Amaka welcome. You fine.

      I for like play shoki santa o but saturday is too early and the timing won't work for me.

  2. IHN abiala! Let me goan digest it!

  3. IHN... And I am the First.
    I wanna ask a question, why is it that when a man hurt a woman, women are quick to say
    Men! Na so them be. blab la bla. But na one man hurt am na, not all men. abi if you date one man you don date all men?
    A friend is mad at me, and said i am inconsiderate because I told her this truth... hian!!

    1. New bv amaka you take style resemble Sandy Nekky for my eyes o. Welcome to sdk blog.

  4. Stella you're so fearless see the way other blogs start posting about the domestic violence drama just after you did chai some people can fear sha

  5. The best way to avoid those fears is to keep away from pre marital sex and give your life to Jesus christ undecided

  6. The Lord will perfect all that concern you(amen)
    Welcome IHN ...

  7. IHN welcome. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    Shiloh 2016>>>>

  8. In life, many things don't go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. If you stumble, re-gain your balance. Never give up.

  9. Replies
    1. Ihn is bae* before you guys eat me raw

  10. I remember the day I called mama on the telephone
    I told her mama I'm getting married
    I could hear her voice on the other side of the telephone she was smiling
    And she asked me a question that I proudly answered
    She said son did you take time to know her
    I said mama she's the best
    But today it hurts me so
    To go back to mama and say mama I
    'M getting divorced
    Oh I'm getting divorced

    This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would [x2] it hurts me so mama
    Mama said to me

    It's not easy to understand it son
    But I hope you'll make it [x3]
    You'll be happy again

    I remember in church
    When the preacher read the scriptures
    You looked so beautiful and innocent
    I did not know that behind that beauty
    Lies the true colors that will destroy me in the near future

    This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would be [x2]
    Now I'm hurting

    I remember when I held you
    By the hand preacherman read the scriptures
    Putting words in your mouth

    Maybe what the preacherman said was not something that was within you
    Now I know what they mean when they say

    Beautiful woman is another man's plaything
    Oh Lord I'm hurting now

    This choice I made didn't work out the way I thought it would
    Mama said to me

    Krix signing out via...?

    1. Aarrrghhhhh Kris you got me with this song mehn!!!! I said it that Lucky Dube is the King of Reggae! Love him muchos

    2. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
      To me this is the best Lucky Dube's song ever, I love listening to it.

  11. IHN loaded with good news of Santa.

    My Santa locate meeeee.

    God bless all the angels in the house..

  12. I wonder how Annie felt going for th unbecoming book launch. She is the opposite of what the book preaches cos she still hasnt understood her worth. Tuface must have been shaking on his seat as the part of the book was being read cos he is/was worse than Maje. Wht do i know? first to comment?

    1. Pple hate toke only on blogs, I was at d launch and boy! Everybody was supportive, women of substance, not all these faceless broke haters on here.

  13. So on Sunday some1 lied abt been a millionaire at 30, is it dt ur 40k salary from a job u just got that u r been paid in millions? Oh so u were dt broke that u couldn't buy ur equipment after learning a skill? Wow! Meanwhile u said u made a lot of money while serving and u even had enuf money in ur alc after service then y were u nt able to buy ur equipment? Ahh anon gone wrong then she deleted her comment. Same way she is still single claiming married, le boo engaged her 3 mnths later and the rest is history according to her comment on nysc, imaginary le boo, I bet u ve been living with ur husband and I guess I saw u today leaving ur husband's house treking looking for bike today, or is that ex-beauty queen's ex husband to be your imaginary husband? Kwakwakwa lemme be right back..oha soup on my mind

    Chikito where are you?

  14. Welcome IHN. Patiently waiting for 2pm on Saturday *shines teeth* Food stuff,Christmas chicken and money for my drugs. Bless you Mama Stella.

  15. I've been stuck in one stage of candy crush like that, level 1556. Been stuck for almost two weeks now. And I ask myself, is this where my candy crush journey ends? It's scary.

