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Monday, February 13, 2017

IHN Monday

Hey ya'all...Everyone Okay?Still cant stop Laughing over yesterday's 'Distraction'...I am wondering if there is a banana shaped rubber now sold for men to pack in the sokoto?Dont believe anything else,yesterday looked like a setup.....You know what I mean right?#provemewrong LOL


Hello sdk,how `is' you?
Yels, I've come again oo but this time with a well made up face.kikikikikikiki.sup bvs?

*Shock*...Ify is this you?Woooooow...Make up wonder,even your haters will not recognise you..heheheheheheehe.

Who wanna be Valentine Face of In house News and face of Valentine Post?U have to be wearing red in the photo..check your album if you are interested.


Dearest Stella, with God all things are possible.

 I have been TTC for over a year now, my scan result said query Adhension, in fact it spoke a lot of grammar.

 Meanwhile I gave birth to my baby girl 2 yrs ago but TTC again it became an issue. I joined faith with other bvs when the TTC prayer was first introduced in march. Later I saw the 21 days prayer I also did it but didn't fast, then in Sept I did it again with fasting. On the first night I prayed very hard and on prayer point no 25 I beat hell out of my stomach while praying and crying bcos I have been feeling a particular presure on that side of the stomach. Lo and behold that pressure disappeared.

 To cut it short dear, that Sept I saw my period twice but I was not discouraged bcos I believed in the prayers I hv been praying including Wednesday prayer at ckc parish kubwa and other monthly prayers. Then in Oct I was so busy that I forgot about my monthly visitor, until I started spotting I then decided to check to see if it was period or pregnancy.

 Na so I take see very bold postive line oo very bold ohhh. My dear bvs pls glorify God with me oh and continue to believe God becos he is always faithful. 

Women TTC in Abuja, there is this man who was also giving me some liquid medicine for ovaries and tubes which I took with faith and now the way maker has over powered adhension and irregular periods to pronounce me pregnant. Though I still spot a little but It will sure stop bcos God has taken control. I will carry to full term in Jesus name amen. Thank you Mrs Korkus for being worthy of distributing blessings to people thru ur blog. May God bless you and urs more. May God bless all BVS in Jesus name amen.

*Hmmmm,A man giving you concoction to drink?When i read that i decided that it didnt belong to the TTC Collection because God does not share his glory with anyone talk less of man
Please stop drinking whatever concoction you are taking and let God finish the good work.




Good day Stella, I am going to Coventry University for my masters by May, Please I am looking for any blog visitor who is a masters student there or anyone who is going by April/ May for studies from Nigeria so we could link up.
 I can be contacted via  Thank you.


Hello Mrs Stella :)....

I love what you do ooo chai you've got such a big heart chop kisses(jenifas voice).

      My fellow bvs what i'm about to write ehnn i witnessed yesterday, i still can't wrap my head around it buh i think it's all shades of wrong.
I'm schooling in one d state universities in the south to be precise, we had a test this lecturer delayed us ehnnn frm 7am we were in school that alone was annoying finally,we started the almighty test few minutes into it , if i'm not mistaken he shouted at a girl took her to the front seized her papers and told her to consider herself absent.

This babe was begging ooo next thing we saw was this so called lecturer giving this girl slap of life asin i was shocked to my marrows tho because i've never seen such or heard if he caught her cheating he should have just collected her papers like he did already,buh the slap was on called for i just watched this girl cry i weeped inside i was so pained,he had no right touching her for any reason and i've noticed how lecturers treat students here in our country it leaves me speechless i try to avoid anything that will make me talk with them directly because i won't be able to take such slap ooo........



Hi Stells, I attended Lagos City Marathon and thought to send you some pics so that you will congratulate me as the marathoner that I IS na lol

I actually set out to win, but when the race started, I realized It wasn't an easy something o as it was my first time.

I completed the race in 4 hours sha and I was given a medal and certificate for participating and finishing the race. The Kenyans who won had already received their prize money and left when I crossed the finish line lol

Please someone should tell Ambode that they should stop including foreigners in Lagos Marathon abeg. We can't be watching these Kenyan's coming here and packing our money away all the time πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Okay, abeg make una congratulate me jor coz it's not easy. I came 1000th something in over 90 thousand people who participated in the race. I try na πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

LOL...well don Eesah



Good day,
Born and Raised in Edo but reside here in Abuja. I'm single & working for myself, and love sports. I love to relate but don't usually hangout maybe because of the nature of my Job (Realtor). I'm an easy going person and try to stay clear of any drama.

My favorite music consist of Rap, RnB, and Jazz. However I'm open to listening to anything original. I'm a music junkie so I don't mind other genre's. In my free time I enjoy Watch latest movies, Internet surfing, and most of all business.

I don't drink but will have the occasional drink depending on the event/occasion.
I'm looking for a woman I can vibe with on a romantically and intellectual level. Someone who will teach me new things and inspire me.

Find anyone Interested? Send me a message and we can go from there.


