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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tuesday IHN

Hello Everyone......Hope we are all Okay?Shout out to those in the Village or that travelled out of their location.
I hear there is Plenty party in Eastern Nigeria today.
One of my friends is having a big party and i wish i was there to party with him.
Anyway,I lost my #CookiesNCream and I am so so upset about that....LOL


Thank you so much SDK for being a positive tool, a role model, an initiator with different approaches to keep her blog alive and by bringing joy and laughter into the lives of lots of Nigerians including myself this period wey recession hold people down, lol. Every 30 secs, I refresh my favorite blog to show you how addicted I am due to its educational, inspirational, motivational, Godly filled contents, and authenticity values.

My name is memetarry I no be jjc for sdk lol, I've been an addictive reader since 2012 . Although I don't comment, twice I tried to comment this year with my ID, mama you no post my comment *crying *. Lastly, a big shoutout to these two Em Jay, Kim kardashian Aka portable Queen of SDK.

NB:SDK is like my job that pays me salary with intuition and knowledge.

Tari Alfred.




Rules and regulations :
Anonymous gist is invalid
Each person is only entitled to one gist, multiple entry get you
disqualified for any win
You must state the source of a gist ie either #copied or #original
To be a comedian is not easy o !
The reactions on your gist also boost your chances of winning.
So going by all the protocols , I had 3 strong contenders - which I scored
on a hectadonic scale to determine the actual winner

Bv miss aboki the great 8

Bv Gorreti Bae 6

Bv Abamade 5

so Bv miss aboki the great is the winner
One love ♡♥♡

Miss Aboki sef don begin win?LOL...Anyway wait until weekend,I cannot do anything where i am now.



Hello Stella, please am looking for a lady I met on single and mingle the previous one before this recent one, her name is isioma,we got along on a very promising part but I wasn't in town and I didn't want to be too forward so I didn't ask for her number yet,I came back to the country last weekend and I tried pinging her but didn't deliver, all effort to get in torch with her proved abortive. Please Stella help me post this in anywhere you seem fit.

 Isioma, you finished from unilag 2009 and you working for your mum presently,you are the last born and you have a brother who is married to a loving Yoruba lady whom your parent loves so much, I guess with this description you should know who I am. Call me on this number 07081009011. Thank you Stella.



Good day house.
Merry Christmas, madam Stellz and Compliments of the season to everyone. Please I am in need of the attached Medela breast pump. Anyone who currently has this for sale should text or whatsapp 07015379408.



Response to meeting point 45 questions

On hearing the voice of God before marriage.

You asked this question in Meeting Point 45, which says" HOW DO YOU HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK TO YOU". I want to believe this question is on the issue of marriage and I want to use my life example in answering this question. Please, this post is so long.

My Family Background.
I grew up in a polygamous family, my father has 4 wives with so many children.

My mother happens to be the unloved wife and consequently all her children are unloved too by our "almighty" daddy. He doesn't care about us, even our education suffered. He's so rich but we live as if our mother had us for another man, as if we are not his children.

Hence, I had this notion that all men are bad, the best thing is just to have children all by yourself and work hard to take care of them

Life outside the Family House

For the first time in my life, my father allowed me to go for holiday at my aunt's place. She's married, lives with her husband and three kids.

The husband works in Apapa and they live in Ikorodu, he still gets home to bathe the children, sometimes feed them, most especially the youngest child that is so attached to him. He loves the children so much and I began to wonder, who on earth does that to a child, how can a man loves his children this much.

This family changed my perspective about marriage, I began to see that there are still good men outside. Hence my prayer changed and I began to pray for a good husband, the best man in the world and I remember telling my God in prayer that, even if there are 99% bad men in the world, mine will be from the remaining 1%.

My Love Life.

I had my first boyfriend in Secondary School, (winks), I loved him so much, I wanted the best for him and vice versa. We got admission to different higher institution in the same town and we had everything going on well for us, no strees, no serious fight and no breakups. I thought within myself "I have found a place to pitch my tent".

