Stella Dimoko BBNaija - TTT Evicted,Efe is Ultimate HOH!!!


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Monday, March 20, 2017

BBNaija - TTT Evicted,Efe is Ultimate HOH!!!

On Sunday ThinTallTony was evicted from the Big brother house,ending his Journey to clinching the 25 million naira prize...

On Sunday Efenation,Efemoney,Efeman became the Ultimate HOH .
I think BBNaija has two weeks before it ends,not sure though.
TTT should be back home this Morning right?LMAO...I cant wait to read or listen to his interview.

What else?

Na #Efemoney #Waaferiansareloyal #Waffynodeycarrylast 


  1. That's how the Association of Housewives sent TTT home for disrespecting one of their own on International TV.
    It was a huge blow and they couldn't take it no more"

    This boy abi man go hear am this week. Today is just the beginning

    Efe is blessed and favoured.
    I am really happy for him

    1. Efe or bisola for the money

    2. Walahi e go hear am!
      Shame dey catch me for wetin social media go do am

    3. Bloggie, I didn't watch yesterday's eviction, but your updates made it seems I was there live!

    4. Efe isn't specially blessed or favoured my dear
      Mark my words at d finale his supporters would suffer from what is called voters fatigue and he won't win let's bet

    5. My efe will win last last idiot team cocoice oya let's bet hater oshi


    6. 14%TBOSS fans where una dey ntoooooooooor

    7. I dey tell you bloglord, he think say he smart.
      Imagine home Saying, he knows we don't know he is married.

    8. Anon 11:50 Why the insult? He or she stated his or her opinion, state yours and move along. I tire for some of una.

  2. Replies
    1. He will come up with apologies to all married women,telling us how it was a game he was playing,nonsense man.

  3. Eayah what really happened. Was having a beautiful birthdays with church members in two places and did not bother to go on 198 to check what was on.

    Oya Bloggie the original big sister mama. Give me breakdown.

    Chai TTT how you go do your wife now?

    1. My Yori Yori princess,
      I don finish work for the eviction post.
      Check that you have visited the post already.
      Hope you've had tea today? #wink

  4. big brother naija and tricks and rigging....why are the dailry sessions not being broadcast?what is big brother discussing with Tboss in the dairy room?
    I am sure she meets with someone inside there....I wonder who they are planning to take off this time..

    IF TBOSS WINS BIG BROTHER NAIJA THEN IT SHOULD BE THEIR LAST ONE BECOS THE WAYO IS SO CLEAR::::the dairy sessons shud be broadcast for fairness.....nonsense

    1. Most of u complain too much like kids and so unnenecesary, from the percentage, does it look like Tboss is favoured?the hate for her is much, I am even surprised she still has fans keeping her even with the hatred from most of u,enough already.

    2. Nawa oo. Wetin tboss do una. Tboss this tboss that. This your comment is somehow oo. Meets some one in there kwa. Is it only her diary session that is not being shown? Biko leave the poor girl alone. To fine wahala, if u no fine wahala. Nawa.

    3. The rigging is so obvious
      The week cocoice and fifty where up I remember big brother telling housemates 3people where up for eviction instead of 5

      We were confused and thought it was a mistake. The day of eviction ebuka said Busola and basset where safe, next thing he calls d guy from delloite and reads that coco was eliminated nd we were more confused.

      How did ebuka know bisola and basset where safe before the envelope from delloite. It occurred to us they were never up but they made the world waste votes in bisola and bassey with everyone scratching head how basset d newbie was able to gather so many votes.

      2weeks after bassey is up with tboss, efe, debbie etc and we are all shocked that he barely scalled through with very small margin.

      His he went to gathering such high votes to such small votes became a mystery.

      Thankfully because he's not efe a lot of people did not notice but go to you tube the video is there

    4. From the beginning of the game a non elimination week equals a double eviction the next week only this week despite having 4housemates up for eviction on the day of eviction you tell us inky 1 housemate is going home

      So convenient

      Also giving marvis a power card that does nothing for her and which use you conveniently kept till you favorite is up again other strong contenders calls to question the motive of that twist

      Now I don't believe any big man is supporting tboss but I do believe there is obvious manipulation by the shows organisers to keep certain persons in the game.

    5. I still don't understand why people hate her
      You need to see bashing especially from women. Not cool @ all

    6. You people will not vote you will be shouting rigging, Ebuka and the organizers already knows the result that is why it is being shown on the screen, they use different strategy each week to call out the winner and the looser depending on their number they only bring the paper for the final 3.Bisola and Bassey were up and we voted for them I personally spent 6k and I shared my vote btw Bisola and Bassey @Team cocoice May be this is your first time of Watching BB not the local BB Naija season 1.if You watch BBA from season 1 or 2 you won't do that analysis

    7. This team Cocoice person is right. 2 people should've been eliminated yesterday but once they saw that Tboss had the next least vote, they changed it to one person.

