Stella Dimoko Missing Person Report.


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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Missing Person Report.

Grandma has gone Missing .......

Mrs Cordelia Ada Okechukwu
From Umuahia,Abia state.
Last seen 28th November,2016
Please contact these numbers if you see her...

UGO - 08056724851,07062344252
AUSTINE -08023009184,08033350343,08181568883

''Please Stella ,this is my grandma we have been looking for her, 
She was hospitalised in a hospital in Lagos around surulere aguda. During morning hours today my aunt went to get food and on coming back she was nowhere to be found.

hospital security and staff are saying nothing positive but we need to find mama. Please anyone around surulere axis, The help will be very much appreciated'' .


  1. Na wah oh!...
    How can you people leave only this woman alone at the hospital?...
    I'm sure your Aunty didn't spend the night with her!!...
    I don't know why some people are so careless...
    Mtcheewww...I pray she is found!.

    1. SURELY.....she will be found.

      Return home safe and sound Mama.

    2. Is she supposed to spend the night at the hospital?how?

    3. The hospital is responsible,how can a patient go missing without the security guards knowing.
      An old woman for that matter!

      She will return safe and sound.

  2. Ah! Got missing from an hospital?

    That's strange o. Please let her be found dear God.

    Let the police drill the people in the hospital. What kinda negligence is this?

  3. Chai... this isn't good. She may have strolled out and forgotten the way back. If she suffers from dementia or Alzheimer's it will be worse. God abeg keep her safe.

    1. Yeah...I guess so...but mama should have been cared for in a secure unit of the hospital.
      Pray mama is found safe

  4. You sure she was hospitalized? Cos how will an old woman leave an hospital she was admitted without anyone recognizing her as a patient... That's bad and the hospital workers needs to be questioned and the hospital sued.

    Chop Knuckle Stella

  5. Mama would be found,and am such she Neva went far. She reminded me of my own grandma,always running she wants to go back to villa lol

    1. So true @White Berry. My own granny came on a visit,every day she will be telling us that she wants to go back home,how she misses her farms,village meeting,her fowls etc...
      One day,this woman went and hid her self under the stair and we where busy looking for her,we searched the whole street to the extent we wanted to involve the police before she came out and asked us if we want to take her back to the village or not. Nawaoo...
      Come see everyone begging her that tomorrow tomorrow we MUST take her back. Lmao

      My dear your grandma will be found in Jesus name. Amen

  6. Uh oh, poor granny. How old is she? She might have had some memory loss / dementia & is probably confused. Not able to retrace her steps back . I pray she is seen oo.

  7. May the spirit of God guide her steps till she's found...mama Wil be found.

  8. Chai. May God bring her back amen ooo.

    I pray someone recognise her. I hope it is not dementia that made her to leave the hospital. You children are careless. Leaving grandma alone at that hospital to stay alone. What happened to grandchildren coming around her?

  9. I pray mama should be found,God please direct her step back to the hospital

  10. What sort of hospital is that?
    They should arrest the doctors, nurses, securities who were on duty the day she went missing.
    I pray they find her.

  11. The Hospital management shd be arrested wth immediate effect.From the security to all staff on Duty.They Know what Happened.Mama did not Go anywhere.Nigerians?

  12. And she might just be sumwer around d hospital u wudnt know

  13. She will be found but be more careful next time.

  14. Mama could have strolled out on her own, old age! However, the hospital authority should be in trouble by now because you should make a case already. If you let them report to the police before you, they will no longer be the accused!! May mama be united with the family soon, safe and strong.


  15. I wonder where u all got d impression that grandma wasnt well attended to by her kids. Aunty went to buy food early hours of d morning, if she came from her home to d hospital that early, wouldnt she come with home made meal? So d person eatching grandma cant leave to either pee, poo or buy food again, lest grandma escapes, bah?
    The hospital management should be arrested and questioned, that isbmy opinion. Hospital staff were quite nonchallant . Simple!

  16. She will be found alive in Jesus' name. St Anthony will help find her.

  17. May God bring mama safe and sound.

  18. Ahn...Ahn...Just like that? Hope she is found o...The hospital should be sued what rubbish...ProudlyDeltan

  19. You people should hold the hospital responsible, I pray she is found

  20. You people should hold the hospital responsible, I pray she is found

  21. I pray they find her.
    Nothing God can't do.

    Our church member's son that went missing last week MOnday was found on Tuesday 29/11/16...God did and He can do it again and again.


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