I have his photos and I have told him if he fucks up anyone or gbenshes and runs,na me and am...Meanwhile if you go and open legs for him before anything serious is hatched na you sabi oooooh.



Whoop... Can you believe that the much awaited St Valentines Day is less than 24hours away. I don't know about you but I think the Le Boos have one reason or the other to disappear and reappear BEFORE and AFTER valentine's day.

Who cares sef... all I know is that Barcelona have match on 14th #BarcaFanGirl

So on Saturday Gist we had VALENTINE JOKES ... Bv Issacson emerged the winner, complying with all the rules although he came with a copied joke. His gist had the highest number of votes against other original gists which had little or no votes.

Then on Sunday IHG/ WORST VALENTINE PRESENT EVER ... kukuma kill me ! Lol

Comments box was on fire...seriously our boos haff tried ...even with the pant and bra ...LMAO

And yes There was a WINNER !

BV Olaide Ogunmola ( I had to copy and paste your name) emerged the winner...With an ORIGINAL GIST. She complied with the rules and also had the highest number of votes.
Congrats to the winners

One love

Bv Beloved

E kasan oooo FROM DROYALTY

How una dey?
This na the result of Sunday In house gist.
The gist was tagged 'Worst Valentine present Ever'.
Many interesting stories graced the comment section, copied, original, moriginal and fiction(all na story). Oluwadarasimi got bashed and cussed out seriously for rejecting a gift 'from the heart'.

SDK bvs are baaad! Person post gist say make them vote for am make him win something, na curse them come dey curse am instead.

Sdkers, Una doh oooooo!!!!

One story however stood out, it was a touching story by Olaide Ogunmola, all protocols observed, it won the Sunday's IHG.

Make una fight small today for IHN ooo, I dey come.

President D'Royalty (Her Excellency)

I have announced three times for BV Isaacson to contact me via email and he hasnt done that so I am no longer interested in gifting him anything....I wonder why he ignored me though,would have been nice to post that you are not interested na....BV Olaide please contact me today unfailingly cos i wont reply you tomorrow oh.

Una wehdone



Hello family!!!

I will like to express my unreserved appreciation to every one of the
Sdk family for their show of love and care.. Thank you for your calls,
messages and flash (lol) .. Please forgive me as i wont be able to
remember all names that showered me with love and care but God knows
your name and he will grant you your utmost desire..

To Stella

God bless your beautiful heart and may he make all dreams and
aspirations come through.. It seems my baby needed the washing machine
in the house before coming to the world..i was discharged yesterday and baby and mama are doing great.

Will be sending my LRD soon as Omogwu is still on going... Love and
kisses to you all..



Experienced tailors needed in Port harcourt Contact 08036964121



''Sdk not sure u know Ivanka's Trump's wife,not daughter.I see even your blog readers haven't d foggiest idea claiming''

I saw this comment on a wrong post this morning but I am sure the person meant to post it in the Ivanka Trump comment section..

Ivanka is trumps wife?Bwahahahahahahahahahaahah and you boldly displayed that knowledge under anonymous?Chei ,did you have a fight with google?




  1. Replies
    1. JHW, no tearing of pant and bra? Odiegwu.

      I will surely send in my pix for val.

    2. I see you Eesah! Na man you be!!
      Thumbs up!!!!


    3. Bv Eesah really cracked me up. Try again next year. Kpele dear

  2. Replies
    1. Pls can someone enlighten me, which one is Realtor??

    2. @ifeanyi nwa nsukka, akwa imana iwu enyim na Facebook. Dunno how it happened but u are.

    3. Yes you correct
      I used to have ur no and i got to know you through a dress giveaway you did

    4. Anon 14:19 House agent

  3. Replies
    1. Buhhahhaah!!! See me rolling on the floor..... Cha! Stella you have no mercy, Melania na his baby sister, hahhaha...His or her fight with google no be today e start na.. hahahhahaha!!!

  4. Welcome IHN
    Beautiful Monday
    Read this
    As I sat working yesterday, my 12 year old son Micky walked to me and said Daddy I want to tell you something that will make you relax. My eyes went dim. He asked, when you fly in an aircraft do you know the pilot? What a question!. I answered in the negative.
    Then he followed but you are usually relaxed? I said yes. He then asked, when you ride in a train do you see and know the driver? I said no. He then followed again but you are usually relaxed? I said yes. He queried me again, when you ride in a bus do you know the driver? I said no.
    Then he followed but you relax in the bus and I answered yes.
    At this point he said so why do you entrust your life to humans and relax knowing they will take you to your destination, and yet do not trust and relax when you know God is in control?. I blinked!
    He concluded: Daddy, step out of your fear and relax. God the most experienced pilot and driver of your life is in control!

    1. Ok talk true, its not your son that said all that coz iv heard it before.

    2. She put "copied"@anonymous

  5. And for all those single girls who will be having sex on tomorrow which is Val's day,may ur condom burst,may contraceptives not work...may D&C go wrong ...
    So u people want to enjoy behind my back bah...hell no! sex for y'all till I'm done celibating....
    Yes I mean it😩

    IHN πŸ‘Œ
    Let me go and read

    1. You re wickedyπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    2. When are you gonna be done celibating ?

  6. Replies
    1. Fine face ifeanyi Nwa nsuka.

      Congrats once more married chick.

