Stella Dimoko Ndume Says If Magu Could Be Rejected, Saraki Should Not Be Senate President


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Ndume Says If Magu Could Be Rejected, Saraki Should Not Be Senate President

Ali Ndume, former senate majority leader, says if the senate could refuse to confirm Ibrahim Magu, as chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) based on allegations leveled against him, Bukola Saraki who has a case in court should not be the senate president.

Citing a report of the Department of State Services (DSS), the upper legislative chamber rejected the nomination of Magu.

The DSS had said Magu was unfit to lead the commission because he had failed an integrity test.

But speaking on Sunrise Daily, a breakfast programme on Channels Television, Ndume faulted the action of the senate.

“We have all been accused, I have been accused of sponsoring Boko Haram, the senate president is still going to court,” Ndume said.
“Same as other members who have cases in court, yet they occupy seats in the senate. So, if you say because of the allegations he (Magu) should not be confirmed, then I should not be a sitting senator and Saraki should not be there as senate president.”

Ndume said knowing the kind of person President Muhammadu Buhari is, he would be surprised if the president mentioned Magu’s confirmation during his last meeting with leaders of the national assembly.
Buhari met Saraki and Yakubu Dogara at the presidential villa in Abuja, a day to the day Magu was rejected at the senate.

“The president I know is not the kind of person that would interfere in such matters. I would have been surprised if the president discussed the issue of confirmation when he met the leaders of the national assembly recently, that would have led to the issue of lobbying for him to be confirmed,” he said.
“There is no crime against lobbying, in fact we are supposed to lobby. I lobbied most of the senators but sometimes you keep on learning because this is kind of new. A government where you (APC) are in the majority and the president re-nominates a candidate, and also in a situation where the issue at stake is an accusation; in the normal circumstance and by our constitution, accusation is not conviction.

“The issue now is not the house in his name, it’s a house called the safe house and that was prompted because after his acting appointment and the rigorous work he is doing, you can’t afford to have somebody like that living in Karu or a densely populated area.”
Ndume, who said he conducted personal investigation on Magu, absolved him of the allegations.

Commenting on the eloquence of Magu, Ndume said: “The bottom line is that we are trying to fight against corruption and if we ask: ‘is Magu doing his job?’, the answer is yes, undoubtedly. He is not an actor, he is a policeman doing investigation. He is not supposed to talk about what his job is in an articulate manner, it’s not important. What he is doing is not a TV show.”
There were complaints, particularly on social media, that Magu performed below expectation during the screening.

*So who is fit to be EFCC boss? They are corrupt and NONE CAN FACE EQUITY WITH CLEAN HANDS.


  1. I knew this rejection will give birth to so many controversial analysis.. Lets wait n see shaaa.

    Wat me know is, all d leaders are corrupt in practice. No one is clean. Simple

    Mc pinky

    1. Is it not this same Magu that gave out highly classified information to that Akwa Ibom governor's brother about an informant and everything was caught on tape? The man even threatened to kill the boy for ratting him out..this same Magu abi another one?

  2. The only thing that caught my attention is the lobbying part.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Their cup of burukutu. Corrupt old
    men everywhere.

  5. Saraki's jazz man dey try but when Almighty God decides to take His power, nothing can be done about it. Then Saraki will under that when two forces meet, the lesser force must bow for the Higher force!

  6. Ndume is correct absolutely. Saraki and ekweremadu are both facing criminal and corruption charges yet the sit tight and prevent another who hasn't even been charged for anything before the court. So where ESS the DSS when he was to be nominated by pmb. Why didn't the DSS give the president the benefit of those findings before the appointment was announced. Didn't pmb ask the DSS to do a background check before he was announced as is normally done? Did the DSS give pmb a favorable report then only to later turn round a give the senate a damming report to scuttle things? Did the DSS failed to give pmb any report at all sef? Who is responsible for all this. Did anything happen along the line after magu had assumed duties to make some people wake the DSS from their slumber? If the DSS didn't give a background check to pmb somebody should answer to that. If the DSS gave a background check to pmb which happens to be different from the one given to the Senate somebody has to answer to it. Remember the DSS all this while has never said they earlier warned pmb with this report before the initial appointment but the warning was ignored.

    1. Being a senator requires an election NOT an appointment. Saraki, Ekweremadu & Ndume were elected by their people, Magu is appointed by solely the President & his appointment is subject to confirmation by the senate. Ndume should desist from tribal and partisan "politricks"

  7. So if magu is not confirmed the Efcc job will not continue?

    Ali Ndume sef all of you ate corrupt just move on they should bring someone else.

    1. Ojeèkpunakimotoachòjenyijenyi-urvillagepeople17 March 2017 at 12:28

      That's the problem we have as a country. Why build institution around a person and make them demi-gods? The institutions should be empowered to work according to the Acts establishing them. As soon as we have that right,power tussle and flexing of might and influence will cease. The laws should be enforced to be greater than individuals, then you and I can even head any agency and still perform greatly.

  8. Bring back Rebadu

  9. Old this old men should give way for young ones abeg

    1. What has age got to do with fighting corruption? Moron!

  10. Ndume is daft. Did DSS did any security report on Saraki....Magu is a human being and he's replaceable.....

  11. Whether or not the DSS report disqualified him, Magu's performance was fatally under par, substandard. I don't think Magu knows how to read or write. Unless his paymaster told him not to answer any question sha.


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