Stella Dimoko Obasanjo Tell Nigerians ''If you don’t like Buhari, wait for 2019 election''


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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Obasanjo Tell Nigerians ''If you don’t like Buhari, wait for 2019 election''

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that Nigerians should stop praying for President Muhammadu Buhari’s death.

He said they should rather wait for the next general elections in 2019 to vote him out if they don’t like him.

This was contained in a press release issued by his media aide on Friday in Abeokuta.

Obasanjo described those behind the rumoured death of Buhari as wicked, callous and treacherous.

He added that all the President needed “are our prayers and best wishes, which will ginger his morale to come back more stronger and better.”

Obasanjo also recalled that he has also been a victim of such rumours when he was president and stated that “no normal human being will wish an elderly person dead irrespective of their differences.

“If you don’t like him, wait for another election, not going about to say he is dead. No matter his health situation, we should pray for him to recover quick and come back more stronger and better. For anyone wishing him dead, such person or group of persons are callous, wicked and treacherous.

“I was also rumored to have died almost 12 times. I don’t know what they derive from doing so, but, they should seek for forgiveness.

“Even if we know that the President is sick, he is in a better position to know what to say or what to do and not wishing him dead. We should just stop politicizing everything, especially with the elderly in the country.”

Buhari is currently on a 10-day vacation in the UK, where he is expected to undergo medical check-up. He is expected to return next week.

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  1. Replies
    1. Ebynwa: Property Investment in the UK, USA and Dubai from $25,000. Call/WhatsApp 070323383084 February 2017 at 13:22

      Na wah

    2. "I am a fan of GEJ because he was a Democrat and pushed for peace and Unity but I was angry with him when the fuel price was increased without taking into consideration the masses and the way it was introduced without informing people. I condemned the move and protested against the price hike. I was not happy with him because it was a failing of the government to respond to the needs of the people and cushion the effect of rampant poverty.
      "The occupy Nigeria movement humiliated the government and made Gej reduce the price. Although it didn't go back to 65 Naira but our voices and activities against an unpopular decision made the government listen. That's what protest can do. I did not sit back because I was a massive GEJ fan or friend of Pdp rather it was my duty to whip the government back to shape to fulfill it's promise to the people and stop impoverishing them. That is what citizens must do to make their leaders accountable whether you support them or not. Government officials derive their powers from the people and it's the people that would force them to conform.
      Now another occupy Nigeria is in front of us with the 2face backed rally on February 6th. With GEJ it was about the fuel hike and corruption in high places. With Buhari I don't even know where to start. Is it the hypocrisy of his anti corruption crusade or the lack of foresight on how to move the country forward? Is it the prevailing hunger killing everybody or a government that continues to destroy the economy but satisfies itself with blames and excuses? Buhari's economic sins are endless and it's making Gej's occupy Nigeria look like child's play.
      This February 6th rally is long over due and if you are a true patriot it's necessary to come out enmass to let your voices be heard. It matters not if you are a Pdp or Apc supporter. Your wallet and stomach knows no party. Your generator and car fuel tank knows no party. Your kitchen gas or stove knows no party. The forex exchange that did not pass N215 since 1960 but has shot up to N500 in 18months under Buhari knows no party. It affects all of us whether yoruba, Ibo, hausa, ijaw, urhobo, fulani, efik etc.
      The more you keep quiet and support a government that does not care the more the economy weakens because Buhari has not seen the anger and hunger affecting us. He increased fuel to 145 from 97 Naira but we kept quiet. Price of diesel has shot up 200% but we kept quiet. Forex increased from 215 to 300 but we kept quiet. It increased from 300 to 400 but we kept quiet. It has increased to 500 but some people are still saying I stand with Buhari. At what point in time would you sit down with Buhari? Is it when your family is starving and you are begging for crumbs with the forex at 1000 to a dollar? Right now the economy is stagnant but no reprieve anywhere.
      Cost of living has increased but salaries have remained the same. If you run a business your cost of maintaining that business has increased 1000% fold but you are generating the same 2015 income or less. If you are working for a company, you work harder but your salary has remained the same since 2015 but your daily expenses has shot up 1000%. Where we put on this earth to suffer and stagnate or to move forward? Let's not talk about the millions that have been sacked because Oga cannot pay salaries or bills anymore. Has Buhari thought of how these people are surviving without any help or assistance? That's why people had to run to MMM to survive. If there was progress economically would millions of people throw their savings into it. This government does not give a rat ass about anybody. You are on your own.
      Remember you control the government not the other way around. I support the 2face backed rally. You should also do that too so as to protect your family from impending doom and starvation.#istandwith2baba"