      I know what I'm saying, believe it or.not

    8. I agree with anon above o. T boss and big brother are working together. She should have been eliminated yesterday. But big brother made sure she was not

    9. You are right, the first big brother Nigeria too was rigged. Katung was brought to win and they shared the money then it was 14 million. I don't trust them either, their only constraint is more access to Internet people can now call for vote for their loved ones.

  5. Efe Nation. I knew TTT will be the one to go. He knew too. All yea boss people how far? All mouth no action. Even Debbie that we all think won't make it is ahead of the almighty bossnation"NOT" people.

    1. Hahahaha olori, leave our Tboss o.

    2. My dear ehn.
      The thing shock me. I wil be voting from today.
      No be #QueenT for mouth o. Chai!

    3. TBoss will still leave no matter d wayo or twist they wan play, 2pple were supposed to leave them change am to one. We gree no whahala, fans won't chose TBoss over the two girls not Bisola o.... So let's c what plays out this week 2or more will leave. Oga pipe down no shout yet. We dey watch them

  6. TTT is gonna be fine. I see him, bisola,Debby, bassey, Tboss hitting it big time after the show. Efe might win but end up like the last BBN winner.

    1. Thank u so much, like the last bbn winner,he didn't become popular after the ahow at all,Efe doesn't deserve to be the winner at all.

    2. You think is easy to be loved by a lot of people. Efe will get a lot of recognition and endorsement. Who God has blessed........

    3. That's d more reason he deserves to win. Because he may not become popular after d show.

    4. Ehn, leave him alone, let him not become popular. As far as he gets the money, we are good.


    5. The last BBN winner went on to New York film academy to study directing and is a movie producer and director.He works at MTV Base, The guy is doing fine,He might even be wealthier than Ebuka.Perception.

    6. Thank you my dear. They think being in the limelight is what makes you successful. Katung is doing very well for himself

    7. That Katuoon (last BBN) was ojoro they deceived Nig.s but GOD catch d boy, Ebuka dey far pass am

    8. Efe go far? Abeg with what talent. Well maybe for wazobia radio, cos he know how to speak pigin well well. He is better of winning that 25 million it 'll do him good that if he knows how to invest money wisely. I see Tboss going far with endorsement that is so obvious right now. Thank you

  7. Ttt is very intelligent and very smart. Is just one lie that brought him down. I pray he makes big in life

    1. It's unfortunate. Seems like his family is riddled with bad luck. They need deliverance. He has been hustling for the limelight and every attempt leads to failure. The man is in his late 30s now. I pray this experience doesn't break him.

  8. All hail the man of the moment. Efe!!!

    Your name is really speaking for you bro. The money is yours. Gbagam!

  9. Team Tboss! Teamefe!
    Other evicted housemates don fade already

    1. Lol @biyonce and kevert.. Nigerians we too much

    2. You know mind am.
      Get over ittttttt, he is going places.

  10. Stella I thought you said you don't watch big brother?
    Anyway I love the fact the ttt has to go meet his cute face, bisola will stop mourning her loss and focus on bally.
    I dislike marvis
    Tqueen I pray table turns around for your good again too #iloveu#
    Debbie rise , your stay in house really thought me lesson for Life "it's only God that has the final say in any situation,may God continue to favour you....
    #Miss i#

    1. Bisola continued her mourning this morning. Annoying geh!

    2. And Marvis shouted "na my fans vote for you ooh,like her mind is telling her people like her?nonsense

    3. Please o, why is marvis still in that house? I don't get it!

  11. Congratulations to Efe and his people. Thank God I don't have a favorite there... Else I'd be super pained when that person gets evicted!
    I don't need such unnecessary stress in my life right now mbok.

    What I noticed sef.. Is it that Bisola, Marvis and Bally's fans are not aware of how this game is played or what? Is it that they don't know Efe is the main competition there? So therefore whenever the dude is up for Eviction, they should vote massively for the other person that isn't much threat to stay so Efe can leave? Rather they will join hands and vote for him to stay and the non-threats gets evicted each week?