My life changing dreams and revelation

One night, I had a dream that my dearest boyfriend and I went on an alter for marriage but I had another man standing beside me, meaning i was standing between two men. When I woke, I wondered how is it possible I get married to two men at the same time, and funny enough can't even recognise the other man, immediately I prayed again, Lord, speak to me in a language I will understand.

The following day, I had another dream, same settings, same alter, as if I stopped watching a movie halfway yesterday and I'm continuing the next day, this time I heard from no where, in the dream, where is Jesus? I answered at the right hand of God, it was then I realised my boyfriend was at the left hand side and the unknown man at the right hand and I woke up.

Yet the love between us became even stronger, I have no single excuse to break up with him because he is so good to me.

I had another dream, now the third time, I saw that we were living together like a couple, and the next thing I saw that he threw me out of the house with my belongings and I was crying and rolling on the floor with another woman standing beside him.

It was then I became more afraid, and prayed like never before, Lord, please help me to be able to do without him, help me to stop loving him and help me be able to break up from him.

Sincerely, I couldn't tell him about the dream, we kind of get seperated on no terms, till today, I can't give any reason for our break up. We both graduated, meaning were together for like 6 -7 years.

While we were still dating, my family friend started asking me out, I've known him for a while, we were just friends, I like him, but along the line, I noticed some things about him that i dont really like, his english is so bad, (at least if I speak like Jennifer, I shouldn't be marring sege now, lol) I wanted someone that could match up with my current boyfriend, he doesn't dress fine, not that he doesn't have money to get good clothes, he doesn't just have good dress sense, I remember a day he came to see me in school and he wore one flowered green shirt, and my boyfriend can dress us for africa. Also, he has some unfriendly sisters, so I just concluded I can never marry this one, at a time, I disliked him to the extent that I resent him.

Yet, I had another dream ( Joseph alala) I saw that I got married to this my family friend in like a traditional maarige settings, but his father was absent. I just brush aside that dream, until one morning that he called me that his father just died. It was then I started giving myself sense that I need to start considering this guy.

My marriage.

I married my family friend when I was turing Aunty Gwegs, in my thirties, mind you, not that I loved him that much, but I felt I can't run from God anymore and I had to obey him because I believe he has spoken enough. He is a very prayerful person, so God too has spoken to him about me and he won't relent until he get what he wants.

This is our sixth year in marriage, with two kids, we argue, but if you are right under the same roof with us, you can never notice anything or hear us fight, he's so patient with me, he allows me have my way on most issue, and if he happens to kick against it, I will always thank God he did afterwards. He's just too mature. My children learns how to say daddy before mummy, to show how much they love him, my baby prefer him to me anytime. Though, we are not billionaires yet, I am happy and satisfied with him, and I thank God I married him everyday.

In conclusion.

It pays to have a good relationship with God, be faithful to Him, because nobody relates with a stranger like you do with friend, same thing with God, you can't just expect him to be interested in your relationships/marriage life and give you details if you are a stranger to him. In all, keep your body, don't taste before buying, I had that fear but I found out that he is so huge down there and so good in bed, "winks"

Thanks babes!


Riddle Riddle

I am a drug,
I have three names,
my first name is a human name,
my second name is found in a human body,
and my last name is found in a kitchen,
*who am I?.*

If you dont know, send to your friends and get funny answers, but please answer me 1st..

start thinking....




Please Stella, kindly post...

I need an honest Blog visitor in the US that can help me purchase somethings online. it's a stress free online purchase and will be sent to me online too, no. Shipping needed.

I will pay for the services.

Please any one interested should please contact me.




Hello Stella,

Compliments of the season.

I have some native wears that i want to give out. They are very okay and also have not worn some of them.
They will fit a size 10 with 34c and about 5.7/5.8ft. My no is 08165580424 and location is Magodo Shangisha Lagos.

Thank you.



Stella Dear,

I lost contact with a wonderful friend I made during the last SNM of 11/12/2016. We got along so well and it's a promising friendship. I woke up one day and didn't find her on my BBM list.