  2. I pray our vote will count in 2019.

  3. Abi same thing, I don't like Buhari at all but I don't wish him dead, we wwnt him out soonest though but not death

  4. See talk like Moi moi oooo
    See, I dont have prayers to waist for his quick return bcos who him epp? His wife and kids should be up to the task. Let him just do and come back and redeem the already dead economy joor. Mtcheeew

    1. It's waste not waist.

    2. After buying one ball of akara for 50 naira, i dont wish him well o.

    3. King Stella it seems you are new here. It is not waste but west... Lol.

  5. These aged failed leaders should join their ancestors already

  6. He he he he!
    I don't seem to be the only one who wants Buhari Dead!
    If he had performed beyond our expectations,no one would have wished for him to die.
    2019 is to too far to correct all the terrible things he has been doing and I doubt he will concede defeat like our hero did!

    1. No fair election will take place in 2019. So we are stuck with this clueless man for 6plus more years. Smh

  7. Sai Baba should just repent from his wicked ways so he don't end up in hell cox he is definitely very ill

  8. Hahahahaha! OBJ kenan! Well said Sir!! I agree with you gan.

  9. 10 days don pass since he travelled na.
    Well, 2019 go soon reach. I hope Nigerians will borrow sense when that time comes.

  10. Ol doze 9gerianz preyin that mai precidaint shool dye, it is yuor precidaint that wheel dye an north mai precidaint.

  11. I should pray for buhari?
    O.k am coming...
    Who buhari policies EPP?

  12. I will never wish anyone dead because I do want anyone to wish me dead either.... I pray Bubu is restored to good health and if he is too weak to continue as President and if he cannot provide solutions to these problems plaguing the nation, he should vacate office. It is as simple as that.

  13. Were you Obasanjo not the one that forced him down Nigerians throat all because of your hatred to Jonathan became he refused to be controlled by you. My Bible didn't teach me to wish evil to anyone but since buhari wished us evil,I wish him d same. He's so wicked. He never knew Jonathan will give up power so easily like he did. All buhari wanted was to shed blood with his bloodsuckers unfortunately Jonathan valued Nigerians blood more than his personal aspiration. I wish our voters will count come 2019.

  14. seriously o, I never and would never wish him dead. But I understand those wishing him dead, Cus right now am just imagining Aregbesola and Ajimobi being critically ill, all Ladokites go just dey pray say make them die. lol. God help us in this country. lemme go anonymous incase the constituted authorities see this

  15. Can we declare Psalm 109 vs 8 then on him?

  16. That's true joor...we should rather pray he gets impeached or come to his senses and deliver on all the promises he made while campaigning that deceived us to vote for him

  17. 10 days abi weeks because am sure he had stayed more than that

  18. My sister 2019 is extremely far! If not that the Bible says we should pray for our leaders ehn, person suppose carry shnapps early in the morning take swear for all these old cargoes and ancient crocodiles that don't want to leave the corridors of power. U people should not worry, one day, monkey go go market, E no go return, it's at the judgement seat of Christ ,that u people will know the devil is learner,compared to the wrath of God. Continue going to London,for ur unending treatment, there is a day of reckoning. Old dragon wey no go gree resign but rather die there. Don't be surprised come 2019,if he's alive, he will still come out and say he wants to campaign. We dey wait u.


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