    TTT was the only threat Efe had and now that he is gone, I see the guy winning the money for real.
    Una dey make me laugh, this is not a friendship game. They are there to win the money, so if you know who your favorite player is.. Vote out the threat!
    Nothing kwoncern me shaa
    I'm only here to observe and listen to Biggie's seductive voice 😯😯

    1. Exactly!!!
      Efe even smiled when TTT was asked to leave. Cos he knows that TTT is his biggest competitor in there.
      It's funny how they've turned the gamehouse to friendzone.

      Efe is so winning that money. If he doesn't, then ojoro don enter.

      I still love my TBoss though...
      I know she will not win as far as Efe is in there but I love her for the fact that she is principled and that will take her places.

    2. And that's what they are doing..
      Efe has fans
      Don't think bisolars fans are voting for efe
      His brother is really campaigning for him
      Giving out money and all
      And alot of people are going through extra mile to vote for him
      I heard someone saying he loaded 15k card just to vote for efe
      His fans are loyal
      Believe me

      I'll like to see what happens at the end thk
      It's definitely between him and bisolarr

    3. Team bisola voted debie rise,

    4. @Bloglord and @Fab mum
      One thing is clear.. Efe is loved! I wish him well tho

  12. The Efe some of u are supporting is not a nice guy at all, look well,very dirty guy too, if he wins then this year has the worst winner,even the organisers of bbn know that Efe doesn't deserve the money, wicked guy

    1. He is also very vindictive. He's a winner a complainer. Uneccessarily strong headed, overly ambitious and desperate. I hope he doesn't win

    2. Honestly I no know the jazz wey efe do for them ooo. Me I don't see anything abt him. Can't even b compared to bisola who is a bundle of talent.

    3. Nothing at all, he is not fun to watch and his rap nko heaven helps.

  13. The Efe some of u are supporting is not a nice guy at all, look well,very dirty guy too, if he wins then this year has the worst winner,even the organisers of bbn know that Efe doesn't deserve the money, wicked guy

    1. Anon 10:12 dis is ur opinion and thank God it is not binding on others. Leave him his fans are not complaining and he cannot be tush fr u.

    2. Dis ur opinion is like an ass hole.everyone has one!

  14. Tboss didn't waste time last night. Her manipulative skills were trained on Bassey.

    But Bassey being the smart dude that he's be like, "your ogbanje wan start now abi"

    Lemme come and be going before I'd be labeled a hater.

    Efe is da boss.

    1. Efe efe efe efe efe efe.. You aren't no hater gem πŸ’Ž

    2. Lmaoooooo @ ur ogbanje wan start now.
      We know Tboss loves attention albeit unnecessarily at times but we just love her.
      Tboo-boo-kitty, I got u hun

    3. I noticed

    4. And she started with her nonsense crocodile tears again,that people hate her.she wan manipulate people's emotions to vote for her.Tboss Tboss cry cry baby

    5. You are not a hater but i dont think Tboss is manupulative.. a whiner but definitely not the most manupulative.

      Marvis doesn't care for Efe so much,but she finds a way of latching unto him when he wins head of house task.
      Tony always finds his way into bisola's good books when hes up for nomination.

      Tboss came into her own on the show.. gradually shes bonding with people. What else will she want from Bassey? Babe just needs friends and nothing is wrong in that.

      As a manipulator.. her first job should be what Uriel was doing in that house,going round and talking trash about others. Then making sure she avoids fights,even the necessary ones.

    6. Annoying geh
      Told Bassey he is a fine boy and has a nyc smile. He was there grinning, belle dey sweet am.Make him no run for him life, the black widow will pull him down

  15. There will not be any head of house task again. So efe will be in the house till the end. I pray he wins the money let the house mate nominate wisely because if tboss, bassey and debbie rise are up for eviction it means that efe has to safe one of them and replace the petson with one of his buddies in the house. Plsooo where is Ofunneka from bbafrica 2

    1. I read one time that Ofunneka married one medical doctor based in Australia and migrated to Australia,know one heard from her after then maybe she just chose to live a quiet life. Not everyone ancy being in the spot light.

  16. Tboss still got to top 6 even with the hatred.i have a feeling she will have votes this week again.

  17. The race will be between bisola and efe but efe will win it. I really want bally to be up for eviction so that we will know his fan base. I pray Tboring leaves this week because she must be up for eviction again today.

    1. I think we would be shocked and bally would just surprise us

      Firstly northerners will band and vite their own (if the show is as popular in the north)

      And his people (since they have money) voting continuously via SMS

      He will just win and efe, bisola fans combined will just be shocked

  18. Finally all you bitter souls have sent ttt outta d house abi? We will wait and see how that manipulative witch call Tboss will win. As if she is better than him in anyway. We dey here, we dey watch.
    He messed himsef up by going close to the bitch, that lady is bad luck mhen.
    They are the kind of ladies you fuck and your destiny will just shrink.