  7. Hard times are often blessings in disguise. Let go and let life strengthen you. No matter how much it hurts, hold your head up and keep going. This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having a rough day, a bad month, or a crappy year. Truth be told, sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones your spirit needs most. Your past was never a mistake if you learned from it. So take all the crazy experiences and lessons and place them in a box labeled “Thank You.” ~Manisha Shrestha Bundela

  8. IHN welcome.

    Positive Vibes Only😊😊

  9. I am very very sad as I am typing this, my husband of 3months left the house yesterday only to return this morning with condom in his pocket.he even refused explaning anything to me reason be that I am so angry so anything he says won't mean anything to me..This is a man I called over 50 times at night without an answer.what killed me most was that he wasn't remorse one bit and that pushed me to say bad words at him, I insulted the hell out of him and also told him to stay on his own whyl I stay on my own...I told him i am tired of the marriage and will pay him back, i even dropped my wedding ring with him. The thing now is I feel very bad to have said those things to him, I feel so guilty. But deep down he hurt me badly and I don't think I can ever forget it even if I eventually forgive him.

    1. U two cool off a little. Then talk about it. I've noticed communication helps in marriages. Talk about issues that affect you. Rather than bottle em up. It's well with u!. N I hope he didn't do that thing.....

    2. So sorry to hear. You acted impulsively hence those hurtful words ... you now regret.

      When you are more calm . Express yourself appropriately to him and seek the closure you need from this nasty experience.

      Your marriage is extremely in the infancy stage for such act.

      All the best. You'll be fine
      Go and have some chocolates 😘

    3. *Recieve sense* your hubby is obviously cheating on you and you're feeling bad cos u insulted him.Atm i feel like slapping you for this rubbish u uttered.una sef.....mtchewww. let me say bad words to u now,I'd be right back........walks away to cool off smh

    4. Learn to be in control of your temper next time
      But you are not wrong for demanding for answers from him tho

    5. He never owned up to his mistakes while dating. Why complain now you're married?

    6. Why were u insulting him,why not just wait for his explanation, now u have to apologize first before he explain and must take anything he say

    7. Men and cheating spirit, don't know when they will change.

    8. Huh??? You feel very bad to have been angry? Am i dreaming here? Would you feel bad of he infects you with STIs or HIV?
      What if he impregnats someone nko? Stand up for your right madam so that such wont happen again.he knows your so desperate and weak thats why he's treating you like trash.

    9. Just three month.. Your husband is the mvpπŸ™Œ

    10. You handled the matter immaturely , SMH

    11. Everything you did to him he deserves. Better stand your ground now, it's too early but better now than later. If the sky wants to break let it break now or if not let him explain to you where he has been and how he has a fucking condom in his pocket. he wants to use reverse psychology on you and you are falling for that crap. It's going to be a long life of cheating on you and being unapologetic about it if you let this go.

    12. Why did he leave the house initially?
      Have you guys been having issues?
      Have you been denying him sex?

      You see,I am not saying what your husband did is right but hope you didn't push him out one way or the other?
      If you've never done him wrong prior to this, then he is a fucktard.
      Otherwise search yourself and make ammend. Your marriage is still a virgin for this typa issue

  10. Today, I was having an interesting conversation with a guy ... about how all men will at every chance they get sleep with an available beautiful woman, ( na valentine fever i go blame ?) even though they have their happily ever after waiting for them.
    No sooner had I mentioned this had he gone on the defensive about how I was generalizing the ish ,
    He went on saying he was a good man, he would never cheat on his girlfriend and he was going to remain faithful till death do him part. Akukuo mike !!
    Bollocks! All it took was me asking him if he wanted to have sex with me for all that self-acclaimed morals to fly out the window! Story for another day.
    Kai some men eh ...who no fear una ...

  11. God bless this week. Especially Val tomorrow!!!!

    1. AMEN....val is like Christmas celebration to me...tomorrow is gonna be funfilled πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜


  12. Ify face of in house na only you I see abeg, babe you foineee, can we be frnds?

  13. I missed SDK blog.
    It's well.
    YAAY, it's Monday.
    Have a beautiful week y'all

  14. Ivanka, Trump's wife? Anon you were sleeping on bicycle when you typed that.

  15. Stella please ooo I have sent you 3 mails,but I guess its network just like my birthday post was delayed...please be patient,nor deprive me of my valentine gift ooo lol,d mail will soon come

    1. Send me a mail, lemme forward to Stella. I use a fast network

    2. Thanks dear....stella already sent me a mail few minutes ago....much love Stella,thanks for the val gift

  16. Please don't forget to reach out for your affordable platform /pumps for work or parties

  17. One girl carry water him no kno! One boy carry water him no kno! Ikwakwakwakwakwa

    Bia Rocky Queen, y did I dream of u? I was bout to lash ur otele, before God woke me up! Tufiakwa! I rebuke u o! 😰😘

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. 2girls carry catarrh he nor know,3 girls carry catarrh he nor nor sabi sing am jor....troubleseller ..πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  18. Replies
    1. You meant so na essah be this?
      Kikikiki thank me later

    2. Nor mind am..see as him be like brother bolaji blokosπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    3. Sweetheart na Essah
      Zoom in. He is okay
      As I dey see am him go sabi the thing
      Abi to run 4hours na child's play ?

