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Monday, November 07, 2016

Today In History -November 7th

Something happened today in History and you need to know.... 

November 7, 1659 - The Treaty of the Pyrenees was signed, ending the Franco-Spanish war of 1648-59.

November 7, 1811 - General William H. Harrison led 1,000 Americans in battle, defeating the Shawnee Indians at the Battle of Tippecanoe Creek near Lafayette, Indiana.

November 7, 1837 - A pro-slavery mob attacked and killed American abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy at his printing works in Alton, Illinois.

November 7, 1885 - Canada's first transcontinental railway, the Canadian Pacific, was completed in British Columbia.

November 7, 1917 - Russian Bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky in Petrograd. The Council of People's Commissars was then established as the new government of Russia, with Nikolai Lenin as chairman, Leon Trotsky as foreign commissar and Josef Stalin as commissar of nationalities. This event was celebrated each year in the former USSR with parades, massive military displays and public appearances by top Soviet leaders.

November 7, 1944 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to an unprecedented fourth term, defeating Thomas E. Dewey. Roosevelt died less than a year later on April 12, 1945.

November 7, 1962 - Richard Nixon told news reporters in Los Angeles "...just think how much you're going to be missing. You won't have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference." Nixon's statement came the day after he lost the election for California governor to incumbent Edmund G. Brown. In 1968, Nixon re-entered politics and won the presidency, defeating Hubert H. Humphrey. Re-elected in 1972, he resigned in 1974 during impeachment proceedings resulting from the Watergate scandal.

November 7, 1989 - The East German government resigned after pro-democracy protests.

November 7, 1989
- L. Douglas Wilder became the first African American governor in U.S. history, elected governor of Virginia.

November 7, 1990
- Mary Robinson became Ireland's first female president.

Birthday - Polish chemist Marie Curie (1867-1934) was born in Warsaw, Poland. In 1903, she and her husband received the Nobel Prize for physics for their discovery of the element Radium.

- Christian evangelist Billy Graham was born near Charlotte, North Carolina, November 7, 1918. After his conversion at a revival meeting at age 16, he embarked on a career of preaching and has become known worldwide.


  1. Interesting facts.
    Nixon and his Watergate scandal was a bit too much. His daughters said they had a horrible time that period. People wil stand at the gate as early as 5am and be chanting for him to resign.

    4th tenure? Wow @ Franklin Roosevelt.

    Nice facts.I love History!

    1. Sabi sabi sabina in every topic..

    2. Anonymous, and how is that a sin? Didn't they say that knowledge is profitable to direct! Smh

    3. Anno please go n drink honey

  2. From my corner today in history, this married man no wan respect himself. No change my car, I no want house, I no want become Billionnaire overnight...if you can give me SALVATION oga Billionnaire then count me in. I'm ok with my DH.

    Why can't some people just take the simple NO answer and rest?

    1. Wow wow! So sorry dear. It's as if married women have it worse than single ladies sef. Nawa

  3. Education is the accumulated knowledge of an individual,physically, academically, spiritually, economically to mention but few from cradle to grave...

    I have learnt something..
    Tanx to u stellz of life

    Mc pinky

  4. November 7th many people are celebrating their birthday on sdk and we have wished them happy birthday, even tho they refused to post shoki aaahnnnn 😂😂

  5. Replies
    1. Nov 7, 2007 My lovely wife gave me my first Child,My lovely daughter. She's 9 today.
      Happy birthday to her.

      Krix via iPhone 6s Gold

  6. Replies
    1. Let me write Nigeria own.
      Today in Nigeria Coco paint of rice is now 1,700.
      Buhari is in Edo state for what I don't know .
      People full bustop like winch and transport fare av gone up.😀

  7. How i hated history and government in school. Stella you try, but this gave me headache.

  8. Stella find Nija own, we need to know what happened on 7th November.

  9. N. Dr. Agwoturumbe7 November 2016 at 18:00

    November 7,1996 lost my best friend, Emma Okpala, 5th year Medical student LUTH, in the ADC plane crash from Port Harcourt to Lagos. Keep resting my guy.

    1. OMG is this really Dr Agwoturumbe that used to comment ages ago?? Of Vivi the hummingbird post fame? You have been missed 😄

      May your friend's souls continue to Rest In Peace, amen.

    2. Is this really u?? Welcome back !!

    3. SDK blog really miss u Dibia, please find time to comment with your id even if it's once a week. May your friend soul keep resting in the bosom of the almighty.
      Krix via iPhone 6s Gold

  10. Special date!!

  11. Special date!!

  12. Special date!!

  13. Nice section added;
    I love history

    1. This has always been here though infrequent.
      U must b a newbie.

  14. What does the novenber 7 hold in the Nigeria history

  15. November 7 in Nigeria, conception of recession. Side eyez

  16. Lolz
    Good history

    Naija no get



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