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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sunday In House Gists...

Anyone has anything Different to offer apart from copied Jokes?LOL

Now let me try

I am something and my initials are exactly same with the business name of a Music promoter who is currently experiencing hiccups in his private life.I disappeared before Christmas but I will promised to be back in 15 days...
can you nicely guess my name?lol

The winner of the in house gists gets 1500 recharge cards,it is already here with me.The collators of the result will also get recharge cards....LETS GO


  1. Bill Clinton and his driver were cruising along a country road one night when all of a sudden they hit a pig, killing it instantly.

    Bill told his driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened. About one hour later Bill sees his driver staggering back to the car with a bottle of wine in one hand, a cigar in the other and his clothes all ripped and torn.

    "What happened to you?" asked Bill.

    "Well, the Farmer gave me the wine, his wife gave me the cigar and his 19-year-old daughter made mad passionate love to me."

    "My God, what did you tell them?" asks Clinton.

    The driver replies, "I'm Bill Clinton's driver, and I just killed the pig."


    1. Tunde and his wife were the latest couple in town. One day, while strolling down the street, they came to a boutique and his wife saw a beautiful dress.
      Wife; Tunde, can you please give me about #10k to buy this dress I left my purse at home.
      Tunde brings out his wallet and gave her money. "Take #140 naira for transport. Go back to the house and bring your purse, i'll wait for you. #copied

    2. The Clinton joke is quite funny.

  2. Lmao@copied gist

    Who else apart from MMM

    1. Yesterday's rules still applies for today's own too
      Please vote ( lol,lyao ) with an id
      Cos I don't trust anonymous lol

  3. Stella pls when are you doing the job post.
    I want to beg that you indicate before hand so that p we like us can prepare and well and minimize our battery usage.
    Yours sdkly dazzlinglizzy

    1. People like you shouldn't be on this blog

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Babe you missed road

    2. Haha mistyped oo, my sis caused it don't mind me lol

  5. Made Men Music, MMM ponzi scheme. Ubi franlklin dats d answer MRS stella

    1. Mrs laila ni mrs Stella ko

    2. Na my sister cause am oo so I mistakenly mistyped stella it was a mistake o

  6. Made Men Music, MMM scheme, ubi Franklin

  7. The winner will be chosen today after collating both yesterday and today's results. Stick to the rules as stated yesterday. Indicate if it is copied or not plus other rules.

    Best of luck!!!!

    1. Biko come again, I dont understand,wasnt it always each winner for each day, that is saturday has its winner nd sunday has its own too,pls u nd bv bbeloved should stop contradicting urselfs

  8. I have been crying since morning when this fine babe
    stopped me at SLOT Aba and told me that she
    is looking for
    I asked her Google Playstore how?..............
    She said her WhatsApp stopped working and her
    neighbour told her to go to Playstore and get a
    new one.
    Anyway as a good Samaritan I told her Playstore is no
    longer in SLOT
    but they have relocated to A-line
    then i put her
    in a bus going to A-line least i did my part as a good Samaritan that is i.
    #adapted from fb#

  9. 2017, My year of almsgiving

  10. #If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can't buy*

  11. Take away my first letter, and I still sound the
    same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the
    same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will
    still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What
    am I ?EMPTY

  12. So a guy was very hungry and decided to crash any event to get something to eat,as he was walking he saw an occasion where people were having fun and drinking ND eating,he quickly entered and sat down

    Soon the MC said;if you are from the grooms family please go the right,the guy quickly moved to the right and no one else followed, then the MC said if you are from the bride side pls go to the left,no one moved but were all laughing at the guy


    #original...i created this joke from an experience my frnd told me about lol

  13. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM scheme thanks.

  14. MMM made men music

  15. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM ponzi scheme

  16. When your girlfriend is so good in bed but very lazy to do house chores & your relatives start complaining about her. You will be like
    *you guys don't know what this girl can do*

  17. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM scheme

  18. hahaha triple MG/MMM........ *coughs*

  19. Enter your comment...MMM

  20. That moment you are gisting with your crush and you sneeze, then a "HEAVY CATARRH" jumps out of your nose. You'll be like......