    4. It means you are new not to know Eesah .

    5. Mhzzbee thank you. After he/she will be shouting upadan that he/she is an old bv.

    6. New kwa!i saw his "hello" version when Stella was doing that competition but I been think say him go Don tush pass this on.

    7. Have been here since the days of jalabia sweetheart.all of us re-brand, inugo?

    8. Buhahahaha. Tush for running a marathon of 43 Kilometres? Issokay


    “Biyi has. n’t worked for that long?” Dayo’s voice drips with resentment. “For real?” “He’s been trying,” I say in feeble attempt to defend my husband. “You know how the economy is.”
    …My husband and I had vowed never to bring in a third party into our relationship but with a bank account screaming for revival, I need to share my burden with someone else. I grip the phone....

    Dayo is unusually quiet. “You still there?” I asked. “Hello?” “I am here,” she says. “I just didn’t know things were this bad. And all this while, I thought Biyi was providing for the home.” But he is, I argued silently. Well, maybe not financially for now, but in every way else, Biyi is a rock. “It’s not that bad.” My words sound frail. Dayo clucks her tongue. “You might as well be a widow.”
    The words hit me like a fist. “Na you I blame,” she continues, oblivious to the damage her words have caused.

    “Me? Why?” She is blaming me for this? Seriously?
    “Why do you keep paying the bills?”
    “Because there is no one else to do it,” I protested and upset.
    “For real? He drives your car too?”
    “He needs it,” I mutter. “To attend job interviews and stuff. He gets back late sometimes.”
    “How late are you talking?
    “Nine, ten…ish.”
    Dayo pauses for a second. “I hate to say this gurl, but your husband spending your money on another woman.” Whoa! Hang on. Where did that come from? “Haba, Dayo. Biyi would never—” “Look, I know men,” she slices in. “You are his moneybag and he will take you for a ride as long as it takes. Where is your dignity, gurl?” Ride. Dignity. Moneybag. Ouch. “But he’s a good guy,” I manage. Can my husband be using me? It had never crossed my mind in the past, but I now wonder if Biyi is actually having an affair.
    “I trust my wonderful Dennis…,” Dayo is saying. I barely listen. My eyes are on the clock. It’s almost midnight and Biyi isn’t home. I forced myself to hear what Dayo was saying about Dennis Ono, her multimillionair e-oil- company-golden-husband. Gosh I envy her life and her perfect marriage. “My marriage is wonderful,” Dayo says, as if in affirmation to my undeclared words. “But only because I show Dennis who the boss is. He cannot try nonsense with me. Abi, you think it’s easy to get ten thousand pounds a month as pocket money?” She really gets ten grand a month? That’s like, my entire annual salary in my crappy job plus bonuses. Life is unfair. Honestly.

    To be continued

    1. Yawns......too long abeg,didn't read through

    2. He thrusts the car keys into my palm. I pushed past him, grab my duffel bag and stuff my overnight things into it. I know I am acting crazy but I have to show him that I would not be taken for a ride. That I am not a moneybag. That I have dignity. I zip the bag up and spin around. My husband is staring at me. “Is everything all right with you, sweetheart?”
      “Get out of my way.”
      “Where are you going with that bag?”
      “I need to clear my head.” I am still yelling.
      “Can we talk first?” Biyi suggests.
      “I don’t want to talk. Get out of my way.”
      He moves out of my path. I swipe a hand across my face, smearing my cheeks with mascara. “Don’t look for me. I will be back when my head clears.” I rush out of the house and jumped into my car. My rage doubles as the feminine scent permeates the car. He has been with a woman in my car. I felt like an idiot.

      * * *

      I pulled up in front of Dayo’s mansion. Her husband’s Porsche is in the driveway, and the porch lights illuminate my dreary form as I reach the door. I ball my fists to knock, but a scream freezes the motion.

      “Kill me!” I heard Dayo scream. “Good for nothing idiot. Womaniser of the century!” Whoa. Momentarily, I am unable to move. My hand hovers in the air. Dull thuds, muffled screams. Dennis curses. “I warned you never to serve me stew that is not freshly cooked!” “Am I your slave?” Dayo yells back. “If you want fresh stew, get your PA to cook it for you. Or you think I don’t know about her? You think…”

      Dayo’s words are silenced by another thump. My hands fall to my side as a flurry of blows stifle her cries. I wanted to call the police, do something…anything. But I could not move. And so I shut my eyes tight and listened as my friend is pummelled by her husband.

