Stella Dimoko Message For The Church From Miss Christian Ambassador Nigeria !


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Message For The Church From Miss Christian Ambassador Nigeria !

The beauty queen who is a preacher, Author and Motivational speaker tell the church to remain Steadfast in the face of terror and continue to evangelize the lordship of Jesus to the World.

Read her Easter speech below:
"The rate of persecution in the Nigeria church now is an evidence of Progress and Advancement in the Kingdom, Christ did not build a church to be prevailed upon neither a Church to be hijacked but a Church that is established far above principalities and power further more the Church is build on the Rock,When she hit her enemy they fall when the enemy hit her she ground them to powder.

The church of Christ can not be fought neither can the Kingdom of God be hijacked or overthrown.Persecution of the church is to prove the Validity of God's Kingdom for it's only the minority that feel inferior and wants to gain relevancy by fighting the Majority.

Yes we are Major because we are Eternal,Christianity is so unique and full of hope that even in our death we are still full of life.Therefore,let us not be intimidated by killings nor become cold hearted about God and Evangelism instead pick up your bible and continue the Evangelism.

Let the world knows Jesus Is the Lord for he died and now he has Risen.Don't forget that the Kingdom of God will neither Retreat nor Surrender but no matter the persecution we will rather keep advancing we are soldiers, soldiers of the cross and in the name of Jesus we have Conquered."she said


  1. Beautiful. I like that.

    There is no way you can stop the church of God from growing anywhere in this world.

  2. Christians has beauty Queen???
    Hearing that for the first time

    1. Its not has it is have she is not dead, "koba akaba"

  3. I won't mind reading more about this lady/woman and would certainly want to read more of her content, she's making sense. Please what's her name and the name of her church or even least let's start there. I can always Google up more information after then. abeg make any person dey kind enough to respond, cheers

  4. '' The beauty queen'' (rme) has no name? Shoddy piece of writing.

  5. '' The beauty queen'' (rme) has no name? Shoddy piece of writing.

  6. Ehcuse me ma.... The church have been facing prosecution right from the days of the Apostles. Isn't that suppose to be enough advancement. Stop spiritualizing the killings of Christians!.

    I expect religious leaders to profer strick measures to curb unnecessary killings of their members.

    1. What measures MA? You are so quick to talking, that's the governments job. We will continue to pray for the Muslims persecuting Christians to repent or to be eternally dammed.

  7. Chi Exotic... Posted a comment on the kayamata thingy, dunno why stella didn't Post. Add me D623C11B

  8. Hmmmm! Hope she's referring to the honest church.Not the man-made church. Meanwhile, those of you defending so called men Of God accused of 'evil' behaviour, hope you'll also be screaming "touch not my anointed" if your daughters get raped or treated same way some of these young women lamenting have been?

  9. Nice one lady

    I thank God for today

  10. Beauty contests in christiandom?
    Wehdone sirs and mas, but why am I complaining sef when there's comedy, night club dancing and the likes already.
    Only a matter of time before these and more come in.
    Oya Christians kontinu.
    This grace and mercies of God that you are sharing anyhow, diaris Godu.
    We are moving with the times.
    Change is here indeed.

    No cheers from here.


  11. Beautiful, I didn't know there is miss Christian ambassador oo.

  12. Hmmmm wehdone sirs and MA's oga gan

  13. Hmmmm wehdone sirs and MA's oga gan

  14. What a kaka bullshittybullshitty shitt


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