Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 33


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 33

Service year Boulevard eeeeh.....

I'm actually very happy to write my own SYB because it brings back so many memories .

I tried working my posting to Abuja, I was so sure the thing would work, u needed to see how happy and confident I was going to check my call up number,omo getting there I saw delta heart literally froze ,I felt like crying I mean who do I know in delta state. 

Fastfoward to the day I was to enter camp, I got to the park I saw a lot of corp members there some of us were in the same bus,I was excited cos I no wan lost,had never heard of isi-elukwu before. I got to camp na,see as dem use us shine,they told us to put our bags on our heads and jog. Immediately went to do registration, who send me oh,u know how corpers can put fear for ur body,they told me and my friend I met in the bus to go change and join others marching, jjc, I for just wait dey wear mofty for sometime before I blend in.

 Camp was fun ,I was a popular jingo,I always looked like someone somebody knew, I'm a very noticeable person,I'm thick,busty,tall,pretty(well,people seem to think so,I might as well claim it,lol) I was made the financial secretary of my platoon,I organized girls from my platoon for miss camp,Big Bold and beautiful, the fat mamas in my platoon refused to come out, people in my platoon begged me to contest as no one would come out,to help us save face oh,people told me not to go for it as its not my size they were looking for,omo that day reach na,see faat faat ladies,kai,I just closed eyes do the thing,of course I didnt win,lol the fattest lady won. 

We had camp carnival,bon fire night,it was fun,I refused to date any guy in camp cos of stories I was hearing,some people were even decamped cos they were seen having s3x in the bush,lol.

After camp,we were all posted to our several PPA'S ,I was posted to agbor,once again I felt like crying,agbor was dead,I was posted to a school to teach,at first it was hard for me fitting in,I was always traveling home,before we were threatened that supervisors come to check our performances. I hated my h.o.d,the man was always picking on me and wanted me to teach all his classes,it was an all boys school,very notorious.the man could lie for State,he'd go tell my principal that I don't come to school,which was a lie,I could kill that man,lol. 

The students nko,in fact most of them had already made up their minds that they'd be hooligans,lol and bike men.they challenge corpers ,they were very female corp member cried one day,she was frustrated. Lol. If I'm passing they'd start singing "ur waist ur waist all I want is ur waist" or they'd say le kwa ukwu oh(see that waist oh) or start saying aunty we want ur 2go, 

Made friends that were more like family and we did things together, it was fun. Painfully they left as most of them weren't the same batch as me,then it got boring again. Dead agbor all over again,then made another friend,which I happened to date,best relationship ever,lol.when I was leaving we both cried as we lived in different cities,we couldn't make it work and broke up, I still miss him.

 Haa,I forgot to add the part where my new phone and friend's tab was stolen when we were asleep "naked"(it was frigging hot)in my room,they stole it through the burglary, lol,but they were nice enough to just keep my Sim for me on the window sill.thank God they didnt snap us naked oh.

Sorry for the long write up,lol,left out a lot if not ehn Una for taya.

Hahahahahahahahaa the thief left the simcard behind?wow,nice thief!


  1. Replies
    1. Poster,I don't know you...But you are a very likeable person

      I read every bit.


    2. Lesbian alert,GaloreπŸ‘€

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha@ nice thief.
      Poster, ur story sweet and e be like say u and "lol" be 5&6.

  3. This girl is very funny o. See how am laughing like a crazy person.

  4. lol, seeing this SYB makes me wanna send in mine, too many similarities... Busty, delta state, stole fone while sleeping through burglary proof.

  5. Agbor they like bike both males nd females ,you try ave been there twice . Dry with broke guyz

  6. We call them 'less wicked thief'. Next poster should include how they play with their boos now, why are you people leaving behind all these intersting parts?

    *Larry was here*

  7. They might have snapped you people oh.
    Keffi corper guy yours is still the best I've read.

  8. #You’ll never be able to find yourself, if you’re lost in other people*

  9. hahahaha....the thief was really a nice 1

  10. What's with the "lol".... nice story anyway

  11. Met dis extremely handsome guy frm a very rich home in my state he wants us to date seriously he's turning 25 next year he doesnt even look it i tot he was like 30 hes 6ft 1 tall,and am Turning 27 next year I have never dated younger but he's too good to me he thinks am 25 too.he just returned frm d UK he's finished his masters and working with his father's company i have a boyfriend who asked me to marry him b4 he left for UK he actually paid my bride price b4 he left 2 years ago he got a very good job offer in d UK promising he will com back in a year for marriage it's years now telling me I should please be patient he securing a future for us, Am tired of waiting for him he promised coming back dis December but he didn't. I started dating dis year but still haven't met any 1 better dan him.until dis younger guy am just parents are telling me dey will call his parents and return d bride price cos he's holding me down.
    Wat do i do.

    1. If I were to be in your shoes,I'll tell the new guy my real age and see how he takes it. Then, tell your UK boyfriend what your parents are planning on doing and see how it goes. Don't worry yourself too much and also learn to think with your head not your heart.

  12. Nice one,with all this SYB I read here daily am eagerly anticipating mine come march next year...oh lord let it be fun and adventurous

  13. Will soon go for service...
    Prayed to b posted to a better state.

  14. Sorry to hear that you were robbed but it was kind of funny, πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….The thieves were familiar with you and they probably didn't want you to lose your contacts.

  15. nice story. Next person should make it juicy

  16. Lol nice thief but seems d thief sabi you shaa

  17. How sure are you that they did not take your naked pictures?

  18. So dey left ur simcard?lolz dey r nt jst nice bt also funny.guess dey knw u


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