      The beating stops. I should dash to my car but something holds me back. “I am sorry I got you upset darling,” Dayo finally says. Her voice is laced with pain. “It is my fault. I should have cooked for you. I…Toni wouldn’t let me get off the phone…its her fault.”

      “Next time you talk to me like that, I will tattoo a punch on your forehead,” Dennis growls. “Get into the kitchen and make me fresh stew. And do something about that leech you call a friend.”

      That was enough for me. I sprint back to my car and drive home.

    3. A knock sounds on the window. Biyi. I wind down and he gives me a smile. “Head clear now?” he asks. “Leave me alone,” I mutter. Dayo’s wonderful Dennis beats her up? And she never mentioned?

      “I will leave you alone in two seconds,” Biyi says. There is a twinkle in his eyes. “But first, get out of the car.” I oblige, grudgingly. “What?” He reaches under the car seat and pulls out a small basket. “I didn’t come home straight from the interview. I stopped over at the Perfume shop to get you this.” He hands the basket over. Inside is a range of exotic feminine perfumes and a small card. I pull the card open, read the words: “Thank you for your support during the hardest times of my life! I love you.”
      “That’s why I was late,” he explains as he pulls me into a warm embrace. “You have been so good to me, Toni. I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.” I couldn’t reply. My throat is lumpy.

      “When you left the house to clear your head, I got a call back from the recruiter,” he says with a beam. “God answers prayers, babe. I got the job. It’s a package you won’t believe. Let’s go in. I’ll tuck you into bed and you can tell me what’s bothering you?”

      * * *

      I awaken to a text message from Dayo. “Denis is flying me to Seychelles this weekend. This is what you get when you stand your ground. You have to be a no nonsense gurl! Don’t you just love my life? Ciao sweetheart xxx.”
      I typed a quick response back: “Ciao!" and I quickly deleted her number right away.

      Now, this is one story every woman should read. The grass is never greener on the other side, best to believe that. No matter how good a friend’s marriage is, NEVER EVER compare your marriage!

      Hmmmmm!!! I hope that someone reads this.

    4. Please don't leave me hanging. Biko

  20. Replies
    1. Jesus!see me here,congrats married chick,Stella u too dey vex,Isaacson send ur email,beautiful face of ijn,that mumu anon,u no well,over sabi.

  21. A Blessing For My Family & Friends.May all of my family members and BV, who need a miracle this week, be blessed. May whoever has had a bad week face this new week with hope in their heart. May all of those who have had heavy burdens have their load lightened this week and the opportunity to enjoy their week, and May the person reading this prayer have a very good week ahead.

  22. Stella, I saw Isaacson comments on today's SP where he said he has mailed you, maybe network issues and he said he would mail you again immediately.

    1. Thanks dear...i appreciate

    2. Stella, maybe check ur spam mail or something for the isaacson mail. Cos I read where he said he's sent and resent

    3. Stella already sent me the val gift😁😁😁

  23. choi this girl is so fine nwa Nsukka you are pretty.
    mtcheeeew am hungry i will like to eat pizza and coke but my purse is shouting puff puff lol.
    iish let me look for something to eat before i come troll some people.

    1. Ifeanyi, you're beautiful with or without makeup.
      you can loose some weight to look sexy too.

    2. Steff,abeg re-add me on BBM, formatted my phone and lost all my contacts..Hov

  24. I see nothing wrong in fab mum's comment on sp,she was just being playful not to spite anybody,but Stella decided pull down the comment for reasons best known to her. With all the numerous quotes on ihn,I think you still take life too serious, #wehdonema.

    1. Maybe is because she occupied abi left too much gap in between her comments

    2. Foolish girl

    3. Tell fab mum not to create unnecessary spaces with her comment. No kids here, if she want to play, there's enough sand outside there to play with.

      Imagine that idiot la fresh that look like insect coming to call me out.

    4. Stella cannot be playing favoritism. She deletes comments with so much space, ppl will only complain if she had left fab mum's. It was the right call.

  25. Still looking for job and believing God for someone that will help me with my children school fees. Cheers

  26. North Dakota Siobhan13 February 2017 at 14:05

    Trump's first wife's name is Ivana, his daughter is Ivanka.

  27. God bless the givers n d receivers Cheers

    Esah is that u?
    I reserve my comment
    Mouth seal

    1. He looks sick n hungry. Talk!

    2. Mad Ideato! Must you talk??? Ashewo oshi.


  28. Why do some "men" take pleasure in slapping and molesting females?
    Why do women wear fake faces; lashes, brows etc.?
    Why do some ladies live fake lives; fornicate/abort and wed in a church as chaste?
    Why do some pastors boast about money and what they can do; did Jesus do that?