    *Hangs leg on the window*

    1. Tboss will never win that money! Lai Lai
      Unless dem do ojoro there

    2. U'r just a very big, hypocritical swine! For ur info, ttt deliberately distanced himself from tboss this week, and latched onto bisola hoping her fans will vote him. Debbie rise is the one close to come she wasn't evicted??? What will u gain by ur extreme hatred of tboss? What will it profit u to slander her name all because u want your favourite (that won't even give u one kobo) to win? Evil, wicked people everywhere!!!

  19. #EfeNation the talk and do Nation

    Who can help me with the DSTV Now App. I've downloaded it but it's not working.

    1. Efenation all the way swaggy. Talk and do fans.

  20. Didnot know that marvins two oranges are this small. I saw tt yesterday. Gush. She has man's stature

  21. I wonder how ttt will face his wife and the explanations he will cook up to tell her.

    Efe for the molla!!!

  22. Na wa ooooooo for your stupidity,your hate for tboss no go let you talk true.wen biggie called marvis dis morning,was it aired?na wa ooooo for dis your bitterness

  23. I have fallen in love with bisola after that their one presentation. So no going back. Thank God ttt has gone so that she can concentrate.

  24. Efe has God's hand on him!
    Boy is blessed!
    Based on Logistics, I need the same grace that keeps Efe!!!!

    Team Bisola and Team Efe.
    We heading to the finals!!

    TTT's lies are intolerable.
    I was screaming at my TV yesterday for Ebuka to mention his wife and he did! He was shocked. He didn't know anybody knew.
    He was adamant that nobody in the house knew.
    Well, he would be on SM this week and see whatsup.

    Bisola pissed me off with her crying yesterday.
    That's how we cry when God takes away something from us not knowing it's for our own good.
    She should better behave and ignore Bally.
    I need her sane.

    Somebody should tell Debbie Rise to stop thanking us. We don't know where the votes came from mbok.

    Once again, Congrats to Efe, ultimate head of house!

    I actually like that Tboss didn't leave, I like her.
    But are her fans in Romania?? Una no dey vote???

    Cookie Love, I saw your shout out. Nwa oma.
    BL, Lord herself, take cold water on my behalf, Big Brother should pay you.
    Idigodi good.

    TGW, Thanks love.

    Pipi leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Darling baby.

    Where is Arabella, the Queen of the queens! I love you!

    Iphie baby, you no go like surprise yourself and vote nah?

    Chi Exotic, Hi.
    Chikito, Hello.

    Shebi you know I like you both?

    1. I still think the percentage written was a mistake, where did the votes come for debbie rise, so strange.

    2. Debbie's handlers voted via SMS.
      People dont understand that SMS is where the power is

    3. Hahahaaahahah
      Ollie baby, only cold water? Abeg come and pay for this soymilk am drinking right now, free biggie, im head de shake. LOL.

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    5. Hi boo boo
      TTT IG handle has his family's 'pix(es)' na, videos of his kids while they play around, don't you think he would have deleted everything and allow speculations to thrive with no evidence? It was just a game and he is the ultimate player. People voted him out to save their favourite, I like Bisola even though the likeness has reduced a little, i'm still a fan, like her on SGT and Lagos husbands and If TTT leaving will help her save whatever pride she has left, let him go, (hope she doesn't pounce on the next available cassava).
      TTT I wish you well, you had your game planned all along but it backfired, we do not tolerate cheating husbands in Nigeria(oh, but we do tolerate ours)

    6. Hahahahaha@ Ollie
      Babe.. wait.
      One question for you.

      I never imagined you as Big Bum Ollie.
      I read your comment.
      So you are one of those babes that will go clubbing with all that junk inside their trunk and refuse to dance?? HewuuuuπŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️
      But we cant bow to societal standards now..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      Surprise myself?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Im tooooo lazy Ollie! Its bad! I have shared my time already. But lemme see how it goes.

    7. Team bisola voted Debbie

    8. You have a point @Pipi, but then again why was he promising Bisola that they would continue when they leave the house? Abi that was part of the game??

      Bloggie, Soymiik is not Ketogenic ooooo. Drink water instead!

      Iphie Baby, Vote ooooooooooooo. Vote.

    9. Iphie, Yes ooo.
      I have big ass but can't dance.
      Not like I care anyway.


    10. Debbie's votes came from the coting channel. People don't realize that Debbie has got silent voters,that is apart from the fact that Bisola's fans voted for her.
      I know a few ppl that actually took their time in voting her. You didn't vote for her doesn't means others didn't.
      It's not by social media noise.
      Do not always follow the polls. The polls have been misleading people since time immemorial.