  21. Hmm mm! This kin joke lol. It's more like a riddle

    1. Hausa man who removed his shoes to enter a taxi
    2. Igbo man who went to the bank with a spanner to open a
    bank account
    3. Yoruba man who went to bed with a ruler just to know
    long he slept.
    4. Tiv man who watched the news and waved at the
    5. An Efik nurse who woke up a sleeping patient simply
    she forgot to give him sleeping pills.
    6. An Igala man who lowered his TV volume because he
    to read a text message.
    7. An Ikwere man who polished his shoes to take a passport
    8.An Isoko man who climbed a mango tree to check if the
    mango was ripe enough then came down and started
    stones at it
    9. A fulani man who choose to drink fanta because he
    sprite was unripe.
    10. A Gbagyi man who saw something like shit, touched and
    tasted then said "hmmmm"na shit oo!!! thank God oh say I
    march am.
    11. An Idoma man who put his radio inside the refrigerator
    because he wanted to listen to cool fm.....copied

  23. please which Rice is the best in the market, I can't deal with the one i bought...... am confused i don't know which one to buy again

    1. I eat president basmati rice or aeroplane basmati rice, president is better thou, thnk me later

  24. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin and MMM ponzi scheme thanks I got it first.

  25. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM scheme got it first o.

  26. Here goes my gist and this is an original gist. I hope I win the airtime. Leggo.

    This happened in secondary school, a mixed school both of both male and female, Christian and Muslim. So now, different characters are bound to manifest. Hiaa Okay to the main gist, so a week to closure of schools, in one of the female hostels, haa one night o, some people were awake while some were asleep. What next shout in a near bye hostel, na so everyone jump up except the sleeping mofos, those sleeping mofos that even if you pour water, yimu they can't wake up. They were the only ones that were asleep, we had vigilantes so they were trying to pursue us for where we were clustered like sardines. We value our lives na. So people now asked what happened, said it was one girl that saw someone, a man and he was dragging her, we were like how wouldn't your hostel mates see him, at least one hostel mate. She said she don't know. One wicked senior like that started telling stories that she saw the man oh that she was scared, that he is tall, skinny, has long nails, has long hair, haa see fear, trust boarding school, some started crying, some started praying, me sef I was just shivering and shouting Jesus, was holding my close friend, we were like God for all the pranks we played, we are sorry that if we survive this few weeks, we will be serious with church, some girls were even urinating on their nightmare omo fear even catch the vigilantees sef. Na so dem call the girl, she was still shouting leave me, I don't want to marry you, omo fear enter gear 2, marriage kwa, an unknown human that looks like what I don't know is looking for who to marry, haa hay God not me o. See prayer come intensify, both Muslims and Christians, see cry, staffs and matron couldn't understand what was happening, console more than 200 girls haa. They now had to start their own prayers on the girl o, pour her anointing oil she come intensify the cry, like I don't love you, leave me, oya now shout Jesus she no gree, haa we were now like they should give us phones to call our loved ones and tell them bye bye in case, shuu them no gree, haa na so we dey drag till day reach. before seven, haa our matron took the girl hope, sanity was partially restored sha, later we heard that the girl just formed it that she was homesick, that after being denied the opportunity to go home after many trials, she decided to try that and it worked and she paid the senior money to move her ministry lol. Na so the term end o. She went home a week before closing before others making her holidays longer.
    Not to forget, she is a fine girl o, so we all believed, I think she is married now with kids and I am sure, she still remembers what she did. Lol secondary school was fun, at least prayer life of most people intensified.

    That's my gist and it's original. I hope I made some BV's laugh and I hope to win. Thanks and happy 2017

    1. yes you made my sister and I laugh." ....marriage kwa"

  27. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM scheme.