I am VERY sure she didn't delete me because we bonded so well and we had a real connection, no issues or misunderstanding. I don't want to mention private details about her cos she wouldn't like that but I'll mention a few just for her to know who I am. She's in law school in Bwarri, Abuja. We chatted often in a span of a few days and we exchanged pictures and even made fun of her roommate who snapped one of the pictures.

I can be reached on BBM 7A87870E Or email

Please I would very much like my friend back.
Thank you.


Signing out....


Rhoda Rex said...

Welcome IHN

Elastic said...

Prostitute to man: "Hi, man, want to have s3x?

Man to prostitute "Ok. Only if you do it like my wife does."
Prostitute: "I can do it in any way. So how does she do it?

Man: "She does it for free."


Rare Gem said...


Smiles said...

God bless the givers

em jay said...

I found..?

Anonymous said...

Love you stella

Stella maris Baby said...

Tuesday IHN just landed.

Annie said...

Welcome IHN, God bless Stella and all bvns

Still Ringing said...

God bless the givers and receivers. NIGERIA GO BETTER

Uniq Gem said...

IHN welcome.

Cookies and cream Oya come out o. Stella is looking for you 😁😁

This harmatan ehhhhhh. Chai.

em jay said...

Kisses Tarry, you are foine, gat a Sexy name.

Sassy 'Meruche' Fire said...

Been a wonderful celebration over here.How are y'all doing?

DOMINA said...

Compliments of the season everyone!

Rhoda Rex said...

That riddle easy na. D answer na Andrew liver salt.

Quiksilver said...

Santa visited paid me a visit yet again last night... πŸ˜‰
Thank you again & again, Sir... πŸ˜†

Robyna Wenger said...

Hey beautiful people. Sandra are you still on this cookies and cream matter? It's been 3 months. I am still recovering from a heart break, but I'll be okay. 2017 pls be good to me.
In other news, i didn't get Xmas gift or money. It's usually one or the other. I am pissed . 😑

lagos babe said...

The year is coming to an end in few days,I hope YOU already had plans for 2017,if not,start now and keep the ball rolling so you won't start 2017 with more complains and regrets.
Millionaires are not made. In a day,it takes hard work and determination with a little bit of luck.
Wishing YOU all the best!

Quality Madam said...

Any blog visitor in ukpo Anambra state?

LEE70 said...

Happy day! Weather is so dry

ukwu dimond said...

Ihn news don show

Sweet Child said...

count down four days more

God dey....

St.FranKooL.... said...

#Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success*

Jasmine said...

Face of IHN, na wa 4 dis ur pisure o. Lol.

Madam God spoke to u, I believe this ur story o. Kai!!!

olaedo said...

Ihn is here.
My eyes will not behold this type of Christmas again in Jesus name amen.

Anonymous said...

Compliment of the season.God bless.hw Una dey?.Christmas don finish.tanks b to God

GALORE said...



Cherry Wine said...

The answer to the riddle is Andrew Liver Salt na.
Hello people, How's you?

SANDY NEKY said...

Pammy wan kee me here oo sotey I no see road read IHN proper. Choi! Was only able to read your repeated sign out pix Stelz of which you can say again and again biko. Tankio! Brb! @Loveme jeje, I follow una thank God oo say the harmattan don finally show una side cos I begin pity una at a point*shines teeth*By the way, I for send you some from this pammy wey I don drink tireeee here so since it looks like you are equally a palm wine lover but you are faaaar away fa. Kai! Pele @Amanda Favour, happy hols nwannem nwanyi, anyi no nma oo.. thanks to God*hugs* I for stroll come your village oo but no strength for waka waka outside my villa ooo. Lool! @Rocky, biko where is Ezeagu? I wanna know just incase*wink* @Lucile coconut oyel, Yes oo I did. In my village not Enugu but will definitely pass through there on my way back to base after the new year celebration. Will get plenty okpa for you I promise by God's worries!

em jay said...


ella said...