  25. This money will either be shared between Efe and Tboss or Tboss alone will go home with the whole money. Mark my word.


    1. Nooo Elastic my joke paddy,
      I don't see that happening @ tboss going with the money.
      Anyway never say never though...

  26. Hmmmmm, all this pipo on this blog shouting Tboss and so on you see how God works even Debbie rise vote is more than Tboss.person no go hear word that means Nigerians are really voting right Tboss no even near Efe even half,IV told you all that Efe has grace I'm sure he will win cos bisola is his only competition and I pray corruption does not enter big brother cos Efe nation are happy for him to even think that he won the HOH task.The guy is a champion. TTT on his way to meet his wife but I know their marriage will never remain the same again God forbid that kind of shameless married man that does not have regard for women and he was even feeling pompous abt it yesterday when ebuka interviwed him.anyways that's his wife's own is for Efe to win. Chi exotic I'm feeling you unto Efe mata

    1. I bet u it was a mistake on the screen, debbie rise, she doesn't have fans like that

    2. E go shock una when bally go win. Make we dey watch.
      Delish time nobody saw her coming
      Valley will just shock us when northern oligarch pour 100k to vote him via SMS

      We would see how far our efe and bisolas 100naira SMS votes would lead

    3. Team bisola voted Debbie

  27. Efe won HOH!

    Watching him yesterday,I realised why I like him. He is good natured.
    You can't help but not like himπŸ‘

    That DJ of Saturday nearly gave me a heart attack! Oga played all the songs for only 20 to 30 seconds. his song-switching game was zero. And the funny thing is that he thought he was killing it. LMAOπŸ˜‚

    TTT is a clown! I will miss his dance.
    And Bisola's facial expressions while dancing,I like. She dances well too and knows almost all the lyrics.
    I am impressedπŸ‘
    The parties won't be anything without the two. Too much sauce.
    Bassey too. I really do like Bassey!

    And my Queen danced! πŸ˜‚
    #Dancing Queen😍
    And that her outfit was just lovely!
    Keep queening hun!πŸ’‹

    As a chronic TTT "agitator" but now repentant(Lol) I must add that I pitied TTT small last night. He had no reason to do what he did. Deny his family. Yea. But seeing him out last night kinda mellowed me. And hearing him say he had tried for 12 years to get on the show, I felt for him. And it was sad to see cos this guy would have won this show hands down! He was just soo likeable l! Smart! Funny! Talented! A Jolly good fellow. A team player. Cute. Everything. He had the right attitude and he seemed the part too. A star! And he needed that money!
    Oh well! That's ok. Hope he has learnt from this. Let him try and move on. His dreams are stil valid.

    Hahahhahaha but I briefly find myself wondering where TTT wil offload all that his month-long horniness since Wifey won't play. Chai!

    Done nominating people or canvassing for them to go. Makes me sad afterwards.
    So I am done! Especially as everyone remaining is my person kind of. So yea! I hands off.

    Marvis stil dey that house Na.
    Biko Marvis has to go next week. Then from next week I start "handsing" off. πŸ˜‚

    1. I felt bad when Ttt was leaving cos he was a strong contender but that one desperate act filled with lies, sent him away, the first time I saw him he looked like a winner in my eyes, not Efe,he didnt have to lie, desperation is bad.

    2. Hehheehheheheheeh@ TTT agitator.
      I feel for the dude.
      He could have easily won this.. easily!!!
      He has kids to cater for,age is no longer on his side. He has SUFFERED. I know this.

      I just hope People take a chance on him. Personally i will be uneasy around someone like him.
      I pray endorsements pursue him.

      Marvis??? That one? She's suddenly all over Efe. Just meandering in that house.. Bally too.

    3. All I will miss is the way TTT dances. Dude can πŸ’ƒ. And you are right about that dj. Marvis should stay o! She is better than your Tbaby

    4. Lmaooo @ all the horniness.

      TTT is on his own now o!

      Instead of him to begin to remedy his mess, he is still giving strategic answers. Issorai!