    Recession or not, lady that the banker is refusing to pay, don't let ur money go oh. If possible, take some hefty men along with u and threaten to come back with them and beat her up if she doesn't pay. If she says she can't pay, take away very vital things from her house (I'm assuming u know her house) till she pays u ur money. Living big girls life when u are a debtor. Arrant nonsense!!!!

  16. Lol@Stella's Engligbo. Amaka afum car gi!

  17. That ugly moment when your boyfriend throws you on the bed, trying to be sexy, but you hit your head on the bedstead and die.

    Omo na Hell fire straight....!


  18. U're there forming miss independent while ur bf is spending on another babe. Keep deceiving urself oooo

    1. Have gotten home atlas.see you guys later

    2. miss independent my foot!

      my money is mine, his money is ours shikena.

      who miss independent epp?

    3. Stella 'ayam not understanding' that your Igbo.. I read it over and over but still nothing!!

    4. Stella na same hair na, " selfie" option on most phones give a mirror image, look closely.

    5. Ihn rocks!! Nice afternoon!!

    6. Lol,even bf go end up marrying that one cos she will be loyal.

  19. IHN news. .face of IHN is cute and brother for marry you if he wasn't married.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  20. So many people have good phones yet they don't utilize it at all. Why stress yourself, spend the whole day cueing up at the bank just to do ordinary transfer you can easily do with your device.
    They need to create more awareness for online banking abeg.
    How can someone hold a phone worth close to 100k and you use it to receive and make calls only then maybe do whatsapp and Facebook. Rubbish..
    A lot of people need more enlightenment on the use of gadgets. The thing tire me..
    Buying big phone for ephisy is just annoying to see.

    1. If you live in Lagos at the moment, you will understand why. People don't take ATM cards with them anymore, robbers check phone for Bank app.

  21. IHN loaded with good news of Santa.

    My Santa locate meeeee.

    God bless all the angels in the house..

  22. Short in house news indeed StellaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that your santa pics eee. Beautiful face of ihn...

  23. Stella likes it short lolz hey Mrs Romas,I see u gat many lovers hia

  24. God bless us all here

    BV Amaka you IS beautiful! Keep shinning dear... Stella say she see your car ooo hehehe

    BV xxxTrinityxxx God bless you plenty dear!


  25. IHN is here, whoop whoop.
    God bless us all.
    Face of IHN, you are pretty.
    Stella, I absolutely love ur cartoon, sexy santa. Hahaha
    Have a great day lovelies.

  26. What a post. Hahahaha Mrs. Romas oya do the needful.

    Amaka you are burifu. The lady being owned money, sorry ooo. It will be hard to collect your money. Me i am being owned and have already forgotten about it. It hurts except you want to seize her car. If she has a car, you can seize it but make sure you write a statement to the police if not na ole dem go call you. IT is well.

    Stella that is good. dont worry we wont ask for outrageous things.

    The Queen, D'Royalty, Thelma, Cynthia, Ideato how una dey oooo. Hope we full ground gidigba.

    waiting for 3.00 p.m. to watch telemundo new series as Oga i be na.

  27. That Lady that wants to mingle with Mrs Romans brother you are just a disgrace to yourself.

    See your self esteem is 0%. SnM no do you, it is to publicly ask an unknown woman for a relative's number. How do you girls do this?

    When I comment I am boo hunting, y'all will bash with your smelling fingers, but it is better I dress up, drive to a cool roof top restaurant, buy a bottle of red wine and press my phone, while I boo hunt than seeking relevance from an anonymous person.

    Do you think she'll call you? He'll No!

    You might even be an agent sent to destroy her home.

    Am tired of typing.

    Stella in God's name abeg no chop this comment

    1. Ideato,I'm sorry to say this but there is something very unlikeable about you.
      Unlike you hunting for a boo,
      I reached out to a woman whom I admire to see if she has any brother.
      It's not as bad as you think it is
      Now crawl back to your staff bus and remain there till i say otherwise.
      BV Ihatehos

    2. My love for this chicca..... Ideato you are bae

  28. Dotun aka bajio. Broke nigga no 1 of snm

    1. Shut up, you have body odour.

  29. Ehen! Mrs Romas come and play mummy matchmaker for your brothers oo lol

    But some babes are desperate AF though! I don gerrit

  30. Waiting for Saturday patiently.

    xxxTrinityxxx.. I pity your inbox. Let me assist you to choose.