Issokay....God bless the giver and the receiver.....God let me not be an exception in your favour


Answer to riddle


LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Hello tuesday.

em jay said...

The riddle simply naa.Andrew liver salt.

emmanuella marshall said...

Andrew liver salt, yay I got it

Robyna Wenger said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but the Law school girl deleted you. Sometimes we only see what we want to see. Maybe you thought you bonded and had an understanding but she didnt feel that way.

LUCILE COCONUT OIL ABUJA 07059605320 Pin- 2BC6235E said...

Beautiful face of ihn

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, plz I need help with an issue that has been disturbing me for 4 years now, I av been suffering from candidiasis and I av used all sorts of medication, gone to a lot of hospitals n still no results , I av gone for hvs severally n the result always comes out as candida spp, resistant to azole and susceptible to ofloxacin. I treat not less than 5 times a year, I'm very worried about this as it has given me sleepless nights for years now , I av used home remedies such as garlic, apple cider vinegar and even herbs like ginseng roots and other local herbs yet no changes . I am tired of treating this infection, I'm not sexually active n I change my undies so I don't know what the problem is , Stella I av mailed u but u didn't post , plz any suggestions on how to eradicate this , any doctor in the house with tips for a lasting solution, I av prayed n fasted n I'm beginning to loose hope ... Ps: some of d medication I av taken include all kinds of azole, ofloxacin, gentamicin injection,flagyl, one green drug forgotten d name and some others I can't remember now , I av even taken garlic tablets , plz help , this is my number zero nine zero five five two three nine five seven one ,Stella plz post , thanks

Lilly simple said...

IHN me love
Stell your last quote is baeeeeee

Ehi hairs and wigs UK said...

The man never ready lol

Remy Davies said...

Terrific Tuesday Ihn. My brain is not boothing what's the answer to the riddle?

ukwu dimond said...

Snm missing contacts please contact each other, face of ihn you are looking beautiful.

Ehi hairs and wigs UK said...

You are sharp


Still in d 🚌 since morning. God help me.

amanda favour said...

Fine oh 😊 my sister
Celebrations,weddings,traditional wedding everywhere
Hello from my village πŸ™Œ

Rosemary Ezeji said...

Go Stella u rock jare

Lilly simple said...

To d riddle

Nuria Precious said...

God bless SDVs. To all the givers, you shall not lack and may God provide for the ones that don't have, that they will be able to give.

Loveme Jeje said...

Tari close your mouth before flies enter. U just yerrow but no fine. πŸ˜‚

The one looking for isioma,i get rechargeable light but no torch, you will see her. Oya Isioma our abroadian bros Don land oo. God don answer u, no let someone take him.

The lady giving natives, God bless you.

Those in villages bring Ukazi, okporoko, oil, garri from Abia state o because the garri looks like foofoo.

Still enjoying my pepper soup.

Isaacsoon I never forget you oo. Thelma how is you. Who go give me cupcakes Chai.

Good afternoon my lovely friends. The queen I am loyal ooo. Come out na.

Temi said...



Kevin u Don get bad luck today. Face of IHN no get enough bwess to pwess

Scarlet overkill said...

The answer to the riddle is Andrews liver salt.

Mhzzbee int'l said...

Short IHNs

Isaacson said...

BV beloved,the rules before the in house gist/jokes were:

If you copy a gist,please state your source and if it your original gist state your source,we dont care as long as it is funny

So y now come up with new rules just to disqualify people,in any competition the rules are clearly stated out before it begins not after the competition,incase of next time just collate the result ND not implement ur own rules to disqualify others....

Congrats bv aboki

FirstLady said...

Happy holiday,welcome IHN.

Mhzzbee int'l said...

Very boring Christmas, looked like am locked up.

Biojay said...

Inhouse news as short as...

@elastic you are very talented my guy.

Ibukunoluwa said...

U made it dear
Congrats πŸ‘‘

Scarlet overkill said...

