Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 13


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Friday, December 09, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 13


...HI Stella, am your craziest fan... Anonymous mode please. my tori.....

My boyfriend man wanted to help me with my posting to calabar, but we had a major quarrel so i met my friend at school to help me with it as big girl oo.hmmmmmn posting came out to be Gombe state. ehn???? 

Who send me? 

shame no gree make i tell boyfriend.i sha tell am.part of me was happy tho cos I needed a break from all the drama around then.My mom dint want me to go cos them just dey throway bomb upandan for North. Me sef fear o but We do serious prayer and Fasting.(mummy is a prayer warrior) fast forwarding...

we camped at Niger state(Paiko camp) due to bombings at Gombe. my box was the biggest, I like being prepared,I carried everything( nylons for pooing, 5 toothbrush just incase they fell, water bottles, alot of white shirts and shorts, thinking I won't wash, soaps infact everything ). it was fun, but i was always on my own, no nite waka, no camp guy, no drinking, nothing, all I could do was admire from a distance(winks).i was dulling my self, thanks to boyfriend man who was overly jealous and was calling every minute.

There was this beautiful day, our commandant was talking to us( everywhere was quiet as usual), we were asked to squat,in the process(back to pidgin) na im i mess ooo. chai ! it was loud and every body started shouting "who be dat?" meyn i felt like entering the ground,unfortunately ground no fit open, shakara don end... 

The food was not as bad as people made it seem, and even if it was i would have managed it because mami was not an option for me, boyfriend and i were always quarrelling and i had to save money for raining days.the toilets where dirty( thank God for my nylons, I was short putting all through- you could smell the toilet from a distance infact person fit catch HIV for dat toilet) annoying personalities surrounded my bed at the hostel esp. this girl that was feeling too fine,(she fine sha).

My commandant was the best, the moment he speaks he starts like this. now can everyone hear me? are you making noise? can we make noise? do you have mouth?

They caught two married women gbenshing, called their hubbies and sent them home(what a mess!!!)

I matched for our passing out parade, I inhaled so much dust during our practice, had cough and running nose.The sick bay gave me a spoon of cough syrup(hisses), paracetamol and sorry to balance it. I had to bribe a Man o War guy to buy medicine for me.

At the end of our camp, I had two tones of colour, the sun made me darker from my arm, legs and face then my thighs and every other part that was covered remained the same .... Flew down to lagos,Boyfriend came down to the airport to wait for me,From the car na im we start oo Driver use style dey look.

He made up for the few weeks we were apart. It was worth the wait.We lodged at Eko hotel, We had beautiful s3x.(licking lips) we flew to Calabar the following day so I could do my documentation

I redeployed to calabar, boyfriend worked his magic.We had a messy break up later , maybe I would write a book too(side eye).

My PPA was UNICAL.My boss was amazing, at least he had to be.He was related to my (ex)boyfriend.I was given 1st class treatment because of (ex) boyfriend. In all, I am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful experience, shout out to all the Batch C,stream 2 ,2014 C members. abeg stella pray for me make i marry send you WNB,i get degree for that kind tin...

LMAO@I get degree for that kind thing.
Why would they call the husbands of two married women they caught gbenshing?I am like,what is their business to tell them?Or they just called them to come and pick up their wives?
I do not believe that any married woman gbenshes in camp sef..I think what happens is that these girls lie about their marital status' for the sake of redeployment but forget to act married.


  1. Even places wey no be camp married women they gbensh any how, talk more of where there are free and no monitoring spirit. People dey enjoy themselves jare

    *Larry was here*

    1. Camp sweet die. They caught two married people gbenshing in my camp, Ondo. If I have strength I will send mine. If anyone is talking about scrapping NYSC just know that the person didn't go to school. I couldn't wait to go and it was worth it. I did and undid

    2. Anonymous, I went to school and want NYSC scrapped. In fact, it is only when you want an opportunity to misbehave that you'll still want it cos its purpose is defeated now as there is no unity

    3. Nigerians just love shaming women!

      Y call their husbands?
      What of the yeye married army men gbenshing upandan there? We're their wives informed? Mtschewww

      Yes, A LOT of married women mess up in camp!

      70 percent part of me wants the program to be scrapped! 30percent want it to continue (shey it's just one year?)

      NYSC for me was just blehhh...

      Hated the first and half week at camp! A lot of ladies envied me! Many toasters! Had 3best friends (all male). We all walk together! A lady joined us in the last week! NEVER ate camp food! All the top officials loved sexy barrister! Didn't spend a dime but was posted to town! Rented an apartment and lived like a big girl! You only know I am a corper on Thursdays! Half way into service, some corpers got into trouble and couldn't afford lawyers! Nysc invited me and I handled their cases for them! Got an award after service cos those cases were stressful and I did it pro bono with two male colleagues!