  31. Justina Micheal aka Justyswt, you have heard? Keep your cunning begging till Saturday. I don't know how many times you want us to contribute money to you. After the whole blog contributed money and baby items for you during pregnancy when your pix and story was featured here, you delivered and changed Id and started begging again. Tell your horseband to go and work, is it to impregnate a woman that he is only good at?

  32. Nwabuaku you re welcome to the club of somehow has like Stella's face from afar lol.

  33. I was supposed to be the first o, i refreshed the blog at 1.58....Nothing then 1.59, someone believed that was the best time to call and once im on a call on my phone, i cant browse. Mtchew.. Angry, tomorrow be that

  34. God bless you Stella and wonderful bvs..order for your delicious,moist and fluffy celebration cakes..

  35. Bf tells me he luvs me bt his attitude is zero. He wnts me to apologize first after every misunderstanding. I'v tried correcting him bt for where? He hasn't reach me since 2days nw. Lord I need a better boo. I wnt marriage!

  36. Welcome ihn,Stella said in igbo,Amaka I saw your car,lol
    If you want to register for ultimate cycler,contact me,this one gives you back your money plus interest in just a day

  37. Welcome ihn,Stella said in igbo,Amaka I saw your car,lol
    If you want to register for ultimate cycler,contact me,this one gives you back your money plus interest in just a day

  38. IHN.. I'm hungry

  39. Recovering a loan isn't easy and it's not by fighting with the debtor,it will head nowhere.
    If you need to plead and say so many pity tales to earn sympathy from her please do.
    I've been rhere,though it took a while but I got my Money back,going to court is bad move'if you know anybody she respects,talk to that person to plead with her on your behalf.
    Good luck.

  40. Beautiful Amy baby, nice word for today, IHN welcome. Do have a great afternoon all

  41. Ok I will wait for Santa * fly mi abroad for masters* hehehehe

  42. I have always known people called Amaka to be very beautiful and new bv is not an exception. You're gorgeous.

    BV ihatehos, thanks for the compliment.I'll get back to you.

    God bless all the givers and uplift all the receivers.

    Santa Claus is coming to town.
    Kisses to you Stella Dimoko.

  43. XP abeg help me
    The wall geckos are still everywhere, poopooing all over the place. I cannot lift my hand to kill them, they look somehow to kill. I need something that will clear them. Pls help me.

  44. Keep doing the nice work Stella, in due season, trust me, you will harvest. Thank you for using this platform to bless and air people's interests.

  45. I'm watching E-VIP abt dbanj..d presenter is pronouncing tonto dikes name as Tonto 'DECAY' I'm just laughing

  46. ihn is bae

    make una chop kisses


  47. I ain't sorry 4 sleeping with ur boss

    1. I'm sorry for sleeping with you.

  48. I'm watching E-VIP abt dbanj..d presenter is pronouncing tonto dikes name as Tonto 'DECAY' I'm just laughing , dis oyibo pple eehh

  49. May God bless your kind heart Stella

  50. Stella don't you think playing santa this time will be too early? Some people might just use the money for something else and still start begging during Xmas. why not start from on the 15 so that people that want to play santa with you can start doing so by paying into your account from Saturday till on the 14 then start your santa giveaway from 15. Look into this.

    1. Shut up your mouth moneynofine,if your money isn't ready doesn't mean others are not ready.

  51. Welcome IHN... Beautiful faces everywhere. Stella about her hair changing styles or rather sides, that's the job of the front camera.

  52. May God bless all the givers here. May God touch every area of Angel Ashafa giveaway's life so that she will remember me. May God bless SDK too.