I spent my Christmas eating and sleeping.I've gained a few extra pounds. Can't wait for work to resume so I can shed it off. Meanwhile, speaking about hearing the voice of God,I've prayed countless times before hoping to hear that voice but I end up hearing my own voice in my head. Maybe I'll start paying more attention to my dreams.

ybette... said...

BV dreamer, God bless your marriage. Stella, I have a question for the house. How long is forever to remain single? Honest answers please.

stella dimokokorkus said...

Bv miss aboki the great

Bv Gorreti Bae

Bv Abamade

please the three of you should send me mails with your number.....Someone wants to rescue me from Miss Abokis recharge igbese and then bless the two other winners...chei we have Angels reading here..hehehehehehe *wink*

Ibukunoluwa said...

The riddle don old like usπŸ˜‚

lolah said...


Anonymous said...

In house news

ybette... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mi Lady said...

Compliments of the season bvs! God will upgrade you all.
Stella, i dont comment often cos of slow network, it makes me shrink. Wish 1 or 2 things can work in this country like uninterrupted power supply and good roads. God bless Nigeria.

P.S. I need a good job this minute.. Itz becoming unbearable.

Blackberry said...

As per hearing from God, common sense is also needed, the devil can also disguise as an agel of light. What works for A might kill B.

Anonymous said...

In house news

Becky Divine said...

Werey lol

crystal said...

I helped that man dodge the slap from the prostitute.

Biojay said...

Mixture for Beevees with sickle cell anaemia

I got to know about this mixture through a close friend of mine, she is SS and so very plumpy and has nonexistent crisis.

I am not SS but I know my co-beeves might have use of it or know someone that will ‎benefit from it.

How to prepare mixture 

5 pieces of medium size tumerics
2 big garlics
3 big gingers
5 lemons (all fresh and organic please)
5 tablespoons of pure honey

Blend the ginger, garlic and tumeric very well, drain the mixture with clean cloth or a sieve that has extremely tiny holes, ‎then mix it with juice of the lemons and pure honey. 

The mixture is ready, it doesn't expire and to make it more potent, adult can add a short of seamans Schnapps .

Take 1 spoon every night before you sleep. Before it finishes, prepare another one.

Thank you.

Brown Sucre said...

How I love IHN.

Zitel Coconut oil Onitsha 08081725441 said...

Hello everyone. IHN is bea

crystal said...

Beautiful Tuesday, this harmattan in Lagos bad ooo, seriously bad. Tarry are you from rivers state? You are pretty.
Oga looking for Isioma, Isioma go many call you. Speaking from God poster, I enjoyed your story and learnt something also. Bottom line, you have to have a deep and special relationship with God to hear from Him. God continuously keep your home.
Villager how are you, I de gbadun your English anytime mehn

MissPrettyW said...

Hmmm... Being a while i commented in IHN, good to be back

em jay said...


Anonymous said...

Dude, that Isioma is a fraud, she says she is last of 3 children, and hails from anambra, that her mum sels furniture and imports bla bla bla...then 1 hr into chat, she calls you baby and run! gbawa oso ooo!!!

OmoBee said...

Lol. Free indeed.

Esther Mgbolu said...

Lol you are so right,boring chrismas,boredom haff finished me.

Woman of faith said...

Nice signing out. 2017 loading

Suoebi(Niger delta finest) said...

Ihn dry ooo...everybody dey village dey still enjoy Christmas rice....

Esther Mgbolu said...

Blessed is the hand that giveth and the hands that taketh.sooo bored

OmoBee said...

Face of IHN, you fine like that. Glo network be misbehaving since last week.

God communicates with us in diverse ways, be sure of the way he communicates with you first.

Happy holidays everyone.


Tarri resemble ghost for horror film. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tiwa said...

INH don land
As hearing from God ,God speak in different ways to different people
Getting married in the dream is not good most times but I guess that is the way God wanted to communicate with you
I didn't see my hubby in the dreams but I had peace like never before in my mind although I didn't like him then but I tell you am grateful to God for gifting him to me .
Its been 8years now
I will advice all ladies and guys to ask God to speak to them the way they will understand
To the ING winners congratulations

Isaacson said...