    1. Anon we no be, yourself are u Jesus?

  29. The Kenyans who won had already received their prize money and left when I crossed the finish line lol

    1. That line got me tooπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  30. A mad man was standing beside a chemist shop when tony walked in and was complaining to the chemist man saying "doctor, my head is aching me seriously for two days now.
    immediately, the madman entered and said, "i know how u feel" tony was astonished. The mad man said sometimes it will be as if ten men are playing army drum in ur head?
    tony: yes that's true madman: it will be as if ur head wants to fall down?
    Tony: yes u're rite madman: u will be seeing things double?
    tony: yes u are correct
    madman: sometimes u will be seeing things in the negative way? tony: OMG! that's true
    madman: when u see fire it will turn to river and if u see waste bin it will turn to paradise in ur eyes? tony: Jesus! that's a big truth; but how come u know all this things?
    madman: na so my own take start, u be my brother to be
    congratulations! tony fainted

    1. HahahahahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  31. Ihn welcome oooo. Congrats married chick, how baby. Ifeanyi nwa nsukka i shock, see transformation. This your makeover badt gan

  32. Ivanka is trumps wife?Bwahahahahahahahahahaahah and you boldly displayed that knowledge under anonymous?Chei ,did you have a fight with google?

  33. Stella about the "distraction " anything is possible, i saw a pant of camel foot for ladies and i was surprised. I will send u the pics on IG for you to see for yourself .

  34. Ifeanyi nwa Nsukka,you is fine😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Lovely makeup.

  35. Who will be my valo valo?????

    God pick my calls..

  36. Eesah well done on your participation on the marathon race.πŸ‘πŸ»

    What's the fuss about valentine ?
    Well I have been there , done that , worn the T-shirt , wrecked it , burnt it. And relished good Valentine memories .

    Now I sound like a grand Ma!
    Show love ❤️ though ! Not only in an Eros way but agape way. 😘

  37. Welcome.
    I pray and angel reach out to me this period

  38. Ifeanyi you're beautiful.

    Stella, Issacson said he has sent you a mail since. Check well.

    Eeasah weldone. You try.

    1. Thanks dear....stella already sent me the gift

  39. choi Essah why did you disgrace us like this na? you completed after 4 hours and you are even proud sef? the kenyan who won the race had seven head abi? next time kukuma stay ya house. dont you know that you were representing the entire sdk clan when you started the race? for that take the back seat joooor. you will remain in the back seat till further notice. lol.
    i cant stop laughing at your head. you try sha. atleast you completed the race, unlike some people i know *side eyes at my sef* that cant run to save their life.

  40. Lagos babe stop trying to cause rift when there is none..she wasted too much space and when i checked with my fone,it was unacceptable

    1. Now I get,to what end do I need to cause rift,I was only surprised to see the comment deleted.

    2. Stella no mind this lagos babe, is here for play? What kind of space wasting was that? Was kinda pissed when I saw that comment, everything must not be taken for granted abeg, if you allow it everybody will start rubbish, so annoying jor.

    3. U dey mind that one?ajayi kill some people!

  41. Ifeanyi Nwa Nsuka you is beautiful. Make up on fleekest

    Eesah just made me laugh here ehn.. imagine your position sef hehehe well done for the effort

    Congratulations Married Chick

  42. Happy New Weeks eyin eyan mi!

    Iphie dearie, Saw your comment on SP yesterday, Thanks for checking up on me... Amaria says God bless you dearie.
    Mama mia, how's you?
    Hope your day is going on smoothly?
    Have a blessed day momma...I love you.
    My one and only TGW, how are you doing ma'am?
    Kisses to you.

    God bless you Stella!
    OLUWA us your strength.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey CC baby!
      How are you darling?
      Good yea?
      Sending u loads of kisses😘

      Ifeanyi Nwa Nsukka,you is Beautiful!😘

  43. Easah you no try at all. Upon all the mouth you dey make here, dey abuse pastors, na 1000 you come carry. Chai olodo you be ooo. NO be man like you dey Kenya. If you had good mouths about Pastors, you for carry 3rd self. Anyway weldone ooo. Try to dey smile small, see as you look tight on this picture. Hope your girlfriend give you better massage.

    Ifeanyi nwa Nsukka chai you are beautiful ooo, was thinking it was chysugar. Chai who be your val now?

    Stella na the val love message from that lone girl wey make you keep everybody up like that. Oya S&M boys, help this girl ministry ooo. She is beautiful and looks good to go. I wish you a very good man that will not make you cry but instead to shed tears of joy. May God provide such man Amen.

    Just bought a new tire for N19,000 instead of N13,000 last year and una say make i pray for our presido. Na the country i dey pray for, make things better. If i can buy a tear rubber tire and not tokunboh, someone too can buy like that. May God Almighty help this our obodo Nija.

    So no shokis for this blog. I hope recession never hold am.

    Isaacson better send Stella mail ooo. I dont want you to lose that shokis at all.

    May God bless everyone Amen.

    1. Already received the gift from her dear...thanks

  44. God bless all the givers.
    Congrats Eesah

  45. Essah you try, how many times you faint for road?

  46. @ the marathoner you try bros, no be moi moi. @ preggie congratulations, it can only be God

  47. Xoxo mystery, ur analysis of me was so wrong.A tribalist? Out of my last 5 relationships, only one was a yoruba girl. A tribalist would'nt date someone from a different tribe.
    What do u know about self control? i've been in a no-sex relationship for more than a year now, and all i'm looking forward to in terms of sex is our wedding night a couple of weeks from now. just so u know, i've not been messing around even at times i was in a position to and i know how much my life has changed in one year since i've stopped having pre-marital sex...stop profiling someone u know little or nothing about.