  53. Good Afum your car. cuts - he- he- cuts? Hahahaha that's the rnglist version of the igbo

  54. @New bv you're beautiful. WELCOME to the club. Dat memo to miss roman be making me feel one kind. good luck

  55. Bvs easy you guys wants to steal Mrs Romas totally from me?? Hmmmmm.yeah she is sure a nice fellow. Down to earth

  56. Ihn is here, stella I like this your Ikebe ooO, face of Ihn is beautiful.

  57. I will beg on that Saturday oπŸ˜‚

  58. i almost miss IHN too! wait why is it so dry?

    stella d lady in d pic is same hair style.

  59. If u want to reward ur beevees, please do n stop all this pleading /begging tins.
    I have to say what I want with my phone number before someone will bless me abi?

    1. Haba anon!
      If you truly need something,u won't be ashamed o.k

  60. people, I am speechless at the moment oh. I have had my own share of bad relationships. so I met this young guy few weeks ago. tall, dark, speaks very, owns the house dat he lives in. we started dating 2weeks ago and he has been amazing. just yesterday, he bot me a brand new car.. I was shocked and happy. then this morning, I got alert of 5million in my account paid by him. hmm I rushed to the bank to collect the money oh.. u wont believe wat happened to me after withdrawing the money.. I JUST WOKE UP. IT HAS BEEN A DREAM. I am presently at the pharmacy.. I cant decide if I should treat malaria or typhoid.

    1. hahaha anon. you are cray.

      treat both including measles. lols

  61. Sweet Sally, this your bombom for santa na wa oooo. I don laugh tire.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Funny @ Hold their child and their name as proof. God bless you Bv xxxTrinityxxx.

    May God meet everyone in need. It's just God that is keeping His own. It is well

  64. i miss toke posts sha...
    that lady is something else, i pity you if she is your daughter's role model.

    fake as biatch!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Nwanyioma welcome darling. You're beautiful

  67. Same day same hair style diff pose.

  68. Who else saw maky Bensons snap where she keeps bashing maje and Anita? sayung Anita let herself gt pregnant for a scum? she has forgotten her sister married an alleged rapist and his face was even hidden throught out the ocassion by them. i dont like judgemental people

  69. Yaaaaaaaaaaay! That's my baby oku up there..good to know you have finally decided to leave anonys club..lool! Nwabuaku(noted). You welcome to the fam doll*hugs* Stelz, you welcome dear,anything for you hun

  70. I wonder how Annie felt going for th unbecoming book launch. She is the opposite of what the book preaches cos she still hasnt understood her worth. Tuface must have been shaking on his seat as the part of the book was being read cos he is/was worse than Maje. Wht do i know? first to comment?

  71. Sandy Neky's friend Amaka is a gwegs just like her. Stella you want us to know she owns a car, let her marry her car, aunty gwegwegwe. I know some fuckboys will contact her just to eat both her punani and her small change plus driving of free car all over the town and using it to pick small girls.

    1. Hian!!!!
      Anon calm down nah!!
      Why the hate this sunny afternoon

    2. Me I like to eat tohtoh and drive car o! It ken sweet!...moral of my comment? Mind ya bizness layday!

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  72. Lol
    It's the same hairstyle SDK

    Amaka you're beautiful
    And thanks for lighting up today's IHN with your face.

    Sandy, all your friends are fit
    I must join the fit gang.

    1. Lol! Chi bikooo join ooo..its something you will enjoy and eventually make it a life style hun.

  73. Very nice

    Santaa I deyy wait


  74. *forst* to comment. side eyes @ jobless housewife.

  75. All I see is Stella's ikebe. God bless you for reaching out xxxTrinityxx.

    Mrs Romas oya do quick and answer o, lol.

  76. Stella Stella make God help u

  77. Please where can i buy ewa agoniyan(i hope i got the spelling)in ilorin around gra and fate.Heard so much about it...please oo whether it is buka(neat buka) or fastfood, you can also add the location of ofada rice and stew...thanks

  78. as for me there is a limit to which i can pamper or sacrifice for a man, men don't need to be over pleased!

    i pity you if u go around drawing tattoo of his name, bleaching, using bum bum/ breast enlargement substance all for a man, sorry is your name.

    pregnant women should pls use their daily supplement religiously, so as to birth smart kids, too many dumb girls in town.
    que sera sera

    they deserve carrot and cane.