Aunty loveme jeje enjoy d pepper soup wella😁...i know you cannot forget me and also God will never forget you Ma...tnx alot

Aya Williams said...

Welcome inhouse news

Esther Mgbolu said...

Lol@gbawa oso ooo

Rhoda Rex said...

πŸ˜‚ Ib baby. Even yesterday too

Rocky said...

....and here I was thinking Ezeagu is popular. I don't know where Ezeagu is before or after, I just know it's in Enugu and we have kalawa river. My Enugu location skills is zero.. Lol! But I know we make pretty good abacha with lots of fish!

Rhoda Rex said...


Anonymous said...

To the gentleman who met a lady called Isioma on SnM. The lady is a fraud ooo. She is using a fashionista's profile (called @isyzee on Instagram) to fool guys. @isyzee lives in Abuja, owns a fashion business and her mum is late. The fake Isioma claims to work for her mum and live in Ogudu GRA, Lagos. LMFAO!

I sent an email to Stella about this but I dont know if she saw it or choose to ignore. I have already notified the real Isioma about the fraud being perpetrated in her name. The fake Isioma's number is 08119245857. Y'all should please call her out.

em jay said...

I wan drink Pammy ohhhh, I love pammy sinceeeeeeeeeeee.
Enjoy yourself dear, life nor get part2.

Anonymous said...

Robyna bendel witch God Don expose u last last, trolling Sandy Neky up to a stage that her name shows at will in your comments.

Go away Santa has finished you can return in September 2017. Jealousy jeloma like you.

Unam Ikot mkpo

Stella post.

Ibukunoluwa said...

I kept asking myself "where is robyna fenty"?
Heartbreaks are for humans
Welcome to the clubπŸ˜‚

Christy Odoo said...


Loveme Jeje said...

Hahahaha anon 14:47 Chai see downloading of Isioma.

Sandy Chai enjoy ooo. I envy una wey go village oo. Still no forget our palmy. Early morning palmy is the best. Use it to eat bushmeat or ugba kai hmmmmmmm

Blossom said...

Welcome IHN.

Happy new year in advance to all BV's.

D'Royalty Rebranded(STELLA'S BLOG BFF) said...

I am late o
Hello lovelies!!
Loveme jeje, how far? You no travel? Make I come ya side come jolly na. Oya mail me your address for Surulere osiso.
Sandy Neky, enjoy yourself jare but no go add weight too much before you return to Abuja o. Hoping to see you one day when I visit Abuja. I have in-laws there that I hope to visit soon.
Nnuku, where are you? You don travel? E be like say me sef go find one place travel go for new year. Noooo, let me plan a vacation for next year even if na Obudu Ranch or one African country.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Isioma again?

Elastic said...

Pammy with bushmeat peppersoup gives some kinda stimulation. The feeling is bae! Enjoy the feeling Nneka, α»₯wa bu pawpaw menyọ!

Elastic said...


amanda favour said...

Kisses πŸ’‹ to you
Enough celebration here oh!
Xmas in the village is bae.....

Anonymous said...

Lol... See casting. I fear all of una.

amanda favour said...

Na wah oh!!!

amanda favour said...


The General's sidechic said...

Have u tried inserting garlic in ur privates(in stella's voice).get a fresh garlic,tie a thread at d tip so that it will b easy for u to pull out.insert into your kini at bedtime,then remove in d morning.Try it like 2ce a week for a month,Go for test and come back to say thank u.Cheers

Mosi Jubelo said...

Stella, thanks for the advert post

Mosi Jubelo said...


Anonymous said...

I had a friend with this problem...turns out she was incredibly dirty! Check your hygiene. Dorrette O, I hope this isn't you???

Anonymous said...

I had a friend with this problem...turns out she was incredibly dirty! Check your hygiene. Dorrette O, I hope this isn't you???

Anonymous said...