  28. Made Men Music, ubi Franklin, MMM sscheme.

  29. This happened when I was in school I came back from school to where my parents stay.. Every morning standing in d varendah, I see this cute guy, dressed to kill.. On shirts and better plain trouser with portfolio going to work.. I now turned a secret admirer. Everyday I will Stand in d varendah just to see him.. One day I was buying fries in d evening when someone tapped me and said hi nne... We talked and from there we became friends.. I asked him what he does for a living and he told me he was a "TILER".. me I no even understand which one be Dat.. And I kukuma no ask.. One day during discussion, d brother told me he will be going to work early cos he wl be going to his new site,where he is building a house.. In my mind I was so happy and shocked.. So dis man get house?? Was so fucking happy that I have hit the right person oo.
    Then one day I volunteered to come visit him in the site and he accepted and said if I dnt mind.. In my mind I was like nawa oo.. Why won't I go to see his house.. My future house.. (I don dey plan in my mind as our marriage wan go ooo... No blame me).. Dat was how I got to the site and called him that I'm there.. I was across d main road waiting for my supposed boo to come out nah.. Omo see my packaging(white leggings nice tee shirt and sneakers) that was how I saw someone wt cement bag designed as cap on his head coming to pick me.. I was like shuoo?? Abi my baby dey follow em workers work?? I didn't talk oo, I just followed him into the building... Only den did I realize Dat TILER na person wey dey put tiles for floor.. I nearly peed my pants.. Naso I help am fetch water to mix cement ooo until I tire.. Me sef come dey look like Mason myself. Nne after Dat day ooo... Our relationship come get k-leg oo.. I no fit jump from suffer to suffer head ooo

    1. Wow!!! Girl you are good..this is my winner

    2. Mind your grammar1 January 2017 at 18:29

      My vote goes to you! This was the only one that made me laugh.

    3. Lol, for your mind u hit jackpot. U get luck sef say ne be iron bender, kikikikikikiki.

    4. Omg!!! Biko, give this person. See me laughing like a fool 😂 😂 😂

    5. Lolzzz nice one...i VOTE for this

    6. Hahahahahaha.....
      You nailed it dear!

      I laughed so hard.

    7. Tnx for making my morning...I laughed so hard

  30. greed and envy no let bvs laugh for people joke, because everybody wan try fastest finger...

  31. Happy New Year 2 everyone.

    Let me drop ds 1 here too

    AKPOS: How far na for our discussion, you no go follow me go?
    SEYI LAW: I Don't think so. I'm just to occupied these days.
    AKPOS: Na wa for you o. You dey fall my hand too much. No yawa na.
    SEYI LAW: Whatever. Go look for someone else please, but Akpos, why don't you speak English? You always interact with pidgin English.
    AKPOS: Meaning?
    SEYI LAW: I'm using English and you are replying with pidgin English.
    AKPOS: I see.... You must be an idiot and if you aren't, you've made a world class effort at simulating one. I feel debased just knowing you exist. You are a bloody nardless newbie twit protohominid chromosomally aberrant caricature of a coprohagic cloacal parasitic pond scum. Goddamn living emptiness like you! Belligerent barratrous bigoted niccompu
    SEYI LAW: Wetin be all this one na?!!!
    AKPOS: So you can speak pidgin English too?


  32. That Igbo loving Yoruba girl.1 January 2017 at 18:07

    Hahaaaaaaaaaaa,omg! U deserve the card goretti bae. Are u for real? Lmaooooo. Pls I vote u abeg.

  33. If you think you're frustrated because MMM did willy-willy with your money, then you don't know the meaning of frustration!!!!! My friends you don't have an idea what frustration is !!!!
    You would know the meaning of frustration if you are an ANAMBRA man, you go for an oral English exams and the ask you to pronounce parallelogram! Or make a sentence with Parallelogram.. I mean PA-RAL-LO-GRAM!!! Not PALLALLELOGLAM!!! I'm out !


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