    1. You're a clown. Lol@pregnant better use their supplements religiously

    2. Candy are you serious hahahah,so daily supplement for pregnant women makes kids smart,ok let me take mine seriously,bv chai Una comment Na die lol

    3. Hahahahhahaha... you no be serious person I swear

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. and you are on of those reigning here, the hustle for being a blogbrity is real, lols.

      make una keep the lies and dramas up jare, it kills boredom.

    2. Somebody should translate that thing Stella wrote there in igbo . What does it mean. Not coming up with anything reasonable.

  80. My heartfelt condolences to the people of Brazil & the grieving families of the dead players, coaches, officials & journalists of the Brazilian team that died in a fatal plane crash.
    Even goalkeeper Danilo who was earlier rescued alive has now been pronounced dead,leaving just four survivors.
    We pray that those 'lucky 4' recover & offer some glimmer of hope to the nation !!!!

    *ghanaman signing out*

  81. Where are all my blog friends including Stellikoko the president of all my blog friends. Abeg You people should come and play santa for me on Saturday in the spirit of Christmas and 'blog friendship'. I will also play to some people too.

  82. In House is bae.

    Ur santa pics funny die. The one you used last year just dey burst my brain all through the festive period.

  83. @Queen and shit. I saw ur comment on the Toke post calling yourself a pig, I just laughed.
    Yes I am a graduate, with an MBA. Been in my industry for the past 10years and raising a family as well. If you come to this world 10times over we won't still be on the same level.
    Get ur gutter mouth out of my comments. Sweetie, Go and find something fulfilling to do with your life instead of being an Internet troll.
    We are not on same level and we never will. I won't exchange words with you. I learnt a long time ago not to wrestle with a pig; you'll get dirty. I'll leave you to keep wrestling in the mud you belong, because you are used to it.
    Good day..............

  84. See hustling for husband nawah!
    This is a serious something. Mrs Romans be careful who you introduce to your brother o. So many she-devils on this our blog.

    1. And there are very good people too. Very good people.

  85. bia stella, why do yount to finish your red pen on top one face of IHN? reserve it abeg.

  86. What color of pant is the face of IHN wearing, orange or red? I love it and might try it for a break from black, grey and Navy blue pants.
    God please fix it, so I can gift the people on my Santa list this year


  87. Hello everyone. I can smell Christmas. Yay!

  88. Got my eyes on the siNgle moms post

  89. This cute guy just left my office. So cute and loaded. We exchanged cards as business partners. I searched for him on Facebook. Mehn... He is so single...

    Stella I think my office Jay meeting point.

    P.s I didn't send him a request on Facebook o. Just snooped.

    Am out. I'll call him to conclude our business discussion by 5

  90. Pls where can I get kunu anya that was being talked in the spontaneous post this morning? The already processed and bottled one. Also, what is the English name of the main ingredient and where they sell it. Location is Lagos pls.

  91. Happy Birthday piquant cakes. You are such a darling and your cakes are heavenly.
    Age with grace.

  92. Santa should pls reach our side on that day. The Lord is my strength.

  93. God bless you xxtrinityxx for deciding to give out. I would have applied but I am just opening ihn. Somebody would have been choosen already.

  94. Person that is being owed 3M, report her to her bank, send mails and cc as many contacts you can gather, the fear of loosing her job should do the magic..... Some people eh.