I had a friend with this problem...turns out she was incredibly dirty! Check your hygiene. Dorrette O, I hope this isn't you???

Anonymous said...

Discard all your panties,tights,towel and any wrapper you might have used to wipe your vjay at any given time.
Use apple cider vinegar again.Use for at least 3 months.add to every glass of water you drink everyday. Dont take water without apple cider vinegar.
I had candida for 15 years.recurrent as much as 5 times a year! Insert garlic clove at night,remove in the morning and wash with water mized with apple cider vinegar.stay away from sex.if you must,use protection.
all the best

Anonymous said...

Most importantly cancel sugar from your coke,Ice cream is the no 1 cause

Abuja Boy said...

Later they will tell you to suck their pussy. I will never take my face there not to talk of my mouth. Exactly why I keep preaching against pussy licking. That zone catches infection as it wishes irrespective of how neat the girl is. Sorry about the. Infection sister. You need to go back to a general hospital and speak to a good consultant. Wish you well.

Merciful said...

God bless that lady that put up that native wears giveaway up there. I just collected some beautiful clothes from her. My new year cloth is among sef. Very beautiful clothes. May God replenish you madam. May you and your family members enter the new year with joy. Thank you ma. I'm not ashamed to do this with my ID, God will make me to testify very soon.

Anonymous said...

Everytime ISIOMA from SnM is a scam, EVERYTIME ISIOMA is a scam but not one person has come here to say she asked for money or valuables. How is she is scam. Abeg free the babe. Na she be hot commodity and it seems all the guys deleted from SnM are the ones ranting

Anonymous said...

Jasmine, na only you talk true for here about Face of Ihn picture. Na wa for the picture o, it looks somehow scary.

Anonymous said...

Robyn troll is busted.

Anonymous said...

Rocky silly lying ass. You cannot hail from Enugu state and not know ezeagu.
Is it not same thing when Love mejeje who claims to be leaving in Lagos didn't know that harmattan has reached Lagos.
Married woman such as Lagosbabe will be clubbing and coming home at 3am. Liars and village goats are many on this blog and praising their dry selves.

GenevieveNwa said...

Lols @ 'bvns'!! Do u really mean 'bank verification number'? Or Bvs??

Anonymous said...

Lols, I bet u won't see anyone, sorry, take heart... D place is sooo close to ma village!

Anonymous said...

Isioma ranting above. We see you ooo. God don catch you. Why are you using @isyzee pictures as your bbm and whatsapp dp? You forget that @isyzee can file a police complaint against you and the police can have your number traced. Keep on fooling yourself. Scammer!!!

blessing ibukun said...

What is wrong,why can't I get through to you,we are going through a lot of things in ikorodu,I just lost a friend and her other two sibling we are suffering lagos state govern ment should come to our rescue,Badoo is killing us bvs in ibeshe,oluodo and igboagbowa can relate I have been trying to mail you but I don't know what's wrong

blessing ibukun said...

Pls ma we are crying out for help same thing happened to my neighbour I have a lot of things to share,many people have left their homes,we wished it never get dark,we live in fear at night,WE ARE CRYING OUT FOR HELP before BADOO kills everybody



SANDY NEKY said...

Oooh that will be nice @D'Royalty. Biko, holla whenever you come in. I full ground. If I add weight this time, I no mind oo. I don try so make I enjoy small biko. The struggle will continue when I get back. Lool!

Anonymous said...

I wanna say a very big thank you to save our needy for making this Christmas celebration a memorable one for my son. It's not been easy as a single mum. I benefitted from them last year. So this year, I was contacted again even without applying for the giveaway and i was blown away by the massive love shown to my son and I. Mere words can't express how grateful I am. I got clothes, shoes, rice, vegetable oil, toy, noodles even frozen chicken and some other things. Thank you save our needy, may God continue to bless and uplift you. Thank you Stella for the medium being used to touch people's lives. May God bless you too.

Bv Blessing

Anonymous said...

Were you here last week ?
She did post the rules on Monday ihn last week
Because of Richard

kay elsie said...

