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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Word For Today - Set Yourself Free.

First we form habits; then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conqueryou.” -Robert Gilbert

Any bad habit associated with intoxicating pleasure is difficult to overcome due to the intense sensation felt by the person every time he engages in such a habit. During such a time, everything else seems to fade away, even right thinking, even far reaching consequences in the future, even loved ones.

Afterwards, when the pleasure or sensation has left, one can begin to see the damage it has done to himself and to others. In a way, one repents, and desires to leave behind such a harmful vice. But one’s resolve quickly breaks as soon as the sensation starts to creep in again and lays hold upon him, becoming its slave. The cyclenever seems to stop until there is full destruction of a life bereft of every good.

But is there hope? Can one be free?

The answer may seem too simple, but the answer is Him who sets prisoners free and heals those who are wounded, both in body and in soul. It is grace that can empower us, grace that can assist us when even our very best is never enough.

This does not mean however that we do nothing. Grace is strength, but we must use that strength that is given us. God opens the prison doors, but we must choose to walk outside so we can truly be free.

The struggle for many may not be instant. It can be a daily battle where one rises and where one falls again. But the important thing is to always get up, never letting go of God’s Hand, God’s strong yet gentle Hand that will always be there for us, guiding us, until all that is lost has found its way again.

He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed and announce that the time has come when the Lord will save his people. – Luke 4, GNT

Culled from Jocelyn Soriano by BV Ekanem


  1. Touching my face all the time.
    I pray I will stop it.
    So that whiteheads and black spots can leave me alone.
    My money has finished on my face
    Still they keep on coming back.
    #When will I have a smooth face

    1. Lord am grateful ---- Even though I have questions,i completely trust that u are answering all of them

    2. @ anonymous u can use forever bee propolis cream with aloe jelly.

  2. Yea
    I pray I will stop touching my face.
    I am tired of whiteheads and black spots.
    My money has finished on my face.
    #when will I have a smooth face

  3. Let me free myself from too much amebo

    1. Lol, please do.

    2. Let me free myself from sugar daddies jare.

  4. Thank you stellz.....dis came in juz in time

  5. Thank you Bv Ekanem.
    May God's grace continue to abide with us now and forever. Amen.

  6. I needed to hear this. Thanks

  7. I needed to hear this. Thanks

  8. Thank God for the gift of Grace and strength He has given us.

  9. So many continue to live in bad habit but yet it never occur to them what they are doing are wrong and sometimes peace and joy comes in bad habit just to destroy a lot of things until you look far down into yourself and see the damages you are creating around the people within you. Eating too much is a bad habit but yet it looks good and makes you feel happy after being filled. Hating on someone for no good reason while you fail to see yourself in particular is another bad thing to talk about. Sometimes the devil bring to you peace not because it will last forever but he needs to take away 10million of joy from you, set yourself when you know within you what your actions are creating. Some derive pleasure in sleeping with different men/women because they feel good within when they are at it but I'm sorry the devil is giving you 10naira joy and taking away 10million joy.

  10. the best way to cure a bad habit is never even try it.

  11. Getting irritable so easily especially when I hear stupid conversation. I am a work in progress on removing myself from the situation instead of getting unnecessarily irritated. Thank you BV Ekanem

  12. These bad habits hinder our prayer from being answered


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