  95. This your Santa ikebe be giving me hope Stella. God bless you and all bvs.

  96. Ihn over short... What happened, no stories?
    Let me use this opportunity to share mine.

    A guy added me on facebook some months ago, he introduced himself and sounded really honest, he said he saw my pixs and he would like us to be friends and bla bla bla, he said he worked in the navy in uk... I said no problem we can be friends, I thought he was cool. We chat once in a while and talk on phone too, I was getting used to him. Four days ago while we were chatting, he said he wants to surprise me (I didn't ask for anything o) I should send him my shoe size, favourite colour,trouser size, my address and the local govt, he also promised to buy me a laptop, wow...I was surprised and excited..i thought to myself this guy is heaven sent. On sunday he sent me details of the item he's sending, with 500usd inside the laptop, he even advised I change the dollars with mallam that their rate is better than banks (lol) also a code ( for verification and collection of my luggage). On monday I received a message from an unknown number with this message "Good morning Miss Becky ******** We Kindly Want To Inform You That Your Luggage Sent By Mr Timothy F ***** From London Uk, Arrived Our Station Office This Morning At Kwali Express Way, Abuja You Have 1 Brown Box With Us, Kindly Come Or Contact Our Dispatch Officer Mr, Simon On This Number For More Details/ delivery Payment And Immediate Of Your Luggage To Your Nominated Address, THANKS DIAMOND CARGO.
    I called the number and the guy asked if I'll be coming to their office or they should send it to me which I agreed to the later.
    He said I'll pay some money, I said no problem but i'll pay on delivery, omo guy man say No o and gave me a thousand and one reasons why their company dose not accept pay on delivery.. that was when it dawned on me that it was one chance. I just told him to keep the goods if he won't agree to my terms. As for the idiot that I thought was my friend, I was too dumbfounded to send him a stinker, he had the guts to send me 'good morning' today. You all should be careful.. the hustle is real.

    That's the end of my story. To type is not easy, Rolnalda, youngman and co how do u guys do it. Btw youngman stopped commenting after the bv meme. Come back I enjoy them sometimes.

    1. Can't take any one i meet on FB serious fa.. don't even do FB any more.
      If i'm meant to meet my future husband on FB then,I might just die a spinster. Hehehehe.

      Just ignore him, he'll get what's coming to him someday.

      I hope youngman stays MIA for a long, long, loooong time.

    2. But Becky, on SnM, u said u wanted a sponsor, I asked if u do anal, u didn't reply me, I pay well, or u don't have the guts to live up to your trade??

  97. Mrs Romas is no doubt a darling, I love her pieces already. Anybody hating or tagging her a liar unnecessarily is surely wasting his or her time and ofcourse, can never see her back*tongue click*

  98. La Sweet29 November 2016 at 10:58
    Memo To Dopelganster.

    You used to be my blog boo until u started sounding sarcastic.

    I read her comments Yesterday on Toke/Maje/Anita buohala and was shocked at your bragings.

    Women like you end up suffering worst in marriage when you realise its no longer theory but practical in marriage.

    Advice for you is be married first before dishing those advices. Drop that mentality so you can discover the true meaning of love, sacrifice, tolerance, and let God leads.

    I have a friend who reasons like you back then about marriage. Today wetin she dey see for marriage she no fit say fiem! Even her beauty,money,career, no help. She left the first married 2nd, it repeated until she dropped her ego, worked on her bitter believes about men and now she is happy.

    You mean if Toke didnt air their dirty relationship linens in a book to d world, they wouldnt have been other way to treats Maje fuckups?

    Have you asked yourself why she still stayed despite these tales? Another lesson for you.

    You sound bitter like someone who has been hurt in love. Move on, there is true love and dont let the experience memp you.

    My dear, no bi by mouth o. Free SDK. She fouggt alot for Toke back then, dont forget until Toke went above the limit. Virtuos, smart women don't fight that way, we fight on our knees. Silence treatments na him kill pass.

    There are some money we shoukd make. Ask rich and lonely women.



    1. First time you ve made sense...πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  99. This pregnancy is making me restless. I am just 6weeks gone and I am tired already. Pls what can I do to stop this sickness, I have alot to do. I am tired of feeling weak and crying.

  100. SDK why didn't u post my comments on that slimming tea post where I advised some bvs like Nzube, Oluyomi, sexyboochaller, Bravitudenaturals, Adetutu, etc to try out the slimming tea for the benefit of their health?
    It was a good advice that I gave like a good bv that I is.

  101. Stella be like MMM nau and pay me 10% referral bonus.
    I have referred more than 10 people here.
    Bad phone has made me miss sdk for 2days. Sai

    Newest BV, you is pretty.
    XP dorl greetings to the cuties.
    Hi everyone.

