Stella Dimoko PDP Sweeps Abia Council Polls But Opposition Rejects Results


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Friday, December 23, 2016

PDP Sweeps Abia Council Polls But Opposition Rejects Results

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has won all 17 councils in Abia state local government elections, the Abia State Independent Electoral Commission has announced.

Four political parties – the PDP, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), All Progressive Congress (APC) and Labour Party (LP) participated in the polls on Wednesday.

APC and APGA have reacted to the outcome of the polls, describing the exercise as a sham.

The Secretary of APGA, Sunday Onukwubiri, said “there was no election anywhere in the state’’ and the results were not acceptable to the party.

APC’s secretary Benedict Godson discredited the results, saying that it was predetermined and did not reflect the true wishes of the Abia electorate.

INEC has asked opposition parties to seek redress before a tribunal.

The PDP scored 19,303 votes in Isialangwa South local government, where no other party fielded candidates.

In Obingwa, the PDP polled 61,000 votes as against APC’s 1,350 votes while the PDP also polled 22,180 votes in Ukwa West with the APC and APGA scoring 3,450 votes and 2,105 votes respectively.

In Isiala Ngwa North, the PDP scored 22,180 while APC had 6,843 and APGA 3,399.

In Arochukwu, the PDP scored 17, 906, APC scored 51 votes and APGA polled 8,551 votes.

Also in Bende, the PDP polled 30,300 votes while APC polled 3,000 votes and APGA scored 9,014 votes.

The PDP polled 37,309 in Osisioma while APC and APGA polled 10,262 votes and 11,339 votes respectively.

In Umuahia North, the PDP polled 72,981, APC scored 2,311 and APGA polled 5,891.

Also in Isuikwuato, the PDP scored 18,719 votes, APC 2,747 votes while APGA scored 4,621.

The PDP polled 12,675 votes in Ukwa East, APGA scored 3,729 votes while APC scored eight votes.

The PDP also scored 33,580 votes in Ummunnochi while APC polled 2,802 votes.

In Aba South, the PDP polled 33,580 votes, APC scored 7,015 votes and APGA polled 4,003 votes.

The PDP polled 17,630 votes in Ikwuano while APC and APGA polled 1806 votes and 6101 votes respectively.

In Aba North, the APC scored 5,321 votes, APGA scored 2,978 votes and PDP got 48,805 votes.

The PDP also polled 19,831 votes in Umuahia South to defeat LP, APGA and APC which polled 445 votes, 6,221 votes and 4443 votes respectively.

In Ugwunagbo, the PDP polled 31,118 votes while LP and APGA polled 190 votes and 5,005 votes respectively.



  1. Stop APC!
    Abia is a state Apc should never even dream of winning election.

    1. I love my Abia. Funny state, any APC or APGA candidate wey buy form for this election na mumu

  2. South east is PDP and PDP is south east. apc are fulani herdsmen, no chance for them here. The inferior south (sw) is their conquered region. We reject them here.

    1. Going by this statement, the entire South East has been conquered for a very very long time by being historically inferior.

      1999: The Yoruba (OBJ) conquered.
      2007: The Fulani (Yar'adua) conquered, even defeating Ojukwu in EVERY LGA in Anambra State.

      So really, who is inferior?

      You guys making stupid ethnic statements should just STFU. Elections didn't start in Nigeria in 2015.

  3. In Nigerian elections, anything can happen

    Add us for all your EXPRESS ERRANDS this festive period

  4. Apc would reject this one because they lost woefully, but when they win in other states they won't reject the result. Ndi ala.
    Apc and Pdp are both the same jare.

  5. Efri-bori shool go home, The eleckshion is ovar.

  6. Stella I worked as Abseic adhoc staff during the election, pdp rigged the election, no result sheet was given to us in Aba south, many units did not vote bc of that. Could you believe that only 20people voted in a whole ward that has 23 units. After the election we all went back to Aba town hall to summit the materials only to discover their is no official to collact the materials, after waiting till 8pm, we all left them outside n went home. The ballot Papers both used and unused were out till morning. So tell me, how were the votes counted. Pdp has ruined Abia state.

  7. Congrats. Make una do our roads jare

  8. As expected. Politic is so messed up, especially in naija

  9. These idiots in APC thinks Nigerians are fools abi? They expect people to keep voting for dem as dey r doing nothing abi. They should not allow me swear for dem, once dey lose dey will start complaining,mtscheeeeew. #nuffsaid


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