      Pray tell, which game is he still playing?
      Remember he said he has waited 12years to be in the BBN house.
      Seems his head never reset say dem don evict am.
      Dude! You don comot from BBN show! I repeat u don comot from the race of 25m+ car Begin talk well..because you are now on the race of reviving your family from the dead. (no be me talk, na only u talk so yasef)

    5. O my TTT😒😒😒😒, you will be missed surely. Twenty seven neen is your year,you must shine!!!

    6. Olori?? Waattttt
      Marvis? Eleyi gi di gan oohπŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️

    7. Hahhahahah @ BLOOGIE

      But let's go easy on him. No need kicking a man who is already down. As per the nonsense answers he gave, he was flustered. You he didn't know the public knew. Kai! See epic show down! He even said it's a lie when Ebuka repeated it.
      So i Kinda think that took him unawares and remember he asked Ebuka "should I tell them now? Meaning can he now confess and prolly apologise And Ebuka said no. So I think that too confused him. And in the end,he made a whole mess of the whole thing.

      @ Pipi Olori and Classyme,you know this. I actually covered my face in sadness for him.
      I felt really bad. Really bad. Such a huge opportunity wasted. Wasted on a lie.
      @ Iphie why are ur hands on ur head?πŸ˜‚
      That emoticon of yours cracks me up every single time.

  28. yes team efe he is kinging


  29. Thank God TTT has gone and bisola was crying today , I raise Beyonce handπŸ‘πŸ‘ for debbie followers, but my guy Efe last last Na get the money.

    Mz indomie says so.

    1. Debbie has no followers her supporters are investing a lot voting her via SMS if they invest 10k every week to vote her she wld stay in the game till the end.

      In actual fact if 5-10 people invest 50-70k to vote her in d finals she has a very strong chance of winning

      If you check her SMS votes there is no margin of error. Her name is spelt correctly, d hyphen isn't omitted and the vote is right were it should be with no words typed before or after to make sure all votes count. Which isn't normal at all.

      As there is a limit on how many times to vote in we chat such limit is not in SMS (because of the organisers greed)

      Everything is not luck its simple mathematics

    2. Team bisola voted her

    3. Via anon what will team bisola gain by voting Debi. Buko swerve

  30. Lmao& your conspiracy theory Anonymous.
    If they wanted Tboss to win... I'm sure they will start manipulating the figures right now.. no way will Efe be allowed to have his 51% publsihed or Debbie's.
    Me i think they didnt count well sef... they shortchanged Tboss,infact there is a 'big' man trying to kick her out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Seriously though, If a wealthy man was sponsoring her like you all have insinuated,wont he get his staff of over 100 to vote for her every week? Or even give her the 25M

    Btw,why cant we suspect that Debbie's is a conspiracy theory? When others stay, its God's grace.even with this tiny little 14% una still dey scream πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I totally enjoyed TTT's flustered look on stage last night.
    He tried to be a smart ass.. but deep down he was a goner! Ebuka did a good job,i expected more questions.. but he will answer those ones when he meets 'Whats her name again' Anuli? Udoka?

    EfeNation!! Na una dey reign ooh.
    Congrats at your boy's win. E no easy..

    Bisolarrrr? No comment. You are mourning someone you spent the whole month denying you didn't have feelings for.
    And she already has her face out there,with lots of potentials...Let her remember the brand shes already built oh.

    1. My dear eyala nde mmanu onu, ishi ari nwo nma, nde apari, big sponsor my foot, people love blabbing!

    2. I don't agree with you. Ebuka did a bad job.
      He's out already why kick him again
      The continous rubbing of sore wound was unnecessary in my opinion

    3. Nwa baby m!πŸ’‹

      Sup my sweetheart?πŸ’‹
      My darling,my honey boo😍

      Saw ur message kinda late on SP.
      So here I am!
      Yes u know u just made me realise something. Chai
      I be #Tbaby fan for mouth o! And seeing those figures last night really spooked me. And seeing ur comment today made me think "What kind of a wawu Tboss fan are u?!"
      So I wil start voting her from today.
      I even only started following her on IG just a few days ago. Kai!

      Can't just believe this chick almost lost out.
      Mehn those online polls? What a wawu! Can't just believe it! Didn't believe my eyes last night😳

      I got u TBaby!πŸ’‹
      I got u for real this time baby😍
      Ayam sorry I wasn't a serious fan.
      Ayam serious I allowed all these people's Tuutu- Gaaga to mess with my mind.

      *Places call to SLOT to order 3 extra phones*

      Let the voting start!
      Let the Game begin!!!πŸ‘Œ

    4. I just know that if in the end Tboss wins, then the conspiracy is true. With the way it's going, efe for the win. I will miss TTT's waist whining and his sometimes child like dancing steps.

    5. Omg!! Chickyclassy you got me with that Owerre dialect!!! Iri daaaaaa.
      Onye shi ala owerre ari ya mma, ya kwara liii. Lol

      Team Coco.. i really ahd a soft spot for TTT,but for evey lie he told there.. i kept imaginning jugement day.. it came yesterday.

