Stella Dimoko Nigerian Army Places Ban On It's Activities Being Posted On The Social Media..


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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Nigerian Army Places Ban On It's Activities Being Posted On The Social Media..

The Nigerian Army has barred officers and soldiers on duty from uploading pictures and videos of their operation on social media.

The ban takes immediate effect.

General Officer Commanding (GOC), 1 Division Mechanized Army, Major-General Adeniyi Oyebade, gave the warning on Tuesday, on behalf of Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai.

He spoke at the graduation ceremony of Men of Nigerian Battalion (NIBBAT) 46 held at the Nigerian Army Peace Keeping Centre (NAPKC), Jaji in Kaduna state.

Oyebade said “it is prohibited to upload any picture with your uniforms while in operation. Specifically, I want to warn you on the use of social media.

“While you are on operation, you may want to take photo shot of some good moment but you should be very careful while doing that.

“Avoid any picture or video that has to do with your colleague or operation. You are barred not to upload such information.

“It is prohibited to upload any picture with your uniforms while in operation, because it will become a pragmatic problem for the Nigerian Army.”

*Nice one!


  1. Replies
    1. Not good
      How else do you want these young men to socialise and interact with civilisation?
      Do u no wat it means to be in the war front where all u see is blood and death?

    2. Did you actually read through the post before talking out of your ass? Who said they can't socialize? Don't post Army operations on social media! When you're done with the operation, you can post your bank account, blood type & private journal all in the name of socializing, you hear? Ewu

    3. Your comment made me laugh but u need not curse haba. Its a new year now. Why its been banned to avoid controversy. Also to protect their image. Showing off while on duty can give tips and also endanger their lives. Its not easy fighting for Nigeria

  2. Na so it suppose to be. Especially those soldiers that upload and write things like " u people are celebrating Christmas with your families and I am in sambisa Forest searching for chiboc
    Girls....please pray for me"

    As if na me force them to join Army.

    C note iwuala,take note of the ban.

    1. My brother's course mate has first class in that. He will even post some disturbing details too and be asking for prayers on Facebook.
      Since my brother was redeployed to that bush, he's completely shut himself off Facebook. We only chat on WhatsApp and that's when the network allows sef.

      I believe uniform job requires some level of secrecy.

    2. Anon 22:35 you so right it is very annoying nobody forced them to join the force,all these years they werent fighting any war and they were getting paid nko now that they fight bokoharam doing what they paid to do see them crying nd saying we enjoying they sufferring,i puty ladies that marry them ohhh seriously feeling they all macho

    3. Anonymous 7:11...your stupidity and senselessness is monumental. All those years they weren't fighting wars & getting paid? If Nigeria was at war, will you have the liberty to spew this bile or you'll be running for your miserable life? How much money is commiserate with facing live ammunitions in the defense of nation & ungrateful idiotic citizens like you? You pity the women that marry them, abi? Who abi what in the right mind will even ask you out? I don't blame, it's the curse of social media on humanity, nonentities can now hide behind screens and say nonsense, fool!

  3. Great move all their activities should be off social media.The health sector should be considered too. Doctors and nurses using their phones while on duty very wrong o! Government should look into that ASAP! US and Sweden don't allow it.

  4. Hahahaha anon 22:35 you funny. I don't know if it is good or bad.

    May God help all

  5. Will dey hear? Social media has been our blessing and our curse.

  6. Long awaited Ban.
    I am glad.

  7. Honestly we r so dumb as pipo... Y report there activities wen d enemy also use social media? Hissss

  8. Censorship!!!!!.Buhari was embarrassed by videos of soldiers collapsing and some dying due to lack of food and water in Borno state.

  9. 2015 when I was privileged to follow my boss to a novelty shooting range of an artillery, the the colonels and even the major general said it's against their rules to post pictures on SM (that was 9th March 2015)... thank God for this!!! presenting boko haram flag to the president self is uncalled for. I believe that that should be done privately not publicly.

  10. Funny how we're hanging soldiers for same crime we're all guilty for! We as a people also need to stop broadcasting terrorist videos, photos of accident scenes & deaths on social media

    1. Am with you on this one. Those people posting accident victim on Facebook are nothing but wicked. Who does that?

  11. Long over due ban. When duty calls, every other activity should take a bow.

    Even the army should stop press release on its plans; such press release should only occur when victory has taken place.

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  13. good move. they should also ban people from wearing army uniforms unnecessarily.. their uniforms should be imported or made specially by the service rather than sold and bought in an open market..this will help fish out fake soldiers.. pls Buratai take note


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