  102. Afum car gi means, I saw your ugbo ala. Thank God for today.

  103. Stella what happened to our comments na? Its 3:o clock already and only 6 comments. Are you screening and analysing them ni? Abeg screen all the begging comments out o. I'm waiting for Saturday so you can play Santa for me as a well behaved and truthful bv that I is.

  104. stella big yansh why are you not posting comment better still go and learn from Linda how to post comment fast

    That is my Real name and I do not want any misconception, when you comment so people think I am the one.
    It is a very rare name, so please find another Blog ID.

    ***Ms. N**

  106. Yaaaaaay face of Ihn you look good love your stature.
    Cant wait for saturday setting my alarm already yipeeeeeeeeee

  107. I go wait for SANTA wella.

    God bless the givers

    God bless us

    My church member's son was adopted last Monday, please make una remember them in prayers. God is still God.

    1. Adopted? Or abducted? May he be found. Have tgey alerted the police? Mao Akuh

    2. Adopted or abducted?

    3. it tgey or they?πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  108. Madam being owed money. If you want to get your money back, get a lawyer to write her giving her ultimatum and let the letter state that if she doesn't comply, you will write to EFCC. Do not joke about it. Do not entertain her when she calls, tell her to contact your lawyer.

    But first of all, make a call to her and record it getting her to acknowledge the debt and don't forget to state in that call how long you have given her and how she's taking it for granted.

    That's free legal advice I'm using you

  109. What's happening with the comments

  110. Mrs Romas nah ashawos full here o. Be wise.

  111. Stellz,the hairstyle is the same naaau, I think the 'base'(front part) is moveable..very nice hair and fine lady!! SandyNeky, keep up the evangelical work!! Can't wait for Saturday mehn.... See me rushing here for shoki,kai,looooL

    Please where is QUICKSILVER???

    hello hommies??
    Mrs Romas
    Queen and Boss
    Chikito fire
    Odi.... The messed up one, loool
    Miss Aboki
    XP(mama 'lo&behold)
    Galore(welxome back honey)
    Tetrina(very peace loving)
    Rose flower
    All them 'Sassys'
    Jasmine(you Dey do anyhow sometimes sha)
    Don Mayor
    Empress Cho
    'shalla ' to you too Stella ukwu sugar
    Gosh the names keep skipping my mind ehnnnnn, y'all make this blog readable
    YES, IM AN OLD MEMEBER OF BVN(im shouting,i know)
    Struts outta post

  112. Nwabuaku welcome, your background looks like silverbird Abuja, am i right? stay lovely

  113. Too many fake peeps on blog mehnnn I read all the comments on save the blog visitors and some people was complaining about d way @THE VILLAGER write with bad English ..... Some of u that was complaining are huge fan of jenifa diary and falz the badt guy. No matter wat falz is posting on his ig page he always write just as the villager. LET'S be real


  115. How come nobody has ever mentioned that stella started blogging even before linda ikeji? But that blog was deleted by Google bcos stella posted a party picture and called one Lagos big madam a ghost those days lol. Stella used to work wit encomium magazine and has a page called "gist cafe " and the word olofofo was made popular by stella.That page sold encomium like hot akara before she met Mr korkus & left to Germany. That stella supported linda ikeji a lot even when Dan foster dumped her. She wrote about that relationship and sided linda. She even helped to advertise linda ikeji's book "it takes you" whatever happened to that book sef . Yes stella, i know you very well. You are nothing like what you potray in dis blog. U have a heart of diamond not gold . It's only those that don't know u takes you serious. I ve never commented but I read every *smiles* I would have revealed more but ka odi next time. Gist about you & Idris abdulkareem loading. *sides eyes at bvs with itching ears*

  116. You're very right @candy yum yum, but also your man can tell you what he would prefer to see in you and you try conform to his preference. But if you're not comfortable with conforming, you could politely let him know.

  117. Amaka, you are beautiful. Welcome IHN.

  118. I suppose to cash out oof MMM since on the 26th of November, but I intend waiting till on 1st in order for it to yield a lil interest, hope I am safe? Stella plsssss post.

  119. hahahaha Anon 14:21 this is what they call high fever. It is not malaria. Treat it well before you craze


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