      Kai?!! TGbaby we should vote ooh. When i saw the charts.. i shivered!
      What kind of fan are we?

      Olori i will miss his crazy dance too.

  31. So you've only uploaded just four post since morning??? can make this blog very very boring some times. Pls try and improve, make as much post as possible to make the blog lively/busy. Just an advice though.

  32. So you've only uploaded just four post since morning??? can make this blog very very boring some times. Pls try and improve, make as much post as possible to make the blog lively/busy. Just an advice though.

    1. Monitoring spirit abeg park well if you don't have joy in you try and make good use of your time.

  33. So you've only uploaded just four post since morning??? can make this blog very very boring some times. Pls try and improve, make as much post as possible to make the blog lively/busy. Just an advice though.

    1. Get a life, uploading 20 posts in one minute doesn't make a blog interesting, the content of the post matters a lot which makes every single of her post lively and interesting abi you no dey enjoy the comment section?

      Long live SDK

    2. What are you yarning or maybe you dey wrong blog?

  34. This big brother is a pot of beans sha.

    If you like let all your housemates suck your nipples, you still may not win the prize.

    If you like shake waist from now till tomorrow you still may not win the prize.

    If someone had told me Marvis would still be in the house today ... That girl is as interesting as dried wall paint and her hair style makes her look like a reptile.

    I like Tboss's confidence. In Nigeria, a confident woman is an anomaly. A Nigerian woman is supposed to cower before men, be nice and accommodating even when chopping shit, flush other people's poop without complaint, generally be a door mat and pretty while at it etc. To see this perforated tattooed being week after week blissfully unaware of the talk she generates makes me smile. I don't know if she's intelligent, but even confident fools still get ahead of timid wise men.

    I always forget that Bally is in the house until I see him on the screen.

    "May the best person win and not the poorest, neediest person win."

    I miss Jon and Ese and Soma and Uriel.

    1. How can you type this and be anonymous..
      Why??? I love this submission of yours.
      I miss Jon!!!!! I pray his career soars. Nwata ma ihe.

    2. I need to invite u for some wineπŸ‘πŸ½

      I always maintained that In Life,nothing is certain!
      Especially in Games. Infact it's even more so in Games. Anything can happen.
      (This is especially for Efe's core fans)

      I was telling Iphie dearie the other day that it doesn't matter if u studied the Game from beginning to end,or have a game plan. Infact If u ask me,I can confidently beat my chest and say that the best bet to win BB is to be yourself!
      No other ways!

      Look at Marvis. Like u mentioned she is stil in the Game(even though they don fuel the Young shall grow Bus that wil bring her back) I mean who would have taught that???
      And that chick ehn!
      Forget TTT desperation.
      FOrget Efe's resolve.
      Forget Uriel's undying resolve to remain till the end,no one compares to Marvis! No one!

      Did u hear what she said last night?
      I am sure it shocked many peeps. It didn't shock me cos I knew that girl doesn't play. It takes guts,loads of guts for a woman to wear her hair like her and stil be on top of her gameπŸ‘
      She is confident. She is smart. And she is cunny. Infact if there is anyone who has kept their eye on the Game for day 1,it would be Marvis. She never for one day forgot why she is there.
      And you see her gumming body to Efe?
      Chick knows Efe is popular. She knows the Naija mentality wil love Efe. Guy that speaks Pidgin,charming,son story,Efe has all the element a typical Naija wil identify with and like. And as Efe is nominated and comes back.chick was watching. Now she has grown on us(people grow on people u know) and their is no Getting rid of her. She is for everyone and for no one. Infact me sef watching can't presdict Marvis. That's to tell u hard it is. See what she said last night Na.
      Bisola come shock😳
      She stared at Marvis for a long 5 seconds.
      Did Marvis flinch? No way!
      Chick kept a straight face😢

      She and Bally are the most "dangerous" in that House. The most strategic.
      Bisola is a kind person. Kind at heart. Game or no Game,she loves u,she loves u,Game should go one side.
      But these 2 don't play that way.
      There is no love in Marvis Dictionary.

      And when the Time comes,she wil sting them the hardest. She wil be the one that wil make the Game too hard for Bisola and Efe(those we believe wr play the Face off)
      Marvis wil change the Game and divide the Votes.

      As for Debbie Rice,I love good girls.
      And no matter how I tried,I realised just couldn't wish u to go. You wil stay. I'd rather Bally goes than you. Yes I said that.
      Never thought a day would come when I'd say this but Debbie,you make me proudπŸ‘ŒI am glad u are a fellow good girl! Mighty proud of u chick!