    1. No vex. The analysis may have been based on your online personality.

  48. Stella you promised the Saturday Ihg winner a Valentine cake, bv Isaacson was expecting a Valentine cake to celebrate with his side chick. Now that you changed it to recharge card, he is no longer interested in the prize. He has enough recharge cards from ass-licking some aunties here.

    1. Hmmmmmm dnt even knw hw or what to reply you so lemme just join u ND laugh kwakwakwakwakwa

  49. bia stella but isaacson said he has mailed you in the SP na, you no seeyam ni? you sef check you mail madam, before you carry the poor boy shoki dash someone else.

    1. Lol poor boy rich in every area and aspect of my life steff

  50. Anon 14:01 you say husband of 3 months and you call him up to 50 times. Babe you are into this man and he is not into you. Sorry ooo. You should be happy he used condom and do not want wahala from side chicks. That is men to you. Bear the cross ooo. It is your cross or you want the side chicks to enter into your home.

  51. Replies
    1. Wait my eyes deceiving me
      Let me go and confirm

  52. kevin what is wrong with you and peoples otele sef? na so you go do till you go gbensh obanje for dream lol na that time your eye go clear like colour tv.

  53. Beautiful you @ Ifeanyi nwa nsukka. Weldone Eesah. Have a nice day everyone

  54. In House news is here!
    OH Lord, is this Ifeanyi Nwa Nsukka that was flogged by her proprietor? I wonder why a beautiful lady like you will allow to be treated like thrash.
    Errrmm, Eesah the teeth man*stiffles laughter*. You really need to channel the energy used in castigating christians, pastors and supporting the current administration blindly into yourself.Your lips is what I call "CHIKPORIETE, ETE NA RUBBER PONMO".Bro, you need it. Please don't tell me it's because of marathon, thank you.
    TTC lady, congratulations and may your testimony remain permanent... amen.
    Some lecturers will meet their waterloo someday.
    IHG winner gist was worth it, very funny gist. Oluwadarasinmi never "experreted" what befell her, bvs came hard on her so much that I felt pity for her...abeg make una chill small, una blood dey hot too much.... lol!!
    Married chick, congratulations on your baby.
    what else did I read?
    ok bye!!!

    1. Anon Decoded

    2. Hmmmmmmmmm........... Anon decoded.

    3. Anon. Don't worry we know who you 'is'

  55. Ifeanyi nwa nsukka, your face is fine with make-up. Have you lose weight? Go and beg no more. When going out to search for job like you said you are doing, let your face be like this and wear good clothes and shoes, you will get a job. Take care.

    1. Hahahahahaha e no pain me😝😝😝
      Your words cant get to me

    2. Repeat after me 'have u lost weight'

      It is only to be trolling comments that u know. Ordinary English, u can't speak.

  56. AMCON took over failed banks
    AMCON took over Aero Contractor
    AMCON took over Arik
    AMCON, please come and take over MMM

  57. La fresh, Im not the causer of your loneliness, don't lemme hear you mention my name once I'm not talking to you.

    Your low self esteem can't let you stand alone, you always hide yourself in the middle of the crowd, forming Voltron and defender of the universe.

    Oni pata gigan.

    1. From sp to bbnaija to ihn ...back to back
      Honey are you in love ?

    2. Make I reply you so that you go stop to litter SDKB with your comments.

      I don't have low self esteem or old so I'm not bothered.

      You're really 38yrs and a nuisance to yourself thats why you're this pained.

      Go and sin no more old man

      BTW I saw a picture of you. OMGosh *in Uriel's voice* you're ugly man. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Madam TTC you better go for early scan o,na so the ectopic wey do me take start,please I beg you,go o,it started with spotting o,though some spotting are natural o I thought then but do not take chances,i had to do operation to take one tube out,and I have been TTC for over a year now*wipes tears

    1. E-hugs dearie
      Your babies will come in due time

    2. Sis is well with you u ain't TTC anything, God will bless you double

  59. Everyone is shouting Valentine around me, I am just looking at them. The last time I celebrated valentine is years ago before marriage, all through my marriage nothing like Val, now that I'm alone here, I will just be watching all this girls passing with red and white clothes.

    God pls remember me.

    1. Val ain't a big deal but it is worth celebrating. A Lil cake with a bottle of wine will be OK for u and ya family to celebrate it after dinner!

  60. Hahahaha

    My hubby will never allow me use or touch his phone,now I just got home from work and found d phone on d table lmaooooo,apparently he forgot it. Now I have searched it upside down and to think that its clean ,so clean.(not suprisrd tho) but I really wanted to double check

    I'm a regular bv and comment often too.