      What else? Passed out and my pro bonos helped in sky rocketing other things...

      It was good nonetheless! My man's jealous disturbance also contributed to my less waka sha!

  2. Replies
    1. Lagos 15A stream 2... camp director when talking about pooing be like.."when you drop it, you flush it!"... lol... he goes on to say "if you need anything, meet me,if you have issues, meet me, are you tired, meet me, are you horny? Meet me".... crazy mad! Akheneme! (or however it is spelt)...

  3. Those married pole na queen n boss dem friend!

    Babe dey didn't retain u in Unical?

  4. Lol@ i get degree for that kind thing.

  5. Hahaha,poster you de crase. Laugh wan kee me o.

  6. *Side eyes* Stella I know a married woman wey dem gbenshi in camp ooo cos she was caught but dem free am as the hubby naa abroad husband and she settled with cash

  7. Funny story. Bt y u leave ur boyfriend man na after all d enjoyment? Lol! Stella forget whether dey forgot dey r married oooo married women were d worse during my set.*hisses. It was like avenue to committ.

  8. No o madam stella,they really married,u know you put down the details of your NextOfKin?thats how the hubbies get to be the ones called.....i have seen it severally!

  9. the lord will grant you your innermost desire in a Jesus name.... amen

  10. Hmmmm nice,, for my own time ehhh,, I go do nd undo as a fine ph babe,,,make God just kip person alive

  11. married women with gbenshing chai. They cannot hold body for just 3 weeks. Ashewo women everywhere.

  12. God pls let me enjoy wherever I will be posted to, can't wait.
    Jan 4 come already

  13. My fellow Gombe Batch C 2014 corper.
    "I heard you ate chicken yesterday, now squaaaaatttt!!! "
    "Governor Monkey"
    "Rsssmmmmmm!!! "
    That commandants talk was the only fun for me in that camp. The weather sha showed us pepper.

  14. funny story,may God grant u ur heart desire so that your degree for that kin thing will not be a waste

  15. Hmm Stella yeso they do call their husband they caught one in our and call her horseband immediately the next day they sent her home with her bag on her head, but why is it that married woman always gbensh in the camp, single do respect themselves more than them sef

  16. Beautiful
    When am going to camp for my nysc,i will remember not to put my hubby name as next of kin

  17. But what is their business if the women were gbeshing is their pussy.rubbish

    1. Just because ure very loose without morals and good upbringing, doesn't mean everyone is like you Taylor

  18. Stella don't dull urself ooo. During my orientation, married women were the most promiscous...Soldiers and men-o-war were just catching and disgracing dem anyhow.

  19. Please where is queen and boss???

  20. Who told you Stella???

    In camp
    Batch C, 2011,Kubwa Camp Abuja,
    Two married women were thrown out. Apparently, they were fake Corp members but were married.
    They were following small small boys upandan.
    Bakassi hostel precisely.

  21. Stella u never jam. Married women dey comot ring for camps. I worked in OBS in my camp and we were always announcing lost but found rings...

  22. They actually catch married women a lot

  23. Nice story, Darling Stella, please post my own too biko. 😁

  24. Stella married women dey gbensh for camp..o knew of one in my platoon sef

  25. For abj camp wey we dey no one cares if you gbensh or not wetin concern them to come dey call your hubby wey the soldiers too dey gbensh fine fine girls

  26. Stella no talk that thing o until you hear stories

  27. Hmmmmmm... stella married women can fuck well in camp oo. Them catch dem wella for camp. They go jst lock up like say na their right to fuck anyhow...

  28. Na today, married women na them gbensh pass for camp. During my orientation at Paiko camp in Niger State there were these two good friends (females) they fine sha, one don marry but the other never marry mehn if you see wetin these two do for camp ehn I begin de wonder. Our camp commandant (Sa'ad- gentle men corp members)the guy fine no be small very fair you no go even know say he be Hausa, if you see wetin e use girls do ehn oh God the guy no send sef.

    My regards to all the BATCH B corpers 2012 and all the Platoon eight (8) members.


  29. Running to d next post before low ba3 falls my hand 🏃🏃🏃🏃. BTW, I enjoyed reading every bit of your story.

  30. Some married women in camp are promiscuous. During my camp days in Okada, Edo state many of them won't put on their rings. You will see them having romance with single guys. There was a time a lady abused them that they are blocking single ladies way from mingling with single guys.

  31. Stella i sent my service year boulevard and u haven't posted till now.. shld I resend or wat


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