      Ehen,Someone said The Don @ Don Jazzy said he'd d sign Debbie on. Well he said he can't remember saying that. But if there is space,of course he wil take on Debbie baby!πŸ‘

    3. @TheGeneral'sWife what did Marvis say last night that got everyone shocked including Bisola? Please share

  35. The public did not vote Debbie rise some people buy credit and vote hundreds of time. If you check her vote SMS there is never a mistake in spelling her name, her name is correctly spelt in capital letters continually. With this cimkited voting she stands a chance to even be among the top 3
    I also suspect people voting tony using ttt, 3t, tintall, tintaltoni didn't count. It is a lesson for future parcitipants keep ur name short and sweet it would help u when voting. Also tony had no one canvassing for him on the outside unlike Debby, efe and bisola
    Lastly big brother found it convenient to change eviction to just one person at the last minute... Una try

  36. Wow TTT is out. I didn't see it coming. I actually thought that Tboss will be evicted. Anyway I voted for efe and debbierise.

  37. With all the noise Tboss fans made last week, they couldnt surpass ordinary debbie rise with votes. She is the next to be evicted from all calculations. She was crying yesterday like a useless idiot looking for pity party.

    #EfeNation rock mehn... #EazyMyFault

  38. BlogLord ehh, where are you nah? Don't keep me thirsty. BTW, I am so glad that my vote for Debbie rise was not swallowed amidst the T-boss cheers... Yippee.

  39. Efe is favoured no doubt,but there's something sneaky about him.....

  40. Don jazzy in the big brother naija house with the DNA twin to see the housemates,and Efe predicted it this morning that Don jazzy was coming to see them

  41. Tboss looking good this morning. I pity Bassey cos Efe will put his head on the eviction board. Efe don't know how to forgive o, forget all this una laugh.

  42. @Oriaku stop the hating on Efe, when bassey swap him last week nobody complain, so if Efe did same to himwhy should dere be a problem

    1. Pls avoid the word hate. Don't like using it with God's creation. And it is a way of life in big brother house. Thank you.

  43. diamond in d house20 March 2017 at 11:40

    TTT said he had tried getting in2 d bigbrother house 4 12yrs 😱😱😱😱, and he said he is 25yrs old, meaning he started trying at d age of 13yrs. issorit.

    1. What is worrying this one, u sniff gutter?
      He is 37, started trying at 25.
      12+25 is what?

  44. Bisola is going with the money marvis will nominate bisola today why is Efe always using his teeth to talk and not his mouth na real WA I always see Efe has a very proud person look at his face very well

  45. Bisola is going with the money marvis will nominate bisola today why is Efe always using his teeth to talk and not his mouth na real WA I always see Efe has a very proud person look at his face very well

  46. Hmm!l have read some comments here that are very objective and sound and hit the nail on the head.Efe being popular on social media does not mean he is going to win.His supporters should note this and not begin to shout'rigging' after the show.Payporte and the various advertisers are into bigbrother to make money. They are not Father Christmas. Any objective person with an analytical mind can see how the organisers are intelligently making sure they retain those they want.At the end of the day the show is about return on investment. What has Efe got to offer post BB naija? Music- no talent, acting- no talent, comedy-no talent.lf he wins he will melt away like the winner of the first edition of the show.His selling point is that he cleverly built up a fan base before he entered the house, he speaks broken English and there is the claim that he is real. Abeg na all these go increase the profit margin.of Payporte? As with bigbrother shows worldwide, Bigbrother Canada readily comes to mind,there may be a dark horse somewhere that will win. It is not called rigging but taking good business decisions.Don Jazzy has already indicated he wants to sign Debie-Rise This is returns on investment for Payporte. Returns on investment will also be made on Bisola, Tboss,TTT and Bassey. Soma and Uriel are already Payporte ambassadors for one product or another. Sentiments and business dont mix at all. My advice is to support and vote the housemate of your choice but don't be disappointed if such housemate does not win. Winning is not as straightforward as you think. There are intrigues.

    1. You know why Efe deserves to win cos he fetches payporte good money, multiply 30 naira times 500000 that's 15 million every time Efe is up they make more money. If all Efe fans decides to pay 30 naira each into his account instead of voting anytime he's up, he would make over 25 million..

    2. Anon the N30 you are counting isn't for payporte but for bigbrother

  47. You have a point.

    But look at it this way,as long as the votes keep rolling in for Efe,he wil win. Or as long as Payporte keeps voting their person. The person wil win.
    It all boils down to the votes.

    Or are u saying there is something else we don't know about?


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