    I'm actually commenting et d phone. Hahahahaha how I love to see d look on his face when he notice DT I've invaded his "privacy" as he calls it

    1. Lmao.
      Alright I know it is you
      But I know how to keep secrets

  61. Shantelle's Empire is same person as Justyswt.
    She use "Justyswt" to beg and post normal comment with Shantelle Empire. Yes I have my evidence.

    1. Take the evidence to d bank and use it to wildraw money as the detective that u is nowπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    2. Oya use your evidence to feed your family na.

    3. Lol
      Alright you know how it goes abi
      We need actions not hints

    4. The evidence you have of me and lagos babe you've not posted it till now.

      Custodian of evidence, evidence collector #wehdone

    5. Swaggie that was my second thoughts o

  62. Good Morning Mrs. Korkus and fellow BVs.Forgive me of any typical
    error(s) and take this as it is coming from overjoyed prospective
    For the people that don't like long story, i'm here to thank God like
    i said i will if he pick my call. God picked my call.
    I almost stopped dialing saying let God's will be done but Stella
    encourage me one day in one of the testimonies that God is still
    picking calls and we should'nt stop dailing.
    I have read and keyed into all the 129 TTC testimonies, some i read
    more than once.i prayed the TTC prayer point and my anchor scripture
    was Gen 1;28. I got married last quarter of 2015, we agreed to try for
    babies in 2016.It was'nt coming as we envisage.
    Monitoring spirits in form of friends, colleagues, neighbours and
    church members started attacking me of what i'm waiting for, why i
    don't want to stop wearing high heels & fitted dresses,some said
    people that wedded after me are pregnants, some delivered, some called
    on phone to ask how many months gone i am. One day i was forced to
    tell an older man (colleague) that i'm not in competition with anybody
    that the embarrassment was becoming too much. if you wed and get
    pregnant immediately in less or within 3months you may not know what
    God has done for you.
    The prayer of fruitfulness is not an easy one. I used to feel sad
    after praying and getting convinced that God has answered me and the
    next thing was period showing face when it is time. I opted to be
    kneeling down to thank God each time it comes that atleast i have a
    regular and timely flow.
    To cut the already long story short with all the ttc prayers/
    testimonies i keyed into,during our church 21(Twenty One) days fast i
    told God to pick my calls that i was to be amongst the 1st -100
    testifers, but since he did'nt put me there he should give me my
    testimony to send to SDK. i felt somehow and period did'nt show.I knew
    God has answered me but i waited to get tested in a lab on saturday
    and the result came out positive.
    I am very excited and grateful to God almighty. husby is not aware as
    he is not in town and will be back a day to Val.i,m keeping the
    suprise for Val's Day.
    I shall carry my bby to term, IJN, Amen as many TTCing God is still
    picking Calls don't stop dialing, U are next for a testimony, amen.

    Thank you very much Mrs. Korkus for allowing God used you to bless
    many lives, u may not know what you have done/ are doing but God in
    heaven will always bless you, keep you and make everythng you desire
    be in abundance for you now and always IJN, amen.

    With love
    Happy BV.

  63. Droyalty I follow you see that yabbing that they gave that girl. I was just laughing when I saw the first reply "I don't like you" the second one "I don't like her too" then cusses followed, cold bitch, ingrate, fool. Lmao.

    Face of ihn is fine.

  64. Replies
    1. Kemen has frog lips
      Eesah be like praying mantis ..lmao
      I can't even visualise this description

      Aunty kukuma kill him

  65. I messaged you Ibk. Kindly reply.

  66. Na Ifeanyi Nwa Nsuka be this? Choi! See fine babe.
    Stella, if I do professional make-up, na beauty queen I go be o. You no see my face with small rush rush make-up wey I do, choi! I go do correct make-up one day and send the pix in for FOIHN.

    I say make una fight for here today!
    So una never start?
    Oya, Eesah come and reply all those cussing you out here. Somebody should come and cuss me too with blog ID, I won't reply any Fulani Brown goat o.
    Fight dey hungry me today...


  67. Ifeanyi nwa nsukka is dis really u..mehn u is looking fine.Abeg how much u pay d MUA?

  68. Ifeanyi pls mail me d address of d MUA dat transformed u mgbeke face like dis

  69. Anon 14:27 i like that your dream ooo. Keep dreaming it will come to realities when Amcon will take over MMM hahahahahaha

  70. A whole undergraduate speaking writing stupid English, tomorrow you go say nobody gree employ you. Half baked future graduate.

    1. Lwkmd
      Honey are you speaking in tongue

      Mbala na akpo awo woko m ... pipi did I get the Ilu

  71. A whole undergraduate speaking writing stupid English, tomorrow you go say nobody gree employ you. Half baked future graduate.

  72. Eesah welldone you tried by completing the race unlike people like us that started but didn't complete the race.

  73. Please what is TTC?

  74. Am happy i won. I was called by my sister to read today IHN. Thank U bvs for voting me. I love you Stella dimokorkus. One love

  75. Beautiful Nwa nsukka,welkom IHN, congratulations to our new baby once again and same to our expected mother do have a great day all


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