Comments no plenty,blessed pls contact me,tanx.

SANDY NEKY said...

Lool! 10x dearies. Life na once biko!

Rocky said...

Anonymous, if you had read with not just your eyes, you'll understand my point.

Mr Jay said...

As 2016 is ending yet no Job...let me advertise myself.BSC Business Administration 2:1 from ABU,Zaria, based in abj but can relocate. Can be reached on bbm D1B54086. PS I have TBC( the billion coin) for sell

Anonymous said...

About hearing God before marriage decision.I was very close to God before I met my hubby and i had always prayed that i needed God to tell me directly about my future hubby and not some prophecy from a pastor. When I met my husband and prayed asking God if he was the one, God told me clearly ..."I have given you the best that there is" and its been years and counting in my marriage,ibreally do have the best. All glory to God.
I think singles need to seek God's approval before saying "I DO", Itbis easy,you just need a close relationship with God and patience ,wait on him till he okays it.

Anonymous said...

You have to cut out sugar from your diet entirely. Also pay close attention to your hygiene. Always wipe and wash from front to back. Do not use scented soap for bathing. Change all your underwear and intimate apparels as someone suggested above. Stay away from any antibacterial soap. If possible, always wash with water after using the toilet.

The most important factors are your diet(sugar), and hygiene. Pay attention to these two and see if you see changes.

Anonymous said...

Also, you can wear more dresses and skirts to allow air down there, especially whenever you're having your period. Wet and warm environment promotes growth of candidiasis.

Don't sit too long when you're do number too, liquids frim the back flows to the front area. It's best if you wash with water after using the toilet though.

Anonymous said...

*number 2

Jasmine said...

Na wa o. Make the Santa reach my side na

Cherry Wine said...

Today on *Reflection*
Marry someone you know you can live with. *That
is common sense isn't it?.*
But not many people have the common sense.
Many people deep in their hearts know they cannot
cope with this person but because they are
desperate or the person fits into the public image
they want to project, they go ahead and marry the
person. They know this phony arrangement they
call marriage will soon come toppling down, that it
is just a matter of time. You may finally get the
hottest guy or chic on campus to marry you but just
make sure you don't get burnt.
The million dollar question is, *if you get what you
want, will you want what you get?*
_My husband is coming from London, is good, my
wife is coming from Pluto, I do not envy you but pls
marry what you can carry._
I'm not saying you should marry a mediocre. Even if
your wedding is taking place in Dubai, just make
sure you are marrying what you can carry.
*_Why would you walk to the altar with someone
when there are yet deep and unresolved issues in
your heart concerning the relationship.?_*
The person makes certain statements or acts in
certain ways that gives you very serious concern,
giving you dangerous signals yet you are pushing
*_Why would your marriage problems be the most
widely circulated prayer topic when common sense
can save you the stress and headache now?_*
Before your partner shows you wonder in
marriage,* you would have seen the signs in
courtship. Every seeming surprise you see in
marriage, the tendencies was always there. Either
you deliberately chose to ignore it or you believe the
person will change.
Firstly, you are not God to change anybody.
Secondly, naturally speaking, people rarely change
and when they do, it is usually not for the better but
for the worst.
*_Don't complain tomorrow, what you allowed
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should look
for a flawless person because you are not. I'm
simply saying *_marry what you can carry._*
*_A bird and a fish can fall in love and agree to
marry but if they do, where will they live?_*
Before you go to the altar to say I DO pls know
what you are doing.
*_Marry what you can carry_*, so that you don't
endure what you should enjoy.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Marriage ke. The first single lady I meet on January 2nd na im i go marry. I no get time for searching wahala. No be marriage wahala? I dey ready. Pata pata she go dey beat me. So what!

Anonymous said...

Funny but shit. Mine wasn't free

Anonymous said...

Rocky where exactly in Ezeagu. U should know that much at least.

Anonymous said...

Smelly pussy abi rotten pussy or fish pussy? Pls Choose one

Cookiesandcream said...


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